But don’t take my word for it


From the war in Angola a report, including photographs, was published around the world that a number of Cuban soldiers, fighting in the Angolan civil war, had raped some young Angolan girls, were caught, charged and convicted of the crime and subsequently shot by their victims. 

That was a lie. It didn’t happen. Not one iota of the tale is true, It was a fiction, a total fabrication – but don’t take my word for it.  

Instead listen to Colonel John Stockwell, a senior CIA operative whose last assignment was to run the US task force in Angola, sent there to support the right wing guerrillas fighting to seize control of the country. which had recently won independence from Portugal.

The full time job of one third of Stockwell’s staff was to make it look like Russian/Cuban aggression was behind the unrest in Angola, and so they were employed to make up stories that painted that picture, and to then find ways of getting them into the press. 

The fact that the US had been involved in Angola long before Russia or Cuba became involved was completely obscured.

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As stories telling of “the barbarism of Russian soldiers in Ukraine” fill our newspapers and our TV screens, the dead hand of the CIA in spreading such stories is exposed in an article by whistle blower Edward Snowden, in the latest postings from Information Clearing House;

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  1. Please, move to Russia or the PRC or North Korea, Malcolm, where you’ll have a much more overt form of propaganda that is to your liking. You can take Jian Yang and his property investor mates with you, and a few more homeless NZers will have somewhere to live. Haere ra.

    • In a way people living under eastern rule is aware of authoritarian rule. But in the west, normal people think “propoganda” applies to everyone else of of its pointed out.

      • It was Pilger who warned that we are in an information war. One like never before. You are right that we in the West mostly have no idea that we are swimming in propaganda, so smug are we in our beliefs of our superiority. We have been rendered utterly passive and infantile as we are ‘soothed’ by wall-to-wall bullshit.

        It is what our political system has become: presentation, style and manipulating appearances. Our innate bullshit detectors have been completely overridden by psychological techniques, governmental PR experts massaging facts (wayyy better than governments actually dealing with them), along with nudge units incessantly manipulating what the populace thinks, and just as poisonously, narrowing down the space of thought and understanding to a meaningless, easily-manipulated tribalist dot.

        The tragedy is it is working. Orwell, we have arrived.

    • Yes, there needs to be a better choice than a dictatorship. One person or a small group that you can’t get rid of? No thanks

  2. Thank you Malcolm to pointing out the CIA role in Ukraine…Hunter Biden, the President son, was plotting an overthrow of the neutral Ukraine Government 7 years ago – why, oil — now, Ukraine has a pro West/pro Nazi outfit running it

  3. You appear to rely on guilt by implication as the Edward Snowden article does not mention Ukraine. History suggests that it is a fair assumption to make about the USA although all that we know about Russia & especially with Putin in control tells us that they are not safe to trust also.
    It is often observed that it is common for those in power to do what is right in their own eyes although that is no guarantee that the rest of the population will benefit from it. Society needs a decent set of laws with full compliance for any sort of harmony to result but the current inability to agree on even basic facts (Trump & Covid being recent examples) would suggest that no human leader is going to solve the problems of the world.

  4. Thank you Malcolm. More people need to read independent and high quality sources like the Information Clearing House, and MR Online. He latest nonsense about a 400 body mass grave is a case in point. I feel that the Russians are acting with great restraint – but that might be soon to change. I think we should all feel grief for the ordinary Ukrainian and the Donbass people, but tome the balance of justice is with Russia.

  5. As stories telling of “the barbarism of Russian soldiers in Ukraine” fill our newspapers and our TV screens, the dead hand of the CIA in spreading such stories

    I haven’t watched TV or read a “newspaper” in two decades because I got sick of the propaganda against things I supported. Even gave up on RadioNZ a decade ago.

    But here’s the thing: the same reporters, researchers, news rooms, and talking heads/voices that you’re complaining about now on this issue are simply using exactly the same strategy and tactics that they’ve used for years on all issues:
    – shallow reporting with little or no research.
    – simple cut n’ paste of foreign MSM stories.
    – lack of real questions or follow-up.
    – Emotionally pitched at every point (Good guys vs Bad Guys, Guilt, Horror, Shame, etc) vs a sober discussion of the facts and the various proposed answers (if any)

    And in many cases this approach has been taken on issues that you’re concerned about like Global Warming, Child Poverty, Social Welfare failures, Health failures, and so forth and always with the implied Left-Wing solutions that you support, starting with more money and more government.

    Oh sure, they haven’t proposed a communist revolution but for “Corporate Controlled Lackeys” and “Neo-Liberal Pawns” they sure don’t seem to push any of my right-wing analysis of these problems, let alone my solutions.

    And now you’re complaining because they’re applying the same shitty “news reporting” to an issue where you disagree with them on analysis and solution?

    Welcome to the club.

    • I was rather impressed by this interview with Alexander Khodakovskii or rather with his ‘dissertation’ as he calls it on the nature of separatist movements and of greed and power.
      The most ‘sober discussion’ and fully explained conclusions about these subjects especially in relation to events in Ukraine that I have come across. Nowhere in his ‘dissertation’ does he mention ‘the West.’


  6. Both sides make up stories. According to claims both have already shot down their opponents’ air force twice.

    That said, the press has access to the mass graves being discovered by the advancing Ukraine army, and they’re finding bodies of people shot with their hands tied behind their backs and evidence of torture.

    Look I’m not sure who you’re trying to defend here Malcolm, but you must understand Russia is a brutal country and always has been. This is who they are. We are now seeing the conscription of ethnic minorities into their army, just like in WW2. No doubt once again, these poor kids will be forced to advance unarmed with an NKVD machine gun at their backs. Some things never change.

    • Oh really, Russia is preying on ‘ethnic minorities’? The Chechen heroes have already met their mobilization target, and they will be advancing against the forces of the zionist dictator Zelensky with the highest degree of morale.

      You should tell us more about how Saddam had been building nukes, and how the Huns bayoneted Belgian babies. The old Western propaganda was much funnier.

    • In the case of Russia, they have shot down the Ukrainian Air Force, twice. It won’t happen thrice- NATO has run out of capable planes to send the Zelensky regime.

      Please, tell us more about how Saddam had a program to weaponize anthrax, and more such American lies. It’s all very funny.

    • “the press” – that will be the one with CIA assets embedded at all levels right?

      You must understand Ukraine is a very corrupt and impoverished country. Your “press” narrative about Literally Hitler*TM and plucky “Our International Rules Based System” defenders seeing him off is standard CIA Training School module 1 Intro To Psy Ops: Controlling The Narrative.

    • andrew the so called ‘blocking squads’ were a now debunked german lie andrew like the ‘2 men 1 rifle’ myth all armies have units to round up deserters try looking up ‘regimental police’ and ‘trench police’ from ww1 oh that’s right you can’t find the records of people summararyly shot for not climbing out of the trench during an attack…the records ‘disappeared’

  7. Excellent Post @ ME.
    Thanks for the restless night John Pilger.
    “The Coming War on China is John Pilger’s 60th film for ITV. Pilger reveals what the news doesn’t – that the world’s greatest military power, the United States, and the world’s second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, are on the road to war. Pilger’s film is a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.”
    “Meet the Texan billionaires buying up the state’s political machinery”
    Please don’t think I’m anti American. I’m not. America is [still but perhaps only just] an incredible country populated by a culturally rich and diverse population who are able to wander about freely to do as they like. ( In all dire permutations of the concept. ) I am, however, anti fascist-capitalism and it’s that, found here now in the guise of neoliberalism, that I find an opportunity for grave concern.
    On a greatly reduced state of urgency ( compared to be shot at and likely killed.) we AO/NZ’ers have a dire emergency of our own evolving before our eyes.
    The Queen is not long dead and there are already questions like ” Are we ready to become a republic? ”
    Another question might be ” Are we ready for cancer? ”
    If we *choose to become a republic and proudly *choose our own destiny we’ll get eaten alive by multi billionaires and at the very least, we AO/NZ’ers but specifically Maori, will get romper stomped on.
    * Choose. That’s a laugh. Under the weight of neoliberalism we have no ‘choice’ unless it’s between the gas chamber or the firing squad.

  8. Another post by Brian Evans trying to justify Russia’s brutal invasion and war in Ukraine.
    Because the Russian imperialists got away with mass aerial bombardment and murder of civilians and the flattening of cities in Chechnya and Syria, they thought they could get away with it in Ukraine.


    Brian Evans partisan pro-invasion, pro-war, propaganda is an incitement to further bloody colonial wars of invasion and conquest.

    Down with imperialism! Down with war!

    Slava Ukraine

    • Pat, that suit of yours, that you are wearing in the accompanying cartoon, what exactly do you call that shade of red?

    • Pat+O’Dea your link is a zionist friendly site that perpetuates pro ‘Apartheid Israel’ narrative! ‘Abdel Rahman Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ lives in a 2 bedroom flat in Coventry UK he hasn’t been to Syria for ova 20 years try harder banderite supporter?

    • I do find it ironic Pat with all your anti imperialism and anything Russian. Just the other day in another thread you were calling for equal prosecution of war crimes but strangely remain silent when it’s Ukraine.

      • Equal prosecution. Includes Ukraine.

        What’s wrong with you?

        I made that very clear. Prosecutions from both sides must be tried..

        That the allegations of war crimes from both sides be brought before the War Crimes tribunal to be heard and judged on the evidence presented. That the tribunal be made up of 11 judges 5 each from Ukraine and its allies and 5 each from Russia and its allies.
        With one judge from an agreed third neutral country as a tie breaker.

        11 judges were the number of judges that made up the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal and proved to be a manageable number.

        I also suggested that all evidence and testimony presented in court to be live streamed so that the people of the world can make their own judgement.

        I mean what could be clearer?

        • Why don’t we start with the most aggressive, evil warmongers the world has ever seen then, Pat? The American empire. Why would anyone waste time prosecuting anyone else?

  9. The first casualty of war is the truth. With the rise of social media this is truer than ever . I would be interested to see where those that are going into bat for the Russian intervention are getting their info from as it is stark contrast to the info I get from both the Press and TV.

    • Trevor, a good place to start if you want to know where to get the Russian side is a Kremlin website. Read what President Putin, Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov, Defense Minister Shoigu and others actually say. Then make a judgement as to the veracity of their words.

    • I’ve been mentioning the Duran and Scott Ritter as GREAT sources for ‘the other side of the story’ early on in this conflict (p.s. encouraged-‘started’ by the Collective West).
      You KNOW when your side is wrong when they do EVERYTHING to stop you hearing both sides of the story and only show you ‘mad idiots’ on the otherside. e.g Covid

  10. Malcolm great work. Your post’s help to balance an otherwise one sided enforced view point. Evil empires and the USA is top of the list but you will never hear or read that in the media.

  11. Facing defeat on the battlefield, Putin’s end game for victory in Ukraine is mobilisation, or Nuclear weapons.

    Both Putin’s end games will be a reach too far for the Russian people.

    ‘We Aren’t Going to War’: Draft Officer Shot Amid Russian Anger Over Conscription

    A 25-year-old reportedly opened fire at a military recruitment office in Irkutsk after his best friend received draft papers.


    September 26, 2022
    The head of a military draft office in the Russian town of Ust-Ilimsk was being treated for injuries on Monday after being shot by a gunman who—like more than 1,000 people who have been arrested for protesting in recent days—was reportedly angry over President Vladimir Putin’s recent military conscription announcement.

    Reuters reported that the gunman, who was detained, identified himself as Ruslan Zinin, age 25.

    According to The Moscow Times, Zinin was “very upset” that his best friend, who has no military experience, “received draft papers despite the authorities’ pledge to recruit strictly experienced reservists.”

    The gunman entered the recruitment office in Irkutsk and said, “No one will go fight,” according to Al Jazeera, before opening fire.

    (Warning: the following video is disturbing.)


  12. President Vladimir Putin video address to the Russian people, March 8, 2022


    @0:25 minutes

    “i underline, conscripted soldiers are not and will not be involved in combat operations. Nor will there be the additional mobilisation of reserves….”

    Put your faith in proven liars, knowing that they are liars, condemn yourself to being on the wrong side of history.

  13. As Anti-Hijab Protests Grow, Iran President Draws The ‘Red Line’

    World Agence France-Presse Updated: September 29, 2022 7:47 am

    …..”The enemy has targeted national unity and wants to pit people against each other,” added the ultraconservative president, accusing Iran’s archfoe the United States of stoking the unrest.

    President Ebrahim Raisi


    Not everything is an American plot.

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