MEDIAWATCH: Q+A review: Auckland Mayoralty Special


New TVNZ Mayoralty Poll:

Collins 29
Brown 35

The impact of Beck and Leo pulling out is being felt now and the right are coalescing behind Wayne Brown.

43% still don’t know and that’s where the real issue is.

The problem with Wayne is that his live performances look like an elderly moment lost in the fog of yesteryear. The difference between his ZB adverts and his actual performances are so divergent that the more people who see Wayne in debates, the more they can’t vote for him.

He drifted 4 times in this one interview – and that wasn’t live – that was pre-recorded, that was the best he gets.

Watching him is like watching Grandad forget where his car keys are while finding them in the better conditioner in the fridge, and then forgetting them again.

Efeso needs to point out that the half price public transport so many Aucklanders have  become dependent upon can become free public transport!

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51% of people polled want free public transport!


It really is as simple as that.

Efeso can specifically point to budgets where he will fund free public transport, it’s a real possible public transport policy that can actually be implemented!

Wake the fuck up Auckland!

Wayne won’t fix anything because no one will work with him on Council, Efeso is on Council, he already has the existing relationships.

Wayne’s very polished ZB advertising is in stark contrast to his slightly confused Grandad routine you see live and the gap between performance and the brand is like paying for an iPhone 14 and getting a fax machine.

The real challenge is the 43% undecided which is enormous.

What they will be asking is ‘free public transport with Efeso vs ill defined productivity gains with Wayne vs a kick up the bum for Council with Craig’.

This race is simply too close to call.

If someone as old as Wayne gets elected as Mayor it will be such a depressing slap in the face to everyone under 65 in this city.

Simeon is on.

He’s become a mouthpiece for the roading lobby and it’s tedious and stupid. It’s just more cars, fuck the environment.

I loath Simeon, he manages to trigger every threshold I have for fuckwittedness but he has justification to criticise Nanaia over the allegations of nepotism.

I’m a supporter of Nanaia, and believe she will be ultimately vindicated by the investigations, but Simeon is right to question the procurement and consultancy issues.

Jack then lists all the conflicts off interest that the National Party have indulged in.

It’s a long, long, long list.

Transparency is Simeon’s main issue, so why won’t National release the Uffindell report?

It’s transparency when it’s Labour doing something wrong, it’s not transparency when National hide a report on an MP?

Simeon’s definition of ‘transparency’ is as hypocritical as you would suspect.


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  1. Brown might win due to two reasons
    – Mr Collins supporters tend to come from South and West Auckland, with low voter turn out – while Brown supporters come from North and East Auckland, with high voter turn out
    – Efeso is Labour — Aucklanders did not like being under house arrest for the last 2 years due to Labour — pay back time!

      • I’m about to play devils advocate here and spend a little time defending Adern’s Labour government.
        Look at what the Right Wing have dragged old Labour through. There was a cast of Right Wing crooks hogging the lime light long before roger douglas hatched out of his oily crypt as a two term finance minister of Labour to redefine the very concept of traitor. He merely took advantage of our causal attendance to our politics because we’d really only known peace and prosperity until the mid ’80’s and early ’90’s so really, we never saw it coming. How could we have?
        Ok. We know what roger and his gnomes did to Old Labour but in case you missed it, they wrecked Old Labour’s reputation, threw our economy and our most at risk under a bankster bus, pretended they were progressive Left when, in reality they were, and clearly still are if the above gibberish is any evidence to go by as spouted out by deviant Right Wing fascist capitalists. They have common house fly nom deplumes like ‘nathan’, ada, gaby, bob the whatever etc. They hover over comments and buzz about in a non creative, bland, yet vile sort of way after being programmed to derail Labour’s anti Fascist narrative because God help those loud and proud and now nine multi-billionaires if the truth were to escape its Right Wing captors.
        Ok. What now? Well, if I were Labour I’d be trying to plan ahead of the elections with a rebrand in mind and it’s that, that I hope Adern and her political mobilisation are doing.
        They must make a U turn out of the greedy, deathly cul de sac that roger lured Old Labour down in to where he butchered the best about everything Kiwi then sold the meat and bones to the already rich.
        The problem now isn’t with Labour but instead with the Right Wing on the run and its fake fakers who’re desperately trying to keep their treachery hidden under a blanket of MSM lies and their own demonising narrative. Mark my words. The nastier the Right Wing get, the further Old Labour will rise from the ashes.
        At least one would hope, right?

  2. The tory candidate flogfest has come to an end, Ms Beck and Leo have fucked off, albeit Ms Beck is still on the voting papers. The shit is about to hit the proverbial in this woeful Supercity contest.

    –People under 35 have little idea what a postal service is, let alone taking a special vote–which you can do if you did not receive your voting papers–if you are fucking well enrolled in the first fucking place of course.
    –Transient renters are more likely to be not enrolled or receive voting papers
    –Property owners are more likely to receive voting papers via having stable addresses, and if boomers, more likely to return a vote for a tory bastard like Brownie.

    So, whoever wins this lottery of alienation vs privilege, it will be on a minority vote, for a minority Super Mayor. At least if Efeso Collins surprises there will be no more asset sales, and time to develop a coherent campaign for next time to sort out the CCOs.

  3. “Aucklanders didn’t like being under house arrest … due to Labour”. Since when did you get to speak for Aucklanders? I for one am glad to be still alive. And watch the Labour machine in South and West Auckland ; it’s not something you will see on social media.

    • Darien+Fenton — any political insight from you is flawed…as for the Labour machine in South and West Auckland is a myth…Labour MPs from those areas get in by default, due to Labour friendly communities, nothing else…
      Aucklanders did not like being under house arrest

        • What bullying? You mean the bullying by Sharma of his staff. Sharma was performance managed and he didn’t like it . That’s not bullying, that’s just Jamie Lee Ross syndrome.

        • So. Which ‘councillor’ has known about the $4m paid to Russell McVeagh by Ak Council every month as a retainer for legal advice and services??

          So Auckland Ratepayers get to pay themselves when they have a dispute with the council and then get to pay for the Councils legal representation too! WTF!

          And if you lose and or they challenge a decision if you win you get to pay for it all over again!


    • Labour machine in South Auckland died when Louisa Wall was removed, by the Labour party hierarchy, from the Manurewa ward. Local MP is now only approachable by email or phoning Wellington.

      The vibrant Labour party local office and meeting place at the Great South Road rail over bridge, was closed down and local Labour party input forgotten by the labour party suits. The South Auckland blue collar worker is no longer represented in the Labour party.

      Judith Collins has a higher profile in South Auckland than the Labour party local representatives. That is the problem for Labour when a National party old timer is vastly more active and widely known than the absent Labour representative.

      Locals are upset with huge quantities of infill housing (hoorah) but no improvements in services or amenities that cater for the increased population( Booho). But we do get speed humps every 100 metres and 30kph restrictions just to make sure the blue collar worker is corralled in the area. And a proposed cycleway on the busiest access road (Mahia Road) to create even greater congestion. Be nice too if some bus shelters were built so the few buses that do run are utilised more during inclement weather. Oh I forgot, how about running train services on weekends? And a two year wait for Pukekohe train passenger services to recommence during line electrification. Two Years!!

      Labour has lost the South Auckland “machine”.

  4. Interesting 3 comments from Nathan and Bob. No comment on policy or abilities just association. Seems like people forgot Labour/ NZ First gave Brown the opportunity to revolutionise Ports of Auckland and Northland and the transport links between and he fucked it up like he did with the Far North mayor’s job.
    He does not work for the good of those he is elected to support or those he works for but purely for his own ego on back pocket.
    I think Collins is disadvantaged because of his colour not his political affiliation or abilities and that shows what a dumb lot we voters are.

    • Mike – Efeso is disadvantaged to many voters due to his bible bashing team, and his Labour table thumping arguments … such as the $1 billion cycleway/walkway for the Auckland Harbour Bridge — which he has not rejected

      • But he isn’t on a Labour billboard Nate, how are his views, ” Labour arguments”?

        You reallly do let yourself down with your contradictions.

  5. Great….more articles on Auckland local body elections..If anyone is interested on seeing how the country would be run if the greens actually got control of the country then look at the basket case of Dunedin….
    Talk about cloud nine culture…No control of rate payers hard earned dollars what so ever….But the students do not pay rates , but get to block vote postal voting forms as the electoral role is a joke and forms from previous tenants turn up in the mail , opened and abracadabra….Green party votes for council….and the Mayor has life experience as a student radio DJ…..when you have a council that just wants people to walk , ride a bike or bus to the city centre and drink coffee and enjoy diversity…and that’s all …..what could go wrong…??

  6. Efeso represents the status quo. Aucklanders don’t want the status quo. They want the corporate gravy trains like Panuku and AT taken to task. Only W Brown will do that.

    • Liberty+Belle — Labour has not be able to understand the Mental scars those lockdowns had on Auckland, and other parts of NZ …as for the argument that the lockdowns saved us, that’s total BS – the Covid death toll is 2000+, and rising — Labour knows its lockdown strategy is flawed — hence no Royal Inquiry allowed

  7. Because rates are a tax on a tax. They should be wiped and central government can stump up the ca$h instead.

      • No. The government, the Crown does because all taxes collected becomes the Crown putea. What they do with it is by an annual budget made and voted on.

        Cut out been taxed twice.

        • Denny, if the Crown is funded by the tax payer then payments from the Crown are, for all practical considerations, from the tax payers coffers; but I do see your point of having one overall ‘tax’. I would however be concerned at the total power that would be inherent in distruting those funds.

  8. Local Govt is a mess. Poor quality candidates and no one cares enough to vote.

    Well run, vibrant local communities can achieve so much more than National government but few people understand this so we sleep walk away from local democracy to less responsive and more expensive centralist ‘solutions’.

    Agree Simeon Brown would give Paula Bennett a run for her money in the likeability stakes.

  9. Brown being elected with lead to a mass bonfire of services, libraries, parks, pools, will all be closed down and sold off so rates for the rich pricks are kept down.

  10. Gerrit — well written… also, the Gay Marriage issue killed off a lot of support for Labour within the Pacifica communities of West and South Auckland.
    The so called Labour machine within South and West Auckland is a myth

  11. So why is Viv Beck’s name still listed on the voting paper for Mayor. She pulled out of the mayoral race on the 16th of September- what will happen if she polls enough votes to be mayor? How might this effect the election?

  12. If EFESO does not win, the “city” of Tamaki Makaurau will continue to be like a few provincial towns, stupid drivers of cars, EVs included. To be a REAL city we need trains, trams and minibuses. If places like Bogota, Lisbon, Melbourne, Helsinki, Havana, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Tokyo; and almost every other “city” in the world has a good plan for public transport, why not this city. Apparently we had one in the 1970s, so if Grandad Wayne Brown, evil business man from what is known in Northland, steals this from EFESO; then my kids will never have the chance to save us from ourselves. Our generation is the first where Tane understand who powerful Wahine can be, and EFESO Collins represents generation X, with true suffering from growing up around Dawn Raids and even as a councillor racist and bigoted attacks. He was born in this city and like us, loves it, as ugly as it can be, but it is not dangerous, and the bullshit that Mike Lee and other fossils are spewing, still, are lies. Ask Gutierrez of the UN. They are liars at best, evil devils more accurately. This Pasifika city deserves a Pasifika mayor, and Wayne Brown is a money hungry sleepyhead who thinks being able to divide is an intellectual ability. Sure numbers can be genius but words are far more complex, and if you have every listened or conversed with Efeso Collins, you would understand why we that love him, love him unconditionally. He is the most beautiful man ever born to this city and deserves his place amongst the great leaders, with his modern, inclusive style, not to mention his sense of humour which could make the grumpiest of old men laugh. If all we have is Simon Wilson with solutions, we need Efeso to turn them into reality. Those that vote otherwise live in ignorance, and as the manic street preachers wrote, I count you fascists. Poverty, inequality and suffering has been increasing exponentially for at least 3 decades and it will continue if we let those Pale White Archaic Men continue to push us around. Clearly Wayne Brown is descending into dementia, if not a degree of Parkinsons, which is clearly divine justice for the evil life he has led. Vote EFESO or keep poisoning yourself with noxious gases and intoxicated pilots. They teach us to share in Kindergarten and Primary School, surely we can learn to share again???

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