The reason why Labour/Greens are failing the poor


Dr Bryce Edwards, the Left Wing Political Academic whom the Wellington Middle Class Woke have attempted to cancel and have sacked from his job for pointing out they are middle class, argues this week that Labour (and by extension the Greens who are propping up this Government even though they aren’t needed) have failed the poor…

What will it take for this Labour Government to start paying attention to the worsening state of economic inequality in New Zealand? The evidence is mounting that, under Labour’s watch, the problem of wealth and income inequality is spiralling. But the signs are that Labour ministers have put this crisis into the “too hard basket”.

According to the investment bank Credit Suisse, New Zealand has led the world in a spike in wealth as a result of the housing crisis and inflation of business assets.
The report released this week should be alarming for Labour, as it’s an indictment on a Government that was elected on a campaign to turn around worsening inequality.

…of course they have overseen worsening inequality, Labour and the Greens are now collectively the Professional Managerial Class propped up by activists on social media who are also members of the Professional Managerial Class – all smugly over educated and ready to cancel.

What else can we expect from a Parliament of Property Speculators?

In this new woke world of identity, diversity is in everything except class, because policing micro aggressions is easier than changing the economic hegemonic structures and because many of these Professional Managerial Class now own a house and are benefiting from the rigged casino of property speculation in this user pays society.

The gender pay gap, pronouns, aggressive pronunciation correction of Te Reo and outrage olympics are the virtue signals most cherished by this class, not taxing the banks and moving the tax yoke from the citizens to corporations – that’s hard and might personally cost them a chance at owning a Tesla one day.

The poor rot while the the performance art of middle class virtue signalling replaces genuine material progress.

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Spending a billion each year on consultants while beneficiaries waste away kettled into corrosive Motels is an abomination that can not be tolerated.

We know what needs to be done, why pay the Professional Managerial Class to talk us out of doing it?

We need a Left focused on economic justice, not middle class social justice.


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  1. Is why a new Green/ Blue party or National/ Green government would achieve better results for the people in poverty and climate. But no one will swallow pride and make it happen.

    • Unfortunately All the Nats aren’t interested in helping the poor they care all about shifting the wealth from the poor to the Rich. And Labour sold us out after sitting at home for nearly 2 years and what help did we get NONE ZIP ZERO. Then when i caught COVID 7 weeks and did i get any help? They didnt even answer the phone. Now we get sold out again they opened the borders That killed More of the Poor and Nzbusiness made s killing since they pushed labour to open up because they were losing money.
      Time for the Greens alone. They couldn’t screw it up this bad even if they tried And maybe we’d get the support we need. Its Not funny that after paying your bills you have no money left to take your children out . BUT that the way the Govt likes it.

      • Yes dreadful David H but cannot agree time for the Greens only,they don’t want that either would interfere with their well paid doing nothing jobs.

  2. Martyn you seem to be Jacindas no 1 fan boy. So I don’t understand the hypocrisy at these posts. She controls this show.

    • Nuance, and the ability to think in a dialectical manner, taking into account various contradictions, does not really feature in the tory boof head skill set does it?

      Reducing politics to the Parliamentary form just lets the 1%ers off the hook. Think for a minute if the Parliament grounds occupation had been by a group of disciplined, focused class left fighters rather than a rabble of the aggrieved and right wing backers what could have been accomplished.

  3. We need a left full stop. We need a Sue Bradford left. We need a dirty fighting hard talking left who know how to do things. We have a government controlled by political aspirants dilitentees time servers .middle class do gooders who won’t do good. I’m afraid that our PM is just practicing for her next hoped for job at the UN .

    • Agree – looking more for a Che Guevara or Ho Chi Minh type myself – someone with intelligence and charisma to go up hard against the neo-liberal conservative classes.

      • and know how to carry and use weapons then. Both Guevara and Ho applied military training to their causes and were avid readers of politics and philosophy. Ho’s family had been diplomats and political power brokers for generations in Hue. Both men had political pedigrees beyond the ken( innate understanding) of kiwis and they had a work ethic that is a foreign concept for the younger generations.

  4. The problem with marketing people is that they view everything as a marketing problem. The end result is a campaign to ensure the opressed and downtrodden feel that their leaders empathise with them. A problem shared is a problem solved. There is no acknowledgement that the reason we have the outcomes we do is because they are a natural conclusion of the policies we have been following. Economics proves it is a psuedoscience by not testing the hypothesis and then changing it if the outcome is not as expected. Instead, if we do not get the expected outcome it is because we have not done enough of whatever it was our flawed understanding of the economy said we should do. Even the simplest of interventions appear to require teams of consultants and huge subsidies to avoid “intervening” in the market. The lack of intervention invariably leads to no improvement or a worsening in conditions, often at greater cost. The lack of change makes it easier for National to continue where they left off and increase the momentum of our economy toward the third world. I dont see any leaders on the left that understand the Blairite third way is simply putting a sticking plaster on the problem. A pivot back toward a social democratic mixed model autarchy is what is needed. Those countries that retained that model are in much better shape that us now.

  5. We need a left full stop. We need a Sue Bradford left. We need a dirty fighting hard talking left who know how to do things. We have a government controlled by political aspirants dilitentees time servers .middle class do gooders who won’t do good. I’m afraid that our PM is just practicing for her next hoped for job at the UN .

  6. “The reason why Labour/Greens are failing the poor” is because they dont give a fuck! Its that simple.

    What we need is a term of Governance by referendum. Prioritise all that is needed to be done and that then becomes the following election policies.

    Have Policies in place before the election so that then partys then align themselves to those policy’s or they can fuck off.

    It really is that simple.

  7. Let’s be plain about this.

    They. Did. Not. Know. How. To. Govern. At least for the betterment of those who needed them most.

    Zero real life experience, excesses of university life.

    Kids playing adults.

  8. Here we agree, though with differing interpretations of the ‘woke’ problem.

    The distraction of inflaming everyone with emotive side-shows is manipulative in the extreme. It is a tragedy and a crime and the wealthy and comfortably smug are laughing all the way to the bank AND genuine civil rights issues are thrown onto the same bonfire we throw the poor and struggling onto.
    Deliberate and also inadvertent narrative manipulation, lies and ‘nudge units are affecting all sides of every damn thing. We need unity but just destroy our collective selves.

    There is bigotry and injustice. It often does terrible harm AND there is manipulating through emotional fault-lines and incendiary sideshows to keep us all from dealing with massive systemic class issues. The PMC couldn’t be happier, including the many claiming to care so deeply about poverty, economic injustice, homelessness, predatory capitalism…..

  9. ” What will it take for this Labour Government to start paying attention to the worsening state of economic inequality in New Zealand? ”
    If they really are that stupid and ignorant, or perhaps more likely, greedy, cunning and well lobbied, they, the green party and labour, should be forced to sit down, shut up, and watch these two links repeatedly until they either get it, of it can be proven that they’d already got it and were merely capitalising on our ignorance to rape and pillage us.
    You dodgy corporate fucks have nowhere to hide so I wonder what your next move will be?
    You’ve parasitised our politics, have tanked our primary industry with your bold greed and have created a burgeoning under class of innocent people on a land renown for it’s wealth and riches.
    So? What you fuckers going to do then? Give it all back to avoid imprisonment and asset stripping?
    Or must we go to war? Relax cops. By war I mean we tank the foreign owned banksters by simply not using them. ( I see westpac has it’s little snoot sniffing about
    ‘Inside Job.’ Narrated by Matt Damon.
    The first seven minutes is particularly interesting when you compare the Icelandic experience with our own post 1984 neoliberal attack on what was AO/NZ, a safe and beautiful place.
    ‘The Corporation.’
    I think it was the 14th amendment to the U$A constitution that gave corporations ‘person’ status.
    Fabulous and chilling watch.
    Now go here as an example. Fletcher Challenge.
    Take particular note of mention of The Rural Bank.
    Westpac on rnz.
    ‘Consumer confidence ‘languishing’ at low level – Westpac’
    Can I just say; FUCK westpac! Get out of our AO/NZ you lying, manipulative, greedy scum.
    Me, commenting on rogers plaything, rnz. “You’re fired! “

  10. I have come to the point in time I dont see any value in voting for any party. none of them seem particularly interested in helping anybody who isnt already getting somewhere in life.
    I had hope Labour would rebalance the system again after 9 years of National but tax stayed the same, GST stayed up, they did a review into poverty but then sat on all the results. Could go Green but its a minority party without balls to try get what they want, and seem more than willing to let Labour walk all over them. Im done even thinking its going to get fixed before I die, The system is broken and neither main party is interested in doing anything but help the well off.

  11. The evidence is mounting that, under Labour’s watch, the problem of wealth and income inequality is spiralling.

    Can’t wait to see Bert turn up on this thread for his latest harebrained, one-eyed defense of Labour. I’ve got the popcorn ready. 🙂

  12. Labour, fucks the poor as good and as hard as National. They fuck over the poor because they don’t care.

  13. ” We need a Left focused on economic justice, not middle class social justice ”

    I hope at some stage we get like minded people to commit to a new movement that endorses economic and environmental change and does not in any way become subservient to the existing middle class millionaires LINO party. The rich and middle class have their parties in parliament representing their accumulated wealth but the rest have no one but their votes are solicited by the two big parties who want their support in order to maintain the current economic regime that enforces economic slavery on so many out hidden from view in the community.

    What we have now will never change until it is met head on by a new movement and is challenged and forced to change. It won’t happen until the real left is mobilised something that Sanders in the U.S and Lynch in the U.K is fighting for now.

  14. All wonderfully exemplified on last nights abomination of a TV show “Rich Listers” where a bunch of ticket clicking toss pots fly around in helicoptors to battle it out with each other to find buyers for some of Aucklands most expensive houses. In between checking out 600k dollar cars so they can wank on to the world that they have “made it” without actually producing anything of value to society. Meanwhile back in Rotorua Tiny and his henchmen are keeping the deplorables under control in slum lord conditions while some motel owner reaps a million dollar payday by overcharging our compliant and ever more useless government. But hey. The IRD are busy winding up small businesses trying to get on their feet after covid to pay for it all so I guess it will all work out in the end. What a shitshow.

  15. 28% Of public servants earn over $100000 so says the local Chch paper .These people have no idea what it is like at the bottom .
    This comes with the release of figures showing the number of public servants is now 62000 up from 48000 when Labour came to power. Unfortunately these increases are not in the health services or teaching

    • Trevor, its simple vote buying, who do you think these extra 14,000 public servants (is that term an oxymoron?) are going to vote for? If National or Act get in, they’re likely to get a ‘don’t come Monday’ notice and they know if.

      That’s why Bob Jones (one of Wellingtons largest commercial office owners) regularly votes Labour. He knows demand for Wellington office space explodes under Labour.

  16. 28% Of public servants earn over $100000 so says the local Chch paper .These people have no idea what it is like at the bottom .
    This comes with the release of figures showing the number of public servants is now 62000 up from 48000 when Labour came to power. Unfortunately these increases are not in the health services or teaching

  17. Yesterday I heard the Hon PM Jacinda Ardren, overseas, in relation to the Russia problem, say something to a reporter about “action needed not words”. She was very passionate and forceful in her tone. Makes you sick that she should lecture ANYONE in the world, let alone New Zealand, about “action needed not words”.

    • Cabbage I saw that also, and felt the same as you. I thought her a grand-standing hypocrite, playing to a global audience while seemingly oblivious of or disinterested in the worsening lives of the have-nots on her home turf. Earnestly so.

  18. Look at the MPs/PM salaries, and peaks — eye watering! $600,000+ base salary for PM, free accommodation (Vogel House), free food, clothing allowance, free transport, both domestic and international —- of course, they do not understand the poor…they are the 1%!

  19. As an ex advocate (and now an ex Lab/Green voter) I can tell you they never had any intention of listening to anyone. That is the biggest issue they have.

  20. If the managerial class actually told the truth, that men have penises and woman have vaginas just to name a few, they would all lose there jobs wholesale.

  21. Another issue is enablement of lack of responsibility and criminal behaviour.

    In this case another Kainga Ora house gone, deliberately burnt down by a disgruntled tenant who researched on the Internet about how to set a fire and pretend it was an electrical fault.

    By all means help the poor, but those in Kainga Ora housing need to be more grateful and respectful about getting a state house or any house, and not destroy them so someone else can’t live there.

    Another set of kids homeless and more justice time for absolute stupidity.

    Woman charged with arson admits intentionally setting rental on fire

    The woke lefties have now made it acceptable to victimise others and destroy property because they deem it is not good enough or they have personal issues.

    More personal responsibility is needed as well as fixing poverty.

    You can’t have a society when one citizen is expected to work 50 hours a week for minimum wages while others are glorified for not working and just being poor and acting out when they perceive they are not getting what they feel they deserve all the time.

  22. That’s a bit harsh. You need $100k a year minimum to raise a family in this country without relying on state welfare. Actually you probably need two salaries which works because your kids will be raised by the Disney+ streaming service. 🙂

  23. Something that was obvious to anyone who was willing to look past the stardust of Jacindamania. Nice to see that even the fanbois of the Left have finally woken up. Only took five years but hey, slow learners.

  24. NZ has a tall poppy syndrome. The common theme is Fuck the rich, and feel sorry for the poor! There is no definition of who is rich or who is poor, only that wealth transfer should happen from rich to the poor! If you stand by this thought, then you are on the left (of course its also fashionably woke). This fixation on handouts to poor, make the left feel morally superior.

    The greater the handout, the greater the numbers requiring handouts, and more the left feel superior as after all there are so many poor dears requiring support. The professional managerial class are happy to find new taxes that does not take away too many votes, and keep their left masters happy by increased spending on the poor. The left vote bank feels happy that their govt is spending the cash, after all wasn’t it great the govt spend $1b on mental health. If that money achieved anything other than increasing inflation, is irrelevant.

    Ultimately, it is about showing that the politically left cares. The results are not important. It was never about reducing poverty or improving standard of living. It is politics.

    • ask yourself benny why is it that it time of low unemployment are there so many beneficiaries…..answer the rucks of workers who’s wages are so low that they still qualify…if the right want to cut dependency pay people decently…nz business shifts wage costs from themselves to the tax payer….so blame them not the bennies

  25. If we had a (mainstream) media that truly held government to account, we would get somewhere, but mainstream media, these days, is little more than stenographers to power instead of a safeguard against power that it once was. Hence, why places like this are so valuable because the main reason why government can put any crisis they see fit into the “too hard basket” is because most people are oblivious to crises in general. If only the masses (or the middle class especially) knew that rising economic inequality will soon knock on their door…if the masses were actually aware of the crises heading their way, then we could finally unite and start exerting pressure on government to right the ship, so to speak.

    Independent media outlets like this are filling the void that mainstream media once occupied, awakening the masses to the foibles of government (and all other powerful entities). Awareness creates pressure, henceforth, this is the key reason why government can essentially do as it pleases – the awareness is simply not there. Places like this are critical in building the awareness, thus the pressure that we need to exert on government to get them to act for us!

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