Can Labour afford to throw Marama under a bus and what happens if James gets re-elected & no one notices?


As the weeping wound of social policy failure the Rotorua Golden Mile tragedy represents continues to unfold, there will be Cabinet voices asking the bleeding obvious, ‘when do we throw Minister Marama Davidson under the bus’.

Labour’s capitulation to Professional Managerial Class Corporate Cheerleader Neale Jones has meant nothing meaningful has occurred on Housing, and this was always the danger of Marama taking the vacant baubles of Office! There was never a meaningful plan to change and all the failure can be dumped on her as the Minister for Homelessness.

With more people living in cars than in 2017, with more people on emergency housing wait lists and a million paid a day to a Motel Industry monetising misery while State Housing Builds remain anaemic, all Marama has to show is some virtue signalling of chocolate wrappers in Māori.

If Labour won’t throw Marama under the bus, National and ACT will certainly push her in front of one! The juxtaposition of Marama virtue signalling while people in poverty go backwards distills all the elitist middle class pandering into an easy to generate meme that fuels resentment.

Meanwhile, James Shaw was re-elected co-leader of the Greens with no fanfare whatsoever which begs the question, if James wins the co-leadership and no one notices, did it really ever truly happen?

James Shaw re-elected Green co-leader six weeks after ouster.

He says, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah, something something, gonna try real hard to get more Green MPs around the Cabinet Table but we don’t have no power, blah blah blah”.

So he’s complaining about being tricked by the Labour Party?

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That’s his actual argument, he is explaining why they are getting nothing done because Labour didn’t really need them WHICH WAS ALWAYS THE REASON THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE AGREED IN THE FIRST PLACE!

If you are dumb enough to get tricked by the Labour Party, aren’t you too stupid for Politics?

So what the hell was that phantom coup all about then?

You just can’t trust a bunch of fucking Greenies to ever carry off a political coup successfully, they always get squeamish about the blood.

As we enter election year, the Greens are about to be blamed for all of Labour’s failures to be transformative on housing, inequality and the environment.

This is why the Greens shouldn’t have accepted the deal Labour offered, it set them up for failure.

The Greens can’t preach of better times ahead next year if their time at the helm saw things get worse for people!

There is a total disconnect between what the Greens are celebrating in homelessness and what the Minister spends her time promoting on social media and the total social policy failure that is happening on Rotorua’s Golden Mile.

I think the Greens will be lucky to get 7% on election night which would be fortunate for them because their record in Office deserves less.

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  1. The Micro Greens with their micro environmental policy and their micro brains obsessed with identity politics.
    Yeah shuffle Marama off for sure, she’s as thick as two short planks and a racist to boot.
    Make her pacific ambassador for confectionery, something to suit her mental age.

    • Keepcalmcarryon. Good that you mentioned Davidson ‘s racism, I think her the worst racist in Parliament, well overtly anyway, and don’t know how she’s got away with it – and sanctimonious – and preachy about walloping Pakeha. She could be too hamstrung by her own prejudices to be of any use in a position of responsibility.

      It’s not fair, after the ghastliness of Shipley, Richardson, Bennett , and that other blonde one whose name escapes me- Slater’s chum – that the Greens continue with the same tradition of horror witchy females – I think Kerekere’s another – and very poignant compared to what a kind good woman the Queen was.

  2. Homelessness sits firmly with the Labour Government.
    Remember their election promise to end homelessness?Instead it’s now at catastrophic levels as described by the Salvation Army.

  3. Can any one list what the Greens have achieved in the last 2 years and in particularly Marama Davidson .She is a waste of space.

    • Well that nefarious so-called conversion therapy ban was very much a Green Party project, and they got that done. Considering their priorities, I don’t want the current iteration of the “Greens” to achieve too much.

    • Trevor I can list it for you.

      (1). The Green Party expressed support for keeping the Commissioner For Children.

    • Marama haș achieved record homelessness and record levels of state house waiting lists….. Increased pollution, more labour and tax exploitation, (paying in cash is now the norm for 40 hr weeks), slower justice times, higher hospital waiting lists, poor educational results, high professional dissatisfaction with brain drain from NZ and low wages.

      There is also increased terrorism and public attacks & violence on random people and enablement of that.

      Not what I was expecting from a Green Party. Or the Labour Party for that matter.

      Natz will be as bad, but it’s sad that Labour and Greens are relying on that.

      More small scale pilots and critical thinking is needed before making their poorly thought out rogernomic policies of centralised management and cancellation of existing laws, to replace them with others that seem to be escalating the problems like homelessness, brain drain, cost of living of basics like power and water and food and banking and construction that is not regulated properly (another enquiry does nothing).

      Identity politics is very unpopular with the masses, even the migrants have voted NZ as one of the worst places to work in the world. And that is because people trafficking and more and more people getting rich off NZ immigration is rife in NZ and they keep adding more ways to get unscrupulous or high needs people into NZ.

    • The Greens have promoted;
      Female chauvinism.
      All men of pale colour are nasty.
      Boomers are nasty.
      Anyone over 50 years of age should be ignored.
      Terrified teenager’s with their climate change end of the world story.
      Promoted foul language.
      Ideology nonsense.
      Put forward nothing useful.
      Sarcasm and smarminess.
      Pronoun idiocy.

  4. Yes they have enlisted a bunch of sarcastic smarmy people whose only purpose in life is to criticise.
    But it’s a great lark you get remunerated.

  5. It’s not the blood affecting Greenies planning a coup or anything, it’s the purity of the idea – whether it ticks all the important boxes they have chosen to relate to; whether the damn thing will work and produce a useful outcome, or very close to what was the stated aim, well that’s in the lap of the Green Goddess. Someone should name their up and coming racehorse with that name, everyone will be fascinated to see what a real greenie, that’s in the running, can achieve.

  6. Throwing Marama Davidson under the bus would only re-inforce that Labour appointed her in the first place. Followed by the questions “why” and “on the grounds of what”. Marama is exactly was Labour wanted, a shallow figurehead who will do nothing much but virtue signal and rubberstamp the actions by Labour.
    Throwing Marama Davidson will also not undue the last three years of not caring by this government as to what happens to the kiwis that homeless, or to the kiwis that just recently lost their homes in the floods in Nelson and elsewhere, or what will happen to the kiwis who will lose their homes to such events in the future.
    I fear that nothing will be done, as the failure to achieve anything positive sits on Jacinda Ardern as leader of the government and Marama Davidson as supporting MP. Doing nothing and hoping that people will forget seems the safest option. We now have a class of people that will be permanently living in motels, and that intergenerational. Everyone is a flood, a missed rent payment, unaffordable mortgage etc away from the luxury of living in a Ardern Inn, you can check in but you will never check out and we charge you for it too. 25% of ones benefit to be precise, and x $ from those that have jobs.
    Let’s keep moving…………Vote Labour 2023, on the road to nowhere.
    And i am sure that National will be just as bad.

  7. RB Depressing eh. Here is a rousing little song from 1972 that has stayed in many people’s minds – just right for now I should think. It mentions Jesus but he won’t mind if you just listen in your own way. Watch out for the background, it might give people a headache – like that strobe lighting syndrome.

  8. The Greens won’t be blamed for the housing failure or environmental failings simply because everyone but everyone knows Labour are the one common element in nearly 5 years of non achievements and its exactly the script Jacinda runs her government by.

    And no one expects anything from the Greens except meaningless petty grandstanding just like Marama’s chocolate fetish, Golriz losing the plot at something utterly irrelevant or pronoun protests. It’s all we’ve come to expect from that party. And the Grey Lynn and equivalent other major city suburban woke will still vote Green because to them they are doing their bit for diversity which gives them that warm tummy feeling they’re so addicted to! They are to politics and change as Tesla’s are to climate change. Pointless!

    But when Jacinda finally awakens from her oblivious delusional state on housing, there will have to be a sacrifice. Surely it must be the useless Megan Woods?

        • Not sure why I’m now responsible for homelessness even though it concerns me. I’m not in Government. I didn’t promise to fix it like Jacinda Ardern did.
          But I am flattered that people think I could fix it.
          So I’m not looking for a bus.As an aside there are no buses where I live except the tourist type.
          Thanks anyway Sinic.

    • XRay you see it all! The middle class get warm tummy feelings and the poor get children is probably the case, and so it goes. They being closer to the real human condition which money can hold at ba.

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