The Queen is dead – long live the Queen!


There are only 3 Queens you worship.

Beyonce, Freddie Mercury and  Elizabeth II.

I’m not going to be cynical at the passing of the Queen.

Some will howl at her privilege, the injustice of dynasty and the damage of British Colonialism, but those are debates for other days, the Queen represented a cornerstone of the 20th Century and her mana deserves respect!

She fought the Nazis, empowered Feminism and was the only functioning Matriarch.

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She came from a different time, a different culture, one of selfless public service and duty.

The chasm of difference between the Queen’s sense of obligation and the social grasping Meghan Markle and the shallow self absorbed Millennial culture the Duchess of Sussex represents highlights just how unique a person Elizabeth II was.

She was the Grandmother to 20th Century Western Democracy.

We simply won’t see another like her.


Goodbye Liz. Rest In Peace.

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  1. Well said Bomber. I’m a republican but can recognise the respectful way in which she lived a role nobody would want or choose. RIP

  2. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth 11 was a great role model, and her contribution to the Commonwealth as a stabilising and unifying political factor was exemplary. RIP.

    • Hear hear, Snow White. We won’t see her like again, I fear, living as we do in the middle of intellectual and political pygmies. She cast a giant shadow over all of them.

      An aside: I wondered aloud to a family member if the ugly American would be at her funeral? Said family member thinks that she and Hollywood Harry are in the UK at present.

      Oh dear: speaking of intellectual pygmies….

      • D’Esterre Let us not insult The Ugly American which was a best selling book of pertinent political relevancies with a mattress actress heard to have said that there was only one plane crash between Her and Horrible and the Throne.

        Interestingly, what the Queen seemed to have in abundance was wisdom. Not the sort of wisdom which turns hoses on protestors, or brutally abolishes the Commissioner for Children, or treads a fine line wearing freebie designer clothing, or thinks gays cause earthquakes, or refers to have- nots as “ bottom feeders”, or bereaved Pike River families as “ ferals”, but those old fashioned peace making skills. Having said that, the notion of asking our contemporary Kiwi politicians to have “ wisdom”, is terrifying.

        Balmoral is beautiful, a good place to die, one of my Lotto- win destinations; Hollywood Harry didn’t get there before she passed, and Me-me I believe, is still in London, doubtless weaving this into another multi-million dollar Netflix deal. Keep your back to the wall, New Zealand has been recently mooted as a place where they’d like to live, or rule.

        • Just another right wing Trump loving republican who hates Megan – because she’s an Afro American. Jacinda in a great leader who has protected AOTEAROANS from the invisible enemy – COVID.
          Lucky we weren’t being Governed by Prebble, Hosking, Seymore, Luxon otherwise 15-20,000 NZers would have been killed by the invisible enemy.

        • Snow White: “Let us not insult The Ugly American which was a best selling book of pertinent political relevancies…”

          Heh! Yes, I read it, many years ago. I remember little about it, save for the fact that it was set in SE Asia: Vietnam in particular, I think, and showed US diplomatic failures. It seems they haven’t learned anything since that period: they just repeat those mistakes everywhere they go. No wonder people are contemptuous of them…. The title seems peculiarly apt for her.

          I do remember from that book SIGG (social incest in the golden ghetto) parties. A neat illustration of utter US failure to appreciate what they had to do in such places In order to achieve diplomatic success. In that regard, the Soviets always wiped the floor with them.

          “…what the Queen seemed to have in abundance was wisdom.”

          Yes. Wisdom gained in a long life, boosted by a complex mix of personal characteristics and environmental influences, in particular the war.

          “…the notion of asking our contemporary Kiwi politicians to have “ wisdom”, is terrifying.”

          Ha! Most of them don’t have the qualities. Moreover, Winston aside, they don’t last long enough to learn anything much, let alone to develop wisdom.

          “Balmoral is beautiful….”

          It looks lovely” her favourite place, I read somewhere. She was fortunate to die there.

          -New Zealand has been recently mooted as a place where they’d like to live, or rule.”

          Oh Christ no! God help us all, were that to happen.

    • The trouble with republics is they fall prey to the battalions of troughers – financiers, banks, lawyers, consultants – the entitled and corrupt, self interested class. At least with a constitutional monarchy there is some protection.
      Also, I have no problem, now that the Queen has gone, with abolishing QB weekend and going full on with our own Matariki.

  3. “Selfless public service and duty” encapsulates it perfectly and yup polar opposite to the unswerving narcissism of Markel.
    The loss of one of the last vestiges of a more selfless and dignified past.

  4. Complete bullshit. A very very wealthy woman head of the second biggest christian religion – seems to have forgotten ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’

    • The two largest branches are Catholic and Orthodox. The Queen or King of England only heads the Church of England (she is not head of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland for example), the head of the Anglican Church Communion is the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury.

      • I did say she is head of the 2nd biggest christian religion. I said nothing abut the presb or the baptists or the methodists. I was talking about the Anglicans. The Anglican churcch pays homage to her, what the hell is that about, ridiculous.

        On the advice of the Prime Minister The Queen appoints Archbishops, Bishops and Deans of the Church of England, who then swear an oath of allegiance and pay homage to HerMajesty. Church of England deacons and parish priests also swear an oath of allegiance to the Sovereign.

        • Yeah? So what? Let’s pillory her on that shall we? God, out of all the shit in the world if that’s the only thing you can bitch about …

          • I bitch about child poverty regularly Peter, about the state of our housing and many many other things. But to see all this silly glorification of royalty churns my stomach.

            • Michal. The monarchy, with its history, and tradition, and pageantry, still plays an important part in some people’s lives, and that’s that. It is not to blame for the failures of our politicians, and this is not an ‘either’ ‘or’ situation.

    • She may have come across as a ‘nice lady’, with the use of useful propaganda.
      But what she represented was an establishment that did numerous evils as an empire and kept the working class ‘in their place’. Knighted Tony Blair for his mass murder and illegal war in Iraq etc. etc etc
      No one likes for anyone to die. But that’s as far as I can go with this woman.

      • Keriman You are confusing the Commonwealth and the Empire, just like nasty Meghan Markle does. The Empire days are long gone, and the Commonwealth is a voluntary beneficial union of nations and nation states, which countries still ask to join. Without it, we would be just another lonely little tinpot country down the bottom of the world… with lots of land and water…tossing up whether to be best friends with China or the good old US of A…

      • Keriman, the late Queen was a constitutional monarch. The whole point is that the monarch remains apolitical.

        She wasn’t responsible for what was done in the name of her ancestors, any more than are the rest of us.

        “Knighted Tony Blair for his mass murder and illegal war in Iraq etc. etc etc”

        She would not have had any say in that decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had to rush off to the loo and throw up at the news. But her role prevented her from interfering. So she didn’t. I note that people are accusing Charles of interfering in politics: can’t have it both ways, folks.

      • A great role model for mothers everywhere. Lovely down to earth children with happy marriages and sound relationships. Good to hear Andrew is now in charge of the corgis, due to his expertise in grooming.

    • Michael not many 96 year old people would be at work the day before she died. No matter what you think of royalty think of this selfless woman who taught the world about service and ALWAYS put her people first. We will never see another like her RIP Queen Elizabeth the second .

  5. Queen Elizabeth II reigned and worked right up to the end of her life. An amazing woman in every respect.

    RIP Your Majesty and thank you.

  6. Astonishing leader. How many people you know of in their mid 90’s who were still working, 2 days before death? Incredible human being. The paradigm has shifted and we are in a different time. RIP your majesty

    • Exactly! Working in her 90’s!! Despite other sentiments I have expressed regarding the monarchy as an individual she put her job first and her duty was there for all to see. You have to respect that .

        • I have absolutely zero time for the royal family. However I would say that most people, including myself, would not have traded lives with her.
          Always living in a fishbowl and expected to make public appearances long after retirement age.
          Screw that.

        • Keriman. But if Queen Elizabeth hadn’t kept on working, and had she lived in isolated splendour emerging every now and then wearing a tiara, you’d still be complaining. She served the people, and she saw herself as their servant, which our effete politicians certainly don’t. She was also an economic asset to Gt Britain, whereas our lot are wrecking balls, flogging off everything that they can lay their hands on and leaving us poorer, and struggling to even keep warm.

  7. Thank you, Martyn, for a gracious tribute to a remarkable woman.

    One does not need to be a monarchist to be able to see her strength of character. She embodied the concept of selfless service to others. May she rest in peace: she surely deserves it.

  8. Should be the Queen is dead long live the King! Regina mortua est, dum vivat Rex!
    I lived in Windsor and remember in 1954 aged 5 running along the sidewalk with the Landlord’s daughter of the Horse and Groom where my mum did cleaning. The street was lined with cheering people to see the newly crowned Queen of England drive by in a horse drawn open carriage she was only 29 and she looked young and fresh.

    • You mean those Germans?
      Saxe Coburg Gotha aka Windsors?

      EII and EI are not related! EI was English whereas EII was full blood German.
      Albert & Vic first cousins, same family and grandparents and beyond.

  9. Cast in the role of titular head of an iniquitous system dedicated to preserving the primacy of privilege over that of people, Elizabeth Windsor, a nice little lady who lived a life of opulent frugality, has died aged ninety six.

    • She was very short (as was Q. Victoria), but despite that and despite being unexpectedly thrust into role of queen of UK and commonwealth, as a mum with young kids, lived a remarkable life of unprecedented dedication, loyalty and service to her realm, with such humility, grace and wisdom, for 70 years right up until her death from bone cancer. A rare human being indeed, despite her birth into obscene wealth and status. Respect

    • ” Cast in the role of titular head of an iniquitous system dedicated to preserving the primacy of privilege over that of people, Elizabeth Windsor, a nice little lady who lived a life of opulent frugality, has died aged ninety six ”
      Thank you Malcolm I was trying to get the words right.

      Summed up perfectly.

    • Malcolm Evans: “Elizabeth Windsor, a nice little lady who lived a life of opulent frugality, has died aged ninety six.”

      Enough already. The job she did wasn’t for the faint-hearted. As we’ve seen, with the ugly American and Hollywood Harry decamping pronto when the going got too tough. Poor wee delicate petals that they are.

  10. We need to become a republic instead of BIG ears being our head of state.

    Hopefully President Christopher Luxon will
    be our first head of state!

    • Zelda: “We need to become a republic instead of BIG ears being our head of state.”

      No we don’t. Remember it’s the institution of the monarchy which is of moment here, not Charles per se. Monarchs come and go, but the institution is constitutionally much more durable.

      In my view, we contemplate republicanism at our peril. If you have any doubts about this, look at the US. It provides a salutary example of all that’s worst about republicanism.

      • stuff the politicians “Who? “. Me, Loose-lipped Luxon, to be remembered, if at all, as the apostate Jesus groupie who designated folk needing a helping hand as, “bottom -feeders “, just as Jacinda will be remembered as the PM who presided over the abolition of the Commissioner for Children. Amen.

  11. A very sad day.

    All politics aside, the Queen is the person I most respected in the world. Her work ethic was unparalleled, and she manoeuvred through so many challenges with stoicism and grace. She put her Nation before herself and her family at every turn. She remained humble in every situation and was always thinking about how to put those she met with at ease.

    Though born to tremendous wealth, she never personally flaunted it and in fact, whilst much is made of her wealth, in her private life she never appeared to indulge herself other than with her animals. I read once some years back when she was in her 80’s that she was still doing on average something like 3+ engagements a day and usually worked 7 days a week although Sunday was nominally a day off.

    Consider how much commitment this took and the tremendous strength of character she had to dedicate her entire life to service. She is my hero and although it is often said, we really will not meet her like again.

    • Such nonsense, never flaunted her wealth. I hate to think of the dosh spent on the endless outfits she wore.
      You seem to have forgotten that this woman, never changed her sheets, made her bed, washed her dishes, made a meal, did her own washing, dusted, cleaned, ironed bla bla. She had a dresser of course and a hair dresser every single day of her life.

      I doubt she ever saddled her own horse.

      • That’s the problem Michal. You have no real idea what she has done you only think you do. In your fucked up mind the owners of businesses or CEO’s don’t work hard or do long hours either. You’ve made your feelings clear, you can stop before you show your ignorance. No, you already have. I’m no Royalist but I know an Intelligent hard working person when I see one. She did her job to the best of her ability. Can you say that.

      • Hey when you command a firm of $28billion plundered from others over centuries, you don’t do the housework or change your own sheets. I wouldn’t.

  12. Not too sure what’s going to happen now with the Windsors, given that she was the one holding the whole lot together through scandal after scandal. She probably hung on for this long because she knew that everything will implode without her.

    We shall see.

  13. This was very balanced 10/10. although Beyonce ? Team Rihanna baby.

    My relationship with the queen is strange. I respected her, I didn’t like her but I respected the hell out of her. I find the celebrations and disrespect some are displaying quite disgusting but I find the ott hero worship some are displaying gross.

    As a socialist I find the idea of monarchy offensive, divine birth right is disgusting. I think they are privileged but I also think being a monarch is a curse.

    Six years ago I was a staunch republican but now I’m not so sure. My favorite countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark,Canada ) are all constitutional monarchys

    I think a republic is the last thing this country should be talking about or wasting any breath on right now, we have an apocalyptic housing situation that needs every single millisecond of attention.

    We are already divided enough and a republic conversation just sounds like it’d be as divisive as the 2016 American presidential election.

    And our country is already so corrupt and our justice system so screwed that many wrongfully convicted people have had to seek the privy council to go over the NZ justice system.

    But at the same I think NZ won’t be a grown up country till we become a republic

    Complex issues.

    Let’s build some houses and focus on the here and now first.

    Go and collect as much coins as possible though they’ll be collecters items soon

    • Yeah, we lack the maturity for a republic at this stage. Can you imagine giving any NZ politician (of the current crop) absolute power. F No!

      Although I think it would be kinder to allow William and Kate and their kids the right to a normal life.

  14. Yeah but did she die within 28 days of testing covid positive, if so this will be recorded as a covid death which is the most important thing.

  15. Yes, a very sad day and respect to a quite remarkable woman who was both wiser and more knowledgeable about the word than many gave her credit for – so many world leaders she knew. It is fine to criticize the monarchy as an establishment but not the Queen herself. She was cast into the role very young.

    I remember at my school being visited by the Queen Mother and Prince Phillip (who gave our class a pep talk). My grandfather was also the bugler (on horse behind that of Major Weldon) ahead of the King’s Troop in the Coronation procession and my father was part of the Royal Navy contingent during the State entry to Scotland following.

    I am appalled at some of the comments, especially on some other websites, where the language about her has been absolutely disgusting and abusive.

  16. I have more respect for the cleaners at the hospital who work hard for shitty money, raise families and all without endless money, servants, privilege and all the rest of it.

    • I do too, but I’m going to slag her for that. Today I said she didn’t have to get up and go to work at 7:00am every day, finish at 5:00 and have to get home and cook for kids after worrying about what she could afford to feed them. What should she have done, could have done for the person in Timaru who has to do that or for the families living in Rotorua motels?

  17. RIP QEII.
    While I disagree with the system you represented, I respect and honour you as a fellow traveller in this random obscure Universe whose journey has now ended.
    Thank you for all the so-beautifully enunciated Christmas messages & sorry your kids gave you so much grief (who’d be a parent, eh?).

  18. Sorry but I just can’t resist this it’s been nagging at me all day. If NatActs win next year she’ll be back. They have always said they blame Jacinda for everything and would repeal everything that happened under her watch.
    So I am waiting for penis head and the gargoyle to make the announcement.

  19. I find it interesting that kiwis are all ‘it’s colonialisms fault’ ‘it’s the oppression of the crown….but if a royal glances in our general direction 90percent of kiwis turn into snivelling cap doffing serfs….
    juz sayin…juz sayin

  20. ” have more respect for the cleaners at the hospital who work hard for shitty money, raise families and all without endless money, servants, privilege and all the rest of it ”

    YES thank you for cutting through all of the sanctimonious elitist bullshit being spewed through the normal bastions of privilege and superiority.

    • Yes, hard not to feel nauseated by all the coverage on TV1, NZH etc. (A small niggle, however: we should avoid conceding any moral high ground to them through the necessary use of swear words.)
      An apposite quote from James Connolly, the great Irish socialist executed by Elizabeth’s grandfather’s government after the Easter rising of 1916:
      “A people mentally poisoned by the adulation of royalty can never attain to that spirit of self-reliant democracy necessary for the attainment of social freedom. The mind accustomed to political kings can be reconciled to social kings – the capitalist kings of the workshop, the mill, the railway, the ships and the docks.”

      • ” A people mentally poisoned by the adulation of royalty can never attain to that spirit of self-reliant democracy necessary for the attainment of social freedom. The mind accustomed to political kings can be reconciled to social kings – the capitalist kings of the workshop, the mill, the railway, the ships and the docks.”

        The struggle against class and capitalism is no different today than when the union movement formed the once mighty NZLP in 1916 long before Mr Douglas and identity politics.

    • Absolutely.

      The wonderful mother who left her son for 5 months whilst she did her duties. How ridiculous. Children should always come first.

      • Oh just sod off you sanctimonious individual. I get you are not into royalty. Now you are the parent of the century presumably.

        At least, unlike a lot of wanker kiwis, the Queen pointed out we need to be honest enough to acknowledge the wrong doings of the crown in the past and actually apologised. There is a lot of wanking on about the colonialism the Queen represented but the reality is a lot of those same people baulk at the idea of trying to do anything progressive to at least right some of the injustices.

  21. Elizabeth was the embodiment of the great flush of democracy that followed WW ll. We lost that by forgetting our values, she never did.

    She also represented that generation of solid, quiet, mothers who were my generation’s foundation during this time of great change.

    She also represented life as work, rather than our ‘expression’. Can’t quite disagree with her.

  22. Yes but she should have sent the military back to their barracks instead of to Iraq. After a constitutional crisis, the public would have backed her not that war criminal Blair.

    • Not her decision.
      Using the death of Queen Elizabeth to score cheap left wing political points is extreme.
      The jealousy and envy of the left on full display.

        • I’m a Kiwi.
          Why are the people of the left so pessimistic?
          Why are they full of jealousy and envy?
          Why do they loathe success?
          Why do they show disrespect reverting to foul language.
          Their current Government is a complete failure which probably doesn’t help.

  23. The only good thing the QEII did was to convince the disgusting Margaret Thatcher not to overthrow the results of Zimbabwe’s first democratic elections.

    In everything else, she has been a tool of evil her entire life.

    • Which country were you born in Mohammed?, Or your parents if they were immigrants?
      Let us know and why you/they left that country for NZ, then we can discuss where your/their birth country went wrong….I’m assumming Islam will play a big part in any reply.
      I’m waiting…..

    • Mohammed K. Not at all. She oversaw the replacing of the Empire by the Commonwealth, and she gave countries a choice of whether to remain in the new Commonwealth or to opt out. We chose to stay. She worked benevolently at keeping the Commonwealth united as a family of nations.

      People from the Commonwealth countries of the former British Empire have long lead the way in seeking citizenship in Great Britain, which many still regard as the mother country, so much so, that as far as I know, we no longer have preferential right of entry which we used to. A couple of the whinging anti-colonial ex-Commonwealth Caribbean countries still receive substantial economic support from Gt Britain.

  24. I agree that we will never see another quite like Queen Elizabeth the second. Her presence was the only thing keeping the rules based order together just by the example she set. Her aids and politicians try as they may will never put Humpty back together again.

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