PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning: How Hybrid Warfare and Hostile Tech Surrounds Us All


A View from Afar – In this podcast, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning analyse the advent of new technologies and the rise of hybrid warfare.

In this episode, they take you on a journey into a world that exists all around us, no matter where we live. But, it’s fair to say, it’s a world few realise exists and few realise how it is effecting them.

With the technologies that surround us, tech that we use every day, it has become easy to conduct indirect or non-attributable warfare using a variety of means.

There’s the grey area phenomena where opponent states undermine adversaries from within, sowing distrust, or fear, where there should not be. The purpose is to weaken public trust and a population’s resolve to support their government.

In an extreme situation, this form of hostilities can escalate into hybrid warfare using indirect and direct means, from cyber offensives to firepower.

To illustrate the issue, we will draw on the build-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and also evaluate other locations around the world where there is evidence of hybrid warfare.

It may surprise you to realise how close to home are real world examples of hybrid warfare.

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  1. I thoroughly disagree with your thoughts on free speech. I concur that citizens need civics education and teaching in analysis and critical thinking. The danger comes from how politicised that will be.

    Free speech advocates do not support hate speech and they are not all right wingers. Hate speech is speech that encourages violence and I agree people like VVF talking about hanging the prime minister should be prosecuted but unfortunately our government is more interested in penalising 30 year veteran K Road preachers for “hate ‘ speech because they preach the wages of sin is death to LGBTQI.

    Herein lies the problem. Russia and others use these tactics to undermine but whatever government of the day will use Hate Speech legislation to penalise anyone they disagree with. And they have already shown they will act when it suits them. Yes to Chelsea Manning, NO to ??? and Molyneux. No to K Road preachers but Yes to Waititi calling every white person in NZ a Racist.

    Fire and Fury laying the Parliament Protests at the door of Far RIghtists and the Russians but fails to tell us who the 50 agitators that arrived from nowhere on the day of the protest came from. They know who they are and are quick to politicise the misdeeds of VFF etc but for political reasons, we are not allowed to know who was behind those 50 agitators? I can guess yet it doesn’t suit the Govt to say so.

    It is all political. Even education is political as we have seen in the changes to the school curriculum re: NZ history. They are only teaching the truth that they want children to know. When they first announced it, I thought it was excellent and long overdue. When I read what was proposed I was horrified, not because of what was put in but more in terms of what was left out. Many people submitted to the Curriculum consultation, it was contracted out and thousands of submissions read and found to be immaterial within a number of days. I don’t think they even made any changes.

    So as I say political. When we live in an age of untruth and information is power. Democracy dies when we deny others a voice. It is simple, inconvenient and allows bad faith actors in yes but reasoned dialogue is what we need to encourage, not shutting down voices we don’t like.

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