MEDIAWATCH: RNZs + Stuffs middle class propaganda against Dumb Lives Matter protests part of the problem

Middle Class Marx 2022

RNZs + Stuffs middle class propaganda against Dumb Lives Matter protests is part of the problem.

For them, the Dumb Lives Matter protestors frightened them and upset their virtue signalling aesthetics. These are the Woke of Wellington (plus Press Gallery and corporate media stooges), THEY and THEY ALONE control what is good protest and what is bad protest.

What they revealed in their reaction to the protestors was their middle class Marxism privilege.

This is woke edge lord Clint Smith…

…read that tweet again. He is calling for the Governor General to sack Police Commissioner Coster because Coster won’t bash up the dirty filthy Lumpenproletariat Nazis and Clint then wants to appoint a Secret Police to disperse the crowd.

The Middle Class Marxists of Wellington had their fears pricked by a mob of angry lumpenproletariat who were manipulated by far right bad faith actors and by refusing to de-escalate, by allowing Trevor to send in the police and create a common enemy right when the protest movement was disintegrating, by allowing him to play his petty games with water and music, by refusing to look at any of that and choose to paint all protestors as extremists allows the entire establishment off the hook.

We wound those protestors up for 3 weeks and then cried terrorist when they finally exploded.

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We have refused to look at our lack of transformation on issues like housing and poverty and inequality and instead need to paint the lumpenproletariat out as extremists.

The vast majority of the media and MPs used over the top security to get in and out and so believe they survived a January 6th event, yet David Seymour and Winston Peters visited without incident and Willie Jackson walked through the crowd daily to work.

Many media, including Bryce Edwards (who was cancelled by the woke for challenging Morgan Godfrey’s narrative) and the Platform, even Damien Grant were able to mix and mingle without hatred.

The end point of the middle class perspective being spun by Stuff and RNZ is the need for a vast new Police State to keep tabs on all the extremists our refusal to de-escalate has generated.

We refuse to look at Mallard’s actions, we refuse to look at the refusal to hear these protestors out and we refuse to look at the economic conditions we’ve created that has spawned this Dumb Lives Matter protest in the first place.

I am not for one second suggesting there weren’t bad faith actors here manipulating people BUT BECAUSE THERE WERE BAD FAITH ACTORS PRESENT we should have been extra careful handing them a propaganda coup!

It’s easier for us to make these people extremists than it is to consider our role in their creation.

I was warning this from the start.

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    • Stephen. Yep, but let’s not let them make this into a race issue, that’s exactly the divisiveness that they want to manipulate all of us with. It’s not a class issue either, it’s the ever-widening chasm between the haves and the have-nots, and those who it benefits can’t be relied upon to do much about it.

      • I think there are various issues at play but at its most fundamental, I think this is a free speech and freedom of expression issue. The media shouldnt be in lockstep about who has rights and who doesnt (in their opinion).

        If they cant report from a position of balance or neutrality then they do more harm than good. And they know it, seeing it now as a sign of their virtuosity in saving us from damaging ‘dissenting’ views.

        • Fantail. Yes, and it is both arrogant and quite dangerous for mediocre media persons with unknown agendas to want to censor what other people read.

          This is part of the anti-free speech continuum adopted by the present government under the guise of preventing another terrible massacre like the Christchurch Muslim murders, which cannot and should not be categorised in such a simplistic way.

          When one reviews pronouncements of VU’s hate speech head, Joanna Kidman, concerning e g the naming of a pretty designer dress and of an Auckland Uni cat, the burgeoning censorship issue in this country takes on a dimension which would be comical, if it were not so fundamentally flawed. No surprise then, when they want to silence the much- needed commissioner for our vulnerable children and replace her/him with an invisible clique of nameless drones.

  1. Good commentary Martyn.

    The middle class Marxists you refer to don’t like protests they haven’t previously approved.

    I think they have a shock in store, because there will be a lot more if this country continues down its current trajectory.

  2. This is what happens as soon as it stops being a class struggle.
    But it’s always a class struggle.
    They just don’t realise it…

  3. I, reflecting, despise those know-nothingers. Everything but their dissatisfaction. Who are these ‘middle class marxists’ you go on about? Because I think it’s all in in your head.

    Are you a part of Bernie Sanders’s Cause or have you veered off like everyone but him?

  4. Yeah Stuff seems to be in overdrive about the Dumb Lives/anti Vaxxers. Dozens of anti vaxxer stories over the last 3 weeks targeting people standing for election as well as generally. Nothing wrong with educating the electorate but have they outed any say brown candidates for Separatist views?? or Non Binary Unicorns for hateful twitter comments etc, obviously not.

    Add this to the self righteousness of Stuff’s Paula Penfold who proudly stated that she didnt allow the Dumb Livers right to reply on her doco because – convoluted BS and then a final comment akin to ‘Well they’re all bad people anyway”.

    Talk about the antithesis to free speech.

    To me, if Stuff are in overdrive then Labour are scared about what Local Govt polls are going to deliver.
    Possibly about whether it will paint them as Winners or Losers and/ or demonstrate the level and areas of polarisation. Or possibly, whether they will retain support on 3 Waters from the limited supporters they have in mayoralty currently.

  5. As a south islander I’ve always been dismayed how the south is exploited to subsidise the north – if you want to punish Wellington just disrupt the cook straight power cable for a month – 600 megawatts from benmore powers the lower north island – the south gets paid nothing for this carbon free power- let’s see a 600 mw coal fired power station would burn about 3 million tons of coal per year – carbon tax at the greens proposed rate of $200 per ton – please pay the south 600 m per year – might build the odd bridge and fix a few potholes. Time for an independent state down south !

    • Funningly isn’t the South Island (Te Waipounamu) part of New Zealand Aotearoa???? Don’t the original inhabitants have the same DNA Polynesian makeup as the North Island (Te Ika A Maui) original inhabitants? Are the Pakeha (European) in the South Island the same DNA makeup as the pakeha in the North Island?? Tell if i’m wrong, and please no Waitaha/Celtic pseudo historian trash just facts please!!

  6. It wasn’t just Trevor Mallard who provoked the Parliamentary protestors. The National Party and the Green leadership both supported Jacinda Ardern’s infantile decision not to engage with the protestors.

    Furthermore, having called in the police, Trevor Mallard, via Parliamentary Services whose leadership is accountable to nobody, hindered the police in their ability to do their job properly by refusing police requests to turn the sprinklers off. I see this as a violation of the separation of powers under which they should be operating.

    Furthermore, having handicapped the police force, Mallard and co subjected them to the same torture by sound as they did the protestors and their young families. Reports have since emerged of police persons suffering head aches. Furthermore, Mallard warned local apartment dwellers to evacuate their premises to avoid the abusive actions he was happy to indiscriminately inflict upon demonstrators and police alike.

    Furthermore it was police whanau who became virused-out, re-quarantined, and children having to stay home from school yet again. One nearby police family had two parents sick at the same time and coping with housebound kiddies while Mallard, the costly caricature “diplomat“, watched safely from a Bowen Street balcony. These effete clowns cost this country far too much.

  7. It was a classic Marie Antoinette moment. The protest came to state their case, maybe feeble but they thought it worthwhile. And the “palace” declared them peasants and beneath the pail. When they reappear as they will cake wont suffice. The protesters now know that their concerns aren’t considered worthy of an audience, they will find ways to “inform power” that will be far less desirable than dialogue. This is how democracies die.

  8. The media serves their piper and those that protest against the piper are duly reported as being, the dumb you know whatsits….

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