Now we have guilty verdicts, when will NZ media call this out for the Chinese attempt to influence our political system that it was?

The 4 Donors of the Apocalypse

So Jami-Lee was a bit too crazy with political revenge to be guilty then…

Mental health factor in former National MP Jami-Lee Ross’ not guilty verdict

Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross has been cleared of fraud charges over political donations in part because the judge agreed a sense of betrayal and mental breakdown could have led him to lie.

High Court Justice Ian Gault delivered his verdicts this week then released his decision detailing the reasons.

He said “given Mr Ross’ sense of betrayal and the mental health evidence” he could not rule out the possibility Ross was “so driven by a desire to take down Mr [Simon] Bridges that he lied in the most compelling way he could imagine, that is by falsely stating he had carried out Mr Bridges’ instructions.

“For these reasons, I am not sure that Mr Ross engaged in a fraudulent device, trick, or stratagem.”


However we do have guilty verdicts from all the Chinese Businessmen involved here…

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The Crown alleged three separate donations were split into smaller amounts among “sham donors” to avoid triggering the disclosure limit and to keep party officials, the Electoral Commission and the public in the dark about the identity of the true donor – businessman Yikun Zhang.

Ross and three businessmen – Yikun Zhang, Shijia (Colin) Zheng and Hengjia (Joe) Zheng – were charged by the Serious Fraud Office over donations made to the National Party in 2017 and 2018.

Justice Gault found Zhang not guilty in relation to the National Party donation in 2017 but guilty of the donation in 2018.

Colin Zheng was found guilty in relation to the 2017 and 2018 donation.

Joe Zheng was found guilty in relation to the 2018 donation and guilty of obstructing a Serious Fraud Office investigation.

The three businessmen also faced charges – alongside two men and a woman, who all have interim name suppression – over donations made to the Labour Party in 2017. Justice Gault found they were all not guilty in relation to that donation.

…now we have guilty verdicts, when will NZ media call this out for the Chinese attempt to influence our political system that it was?

What has astounded me most about this trial is the total agreement by all media to not focus on the 10 000 pound Panda Red Dragon Bear standing in the middle of the court room.

This was an attempt by the Chinese Government to directly buy influence in our domestic politics.

The media can dress it up as much as they like that it was just Chinese Business interests trying to buy access in NZ, but that would be a dangerously naive position to take.

The idea that these Chinese business interests were not informing China Government Officials that they had access to the purse strings of the two largest political parties in a Country China has keen interests in.

We can’t be this fucking stupid can we?

It’s like that moment Labour and National unanimously agreed to flush both their Chinese MPs because of their links to the Chinese Government.

It happened and no one mentioned it!

The same thing is happening now.

This donations scandal isn’t about the fine print of Electoral Law, it’s about the Chinese Government via Chinese proxies attempting to buy influence in the domestic politics of NZ!

The Left consider any criticism of China as xenophobic and the Right are too financially entangled with Chinese Business interests to say anything.

Newspapers won’t comment and journalists chose to focus on anything but the obvious influence of the Chinese Government in all of this.

If America had been caught attempting to influence politics like this, there would be an uproar, because it’s China no one rocks the boat!

The irony of using Chinese cameras to spy on Kiwis should make us all wince…

Questions raised about Chinese surveillance cameras used in NZ

Chinese surveillance cameras remain in wide use in New Zealand despite renewed controversy about them overseas.

Last words of punk anarchist Niel Roberts before he attempted to blow up the NZ Police Computer

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  1. I still remember Simon Bridges (leader at the time) being in “I know nuthink” mode, stuttering, stammering and stumbling over a Chinese donor. Trying to say the guy wasn’t a member of the National Party. But he was to be going to the National ‘candidates’ school.’
    Which you could always do while not even a signed up member of the party.

    There was hint of paperwork being conveniently lost and so there being no proof the donor had actually signed up. Bridges was trying to not lie by answering questions which weren’t asked.

    It’s sort of funny when all is done and dusted that Mr [Simon] Bridges was possibly a ‘victim of such a desire of J-L Ross to take down him down that Ross lied in a most compelling way he could by falsely stating he had carried out Mr Bridges’ instructions.’

    The specifics involving Bridges lying in a most compelling way were not part of a legal case and so he could appear in court as a witness, all earnest and innocent looking. Inside he must’ve been thinking, “Phew! Got away with it.”

  2. when will we convict the white co-conspirators? if you’re going to say chinese subversion then the other defendants were treasonous..

  3. So they’re busting the people who made the donation but letting those accepting those donations off the hook?

    • I agree. Not sure this is justice. Not knowing????? about dodgy donations is ok as an excuse.

      Too many dodgy donations and dodgy ways to hide donations that the political parties are only too aware of.

      The Dotcom vs John Banks, for example. John Banks guilty and then suddenly without a trial is found not guilty.

      NZ is full of political corruption now led by the parties who are obsessed with donations, and that is also why NZ can’t get anywhere and our social policy is creating poverty for political purposes aka making money of social bonds, making money off cheap/illegal labour and making money from assets sales.

      • When Jamie Lee Ross first announced all this every other party fell silent, none of them pointed fingers, it tells me the problem is more widespread except the other parties didnt get caught doing it.

  4. I remember the “recovered memory” mania, the leading questioning of children. So much hysteria. Ellis and his fellow workers dragged through hell. At the time it appeared to lack rationality, yet the Court convicted. Its now too late to admit it was wrong.

    Looking back we were naive, that we had faith in common sense. That should have told us to look out, it was the beginning of “woke”.

    • todays news nicki, never thought the fucked up NZ judiciary would admit it was a fit up, although RNZ typically is still trying to pretend ellis was guilty.

  5. And actually speaking of American influence, remember that referendum on cannabis?
    We had right wing christian outfits in the US funding Family First New Zealand for their nope to dope campaigns. Massive blip in their charity donations around the 3 years leading up to the actual referendum, was over a million dollars. It was called out at the time but got ignored. S.A.M they called themselves. Right wing religion here had two campaigns using the same mailing address and campaign material. Combine the two and they overspent the legal allowable limit.
    A review into the referendum instigated by Labour found nothing. cannabis didnt even get a mention.
    All politicians, left right and middle are all up to their necks in this corruption, those politicians create these loopholes for themselves to skirt the law.

    • I agree @ Mark.
      Aotearoa/ New Zealand hasn’t been our beloved Aotearoa / New Zealand since roger douglas hatched, like the parasite he is, from Old Labour to throw us all under his speeding greed bus. Since then, all our political parties have one thing in common. They’re all the same thing. They’re only about the money. And if a political system’s only about the money, as is ours mostly, then our politicians can be bought. And they were. And still are. If you, or you, think you’re an AO/NZ citizen, you’re not. You’re a ‘consumer’, or more accurately a slave to a foreign banking infrastructure which was further strengthened by the latest ludicrous property fetishists greed fest. We’re now specifically U$A’s banking infrastructure’s slaves and if you don’t play by their rules you’ll end up in the street. And pretty soon, once we’re labeled a ‘republic’ you will lose all the rights and privileges of being a part of the commonwealth. Like free health care, education etc and access to what’s now considered public spaces. Like national parks, rivers, beaches etc.
      We’re at an extremely dangerous cross roads made all the worse for the spectre of global heating which will lead to displacement, hunger and territorial wars.
      In my humble opinion, everything that politicians tell us we must do, we must do the opposite.

    • The American CIA’s ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ gave just one of their pawns, the hysterical liar Anne-Marie Brady. more money than these guys handed out this year alone.

  6. Dem bigwig and former U.S sec of state …’when it comes to Noo Zeeland….we don’t even have to…ask.’

  7. ” We can’t be this fucking stupid can we ”

    Bomber YES YES YES

    The Hobbit’s shire is easily manipulated by those with an agenda foreign or domestic. Just look at where we are after 45 years of manipulation.

    Well maybe Willies merger will ensure greater transparency ?

    We live , get shafted and hope.

  8. ” Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross has been cleared of fraud charges over political donations in part because the judge agreed a sense of betrayal and mental breakdown could have led him to lie ”

    I don’t buy that. Ross was a scumbag and a lying politician and both are deadly dangerous.

    This stinks to high heaven and has not been given the attention it deserves.

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