MPI’s response to dead sheep dumped among gorse bushes inadequate – SAFE


SAFE has obtained evidence of about seven dead sheep in various stages of decomposition dumped among gorse bushes in a paddock near Templeton, Christchurch. Another sheep was found dead near the edge of the paddock.

The paddock shares a fence with Globe Bay Reserve and is surrounded by residential property. About two dozen sheep and three cattle are living on the same property, confronted daily by the carcases of dead sheep.

SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe said the question of how the sheep died remains unanswered.

“The fact that a third of the sheep have died is a serious cause for concern,” said Appelbe.

“We’re surprised that MPI doesn’t consider this an animal welfare concern worth investigating.”

SAFE alerted the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to the situation. An inspector who visited the property told SAFE they have no animal welfare concerns for the remaining animals.

“It’s completely unacceptable to dump dead animals like this, and we question why this is considered acceptable in Aotearoa.”

“This country has a long way to go if it wants to be considered a world leader in animal welfare. Both MPI and the person in control of these animals have failed in this case.”

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  1. My God. Why don’t you SAFE people do something useful – like stopping these arseholes who steal people’s much-loved pets and use them as dog fighting bait. Show me your campaign to catch dog-fighting ring leaders and I’ll join up.


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