The Daily Blog Open Mic – 3rd August 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Luxon said the cost of living payment is an insult to taxpayers he said its their money so he is insulting the 2.1 million who pay taxes and are on lower wages and have received this. And now he has resorted to beneficiary bashing by putting all beneficiaries in the same basket when many have different circumstances, like discrimination, racism, criminal convictions effecting employment chances, caring for sick and elderly whanau, suffering from poor health, dealing with trauma in their lives all of these factors need to be considered rather than making a blanket statement like he is doing.

  2. In The Press today Mike Yardley points to a problem of Council’s not dealing fully with fast-approaching nasty reality.

    In ‘No cheap fix for flood trouble-spots in Christchurch’ he relates the drainage problem in a part of Christchurch called Edgeware which gets flooded. Butchery owner David Timbs says he has considered raising his shop’s low floor level but some flooding would still occur. He has had interaction with Council about the Edgeware St Albans drainage and flood plans.

    “We aren’t simply asking the Council to fix the problem, but to discuss the options for a solution, so we can determine what course of action is the most affordable, cost-effective and time-effective.”

    An earlier estimate of works in the area was $12-$15million. In 2015 the Council decided to work on a limited area. One possible plan is now up to $23 million.

    It is probable that similar discussions and price rises are happening around New Zealand. It underlines the need for wide-ranging discussions perhaps with a choice of costed plans to consider. Mr Timbs is calling for greater transparency, and I think that and open discussion at well-run meetings with affected businesses, ratepayers and residents having some say, with good note taking and perhaps written questions of less than 50 words to be succinc followed by write-ups with a number of copies available at the Council premises or on-screen if requested; all possibilities being discussed with ‘all interested stakeholders’.

  3. I think solidarity is a vital ideal of the people. Yep, I’m talking The Standard. Where a neoliberal tyrant sieves the commenters through a fine fish comb for similarly neoliberal Labour. While pretending to be the main meeting place for the Left. Divide and rule for the Left?

    Truth, like money for the rich, is the people’s foundation. Politicking is good but truth has to shine above that. Why you have only a few old goobers like me on this site. Why you’re dying.

    You and Trotter have taken a mere thirty-eight years of wrongness to heart. Take it to your brain for tactics sake but Sanders got it right. MJS was sixty-eight and, yes, my socialist great grandfather was seventy in nineteen thirty-five.

  4. Here’s a good gig if you can get one!

    “The ex Ak Council Financial controller Steve Town strikes gold again!” Te Pūkenga chief Stephen Town​ – currently on personal leave and still collecting his $13,000-a-week salary”


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