10AM THIS SATURDAY, AUCKLAND MUSEUM – Counter Protest Brian Tamaki


Counter Hate: FARC Off Brian

If Brian Tamaki and his Qanon, Anti-vaxx, Dumb Lives Matter protestors can protest against the Government for implementing strong public health measures during a pandemic, we can protest against Brian Tamaki and his Qanon, Anti-vaxx, Dumb Lives Matter protestors for their blatant misinformation and misplaced anger.

This Saturday people of good conscience will face off against Brian and his malcontents and let NZ see just how many of us are grateful for a Government that listened to the science during a once in a century pandemic.

If he can protest us, we will protest his disinformation!


Counter Hate: FARC Off Brian

Auckland War Memorial Museum 


    • Ahhh Jacinda Fan….sorry Bert, not like you to post without some in-depth thoughts lol, your posts remind me of the weakling standing behind a stronger man and popping your head around him, when he is shouting the odds, and you shout ‘yeah!’ lol
      You amuse me, please keep posting it gives alot of us some fun and proves with each post what we suspect, you are still living in your parents house.

      • You stillhaven’t added your missing apostrophe of omission Im right? It’s the attention to detail that you right-whiners just don’t get, do you?

        Just like all you NACT, Trumpers and no-fact right-whiners, even your pseudonym is wrong. Just call yourself “I’m wrong” FFS, with the apostrophe correctly placed, or fuck off back to political comment venues, where grammar, facts, or balance isn’t important.

        May I suggest, toilet walls in malls, where you will be hailed as “Caesar of the missing contractive apostrophe!” Hail Caesar, hail Im right, (but every comment you make is grammatically wrong before you even start to drivel on!). Never a very good first impression when someone is hailing you as Caesar, then passing you some twink, under the cubicle wall!!

        Im right. All you do, is just give bert and me, a 5 lap lead before you even put finger to keyboard (after you’ve wiped the spittle and foam using a fresh tissue!)

        Im right is moronic “I’m right”. I even used it correctly I’m right</, when I first used the pseudonym on TDB in its first iteration. It’s utterly moronic, Im right, to remove the apostrophe from a correctly punctuated provided pseudonym?

        Have your overseas US voting papers arrived from “deliverance country” yet Im right? I’m right in thinking you are either from “deliverance country” US, or “deliverance country” Australia?

        Let me know if I’m right, or you’re Im right! I know it’s a debatable fact, but, you NACT supporters are really, really good at mass debating, with lots of errors before you even start to type! YW

    • Bert, you mean like Biden (you won’t catch Covid after vaccination) or Jacinda (won’t get sick and won’t die) or fauci (masks work, don’t work) or the 97%, 84%, 75%, 60%, 45%, 24% after 4 months, 18% effective narrative? Keep the faith bro.

  1. A protest against bodily autonomy, free speech and freedom. Cheering on big pharma and censorship. Faith in science – the new religion replacing the old religion.

      • 50,000 year old Aboriginal culture is greater than a 10,000 year old relegious timeline.

        The evidence is uncontroversial. Christians can hold a belief in God but they can’t hold a belief that the science is wrong.

        That’s why I do not believe that God sits above as the Bible says. I believe God resides in all who follows the true teachings of The Lord.

        Every culture has a creation and revelations story it’s just luck Christians got to the type writer first.

        • When I saw an open casket of a dead grandfather and a dead uncle, I knew then their spirit was gone. Spirit in the sense of the word, as we all have spirit. Was it the holy spirit, well that’s open to conjecture. Is it worth making money from, well that’s Tamaki’s domain.

        • But who is The Lord Sam? There’s plenty that follow various incarnations of the Dark Lord. And some follow The Lordess, although She would appear to be somewhat reluctant to reach through the glass ceiling. A little more precision is required in your musing. Btw, didn’t Lady Luck favour the Jews with the type writer prior to the Christians?

          • You realize that no version of Satan actually likes evil people, correct? If he’s working for God, he’ll probably tell you to fuck off and go burn. If he’s not, he tolerates you because you’re in opposition to God but ultimately holds no loyalty or concern for you. Even the “not evil” versions of Satan are not the type you want to meet in a dark alley, or even a brightly lit cartoon world.

            He’s supposed to be a voice in our heads that make us do dumb things, in a nutshell. Every time we give into vices that surly is a victory for him. Siding against Satan is the right call no matter which traditional version we assume.

              • How should I know?

                If anyone actually knew anything about God literally everyone on the planet would go insane.

                For starters a capital G god can’t die unless he was just tricking or didn’t know he wasn’t all the way omnipotent in which case you’re just a really strong mortal appearing to humans in what ever form causes the least hysteria.

                The last thing a god would do is give us mortals with all our

              • The last thing a god would do is give us mortals with all our frailties and emotions the ability to erase things that were created from existence doesn’t seem to fit God’s MO even when he’s straight pissed.

                Remembering that in the Old Testament depending on interpretation the “genocide” wasn’t as much of an issue because sure their bodies died but their souls are with God in the end so it was a solution that wasn’t ideal for what God wanted for the world but at the same time it wasn’t the “poof their souls are gone!” or “poof now they’re all in fire and brimstone!”

                Remembering that the idea of “Hell” has changed substantially as well.

              • You haven’t done a very good job of persuading me Sam. If you are so uncertain as to the existence, attributes and visage of The Lord (changed to a god in your subsequent comments) how can you tell what are the “true teachings” of this quintessence. The last two thousand years of history demonstrate that people are prepared to butcher and brutalise those who do not share their belief in their particular teachings. It continues to this day.

                • Doesn’t mean that I’m correct about any of this it’s been years since Iv studied theology. All I was doing was trying to formulate an argument because I think it’s fun.

                  A lord wouldn’t think like me. A Lord wouldn’t spill blood and “butcher and brutalize.” That’s just the devil lying to you.

    • Well said Off White. I will never join a Destiny Church but if I was in the area I would be standing with Tamaki on this issue. Our Bill of Rights are far important than the Big Profits of Big Pharma.

      • What about the rights to go along our travels only to be blocked by Tamaki’s protesters. Who is in the right Ben? Trying to get to the airport and missing your flight because Tamaki blocked( impinged your rights)your way. Don’t be a hypocrite with your answer now?

        • Bert I agree no one should be blocking people. Tamaki is wrong on that point (and I suggest a lot of other points as well). I also think it is wrong when BLM, climate kids etc block people. As for the UK based XR activists, those guys really need to read the room. A bunch of affluent snooty middle class tossers who are rich enough to not need to work gluing themselves to the road and stopping ordinary working people from getting to work to pay their bills to survive. It seems very counter-productive to try to spread a climate message in such a way that starts a class war. Someone will probably end up getting killed over there.

          I never thought I would have supported Tamaki on anything but he is doing a lot of good things on bodily autonomy, free choice, free speech, political freedom etc.

          • I wish I could agree Ben but I don’t believe Tamakis motives have ever been anything but for pofit making. Freedoms his his way of an increased congregation and more money.

      • The big pharmac you talk of has money to do research and discover drugs that keep us alive where as Tamaki has an ego of his own importance . I know which Icamp I would chose to be in.

      • Gagarin, wow, big boy comment alright. My computer actually does what it says it does. If it didn’t I’d be asking questions.

        • WHITEY tell that to microsoft, every banner you click on and the SIS, everytime your ISP throttles your speed and the built in obsolescence and non repairability of some components. BIG BOY.

  2. Giving him exactly what he wants imo…more notoriety / publicity… will help him then out his flock imo and if counter protesters are heavily outnumbered he’ll dine out on it…
    Best strategy is to provide as little oxygen as possible.

      • i would rather stand with big pharma and the government than let a christian fundamentalist tell me how i should live my life.

      • Stop blaming big pharma. They made a vaccine. They didn’t force anyone to take it.

        The fact that you support a con artist that says homosexuality causes earthquakes shows that science might be a bit of stretch for you.

      • Well said. Its government overreach because government has become co-opted by the likes of Big Pharma and other big money interests. The Right is blind to this corruption while the Left blindly supports (Left) government regardless of whom government now primarily serves. None of us have a correct handle on politics today, hence why the billionaire class is getting wealthier by the minute, the political class are making more and more decisions without our input, and life is getting more and more precarious for the rest of us….

        • What utter rubbish. PHARMACs own wish list of drugs it does not fund is huge but the government has been corrupted by big pharma. Relative to GDP we spend toss all on “big pharma” products

          • My analysis of politics today, is lost on you my friend. But today’s politics has led to an ever expanding billionaire class, a political class that is seeking less and less input from we, the people, and a world where more and more of us are struggling to make ends meet.

            Today’s world reflects the political reality of a system that is now overwhelmingly serving the few over the many. If we the people don’t wake up to this reality soon, then Pharmac and other agencies once tasked with serving the people will either disappear or be retooled (co-opted) to serve money over us.

            Time to wake the f up!

  3. “Graham said the “proof of the pudding” will be in the turnout of his counter-protest.

    “This is where we need to draw a line in the sand and say we don’t want this kind of hate in our community and we won’t stand for it.”

    Err Graham what hate is this you’re talking about?

    Imagine setting up a counter protest against a bunch of people advocating for freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and the right not to be forced to take experimental medication….and thinking your the good guy!

    Bring it on I say. I hope these karens turn up to the chch one too I’d love to look these freedom hating bg pharma loving fascists in the eyes

  4. He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

    I’m going to watch the life of Brian in the fuckwits honour tonight

  5. The big pharmac you talk of has money to do research and discover drugs that keep us alive where as Tamaki has an ego of his own importance . I know which Icamp I would chose to be in.

  6. This is a good public service that the Pope is doing on TDB.

    Bringing out the bigots, racists and proto fascists!

    All of the ‘triggered’ ‘ciss’s’ folks too.

    All this attention even before the protest has kicked off!

  7. the photos look like a small bedraggled group but having been on demos I know the media edit photos and deliberately understate numbers to suggest lack of public support….so who knows ?


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