Political Caption Competition

The Four Donkeys of the Apocalypse 

From last weeks show: 4 Donkey's of the Apocalypse

The Four Donkeys of the Apocalypse


  1. “My hands still feel dirty!” says concerned socialist after close encounter with assorted Dirty Politics muckrakers.

  2. Is that Al Capp from Dogpatch and drinking buddies?
    (You didn’t expect that coming eh. ‘Al Capp’ introduced new expressions to USA, making lively writing as in TDB like: double whammy, skunk works and Lower Slobbovia. Also shmoo*, druthers, schmooze*, and nogoodnik, etc. *In electrical engineering, a shmoo plot is a graphical display of the response of a component or system varying over a range of conditions or inputs. *schmooze comes from the Yiddish. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Capp#Legacy)

  3. I love the caption, Martyn. Actually “donkey” probably flatters some of the people in the photo, because donkeys are sensitive, brave, and intelligent creatures.

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