GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Where to start?


“Honesty is all i want from you”

So sang Bill Joel

If you look for truthfulness
You might as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to find
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Ummm, isn’t it time to start being honest about the climate crisis?
By Martyn Bradbury -July 30, 2022

Where to start?

Maybe a good place to start at being honest about the climate crisis, would be at the Climate Change Ministry itself.
To start being honest about the climate crisis, The Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw needs to release, in full, all the 15 withheld OIO documents relating to the climate crisis, that the government will not let him release, or that he has only been allowed to release in heavily redacted form.

I realise that to release in full, all 15 of the withheld OIO documents on the climate crisis, would cost James Shaw his job as the climate change Minister.

But as I wrote in my open letter to James. Because the government will not let him achieve anything more, (and arguably not much so far), for the climate. I have recommended that James Shaw step down as Climate Change Minister and let the Labour government, (who in reality are the ones calling the shots in the Climate Change Ministry) find their own front person.

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Despite Labour’s pre-election promise to be more transparent. See this report from Greenpeace and others, about Labour’s lack of transparency and secrecy, Most egregious of all, , is the government’s secrecy over the climate crisis.

“….Greenpeace spokesman Adam Currie said a review was “urgently required”. The organisation had been waiting a year for a single historical document, about the Rainbow Warrior bombing and Currie recently received an OIA response from Climate Change Minister James Shaw that refused or withheld 14 out of 15 documents and redacted all comment from the one document released.”


Dear James,

GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Dear James

Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.


  1. “Most egregious of all, , is the government’s secrecy over the climate crisis.”

    Really? More egregious than LINO’s keeping He Puapua hidden from the public (and even from it’s coalition partner) at the last election? More egregious than continuing their evasive responses to questions about Three Waters, and about He Puapua in general?

  2. Typical response in NZ throw the baby out with the bath water.
    Stop blaming the wrong people.
    How are Labour who are allowing in all the gold mining exploration in the south, got any clue?
    Also the Greens included native trees in the carbon farming scheme, or we would have had endless pine trees.

    Leave James to get on with the good work he is already doing!

      • This. Let’s not promote population bandwagon.
        All problems lead to the greediest, evilest, wealthiest most decadent elite in human history.

        • Remember if you reduce the population by 0.01%, it makes a greater difference than if you reduced it by 25%, so long as you remove the right 0.01%. The population argument is largely a distraction, a device for blaming those with the least input & agency, for a problem they will bear the brunt of and have the least control over.

  3. Imagine there was a species of animal out there reproducing at an almost exponential rate, destroying every habit it encounters while driving to extinction millions of other animals. Add to that that is shits in it’s own nest, consumes vast resources way beyond what it actually needs, creates mounds of filth and rubbish where ever it goes…

    What would we say about this species?

    Would we say “Ummm we just have to find a way to make it’s lifestyle more sustainable”?

    No of course not. We would be demanding it be eliminated for the well being of the planet and all the others living on it.

    People need to get real. Over population of our mega destructive species is the problem, and driving your cute as a button EV, re-using plastic bags and eating vegan isn’t going to change that

    • Reminds me of the movie WALL-E….
      Also the only thing that makes me feel better about this species is knowing that we will soon be looking around just like the poor orangutans in recent documentaries on t.v. Bewildered, lost, alone with no home left. No planet B….

    • Animals would not overcrowd as most would kill their offspring right after birth if their survival depends on it.

      Humans however pretend to not do that. We sterlize children in the name of gender, feed them into the canon for some blood sport and otherwise neglect them into prison and beyond.
      People need to get real,
      all of this is us, our want for more more more shit to make us feel like superrich, and we are enabled by companies that see us as $$$$$$

  4. In my opinion as a farmer. As a *polluter and a dreary, muddy ‘how’reyagoin’er’ assault to the sensitivities, certainly to the Ponsonby Polite, dahlings. As a creator of our foreign exchange. As a provider of two reasonably valuable commodities, being food to eat and wool fibre to wear. The fabric of which is used to cover the fat arses built of the sins of excesses. When the belly’s full, all else is art Mate’s.
    Lets write about the chain linking supply to demand. Because, dear and gentle readers, the moment our produce leaves the gate in a big sweaty truck it becomes something else altogether. It becomes gold to a myriad of hangers on and pretty people who do nothing more than manipulate we farmers while at the same time putting the squeeze on our customers at the consumer end.
    An outrageous suggestion, I hear you say?
    Well, it is outrageous. But that doesn’t make it any less true.
    There are large AO/NZ Kiwi-as corporations who have our politics by the balls and when ever a politician becomes too askie-talkie the balls are squeezed….
    And that’s because those large AO/NZ Kiwi-as corporations have been stealing farmer money for generations and generations.
    The corporations have become so entrenched in our politics and our economy that they’ve even bee able to re write certain basic tenets of the law itself to best suit the avarice they’ve become so adept at nurturing while farmers themselves struggle to keep ahead of their win-win tangle of litigation, the creation of corrupt institutions like the ‘producer boards’ who are less producer boards made up of people with good intentions who act exclusively in regard to the best financial interests of our farmers and more like the fucking mafia. Worse, actually. At least the Mafia have Class. Our lot either drool over kiddy porn or are getting off on knowing just how powerful they are in that they can create chaos within domestic industry or by creating working class poverty in an unbelievably rich country considering the size of our population.
    It’s vital, for everyone in AO/NZ, to comprehend what I’m writing about. Please? Flip the switch!
    Forget what you’re told. Forget what you read, see and hear from the MSM. Forget that. What do your eyes and ears tell you? What does your common sense suggest?
    Why do we have 200,000 kids living in poverty? Why is it ok to have ANZ, BNZ, ASB and Westpac cheerfully announcing that they take $6 billion + in net profits out of our economy annually ? How is that ok? Well, it’s not ok. It’s corruption. They’ve, the corporates, corrupted our politics and they have our MSM all bought and paid for. That, is what my eyes and ears tell me and why the fuck am I the only one writing about it?
    @ Pat O’Dea. The most important union to develop would be a Farmers Union then weld that union to the down stream trades.
    Hear that sound? That’s the sound of corporate arse holes snapping shut in fright.
    There used to be a Farmers Union long ago. But that got murdered in favour of a more easily manipulated Federation. A gutless, ball-less, toothless, yapping, attack-poodle of a thing.
    Sir Peter Herbert Elworthy was a New Zealand farmer and businessman who came from an established South Canterbury farming family might have an opinion on that but he’s tied up in Hell at the moment.

  5. 0.017%. Think about it for a moment.NZ.
    85%-90% of the population is in the northern hemisphere.

    Which group is likely responsible for the worlds emissions and consumption?

    Have you figured it out yet? Good!! Its not lil ole NZ’s problem! FFS!

    • I think it’s 0.17% Denny. But either way, yes it’s delusional to imagine that anything we do in lil ol NZ will make a blind bit of difference to global climate. We need to be focusing on adaptation to a warmer world.

    • Especially when we are importing, in increasing amounts, Indonesian coal of an inferior quality to our own.

  6. Its pretty simple why Labour wont release the documents. Its because the documrnts will declare that
    1 Half the dairy cows need to be killed
    2 All the sheep need to be killed and the hill country planted or reverted to native bush as the big carbon sink
    3 Ban the use of chemical fertilizers
    4 Shut the coal burning Huntley Power Station
    With those 4 intiatives in place NZ will comply with its varrious climate obligations / aggreements.

    Great so what is the consequence ?
    1 The nations export income is more than halved.
    2 The dollar down to around 20cent $US
    3 Imported goods inflation at 50% or higher
    4 Electricity doubled in price with brown outs in Auckland. If not across the country
    The result is a popular revolt. Exactly where Sri Lanka is right now and trending in the Netherlands.

    While Jacinda and her team are not that bright they can at least see this.
    James at this point sees incremental change to climate regulations as steps to success. However his party do not. Either way James is “stitched”

    • So Clifford…If we comply with the 4 initiatives the climate change problems are gone….If they do not fix the problems of climate change , then why wreck our economy for no reason…..Is this what the climate experts are saying…..Can New Zealand save the planet…??

        • Robs Mob July 31, 2022 at 4:00 pm
          …Can New Zealand save the planet…??

          Clifford j July 31, 2022 at 6:14 pm
          In short no
          In the greater scheme of things we are irrelevant.

          Hi Clifford do you vote?
          In the greater scheme of things, is your vote irrelevant?

          Are all the votes of people like you irrelevant?

          In the greater scheme of things. add all the small countries about our size together, accounts for about a third of all global Greenhouse emissions.

          In answer to Rob’s question: …..Can New Zealand save the planet…??

          in short no

          In long yes

  7. This, is what I mean. This could as easily be an analogy of what I’m trying to convey.
    We farmers have been sold a simplistic dash board of directions and options and as a consequence we’re all flying blind while surrounded by vultures, and not those good kind of vultures either.
    Russell Brand. Go on. Give him a go. He probably won’t bite. Knowledge is power don’t forget.
    Dr Bernardo Kastrup is an interesting fellow.
    “I’ve been talking to Dr Bernardo Kastrup – author of ‘Why Materialism is Baloney’ about how the mainstream media and intellectual elites shape our reality in a materialistic world and how science underwrites our politics”

  8. All over the western world governments are imposing constraints on agriculture. Banning nitrogenous fertilisers produced from oil and banning or constraining animal products. As many have pointed out here we are too many for the planet at the living standard we aspire to; and theres no sign of reducing the rate of increase. Until the advent of mRNA vaccines to “protect” us against a mild flue like new virus. Someone has been taking the overpopulation issue seriously. We currently have unprecedented fatality rates , only among the vaccinated as have all the highly vaccinated countries of the world.
    D J S


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