This week ACT celebrated 25 years as a political party. 


This week ACT celebrated 25 years as a political party.

Birthed from rich pricks who didn’t want MMP, they scaremongered the electorate with spooky TV adverts about unelected interests dictating democracy, so you can imagine everyone’s surprise when after losing the MMP fight they formed a political party to immediately exploit the very fears they had just promoted.

It’s been an interesting 25 years, crazy scandals and batshit mad right wing reactionary policy, but right now ACT is at the edge of true power.

National will need ACT to form a Government, and I don’t think that people fully appreciate that when David Seymour says he will sacrifice the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific People, The Ministry of Womens Affairs AND the Human Rights Commission on the Milton Friedman altar of small government – Oh he’s 1000% serious.

The NZ Political Left need to spend less time on cancelling people for pronouns and more time on policy that will materially benefit kiwis because if we don’t, a National/ACT Government are going to go romper stomper.

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  1. Seymour is “1000% serious” about implementing policies he has canvassed on? Well, that will be a nice change from the current lot. Heaven forbid we end up with a politician who delivers on election promises.

    • Having a party that put their policies in front of the electorate is a change from Labour & Nationals secret agendas

    • Fuck you @ ‘Jason’ ! The roger douglas wrecked our AO/NZ almost single handedly then he handed his blood soaked reigns over to the upside down closet hanger seymour the twerker.
      The bastards should be in prison and you, as I’ve written, should go fuck yourself.

      • What party did Roger Douglas represent again? Oh that’s right, the NZ Labour Party.

        If what he did was so bad, why hasn’t any subsequent Labour government reversed his policies?

        Those on the left don’t like to admit that their party introduced neoliberalism to NZ, but they sure like complaining about its outcomes.

        Funny how they keep voting for MPs like Ardern and Robertson who further entrench it!

        • In 1984, many traditional Labour voters did not know the traitorous intent of R. Douglas & his cadre of accomplices.
          The overnight selling out of our country and betrayal of it’s citizens was swift and continuous to nullify serious resistance. It was achieved with mass media manufactured consent, and was a stunningly successful heist.
          The subsequent entrenchment of neoliberal acolytes throughout NZ’s systems of governance and power by successive govt’s saw the Overton window shift radically to the right.
          For anyone with a leftward leaning inclination, the political spectrum offered little to oppose the TINA mantra.
          Our voting history since shows that we have been forced instead to try and vote for the perceived “least worst” alternative, amidst the one-sided deluge of pro-right propaganda projected at the populace by every mainstream media outlet.
          When a rare “victory” occurs for that least worst option, the vain hope that this corrupt, undemocratic system foist upon the citizens-now-clients of NZ Inc will be overturned is unsurprisingly scuppered.
          This makes the latest majority Labour govt. the latest in a line of disappointments.

          So Mickey Boyle, the upshot is that “those on the left” don’t HAVE to admit anything. The party(s) they fruitlessly support, if only to mitigate the disasterous consequences of NAct led govt’s, do not represent them in reality.

          And no, it is not funny how Messrs Ardern and Robertson entrench neoliberalism. Don’t pretend for one minute that any true leftists support neoliberal capitalism because of that, as well you know I suspect.

        • Douglas was only in Labour because Muldoon was more socialist and populist for the neolibs to implement a right-wing financial rape of publicly owned assets. The Tories had Maggie Thatcher to sell of the crown assets to “the private sector” and destroy unionism; Reagan the Republican did the same in the US.

          And how many times since 1989 have Labour had alliances with ACT, or swapped ACT politicians into their ranks – Zero? Douglas, Prebble, Banks, Brash shifted allegiance between National and ACT. How many cups of sweet-deal tea did Key have with ACT?

          And we all know what Brash thought of Maori aspirations during his Orewa Speech – same as Seymour wanting to get rid of the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific Peoples AND the Human Rights Commission . ACT, a motley selfish bunch of pale, stale male racist rich pricks.

      • Jason has a point though, imagine if in 1984, Labour explained exactly what they intended to do if elected, would you have voted for them?

        We face the same decision today with “let’s do this” Labour, with little or no explanation on to what “this” actually is. So people are expected to vote based on whatever assumptions they choose to make and then smile while Labour inflicts whatever shafting they desire on the unsuspecting voters. At least ACT is being honest, even if lots of people won’t like, it means you can make an informed choice when you vote.

  2. ACT – love or hate them – are the ONLY thing standing in the way of NZ going full ethno-state which is going to end very badly for everyone.

    If you really didn’t want ACT near the levers of power, then the time to do something about it was was when Hepuapua was released and the crazies decided that everything had to be Maori-fied. That document should have been quietly binned before the it saw the light of day. The left are going to reap what they have so ignorantly sown with this CRT insanity.

    • Unfortunately, every word you’ve written here is true. Winston Peters has also consistently opposed all race-based policies, but unfortunately he’s barely in the frame at present.

    • So Exclamation Mark are you essentially saying National have the same ideas as Labour on Māori “issues” You must be if ACT are the only handbrake.

    • Yeah bro god forbid that 17% of the human population of New Zealand have some extra representation. Let’s have some soulless ghouls from the top 1% in control instead.

      • Have to agree with you John White. All these people go on about/freak out about race based policies without acknowledging that land confiscation under the Public Works Act tended to work that way. No, don’t attempt to right any wrongs let’s just all hold hands as one people. Tough on crime and justice are great themes……when it suits.

        If National form part of the next government, which looks likely, I hope they do carry on with some of the measures they actually started but at present find it politically expedient to pretend they didn’t.

      • JW
        Everyone has equal representation in New Zealand. It’s called voting on the general role. Every vote counts we are told. Why do some need ‘extra’ representation, when all they need to do is represent? If their beliefs, ideas and policies are good and resonate, then the results will show that. If the policies only serve the ‘extra’ agenda, then that will also show. So what is it?…you want the 17% people’s votes to count double maybe or something? Or you want a bigger percentage of the pie with fewer votes? Please explain the ‘extra’ bit in your argument. We’d love to know what that all means…

    • @ !
      It’s funny how you mention ‘insanity’. That’s known as irony isn’t it?
      ACT is an abomination of virtually all things AO/NZ. The greedy freak show who adore ACT who also look back at the dirty little douglas with a money fetishist perverts drool spooling off the bottom lip and with a racing heart beat literally destroyed our AO/NZ. “Everything had to Maori-fied.” You fucking moron. Are you a white Southland farmer? Probably Cantabrian.
      You greedy treacherous wretches are the problem. Not the solution. roger douglas should be in prison and seymour should be running while screaming.

      • Always enjoy your prose poetry. Prefer that to actual poetry. So much insight that objective linear misses. I’m more Montaigne: anecdotes, personal experiences and ideas.

        Such a sad thing that back in the day I read an actual book by Montaigne. It was dull then, going out to watch planes coming in was a thing.

  3. Seymore has hit the raw nerve of country and will now be hard to stop.
    He is decisive.
    He believes in one nation one people
    He presents as competent
    He is a good orator
    He has a sense of humor
    And he presents well

    All that wrapped up in a single politician! Rare indeed.
    People will support and vote for him because of those qualities irrespective of his policies.

      • Yep Bert and give he puapua, seperate this that and other for Maori and the rest of us his time is now. Never before here has one nation one people rung true as a rallying cry.
        He is on to the right message

        • Think Epsom and Seymour’s NO to state housing Clifford His message is way off! Two levels of society Seymour wants, the haves and the have nots, whereas He Puapua is inclusive.

      • What utter tripe and horseshit Bert! The country is being swiftly and clevery shafted by your Jacinda and her sly govt and Act has good policies to sort some of that subversive crap going on. You are sounding like a cheap – wind up toy programmed to say the same crap everyday. John Key this, previous govt that, National this. How about winding up and spouting “yes, my govt and Jacinda could be serving NZ a lot better.” Next year Act will get a big belated birthday present and you will not be at the celebration party – even though we’ll invite you, just for a good laugh.

        • @bert. Same pale white, male tripe from Sour Unkraut and the NACT Supporters and their Sonder Soldaten crew of Groundswell, Freedumb Movement and the wee twerking ACT puppet. Weedy Sour Unkraut and his Weedy Goebbels lookalike Davie Seymour. We saw SK’s performance when trying to deny NACT involvement in Nuremberg NZ.

          Sour Kraut is supporting David Seymour in abolishing Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific People, The Ministry of Womens Affairs AND the Human Rights Commission .

          Enough time and energy spent on these fools bert, just get the message out to the groups going to be decimated and affected by the greedy minority of white, pale, male rich pricks.

          • What is your problem with the proposed abolition of the demographic ministries? What does NZ get in return for the BILLIONS spent on those ministries every year? And I want to hear about specific, tangible benefits.

            • Joined the ranks of women-haters have you PPII?
              Joined the ranks of non-white-haters have you PPII?
              Joined the ranks of putting youth on the scrapheap to be replaced by cheap immigrants have you PPII?
              Abolish them PPII? That’s pretty much overkill to protect the wealth of the rich pricks?
              Surely there’s enough money to go around for everyone?

              • You haven’t answered my question – what tangible specific benefits derive from those ministries?

          • If those ministries are a good investment they’ll survive. That’s what you would do Mr Judge

          • Yes Mike, Sour Kraut is a pure racist, he has an issue with the “Maori All Blacks”. Probably has an issue with the “Maori Battalion” also, although as he has no idea of history well before his mother and father made their terrible mistake.

        • So coward cabbage can you deny Seymours stance on Epsom?
          It’s just easier to espouse abuse rather than debate. I’ve read your posts, nothing more than a 12 year old bully in a 5 year olds playground.
          He wants a two tier system network ways about it.

      • @bert, Seymour is a twerking fool and Seymour, National’s Luxon and all those who support them want to get rid of Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific People, The Ministry of Womens Affairs AND the Human Rights Commission

        He’s already gone after older, sicker kiwis, what he considered ‘burdens on the State’ with his ‘successful’ Kavorkian Referendum. Now he’s proving his Party is racist against Maori by abolishing (MMA); racist against Immigrants and Refugees by abolishing (MEA); racist against Pacific People by abolishing (MPP); misogynist by abolishing (MWA) and cancelling the rights of young and every New Zealander (except white men) by abolishing (MYA) and (HRC).

        Time to shut this fool and his white male supporters up, by putting out the call to every affected group Seymour plans to throw on the scrapheap – namely youth, diverse ethnicities, Maori, Pacifica, women and non-white males.

        Make Seymour and his neoliberal, white men scared to share their tripe on any media except scratched on a toilet wall, or scribbled in crayon on toilet paper.

        Seymour’s a disgraceful excuse for a politician in any democratic society. Worse than Farage. Worse than Trump. He’s a mouthpiece for the likes of Bannon and Slater.

        Once Luxon finds out how toxic Seymour has made himself in New Zealand’s mainstream, through his uber-right-wing toxic cancel culture, no amount of praying, or advice from the Upper Church will get Luxon to touch Seymour with a ‘golden barge-pole from God’.

        Expect a few more U-Turns from Christopher as far as Seymour’s white, pale, stale male plan for Aotearoa in the 100 days after the 2023 election.

        Or, Christopher might even resign as Leader of National in favour of Chris Bishop and Mark Mitchell, and Luxon’ll go back and rescue Air New Zealand after a ‘mare weekend’ at the start of the school holidays.

        Call ACT and National’s white, male racist misogyny out from the rooftops!

        • ” He’s already gone after older, sicker kiwis, what he considered ‘burdens on the State’ with his ‘successful’ Kavorkian Referendum ”

          Yes he is bloody clever and evil and as if we didn’t already know first hand what the current neoliberal polices deliver he wants to worsen the outcomes with more economic poison convinced that this will fix everything but only for the people who donate to ACT and the idiots that think its a good idea to crucify the many economic refugees in this neo liberal market paradise with a more extreme approach.

          • Agree Mosa but the problem remains that Co Governance is anti democratic and a big constitutional change (No comment on morality or pros and cons, merely the mechanism of government) and Seymour is the only politician prepared to offer a referendum.

            I put the right to live in a relatively free democracy as my No 1 Political Must Have so we now have a diabolical situation where (Winstone not with standing – he isnt clear on his policies so far) we are forced to vote the ACT abomination in order to ensure that Kiwis get to speak fairly.

            • Would you prefer for Maori to be put on reservations like the US did in America? Or the way the Australians used to go on “Abbo Hunts”.

              The way forward is with respect, apologies for the sins of the past and drawing a line under them, then co-governance.

              David Seymour in abolishing the Ministry of Māori Affairs, The Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Pacific People, AND the Human Rights Commission already shows he is racist. And now he wants to legislate his neoliberal brand of racism – by legislation.

              Otherwise Fantail, what the whites here will need, are higher walls, topped with razor-wire around the mansions and houses of rich whites, like they need in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

              Seymour has already drawn some “reservation lines” around Maori aspirations:


              New ACT Party policy branded ‘divisive’ and ‘bigoted’ by Māori Party

              A new ACT Party policy calling for “a referendum on co-governance” has been branded “divisive”, “bigoted” and “appealing to racists” by the Māori Party.

              ACT leader David Seymour has proposed that the next Government should pass legislation “defining the Principles of the Treaty [of Waitangi]” and then hold a referendum on whether it should become law.

              “This is what we did this with the End of Life Choice Act, Parliament passed the law and the people ratified it at referendum,’’ he said.

              Seymour’s answer to the older burden on the state, was to legislate end-of-life provisions. And his final solution to Maori, is to legislate their end-of-Maori provisions.

              Be wary of this weedy, ‘Goebbels-like’ racist Seymour, he is dangerous, divisive and wants a race-war to galvanise his white, racist rich-prick base.

              New Zealand is a better place by having a society based on mutual respect between races, not trying to legislate them out of existence, or so that the rich voters of Epsom don’t have to look at them, or interact with them.

              • Brilliant post Mike. ACT’S racist policies must be highlighted and also their separatism. No state housing in Epsom is a prime example.

              • So you, Bert and some others would have no problem supporting a Ministery of Old White Men then.

                Surly that Ministry would be NO different than the other race or age or gender based Ministrys ypu ate already big fans of.

                • No problems Peter and you have no problems with Seymour trying to stop State House building in Epsom, effectively a “two class” system?

        • What exactly is “misogynist” about scrapping the Ministry for Women? Why do women need a special ministry – do MBIE, Ministry of Ed etc only cater for men? What does the MW do that’s actually essential, that we would miss if it didn’t exist?

          What exactly is “racist” about scrapping the MPP? Why do Pacific Peoples need a special ministry. Do the regular ministries refuse to deal with Pacific Peoples?

          And what is the evidence that scrapping the Yoof Ministry would “cancel” the rights of young Kiwis? What specific rights would young Kiwis actually lose?

        • You just keep on “calling out” people you disagree with Mike, as being white male misogynists and you will be turning more people toward voting for ACT because most kiwis have had a gutsful of the toxic identity politics you espouse. BTW – I think giving people who have a terminal illness and all their faculties intact the right to choose when to end their life is a good thing. Apparently the majority of New Zealanders think so too. It’s called personal responsibility and freedom of choice.

          • Bill and Mary English didn’t think so Jason and the majority didn’t want asset sales sold yet Key bulldozes ahead. So isn’t calling people out you don’t agree with “freedom of choice”, just have you have just done Jason?

    • @ Cliffird j And he’s a manipulative, narcissistic sociopath who can Spin Dr any bullshit needed to appeal to the terminally stupid.

    • So Cliff J he is, according to you at least, all those things ( one nation, one people seriously?) and ACT are at 9.5%. Some may argue the Greens are the opposite of your list and they have 10%. I am not sure he has hit the nerve you suggest.

    • He has a sense of humour and that is what I look for in a politician. I recall no such labor pollies since 1936 having that quality.

  4. Martyn I’m still waiting for you to explain why we need those demographic ministries – what we actually get for the BILLIONS spent on them every year. I’ve used you this before, but got no reply.

    In my view, slaughtering those sacred cows is the best idea in NZ politics for a long time. My only criticism of Seymour’s idea is his negligence in failing to add the Race Relations Kommissar to his hit-list.

  5. Everyone is saying Seymour is serious ( and he might be now) but it’s easy to say whatever you like when you are at 9%. It’s not like he can act with total impunity. The other day he was interviewed and he made it sound like being small was part of the plan almost, rather than only being able to find 9% support. Positions also mean nothing apparently but then he is gagging to be the Finance Minister.

  6. ACT is the love child of the 1984 – 1990 Labour Government — great for the 1%, not so flash for the other 99%

    • @ Nathan. No! No! No!
      ACT is the brain fart of the traitor roger douglas who did two x terms as Labour’s finance minister, then, after stabbing Lange in the back, which ultimately led to Lange resigning his role as Prime Minister, leaving behind a caucus of freak show attractions, too vile to be attractive, in the now hollowed out Old Labour party to do their neoliberal worst. ( For fun and Greed. )
      It was at that exact point politically that Labour became assimilated into the mafia-like cult of greed that National’s walking dead had pre-designed. And since then? National, ACT, Labour, The Green Party, The Maori Party and Everyone’s favourite Machiavellian confederate party, NZ First, metamorphosed out of the same old National Party maggot to become Neoliberal’s gaggle of old rotting corpses from a now dead Nu Zillind social democracy.
      Our politics is nothing more than a dubious bus load of old white money fetishists on the way to the colosseum to *enjoy watching the most at risk be thrown to capitalist-fascism which puppet-masters our democracy.
      * I mean that quite literally.
      I hope I didn’t miss anything out there. Mark my words, in all seriousness. Vote act and AO/NZ will be someone else’s within the decade.

  7. Slash all those useless ministries and we can spend the money we’ve saved on:
    MRI machines
    Cancer drugs
    Elective surgeries
    School dinners

    Your choice Martyn…

    • Nobrainer! We’ll have the useless ministries of course. After all those MRI machines and cancer drugs are not made in ‘accordance with the treaty’.

      • “After all those MRI machines and cancer drugs are not made in ‘accordance with the treaty’.”

        That’s got to be the most moronic thing anyone’s posted on TDB. You talk a lot of subversive crap, you absolute cock!

    • Give me a break Andrew. What makes you so sure Nat/ACT will fund all these cancer drugs? John Key did with one as a flat out bribe for female voters, then continued to say how wonderful PHARMAC were once in power. Labour made the same noises in opposition then did nothing until finally at least reviewing PHARMAC and throwing another inadequate sum their way.

    • 100% Andrew. The issue with our country, is not that we don’t have enough taxes to go around – it’s that too much of our tax take is squandered on useless middle-management, consultants and unnecessary additional layers of bureaucrats who just slow things down. Take NZTA – close to a 50% increase staffing in the past 3 years, mainly in things like communicationss, H&S, managers – there is roughly $50M down the tubes every year from here to eternity with bugger all extra roads being built. If ACT prunes back some of this over-fatted bureaucracy and then uses the money to build more roads or help the poor or the young, or the old or the sick – that can only be a good thing.

      • If ACT hadn’t sold off all the State’s assets, there would be plenty money for social spending, to go around. Now any time something worthy needs doing, either put of taxes, or cut welfare, education, health and measures towards equality for women, Maori, Pasifica and youth.

  8. The reality is that ACT are the only politicians who are publicly against an ethno state. Luxon just wants to be prime Minister and if that means doing the usual John Key response of nothing he’ll do it
    People vote ACT because they actually mean what they say.
    There is a majority out there have no voice at present.
    Going to be an interesting election!

  9. “The NZ Political Left need to spend less time on cancelling people for pronouns and more time on policy that will materially benefit kiwis”

    Shouldn’t that be their permanent ideal rather than just when they are having their power threatened?

  10. Grow up sheep shaggers–ACT comes from the ideological tradition of the Chicago Boys–they are totally a party for the 1%ers. Nasty voracious bastards in other words that support dog eat dog capitalism.

  11. The thing is, COVID-19 has proven a truth. Capitalism has failed. Neo-liberalism has failed. The Dalai Lama is a Socialist. Socialism has been under attack since Karl Marx invented it. The average world human has no idea what socialism actually is, was, or could be. But the best parts of Aotearoa are Socialist. The worst parts are Neo Liberal Capitalist. Seymour and ACT have a simple view, tainted by being men. Weak men. The strongest men know who to respect. And if you do not respect Che Guevara and what he died for, then you do not respect the most complete human being of the 20th Century, and therefore you might just as well believe in the Baby Jesus saving our sorry sleepy lemming human condition from extinction. But the universe definitely has lost its patience with homo sapiens, so we would all do well do evolve, rather than hold the line against some bullshit Allende killing dictatorship inducing economic policy, not marketed honestly as the crass geo political tool to maintain imperial power structures that it is and was and continues to be. Marx did not like the power of the church. That socialism has been corrupted for power is the human condition. But fighting the power only comes from love, and fight we must for the people. for we are the people. Outlaw cars and you will solve degrees of poverty, gang violence, lung diseases and stress. The solutions are simple, humans are complicated. Democracy was, is, and continues to be an ideal, but there is no place on earth where it is true. David Seymour represents the laze of wealth, even he seems to lack energy after dealing with his caucus of provincial weirdos. Like Jacinda Ardern does John Key better, Chloe Swarbrick does David Seymour better. And that is not a bad thing in 2022.

  12. Other references to longevity of useful combative instruments to gain advantage. ACT pretends that it stands for something but everyone knows it is privilege and money so there are plenty of good dinners talking about their policies and whether they really need to have principles. The financial side of economies is so absorbing that it sucks up nearly all the juice! ACT mightn’t know all about that below, but the rest of us lack information weapons to put paid to their ashpirations.

    First poison arrows may have been loosed 70,000 years ago in Africa. Hunter-gatherers in Africa may have been using poison-tipped arrows for more than 70,000 years, according to a new analysis of ancient arrowheads.4/08/2020
    First poison arrows may have been loosed … – New Scientist › article › 2250799-first-poi.

    Capitalism – The Golden Age of Capitalism spanned from the end of the Second World War in 1945 to the early 1970s, when the Bretton Woods monetary system collapsed. It was a period of economic prosperity with the achievement of high and sustained levels of economic and productivity growth.23/08/2017
    golden age of capitalism | Department of Economic and Social Affairs › development › desa › dpad › tag

    When was the golden age of finance?
    17.1 Three economic epochs
    Name of Period Dates
    Golden age 1948–1973
    Stagflation 1973–1979
    1980s and the great moderation 1979–2008
    Financial crisis 2008–2015…
    Unit 17 The Great Depression, golden age, and global … › the-economy › book › text

    Development along rail lines of thought about capitalism:
    What are the three theories of capitalism?
    There are three elements to the argument for capitalism, and while they connect in crucial ways they can be separately defined. Those three elements are (a) division of labor; (b) impersonal exchange based on prices; and (c) economies of scale based on knowledge.24/04/2019
    Capitalism in Three Principles | AIER › article › capitalism-in-three-princip…

    Who started finance capitalism?
    Image result for First use of capitalism beyond controls of gold to finance
    Rudolf Hilferding
    Rudolf Hilferding is credited with first bringing the term finance capitalism into prominence, with his (1910) study of the links between German trusts, banks, and monopolies before World War I.
    Finance capitalism – Wikipedia › wiki › Finance_capitalism

    What countries currencies are backed by gold?
    France. When it comes to the Gold Standard, France is famous for having led the Gold Bloc. When most countries were abandoning the Gold standard, France, along with Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland, were determined to remain on the Gold Standard.
    Which Countries are on the Gold Standard? 2022 › country-rankings

    What countries are using the gold standard?
    No major country is currently using a gold standard. However, many countries do keep gold reserves. Some states keep significant reserves, although it is not enough to completely back their economies. The United States still holds a sizeable gold reserve, as do Switzerland, Germany, and Australia.18/06/2020
    What is the Gold Standard? – 2020 – Robinhood Learn › articles › what-is-the-gol..

    What is US dollar backed by?
    Why Is Fiat Money Valuable? In contrast to commodity-based money like gold coins or paper bills redeemable for precious metals, fiat money is backed entirely by the full faith and trust in the government that issued it. One reason this has merit is that governments demand that you pay taxes in the fiat money it issues.
    Fiat Money Definition – Investopedia › terms › fiatmoney

  13. Well, it’s all Labour’s fault. You know Labours Roger Douglas and co.

    The way things are going now for LINO. You’d think Act is calling the shots already!?

  14. Nope, we realize he is serious and relish the thought.
    Many of us are sick to death of having ministries for “special” groups.
    Why the hell does NZ have a ministry for pacific people for god’s sake?

  15. Jaysus I am sorry you have returned to this plane and find us muddling around win a mess after all these years. The priests found that they can keep on promulgating large words and new cabals of bureaucrats to avoid doing moral things. Not much change since Herod et al sorry. We sort of keep on trying, but have to put up with new groups formed like the ministry you refer to.

  16. I have always wanted to see that election material that showed voters with paper bags over their heads. Is the image at the top that? Could we have a full image of it, perhaps for the caption competition?? Was it MMP time that brought it up?

  17. Ridiculous. In MMP National will send ACT to the back of the room like they did the founder Roger Douglas in his resurrection from the grave during the noughts and later when Key won office. They’ll do the same old Key non-disturbance of comforts thing that leave us further down the stream with the same but worse problems. The Left is for strong truth, the Right is about sensationalising for the next short-term thing. Truth is our thing, see America for where Right-wing short-termism leads ultimately.

  18. Always enjoy your prose poetry. Prefer that to actual poetry. So much insight that objective linear misses. I’m more Montaigne: anecdotes, personal experiences and ideas.

    Such a sad thing that back in the day I read an actual book by Montaigne. It was dull then, going out to watch planes coming in was a thing.

  19. ‘You are commenting too quickly — slow down’ What the shit is that ! Are you running dairies or a movement?! Yeah, dairies.

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