GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Why Georgii Zuev Must Go

“As we learnt with the mosque killings in Christchurch, words can turn into actions all too quickly.” Russian anti-war emigre.

Why is the Ardern government allowing anti-war Russians to be targeted by hate speech and death threats, that have there origin in the pro-war propaganda spewing from Russian legation in Wellington, and in particular the on-line messaging of the Russian ambassador to New Zealand Georgie Zuev?

On the news that expat Russians are being targeted, with death threats and on-line abuse by pro-war trolls.

Threatening behaviour has become so extreme that expat. Russians in this country fearing for their safety have had to call the police.

The government know exactly where all this on-line hate is coming from.

It comes directly from the Russian Ambassador himself.

Georgii Zuev has been summoned to the Beehive to explain himself, but has refused.

Zuev arrogantly rejected and then ignored two requests from the government to meet with him.

This is not normal behaviour for any ambassador toward any government that they are the guest of.

Zuev’s pro-war followers and supporters in this country need to be given a short sharp message that their behavior will no longer be tolerated, not by them, not by the ambassador representative of the Russian Federation in this country.

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In spreading pro-war propaganda and proven lies, Georgii Zuev is stoking hate against the citizens of the Russian Federation in this country who are opposed to the war in Ukraine. Zuev’s behavior and his on line messaging which encourage his pro-war supporters campaign of intimidation and threats, goes way beyond providing normal consular practices and services.

One of the primary tasks of an ambassador to a foreign country is to provide consular support to their fellow citizens in that foreign country.

Zuev must be sent packing, his mission has failed.

Georgie Zuev can longer be trusted to support Russian citizens in this country.

Zuev does not provide consulor support to Russian emigre’s and guests in our country, he targets them.

Our government needs to inform the Government of the Russian Federation that our invitation extended to them for Georgii Zuev’s diplomatic mission to this country is rescinded and Zuev needs to be recalled back to Moscow.

Why are the government dragging their feet on this matter?

Is it money?

Are the government keeping Zuev here, hoping to keep in with the Russian Federation, with their eye on the chance of post war trade deals?

Georgii Zuev must go!

Katie Ham 05:00, Jul 10 2022

The posts, aimed at anti-war Russians, contained threats of extreme acts of violence, sexual assault and references to the Holocaust that are too graphic to repeat.

“I don’t think the New Zealand public are aware of how serious and dangerous this divide really is,” the anti-war Russian said.
“As we learnt with the mosque killings in Christchurch, words can turn into actions all too quickly.”
A number of complaints have been made to police following threats of violence directed at members of the Russian community in New Zealand.
A spokeswoman said police were unable to confirm how many incidents had been reported, as they were filed by type, “not by factors such as the nationality of complainants or around a theme like an ongoing international conflict”.


Pat O’Dea is a trade unionist and human rights activist.


  1. If it’s money then that is essentially the same reason they havn’t torn up the Free Slave Agreement with the PRC dictatorship.

    • No Martyn.
      Johnson won’t be back.
      The parallel with the Biggest Unfenced Asylum is histrionic when even Hestletine Major etc allying to bury him alive.
      Failing that, plenty of
      people he has crossed who loathe him enough who would try imho.
      He is vulnerable on more fronts than Trump

    • IMF loan. Typically lower interest than the Chinese but over a longer term with numerous conditions imposed usually reform laws to Western standards, relook at social policy’s to look at ways of saving and privatization as well as turning to the “free market” economy. AKA indebted servitude. However the Chinese take a different approach whereas the loans are more in line with Corporate loan practices, usually over a 10 year term with money held in escrow. All part of the belt and road initiative to establish new non Western trade routes. Loans are mainly for deep sea ports, infrastructure like power and internet and improving the general health and wellbeing of the borrowers country.

  2. We know exactly where hatred towards Russian human beings in this country is coming from, Pat. Yank stooges like you.

  3. pat list the warcrimes he is personally guilty of, it’s a diplomats fuckin job to represent his govt(right or wrong in your personal view) so we deport him for being a diplomat in effect….? is that it? ‘I pat don’t like your point of view so naff off’….bodes well for NZ diplomacy in the future.

  4. That stuff article was insanely biased, considering there are hate-speech advocates towards Russia out here, highlighted by the platforming of the flag-waving ignorance of this author.

    As they retreat, the Ukrainian forces are levelling their own towns.
    Since 2014, The Ukrainian regime was terrorising its own people – that was the catchcry good enough for western regime change trgets, why not this time?

    • As they retreat, the Ukrainian forces are levelling their own towns.


      Fake News?

      Do you have any other evidence apart from this non-existent video of your allegation that Ukrainian forces are leveling their own towns?

  5. Stop being a Ukraine apologist! This hatred of Russia & Russian’s is driven by Western propaganda like yours!

    • Rubbish. Pat has always been very consistent in his opposition to oppression, regardless of which country is doing the oppression – in other words, he is neither anti nor pro-West. Unfortunately, there is a small group of privileged New Zealanders who have wrapped themselves so tightly in their own anti-West dogmas they can no longer see the wood for the trees. Russia is clearly the aggressor in this war and the Russian ambassador should be kicked out for all the reasons Pat has outlined aboved.

      • MAYBE jason, but why no similar calls to deport the US and UK ambassadors…their countries are at this very moment guilty of ‘oppression’

    • “This hatred of Russia & Russian’s is driven by Western propaganda like yours!” KiwiAntz

      My post was written in support of Russians.

      Can’t you see that?

        • “80% of normal, human Russians oppose you”

          Citation needed

          I might also ask what you mean John, when you write Russian supporters of the war are normal humans?
          John, do you consider that the 20% of Russians you call traitors, and Putin likens to insects, are not normal, and not humans?
          Does your category of not humans (Untermenschen in German) also apply to Ukrainians?
          Is this how you can support the targeting of their apartment buildings and homes by Russian rockets and artillery?

          They are not normal humans?

    • so we deport diplomats we don’t like….gonna leave our foreign minister talking to a room full of no one…that’ll work. cantab

  6. “Zuev’s pro-war followers and supporters in this country need to be given a short sharp message that their behavior will no longer be tolerated.” – in other words, anyone who has a differing opinion should be shut down

  7. “and stuff is your source pat? really? honestly? stuff? wow so that’s credible” Gagarin.

    ‘The Main Stream Media are all liars that can’t be trusted.’ Said by every conspiracy theorist ever.

    When you attack the media, for all its faults, it is run by human beings just like us, you and me. When you attack the “MSM’ you are actually attacking the integrity of every working reporter and journalist employed in the media.

    It is this sort of paranoia and hatred, cultivated by conspiracy theorists, that sees journalists and reporters intimidated and even violently attacked while trying to do their jobs.

    Katie Ham is the reporter who wrote this report on the intimidation of anti-war Russian emigres.

    Katie Ham is a real person, just like you and me.

    Are you accusing Katie Ham of being a corrupt liar because she works for Stuff?

    It pretty much seems that you are.

  8. I didn’t accuse anyone of anything pat so you can peddle right back on that slur.
    Are you suggesting stuff IS a reliable source for anything other than ’10 things to do with mung beans’

    and yup many jounos integrity is more than questionable they choose to be puppets and now people treat them as such…the architects of their own downfall.

    • “many jounos integrity is more than questionable they choose to be puppets and now people treat them as such” Gagarin

      Gagarin, because she wrote a report exposing the vile abuse and death threats that anti-war Russians in this country are receiving,
      In Your opinion, is Katie Ham’s integrity more than questionable?

      In your opinion, is Katie Ham a puppet who people should treat as such?

      Such as the threats given to Henry Cooke Stuff’s chief political reporter.

      In your opinion, to intimidate and shut them up, is this how ‘such’ journalists should be treated?


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