For the negative impression that seeing so many Daily Blog postings by one writer might create, some wish that Martyn Bradbury would invent a few noms de plume.  But then, and hopefully in the very same “wish” breath, they might realize that to do so would be to create a fraud. 

Whatever else readers of The Daily Blog have a right to know it is the identity of the writer of the opinion being expressed, because it speaks to the reason why it should be considered. Knowing who is saying something can be every bit as important as what’s being said, which is why my occasional posts, whatever the “who, what, why, when, where”, of them, are always accompanied by links to the sources from which they derive. 

Because I don’t actually “Know” anything!

To express an opinion is to say; “this is what I believe to be true, based on what I have been told, learned from experience, studied to become educated in, or otherwise independently researched.”  We can’t claim to actually “know” anything that’s not been gleaned from the knowledge of others. That’s not an attempt to be profound but to simply say; everyone’s essence is the essence of someone else’s essence – which, ooops, sounds even more profound.

The Daily Blog provides an opportunity for people to test what they “know” against that which others claim to “know”, and we should grasp it, not only because the exchange of ideas is very important if society is to progress, but to also relieve the pressure on Bomber, without whom there’d be no Daily Blog

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Suffice it to say, from what I’ve learned from experience, studied to become educated in, or otherwise independently researched, I believe that what many think they “know” to be true, isn’t. And if you disagree, thanks to Bomber, you have a platform on which to test if I should be hanged for saying it

Malcolm Evans




  1. I agree Malcolm, but don’t you agree that over the last 5 years, certainly last 3yrs, that the MSM has been soft on Labour and St Jacinda in particular?
    When was the last time you saw a an interview with this countries PM from any journalist that forced her to actually answer any tough questions and not get away with not giving a coherent answer, or indeed asked any hard questions?
    Luxon has had a few, Seymour too…St Jacinda has had bugger all.
    Now why is that do you think?

    • I would completely disagree that the media has been soft on Labour as a party. Tell me where there is a positive spin on anything? When we had lockdowns every story was talking about the impact on business. When we came out of lockdown there are then stories saying we should not be. Most people who say the government has failed to deliver ( not unjustified) form that opinion from what they are hearing through MSM. I seriously doubt that people on mass are doing OIAs etc and reviewing policy versus achievement.

      As for Ardern herself that might be a different story. Any different than with the last PM? I guess one journalist held Key to account more but then he lost his job for that reason. Ardern was going to have to resign because of what she supposedly knew about a completely BS rape case so it has not all been go easy on the PM.

    • Your user name explains your view, I suspect that unless the MSM chained any left-of-center politician up & demanded written proof from the current ACT party leader for whatever view they expressed you would think that the MSM was being soft on the said politician.
      My observation is that the media tend to be softer on right-of-center politicians although anyone who relies on the MSM for an accurate view of events is only fooling themself.

  2. On a similar vein, Malcolm, I once rather smugly thought that I had a totally original idea. I kept that idea to myself and nurtured it for a while. Somewhat disappointed to later find that my original idea was already incorporated in the plot of a science fiction short story. Since then I have stuck to just having ‘reckons’.

    • @gargarin – Agreed if the ‘cancelled’ person already has some platform, form of celebrity, financial independence etc or can parlay any notoriety thrust upon them (such as Nick Sandman). However for the average Joe or Jolene loosing a job, social group, educational opportunities etc for wrong-think can be devastating.

      To go full dystopian, as big tech influences become pervasive and increasingly link up with government, the risk is the digital gulag to becomes commonplace. That’s a means of selectively shutting people out of parts or all of the digital/electronic communications space, social media too banking. It doesn’t physically restrain or harm anyone directly, but prevents meaningful participation in society a modern excommunication.

      Here’s Tom with sport!

      • indeed tui and the fact that there is no appeal is evil….

        in years to come this spasm of pseudo religious moral panic will be viewed with the same incredulity as we see salem.

        • @gagarin yes no appeal and often no idea what the ‘infringement’ was. To online friends one can simply disappear, like a soft virtual version of the NKVD.

          Regarding the moral panic I think you are right, public mocking of THE MESSAGE seems to be increasingly commonplace.

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