Under the Radar: Māori Capitalism as venal as Pakeha Capitalism & the evidence Israeli Defence Force didn’t want you to see


We here at TDB like to be first at pointing shit out, but in this never ending 24-7 news clusterfuck of a media environment we all live in, even we can slip up and miss something that should get more focus, so from time to time we’ll run Under the Radar News, things of note that escaped attention.

This week, Māori Capitalism as venal as Pakeha Capitalism & the evidence Israeli Defence Force didn’t want you to see.

Māori Capitalism as venal as Pakeha Capitalism:

Moves to limit pine would force landowners, Māori to forego ETS cash

The once-unpopular pine tree has received fresh support – particularly from Māori landowners – after the Government moved to limit planting.

In a public consultation, the Government proposed that exotic trees in permanent forests would not be eligible to earn and sell carbon units. This followed rural community protests against farm-to-pine conversions and Climate Change Commission recommendations favouring native forestry over exotics in the long term.

If the proposal holds, only native permanent forests and exotic harvested forests will be eligible to earn carbon units under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

A romanticised view of Māori Capitalism is that it operates with cultural values that are more humane and empathetic but ever since the Slave Ships obscenity, that romanticised view has been shattered by the grim truth that Māori Capitalism can be just as exploitative as Pakeha Capitalism. This latest fight over pine forests is proof of that.

84% of Māori live in Urban centre’s yet it is the Iwi Leaders brand of capitalism calling the shots. If He Puapua is a genuine attempt at co-governance for the benefit of all Māori, great! But if it’s a trojan horse for Corporate Iwi to promote Māori Capitalism as venal as Pakeha Capitalism, what are we gaining?

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Evidence Israeli Defence Force didn’t want you to see:

Israeli stooges and troll apologists have flooded every comment section to claim the Palestinians actually assassinated Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, here is the evidence the Israeli Defence Force didn’t want you to see…

Shireen Abu Aqleh killed by ‘seemingly well-aimed’ Israeli bullet, UN says

The UN has said its investigations have found that the shot that killed Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh on 11 May was fired by Israeli forces.

The Palestinian-American journalist, who was wearing a vest and helmet marked “press”, was killed while covering an Israeli army operation in Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

“We find that the shots that killed Abu Aqleh came from Israeli security forces,” the UN human rights office spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said in Geneva. “It is deeply disturbing that Israeli authorities have not conducted a criminal investigation.”

…the Israeli’s assassinated a leading journalist live on air and are getting away with it. Their corrupt and brutal occupation of the Palestinian people are turning them to evil deeds to maintain that violence. The Israeli people are now as damaged as the Palestinians they torture. I give my sorrow and love to the Palestinian people, and my pity to the Israelis for turning into the very fascism that so mutilated them.


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  1. Corporate.. Tribal.. Both the same and both more capitalist than socialist in there structure.

  2. It is mind blowing how Israel can seemingly do whatever it wants and face NO repercussions.

    from Murder, land theft, house demolition, assassinations, espionage, interfering in other countries politics, building walls around people they deem subhuman all the way to killing journos and beating up a funeral procession live on TV.

    Has Israel ever been held to account? No. So the big question is why?

    meanwhile Jewish groups in New Zealand congratulate NZ joining some Holocaust remembrance thing and then have the cheek to tell us that racism is to never be tolerated anywhere. Yet these same kiwi Jews say absolutely nothing about their own racist Israel.

    And worse still the MSM don’t even challenge these NZ Jewish groups on Israels abhorrent behaviour. These Jewish groups going on about how evil racism is need to to be confront about the racism dished out by the Jewish State of Israel

    • The sole reason the IHRA exists is to slander the memory of those who died in the Holocaust and those who have taken the lesson from the Holocaust that ‘genocide is bad’ by calling anyone- including many Jews, a number of whom take the moral view and agree the zionists have no right to wipe out the indigenous Palestinian population they invaded- who criticizes the crimes of ‘Israel’ an anti-semite.

    • just like anti semitism and criticism of the state of isreal are not the same
      remembering the holocaust and approving of the state of isreals policies are not the same thing

  3. ridiculous question…. is australian capitalism different to NZ capitalism..the clue is in the name…capitalism.

  4. The ETS scheme is obviously a scam…not fit for purpose…best Māori stay away from that…there is enough natural growth in New Zealand now to make us carbon neutral for decades and the natural existing growth deniers will eventually be silenced…unfortunately there will be losses for the greedy….bugger……the Palestinian situation is so sad…It’s WW2 on going….Europe was stuck with the Jewish problem of refugees from Mr Hitlers final solution…..A homeland needed to be found , and what better place than Palestine….All good so it seemed until the Palestinian people found out…but it was too late….Now American Jewish money lobbying politicians in America has sealed the fate of the Palestinian people…Is it just me that thinks …..many of the problems in our world seem to have their root cause that can be traced back to the land of the free…oh…and the brave…Shame on Israel…..You are now the Nazis……

    • Well said .15 percent of the population and 50 percent control of water .
      Maori were given fish quota and then gave the work to catch it to covid carrying Russian rather than the out of work Maori cousins.
      NgaI Tahu are the biggest landlord in Chch but there are plenty of Maori living in poor accomadation.

      • You have just described corporate iwi v whanau and hapu.
        They are not the same nor is the ‘Tikanga’.
        Corporate tikanga is another white man’s invention employed by them to strip the indigenous of their wealth.

        Iwi pay a 99% capital gains tax with every treaty settlement enacted by receiving only 1% of the quantum decided by the Crown. And Tainui and Ngai Tahu receive 10% of every treaty settlement that is settled.

        So it’s a colonial wrought all round trev.

    • PP2: I live on the edge of one of the most polluted urban waterway in Auckland. This is another example of clueless democratically elected councils delivering piss-poor planning and decades of infrastructure under-investment. Our community, future generations and the environment suffer. Our local community groups work closely with mana whenua to address this. The collaboration is effective and enriching. There’s alot of fear around the co-governance model proposed in the Three Waters reforms. I suggest getting involved in the ‘co’ part of co-governance. We fear what we don’t understand

      • your example is of environmental management NOT co-governance.
        Land /environmental management benefits from Maori perspective but it is hardly essential for rudimentary understanding of stewardship.I have protected and managed along with my partner a large piece of very old significant native forest for nearly 40 years. Our efforts have gone largely unrecognised as we are non Maori and so our experience is not valued.The property will end up being sold eventually that is the reality of life in NZ.

  5. Maori Capitalism is run by a few key Maori families, without oversight…leading to corruption, and poor decision making

  6. While I support the resumption of responsible native forestry, to really ramp up carbon capture will require a significant amount of exotic plantings. On a lot of North Island sites, alternatives like redwood could deliver much higher levels of carbon capture, and for longer, extended periods of time, than radiata does. Redwood is also a much higher value timber, being naturally durable and attractive in value added applications (though less advantageous for framing). It’s shade tolerant, so like beech it’s appropriate for limited spot harvesting and regrowth without compromising carbon capture.

    That said, we aren’t going to see any really large scale plantings- whether in natives, radiata, or exotics that may be more appropriate for permanent carbon capture or a mix of carbon capture and sustainable harvesting- for real without the new ‘Forest Service’ (which is a good start, mind) being made a real Forest Service cashed up from the treasury to start getting stuff done.

    And no matter what gets planted, we should never compromise our ability to feed ourselves in an autarkic economic system should our nation come under attack.

      • Depends what your aims are.

        Beech forests are relative ‘monocultures’ compared to podocarp-broadleaved forest types. But we wouldn’t raze all beech forests because more diverse forest types have more of a variety of species.

        Even our exotic plantation forests have a reasonable variety of native understory species.

        Reliance on radiata is a uniquely bad problem in that radiata is a weird tree that only grows in nature on some tiny islands off California. It’s inherently more vulnerable to the wide variety of pests and diseases that it has never had to encounter, and if anyone really wanted to screw with our economy, it wouldn’t be hard for a nation-state actor to find a suitable weapon or five to destroy our plantation forests.

        • and the 1st disease that comes along?
          traditional forests are not monocultures though plantations are

          • The first disease that comes along will decimate radiata like DED did elms. Frankly, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a malicious release of an agent targeted at radiata already. Something like S. sempervirens with an actual range in its natural habitat will have a much better chance of already having defenses against a fungal or other disease than radiata would.

            If you go into older radiata trials (especially 50+ years old) that abut native forest you’ll see a growing amount of understory diversity. Obviously the radiata is dominant in the canopy, as the various Nothofagus species are in many of their habitats.

            If we were growing more appropriate exotic trees where we do grow them, on a longer rotation than with radiata or better yet on a continuous basis, that would better support the development of native understorey habitat (though I admit that more shade tolerant exotics than radiata may end up making up more of the understorey when planted in plantations than would be the case for radiata at the same age).

            Sustainable native forestry would be better, of course, but unfortunately a certain previous government that also privatized a lot of essential public services ended all government involvement with that.

    • We talk as if planting tree’s in New Zealand is going to actually do anything to help towards this global weather carry on……to think that we can as a country change the world’s weather surely must be , at the least , a big ask….and at the most , religious cult, nut case delusional fairytale…….It’s crazy feel good stuff and thousands of seemingly intelligent people suck up to every bit of data , rumour , hearsay as gospel…..it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not about the climate…New Zealanders planting pine trees , riding bike’s , driving electric cars and going vegan will do absolutely nothing towards this so called life ending disaster…….knowing human nature the worst case scenario will happen…and us folk here in New Zealand can do nothing about it…

    • John There are any number of studies (happy to provide) that show pines are far worse for waterways than either natives or extensive pastoral farming. They shade out undergrowth and grass that hold the stream banks together, so during heavy rains the stream gets choked by sediment. Then comes the harvest disaster. Then comes the post harvest disaster as discarded slash gradually moves downstream into the sea. One only has to look at Tolaga Bay beach, choked full of pine slash every time it rains, as a good example of what all our beaches will look like in future if we keep planting huge areas of pines to make money from the ETS, and ‘offset’ our unabated transport emmissions. Thus this idea often trotted out by our Wellington political classes, that Maori are somehow more concerned about the environment than pakeha is simply BS. If Iwi leaders really were prioritising environment over dosh, they would be asking the government to change the ETS incentives so they could plant natives rather than pines.

  7. What a bunch of putdowns. Maori will find it difficult to get even faint praise from you negatives, photos only in black and white, no colour please. Maori have had trouble putting their case that they are deserving humans, same as you, not 100% right in everything and not beyond being tainted by the greed that probably runs in your veins Pope and Trevor.

    They have to fit into legal structures here in NZ so they can deal with the business community and government here, and internationally Mark. I think they understand more about the nature of business dealings than you lot and of course we have to be aware that the business world has to be kept under control, something that naive or dopey NZ pollies forgot when smart economic cookies whisper sweet nothings in their ear. If 3 Waters goes out of our control and just a panel of Maori and pakeha others run it we would be sorry. How do we control our water? Nobody can prophesy what even known, reliable people may do in the future if pushed.

    Example; that Shelly Bay, Wellington situation is an example of what can go wrong, there was Maori representation on a legal board that has sold or long-leased the area, acting for Maori iwi or hapu which wanted the land kept rather than the money and want to overturn a legal and binding contract.

    This also: 2018 https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/354674/company-at-centre-of-poroti-water-dispute-sells-to-crown
    2017 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/water-issues-drain-northland-hapus-resources/IZDDQHHPBZLOLSBYMXEZQIPSTE/
    2018 https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/opinion/101463328/nz-shouldnt-be-afraid-to-accept-mori-have-legitimate-rights-to-freshwater

    • but a few members of the iwiocracy benefited from the shelley bay shenanigans and it would be colonial racism to stop them.

  8. How odd, surely with all that blather about how things like a Māori world view will make NZ a better place from the likes of the RBNZ this shouldn’t be?

    Maybe we are actually all the same and should look forward with that in mind?

    • indeed yeti, if across the board venality and greed demonstrates 1 thing it’s that all humans are the same.

  9. Capitalism and Neoliberalism is not about race and never has been. In practically all circumstances power corrupts.

    Democratic and other systems need both democratic voting and fair financial rules to prevent dictatorships, monopoly and cartels forming. Whether it is ethnically based or financially based, for what ever reason, power tends to corrupt those that have too much of it – this is not an identity issue.

    Sadly we have seen democracy and the environment itself being destroyed around the world including NZ and much of it using race and identity. Those funding and behind the scenes are often the opposite of what the front people are advocating for, aka we see Western right wing and Russian/Chinese all ganging up together to destable western economies based on identity issues that eventually create much worse conditions for everybody including minorities.

    Since men are now ‘better woman’ in the transgender movement that seems to be highjacked the world, we have woman rights dramatically reduced such as right to abortion in the US and transgender taking over woman’s spaces, sports, jobs and financial situations. Business funding for ‘woman’ also allows transgender to partake woman’s grants and job opportunities. Corporates advertise it to virtue signal – likewise leaders who use the LGBTQ movement for misogyny and remove freedom of speech. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/speak-up-for-women-controversy-billboard-removed-mayor-apologises/CGUGDIAATDU3CCE56TUMCMJOQM/.

    Transgender should be a gender position in itself. Many cultures celebrate non binary, such as Faʻafafine in Samoan culture. There have always been non gendered toilets in NZ, called disabled toilets. You would think if those toilets was good enough for disabled people it should be good enough for transgender people, of which there are fewer than disabled people.

    Being ‘who you want to be’ is a very individualistic idea that the far right and left are demanding. It is not a community position and like the Pride parade and all the division on this issue, it seems to destroy tolerance rather than create it.

    Most Maori do not vote for Maori party vote, TMP only gets about 30% of Maori party votes and are not representing the majority of Maori views when they advocate a race based country.

  10. the only issue I have with mixed toilets is provision of sufficient number of ‘stalls’ and throughput of customers pissing in a urinal is quicker than pissing in a stall so higher throughput…check the queues at any public event longer for the womens bogs..

  11. Would this be a conflict of interest, a serious one where the Chair of eke Panuku, Auckland councils ‘Fire Sale’ division that exist to generate capital by selling everything that isnt bolted down.

    Majurey who is also a director or chairman or both of 27 registered companies that are mainly housing and/or development and investor in developments or partnership(s) with other businesses personally as well as treaty settlements?

    “Paul is Chair of Te Pūia Tāpapa, the Māori Direct Investment Fund ($115.5m) which was established by 26 iwi and Māori entities.”

    And with these latest developments parked on the 12 iwi of Hauraki’s books, mainly Pare Hauraki iwi. It’s assets are looking like they’ve been leveraged to the brim! About $1b worth!

    And I betcha, none of the 15,000 iwi beneficiaries know what they’ve been signed up for! And this is even before many of those 12 iwi have settled their treaty settlement with the Crown!

    As well he is a promoter of a myth?


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