BREAKING: 1News Poll – National ACT Government now possible


LABOUR – 33%


ACT – 11%



NZF – 3%

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  1. Hehehe! Hung/Hanged parliament. A minority impotent government will have to call an election within 12 months or less!

    Where’s Winston!!

  2. We can forget about any sort of payrise after that. Or sick leave, paid holidays or anything like that. Just endless work at sweatshop wages until we drop.

    • Who is we and Labour will be happy to spend public money to stay in power.To its credit Labour have increased sick days created an extra public holiday and there have been pay rises across the board but inflation has taken some of the gloss of the pay increase. You seem to have a very bleak outlook on life in NZ . Australia may look great but there are pitfalls for NZ moving there if they lose their job or get sick.

    • Millsy, we’ve only gone backwards under the current cesspool. The nats (twats) probably couldn’t do worse if they tried.

      • Two thirds of workers in this country have had payrises in the past year. That is the highest amount since 1991. You try and tell me that is some how bad.

        Wages are high, jobs are plentiful, and when National gets back, in, it will all stop dead.

      • White Afrikaaners like you Off white and Sour Kraut, will do all right, but dark-skinned people and low-income Kiwis will suffer more.

        Drawn together under National’s new colour-branding of corporatized, pulsing-dick-head-tumescent purple, comes (sic) the U-nutt-y alliance. At least Kiwis will know the colour of those who are about to ‘eliminate’ non-white, non-Christian, non-tin-foil hat(e)-wearers in Aotearoa.

        Luxon’s handlers’ new branding colour, blends the Unity coalition of Conservative, Destiny, ACT and NZ First. God won’t help us all, only the chosen few.

        That tumescent, dick-head colouring will be the new background colour for
        a resurrected Luxon and Key’s 2015 failed vanity fleg project, and will be the white-Christian-rule fleg. Tumescent purple, with an arrangement of crosses, not Southern Cross stars!

        And, if the Strength in Unity Right wing nutter-fuckers like Destiny, Conservatives, ACT and Shane Jones Party unite to transport New Zealand back to the neo-liberal late-80’s, we’re all fucked and all our grandkids and great grandkids are future-fucked too!

        Out of National’s piss-weak Luxon-Keymuppet-months have risen David Seymour, Mr Sensible Kavorkian Twerker, Hannah Destiny Church and Ted Johnston. Winston joined the U-nutt-y alliance by walking through ankle deep shit at the FARC, Groundswell and Anti-Maori-3-Waters occupation of parliament. Jesus walked on water, Winston walked on shit!

        From the aberrant sperm thinking of Richard Prebble, Roger Douglas and the other neoliberals’, they introduced user-pays, and they won’t be happy until they have produce user-pays everything.

        Luxon is even promoting user-pays welfare! Is there no end to depths these right-wing arsehoies will stoop?

        Unless kiwis have got their own house, they are fucked and will be living under bridges. The U-nutt-y alliance of the damned.

        We’ll be uber-fucked under National and their Addams Family alliance of nutters. Luxon-Fester-lookalike, and his Addams Family nutters combine the Power of born-to-rule NACTS, with Chosen by God to rule in a U-nutt-y Alliance. New Zealand’s Steve Bannon Tea Party of Tamaki, Seymour, Ted Johnston and Shane Jones/Winston Peters. We hear you New Zealand Bring back balance Party for All Kiwis Kiwis Need Real Change

        God defend New Zealanders, because Luxon and the U-nutt-y alliance in 2023 certainly won’t help you, unless you are white, rich and Christians!

        All Hail Lunch Money Luxon –

  3. If repeated in the Reid poll due soon this will be a gut punch for Labour and our Glorious Leader. Despite a concerted hitjob by the feckless the centre right just appear to be trading voters.

    The crime wave, health and housing crisis combined with the impending recession appear more important than covid cult.

    Who woulda thought……

    Imagine what the result would have been with a competent opposition. Thomas Coughlan and Liam Dann must feel like someone shat in their cornflakes.

  4. Bomber – please keep up the excellent fantasy about Seymour being a race-baiter and ACT being the worst thing since the dark Lord of Mordor – it is doing wonders for their poll ratings.

    • Act will cut wages, benefits and impose US style health care. Like most right wing parties, they are fine with homelessness.

      • Have you been to Rotorua lately and tried to get an affordable Motel? You can’t cause they are full with our homeless courtesy of labour. And in many times they spend more then a year in said ’emergency’ accomodation, for which their benefits are docked to the tune of 25%.
        Why would anyone be afraid of N if that is done by L? Go figure.
        Fearmongering that is all you guys have now left.

  5. Still a year out from election, NZ MSM reporting nothing of the Labour cluster fucks and no front page reports on 100mil polytech debt, up from 50mil, over a million a day housing homeless in motels (and screamed from opposition when it was costing 300k a year)
    Labour will hit the 20’s by Dec.
    St Jacinda to step down for ‘family commitments’ Dec-Feb. Then a UN role by Apr-May

  6. Martyn I think you got the numbers mixed up there.

    What’s amazing is that when you add up the numbers for LINO, Greens and TMP, you’ll see that 44% of Kiwis would be happy for their country to become a nepotistic ethnostate.

    Because that’s what you’re voting for, if you vote LINO, Green or TMP next year.

    • Yeah mate, but if ypou vote for the other lot then you must be happy with shit in the hospital walls and work work work for slave wages. Fuck that.

      • Yes I know Charlie, all the choices are depressing. It’s like USA 2016. What do the Nats care about public health and public education, when they go to private schools and have private health insurance? But for grown-ups, voting is about choosing the least of the evils on offer. LINO’s ethnostate agenda and pathological obsession with identity politics is putting us on a fast-track to the 3rd world.

    • Yup self-serving ratfuckers to the right of us and woke racist losers to the left of us.
      God help us because we are well and truely fucked.

  7. Nats and Labour figures seem to be mixed up.
    Labour on 33 and falling, greens also falling so the votes didn’t go there, ACT up strongly.
    Co governance is going to rightfully sink the mad anti democratic left.

    Note the current negative dirty politics sting on Ufindell over something he did at 16, and ongoing negative campaign against Luxon.
    Labour know they can’t win on their own success or the ethno state they are peddling.

  8. Re: the Māori Party …

    … as I replied to Chris Trotter … wait for the TV Polls before speculating about a putative “surge” for the Māori Party (TPM) as a result of some sort of unprecedented mobilisation of non-voters.

    This 1 News-Kantar poll has TPM on 2% = no change from its previous poll & only roughly half the support recorded by the 2 Pollsters that Chris relied on. Doesn’t rule out a surge … TV1 could be the outlier … but certainly raises some doubts. Be interesting to see the next Newshub.

    Taking into account the margin of error for smaller parties & aiming to reconcile the Roy Morgan, Curia & Kantar polls … I’d guess the Māori Party is actually somewhere between 2.5-3.0% at the moment.

  9. NZ ‘Hates’ Jacinda! Covid kills governments! Incompetence kills governments! Doing nothing for nearly 5 years kills governments!
    Ignoring 20% of the NZ population kills governments!
    Weak leadership kills governments!

  10. Fantastic news! Jezebel as Prime Minister
    is destroying our country with her wickedest.
    We need Christopher Luxon who is a good Christian man leading our country with David Seymour as his deputy!

  11. Labour and Greens – too many identity based centralisations like 3 Waters, 2 health authorities, police too busy on woke activities to solve crime, justice seems to be set up more for perpetrators than victims, another 200,000+ immigration visas, 50% made up of dependants & bizarre criteria like bakers assistants and other unskilled roles, kids, elderly, non English speakers – when there is a massive health crisis, education crisis, justice crisis, crime crisis and workers are sick of being told to work harder, professionals leaving in droves as our wages are not in parity with OZ, more and more taxes are dreamed up for anyone who earns enough, while opening our doors to more people who will require a lot of government $$$$.

    Already beneficiaries are up 40% in BOP.

    “The number of beneficiaries in the Bay of Plenty has increased by about 40 per cent over the past five years, Ministry of Social Development data has revealed.

    It comes as a recruitment agency says filling vacancies at the moment is a struggle “everywhere”.

    At the end of June, 33,297 people in the Bay of Plenty were receiving one of the Ministry of Social Development’s main benefits, compared to 23,658 people at the end of June 2017.

    Main benefits for those of working age include: Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support, Supported Living Payment, Youth Payment and Young Parent Payment, Emergency Benefit, Emergency Maintenance Allowance, Jobseeker Support Student Hardship, Widow’s Benefit Overseas, and Sole Parent Support Overseas.”

    I have absolutely no idea why any government seems to want to overwhelm our social services with more temporary visas, knowing that this will lower wages to the point that being on a benefit is better, but already we are seeing the consequences of some of their actions and policies above.

    If NZ First got rid of Shane Jones (death to any political party) they will make 5%.

    Do I think Natz ACT will be better? Nope, but can see that Labeen apart from Covid, have made many things worse than they were before in NZ and haven’t learnt their lessons (or taken any accountability from poor performance) from past poorly thought out policy and too much marketing spin and new schemes dreamed up while their previous schemes cost a bomb and are a disaster (Kiwibuild, transport).

  12. Okay, Labour have a bit over 12 months to do something they’ve failed to do in 5 years. Actually deliver on their major promises!!!

    Stop pissing around with state house builds at National Party settings, crank it up, massively! Listening to Jacinda pretend Labour are moving heaven and earth with social housing is SO infuriating. The homeless abandoned in Rotorua and Auckland motels are playing havoc with the public’s perceptions on safety and confidence!

    Get Andrew Little as far away from health as they possibly can and put Ayesha Verrall who actually knows about the subject in there and fast! And call in every medical expert from the front line in to assist. Time is not on Labour’s side. Littles never ending battles with the medical profession is destructive and screaming Labour have no idea what they’re doing!

    Put Greg O’Connor in to assist Chippy who knows sweet FA about policing. Crime is killing this government! When Auckland mayoral candidates are talking up some sort of hybrid council run security organisation, you know the problem is out of hand. They need expert ministerial assistance now because the airy fairy crime policy is backfiring. Big time!

    Getting Michael Wood away from transport would also help. His fantasy light rail thingy is a multi billion dollar disaster in the making!

    Abandon the secretive co-governance plan right now but if they’re serious about this policy, whatever it is, and it’s so good, go to the electorate and get a mandate!

    Those things WILL help but one thing is certain that voters are over smoke and mirrors bullshit and meaningless Labour Party announcements followed by the predictable nothing to show for them!

    • Andrew Little supports the public provision of health services and is the only one who does. He is the one thing standing in the way of Americanisation of the health system.

  13. Isn’t it so amusing. Crap from the Sixties. The comfort. Welfare and crims for the dim plebs, and the rich can do what they want. Like the nonsense can continue ever on. National is as centred on its focus groups as Labour — short-term … when the long-term has arrived.

    That Reality: there’s a chance National will revert to the Eighties, Nineties habit of ignoring your manifesto. If they weren’t to do that you’d have to question their intelligence. Which I do.

    Of course that opens up opportunities for Labour to address reality — finally. And New Zealanders can still take it, unlike other countries poisoned by the neoliberal rich via internet media.

  14. Well I guess Dr. PM Ardern could call in another terrorist event to take place between now and the election to divert everyones attention away from the opposition.
    Or another kind of Crisis like officially going to war against Russia and China!

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