Goodfellow steps down – will John Key step up?


National Party President Peter Goodfellow has stepped down. The replacement will be elected at the next National Party Conference.

The stage is now set for John Key to return to politics and re-enter as the President of National.

Key supporters could argue that the only way to minimise the threat of ACT taking over and ruining the rigged game of capitalism that is NZ (I love how the Gib board monopoly was established under Key’s Government and Labour are getting balmier for it now), is an outright National Party MMP majority.

Christopher Luxon as Leader with John Key as President would be a direct play for the NZ centre.

The problem I think for this strategy is that these aren’t normal times and that by the election the economic recession will be so steep that polarisation of the political spectrum will see ACT still high enough to force National to need them to form a Government.

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Luxon & Key would play for a centre that won’t exist.

If this was the plan, we will know shortly if Key is in play.


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  1. The pony puller in chief? that will bring the women voters back–why did he leave before his term as PM was up anyway? the media never had the guts or inclination to go there did they…“to spend more time with the missus and kids…” or some such lame excuse was put up at the time of Sirkey’s departure.

    Perhaps his failed “Panama Papers” offshore trust adventure on behalf of international finance capital saw the bankers burn him off–be good to find out eventually.

    In the meantime people, read Nicky Hager’s “Dirty Politics” if you are in any doubt as to why this little shit should not be allowed anywhere near NZ political power again.

  2. Stepping stone to his inevitable ascent under a future National government as President of New Zealand, I would have thought.

  3. Key, the new NATZ president will be guiding Luxon to follow his entry to leader of National.

    1 Natz will use Act to play the race card like Don Brash when he increased Natz polls from 22% to 47%.
    2 Key then took over as leader and Brash asked him to raise NZ’s wages and salaries to Aussies levels.
    3 Key immediately raised GST, borrowed $2bn and gave tax breaks to the wealthy and rich.
    4 Key then invited his Speculator mates to lead his hill-billy rock star economy thru housing and land rip off prices.
    5 Properties especially land and farm prices increased 88% in 5 years – more than Labours 50%.
    6 In Ponsonby I saw villa’s being flipped off within a week for $50,000 or more.

    The wider media was absent from the time Brash made his Orewa speech and from then on to today, the media has been a free NATZACT advocates for them. Natz receive 18 hours per week of promotion per week especially from some nasty Radio commentators and talkback hosts most whom do not give its listeners an opportunity to question or respond to lunatic opinions. No wonder grumpy old men are followers of these right wing jocks.

  4. Nope – not even close. I understand someone on the board currently is being groomed for the job.

    • c’mon, name, don’t be shy panzer-boi cos I can’t see any talent above mediocre middle manager on the nat bench.

      • Lol. Throwing bolders in the glasshouse again Garga. Not sure what your fetish regarding German tanks is about though……

        • You know full well what panzer-boi refers to frankie…you chose your nick not me.
          the rest of your comment is actual nonsense in that it’s meaning cannot be discerned.

  5. Can’t see it making any difference of Key replaces Goodfulla.
    It’s still looking like a hung parliament in 2023 to me!

    • Tane……do you mean give Labour enough rope , type of hung parliament …..their brown bread mate..history…this new ministry of hate…except white heterosexual males of course….you are allowed to hate them…in fact it’s encouraged , will finish the job , as if 3 waters , wasn’t enough , lack of affordable housing , health , drive by shootings….they had to chance to make a start on rolling back rogernomics…….nope….did bugger all….I feel sorry for the left voters in New Zealand….Greens are a joke…the chap with the cowboy hat will be gone…back to the brown gravy train for him…the left are a tick looking at a blank voting form…on your bike Labour…

  6. Goodfellow should have left years ago…David Carter would have been better for this role.

    • David Carter according to most on this site worst speaker of the house ever so can’t see them agreeing with you Marco.u

      • Quite correct Bob, although not sure that doesn’t make him the best National Party President. Given the JLR tapes, there was no chance of Carter becoming president given the utter distain by Bridges.

  7. ” In the meantime people, read Nicky Hager’s “Dirty Politics” if you are in any doubt as to why this little shit should not be allowed anywhere near NZ political power again ”

    Like Mao’s little red book every home should have a copy of Dirty Politics.

    This bastard was a liar and was as bad as Richard Nixon who was responsible for a black ops campaign against his opponents. Key even had an enemy’s list and knew was untouchable. I still believe that he got away with a lot that has never been released publicly thanks to his control of the media and his naughty people list.

    The fact that he still exerts influence is a testament to the people who make up and support the Nasty Natz.

    If this country wasn’t a banana republic he should have been investigated along with Jason Eade and many others who were out of sight.

  8. If anyone was interested in the truth rather than politicing they would know John Key can not replace Goodfellow.

    Bert should send them a thank you for saving him from a coronary.

  9. It’s interesting that this is happening right now, one year before a general election. People may disagree with that statement, but I do think that John Key’s possible lineup to replace Peter Goodfellow as National Party President right when we are reopening our borders after a global pandemic, in a time of a second term Labour led government, is a bit more than a mere coincidence.

    Now I don’t think this is a bad thing. The same or similar thing could happen with any political party, and in the past, it indeed has. The issue I have is that, like former Prime Minister Helen Clark, John Key appears to be gliding along on a gold ski. He does have a legacy but, like his predecessor Helen, it isn’t all golden.

    The obsession which some involved in politics have taken on, to promote the professional interests of former Prime Ministers long after they have moved on from their position, is eye widening. I personally would prefer for Party Leaders to be professionals such as doctors and lawyers and not politicians or former Prime Ministers, but that isn’t my decision.

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