Jacinda is an international political rock star, Albo’s 501 concession & why Nanaia’s Pacific Geopolitical strategy is working


Jacinda Ardern first New Zealander to be invited to speak at NATO Leaders Summit

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is expected to participate in the upcoming NATO Leaders Summit, becoming the first New Zealand leader to do so.

Our PM has enormous popularity internationally, and this is a GOOD thing for NZ! –

People criticising her and the invitation are bad faith actors who would find something to criticise her over if she had won lotto and donated it all to charity!

It is positive for NZ that the rest of the West respect and like our Prime Minister, this is soft NZ power at work!

One of the things not known by many is that when China attempted their Pacific bribe, those Pacific nations privately asked our advice on the offer.

They didn’t ask Australia or America for their thoughts on the offer, they asked us.
They asked us, because NZ has been genuine in its interaction with the Pacific because they are whanau to us and that has had an enormous difference in approach.

America and Australia were as shocked by the Pacific Nations asking our advice as they were at China’s audacity to try it on in the first place. This level of trusted influence NZ has with our Pacific family has provoked the hint of a massive change in the 501 rules that will see an enormous drop off of deportees and the quiet promise of a bilateral economic relationship with America.

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That’s why Nanaia kept her Cabinet position despite claims she is lazy with our Pacific geopolitical strategy, the truth is that we have very deep and genuine relationships with our Pacific neighbours and that is only building because off China’s aggression, not declining.

In her meeting with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi last week, the Chinese noted NZ soft power influence and how much they wanted to work with us…

On the Chinese side, a readout of the call published by Chinese-state media Xinhua said Wang told Mahuta China was ready to work with New Zealand in the South Pacific.

…NZs soft power is an enormous diplomatic tool that we have built with decades of genuine interaction with our Pacific brothers and sisters, we should feel proud that we are respected internationally and we should embrace our skills to sit down and hui issues out rather than picking up weapons.

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    • Wow, that’s an interesting point, Dan. Do you also believe in the other beliefs of the guy, Adrian Zenz, who invented ‘Uyghur genocide’, like God needs us to destroy the Chinese government, the idea of equality between the sexes is a plot by Satan, all COVID deaths are ‘victims of Communism’, or that it is necessary to support ‘israel’ to bring on the Rapture?

    • So does that include the US? Many Uighurs were kidnapped from NATO nations by US operatives and consigned to imprisonment without trial in Guantanamo Bay. New Zealand had not a a word to say about it. New Zealand’s current handwringing over the fate of the Uighurs is pure hypocrisy.

  1. New Zealand isn’t a member NATO, though celebrity prop Ardern is just gagging to sacrifice our country to this lot. We shouldn’t have anything to do with this decrepit old war pimp who is pushing the human race to nuclear annihilation.

  2. I cannot believe that you come on this blog slobbering such negative stuff as I have read multiple times from you. But you are part of the human culture on this blog which gets acknowledged and so am I whom you probably dissent with.
    There is a reason, however warped, for everything that nations do, and we just have to try and find it, understand it and clean up our act, instead of following artificial trends facilitated by malicious great political and financial interests to further their own ends. There is so much bad in the world that little spikes of good shine out and for a while limit the darkness. If only we could reverse that scenario. We just have to try and be mostly good ourselves, and work towards bettering the damage caused by malevolent perpetrators usually wanting more resources, more land, more wealth.

    Go PMJacinda keep the positives going with the nations meeting and looking guardedly at each other;
    maybe a better deal will be struck without weaponry.

  3. A rock star at home is what we need particularly in the area of children in poverty which has worsened in the last 5 years despite a personal pledge by the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

          • Remember she was going to fix children in poverty and instead she’s, to be generous to her,made marginal headway if any headway at all.
            That’s a huge gap from fixing children in poverty.
            Spin however you wish but poverty in NZ is at a terrifying level.Where’s the kindness in that?

            • Spin! You are the Shane Warne of TDB.
              I’ll take take Stats N.Z. over your “opinion” any day.
              Using words like terrifying should only be used when male P.M.’s assault waitresses, so give it a rest with your petulance.

    • Bob will want the return of John Key who he has framed on his mantle piece. Key invited the property speculators in to run his social housing rock star economy. We know houses increased at least 88% in those five years – makes Labours 50% increase in 5 years look like a sunday school picnic.

  4. I don’t buy it, this govt. is getting ever closer to US Imperialism after a few decades of maintaining a reasonably independent foreign policy. There will be no free trade agreement with the USA–get used to that Jacinda.

    The PM should be saying that Pacific Islands have sovereign ability to associate with other nations as they like. Of course behind the scenes the threats will be made to withdraw aid etc.

    NZ remains in the Anglophile 5 Eyes and is now gravitating toward NATO? WTF… “Soft power” for what purpose? If it was non alignment, bilateral trade and cultural agreements, and leaving 5 Eyes, then all good. But giving Uncle Sam a big cuddle is a retrograde step in a world facing multiple variations of serious shit.

    • who wants a free trade agreement with the yanks? their past MO has been to flood agricultural countries like NZ with their sub par heavily subsidised agricultural products which destroy local farmers then hoover up the properties via US agribusiness conglomerates.
      what we need is to improve our standards and do more trade with the EU

      • What agricultural products have the US flooded NZ with?
        EU imposed tariffs on NZ produce while at the same time paying huge subsidies to the farming industry including subsidies for leaving the land fallow.
        That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue better trade arrangements.

  5. NZ have missed the boat.

    Decades of neglect by NZ and AU. Treating the Pacific Nations like shit for all of this time has cumulated in the door being left open and for them to decide who and what they want to do and who they’re wanting to do business with.

    Typical Colonists forgetting about how they have treated their neighbours.

    Good on China.

    • You’re not wrong about us ignoring the Pacific. In Covid times, they have seen desperate hardship and we turned a blind eye.

  6. When Mahuta replaces Jacinda as leader the name of the party should change to the Mahuta party as that is what every MP’s surname will be.

  7. I don’t think you people who constantly complain about Jacinda Ardern don’t realise what a good PM she is for NZ. I can’t believe that the people of NZ put Luxon and his mates ahead , they have done nothing and spouted garbage. Just imagine the boring Luxon on the world stage do you people think he will be a good advert for NZ.

  8. I don’t put luxton ahead, a national 12 inch subway shit sandwich is no better than a labour one…but all LINO has on offer is a shit sandwich…
    the point being the essence of neo-libs on both sides is..’the more bread you have the less shit you eat’.

  9. Bob it will take more than 2 years to fix anything meaningful in this country, you say 5, don’t forget the Labour / NZ first government were hamstrung by Winnie. I listen, watch and read all the so called pundits. The right, the left and center and of course the extremes. The promises and complaints from other party leaders but at the end of the day what better can these other parties do, will they fix things overnight , will everyone have better mental health and general health overnight no, because deep down you know that nothing that takes years can be fixed overnight no matter who they are. All i can say is you vote for a National/ Act government as sure as eggs the rich will get richer and the bottom feeders will stay where they are. Austerity here we come.


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