Jacinda has gained far more than a 501 ‘tweak’ from Albo & why National’s get tough on gangs rhetoric won’t in fact do much

2 Prime Minister's and a microphone

Jacinda has gained far more than a ‘tweak’ over 501s…

Albanese vows to reconsider Australia’s deportations rules in olive branch to New Zealand

The Australian prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has vowed to consider changing how the government handles visa cancellations in an olive branch to ease longstanding tensions with New Zealand.

The pledge to look at tweaking the scheme prompted the visiting New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, to declare the talks in Sydney on Friday allowed for “a reset” in the trans-Tasman relationship.

…we don’t appreciate how racist Australians are nor their love to bash kiwis. The 501 policy is wildly popular in Australia but it’s caused a gang war by exporting violent professional criminals who are standing over domestic gangs.

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Not every 501 deportee is a professional criminal, but many are!

For those who are not we need intensive wrap around services to help rehabilitate them, for those who are we need a very different kind of policing.

Before we can do that though, we need to stem the tsunami coming to NZ.

Many of these 501s have no life in NZ, they left when they were children. One could argue that if our former citizens have become criminals in Australia, then that’s on the Australians, not us!

If Albanese does ‘tweak’ the 501 policy to keep prisoners who have lived the majority of their life in Australia this will be an enormous plug in the level of dangerous criminals being deported back here.

This could be an enormous policy win for Jacinda and Labour.

Meanwhile National is screaming more heavy handed approaches towards gangs and none of it will work…

Christopher Luxon attacks gangs, Labour in fiery anti-crime speech

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has delivered a fiery speech attacking both gangs and Labour on Saturday.

…the issue with the heavy handed anti-consorting laws in Australia that are being proposed here, is that it ends up corrupting the Police.

Australia has had its highest levels of complaints regarding corruption in the Police force for nearly 2 decades – the blowback of forcing the criminal fraternity underground is that they corrupt the police force  – are our Police sophisticated enough to not get corrupted?

Of course they aren’t!

Mark my words, heavy handed non-consorting laws will drive a direct corruption of NZ police.

The meth trade is worth over half a billion each year, the 501’s are prepared to use a level of violence well beyond the domestic gangs and have introduced intense stand over tactics to seize market dominance of the meth trade.

South American cartels are incredibly sophisticated and corrosive to an economy and political system – Drive by shootings are one thing, uber violent Drug Cartels bribing officials and using counter intel tactics are quite another.

Is the Government taking this Gang war seriously enough?

Not according to their own internal reports…

Gang Intelligence Centre leadership concerns revealed in document release

New Zealand’s Gang Intelligence Centre has been blighted by poor leadership and has been struggling to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

Multiple sources RNZ has talked to said the leadership of the Gang Intelligence Centre was “clueless”, and one person said it was run by a bunch of buffoons.

Leadership were said to have no understanding of the gang environment, which in turn meant the centre was failing to have an impact on the harm being caused by gangs.

…rather than understand this as a unique event in the NZ underworld with the importation of a professional criminal 501 class capable of vast violence, the dumb cops want to arrest everyone with a patch and call that strategic.

Minister Poto Williams and the Police have responded to this unique gang war dynamic by raiding every sergeant at arms and gang enforcer in a warehouse bargain basement policing fishing expedition tactic – which will most likely fail.

The Police to date have carried out 750 warrantless searches against these warring gang members, that’s a huge heavily armed fishing expedition we are embarking upon here with very little oversight.

The danger for us now is that South American Drug cartels are seeing NZ as a legitimate market, we need to urgently change that.

The Killer Bees are being supported by unpatched 501 syndicates to wage a war against the Tribesmen to take over Northland coastlines so that the meth can be imported directly by smuggling it over the beaches. The King Cobras run the airport while the Headhunters run the Port. The 501 syndicates are trying to succour safe supply chains for South American Cartel Meth but haven’t been able to beat back turf wars with the KC and Headhunters, so they are supporting the Killer Bees to take out dominance of the roads and coastline so they can import their meth directly that way.

This is all about market dynamics and raw power over a meth trade run by cartels who are using counter-intelligence and extreme violence to get what they want.

The point isn’t to go after every patched gang member, the point is to surgically strike the 501s who are generating the turf war.

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  1. Aussie police have been corrupt for ever so no change there and I will believe the 501 changes when I see it .Labour in Australia are there by a whisker so will do nothing that upsets the natives and most Aussies love the deportation rule and why wouldn’t they I would like to see it here . We could start with those employers that rob their staff.

    • Thanks Richard, great reading. Good to see some informed posts, rather than the Cam Slater-NACT types coming out from under their rocks to assert bile and anti Government propaganda, without any evidence, and just partisan tripe. It’s like Mike Hosking without the Ferrari or designer stubble at TDB at times.

  2. Albo is in a honeymoon phase – when the real politik of a recessionary environment hits and Dutton starts swinging roundhouses at law and order this will be thrown out with the garbage.

    The strategy proposed here:
    1). Be kind with local gangs – hasn’t worked
    2). Engage in a smart war with 501s – We don’t have the people, resources or fortitude to do so.

    National’s proposals is what the middle want – will it work – no for the same reasons as 2). above however at least it is something and the sheeple desperately want something to happen.

  3. On the 501 deport definitely yes, we MUST do better than give them a few hundred dollars and kick them out in this the street. We simply must give them the Rolls Royce treatment or they will bite us. I’m not naive to think that some of these people are salvageable though.

    On the gang front, doing nothing which is the essence of the liberal lefts crime strategy, but saying it’s shadowy 501 influences or Chris Trotters shadowy suited organised criminals in Aussies fault which the liberal left know is impossible to target alone, is not going to fix the dangerous ruinous here and now. Very unfortunate but these darlings committing crimes now have to be locked up for the communities sake. It is their fault if they want to throw themselves at the law!

    Its a perfect storm of soft “policing by consent”, courts going light on sentences and far less chance of being caught and even if one is, facing jail time, empowering shitheads into a race to see who can take primate of the year award out this year.

    Police and the courts must deal with what’s in front of them, like it’s yesterday! Not navel gaze at impossibilities.

  4. From Biden and Albanese Jacinda will get nothing more than kind words with an arm around the shoulder. New Zealand will get nothing, because as a junior partner of empire it deserves nothing (I am not being sarcastic there).
    The deportees are New Zealand’s problem, not Australia’s for these reasons:
    They whakapapa to Aotearoa.
    New Zealand colonialist capitalism, by its sheer ruthless greed, drove them off to Australia in the first place.
    New Zealand must deal with the consequences.
    It won’t do that willingly, and it won’t do it well.
    Poverty, drugs and crime will be the order of the day until colonialism has its last hurrah.

  5. yup, action speaks louder than words…something the political class in general should learn and inwardly digest.

  6. Albanese isn’t going to change Australia’s 501 policy or even meaningfully tweak it. As you yourself have said, this is a wildly popular policy in Australia.

    Let us not forget that we deport criminals too.

  7. She’ll get nothing of substance because, as you point out, the current policy is very popular over there.

  8. People in NZ think Aussies are our Anzac brothers when in fact they are US wannabes and any soft spot they have for kiwis doesnt extend to hard politic. The only way to stop the flow of 501s is to deport Aussie Banks and keep the $5 billion bank profit export.

  9. ” do we have to keep being reminded of that shyster by looking at him on these posts ”

    Seeing him and Jacinda convinces me even more of how these celebrity PM’s are totally corrupted and inept.

  10. ” do we have to keep being reminded of that shyster by looking at him on these posts ”

    Seeing him and Jacinda convinces me even more of how these celebrity PM’s are totally corrupted and inept.

  11. Most poor people hidden in Rotorua motels are not white but do any of you care? That would not happen in Australia. You chip on the shoulder phoneys are hypocrites and much more racist with your ghetto towns. 501-ers are KIWI!!!!!! accept it.

  12. Albo’s words are just that, words, and I’m certain he did not vow to do anything. That’s someone in Labour spinning it.

    Changing the 501 system would be very unpopular in Australia. The ‘kiwi mates’ rhetoric is very shallow and disappears instantly when push comes to shove.

    There won’t be any change.

    • I agree with your thoughts Ada .Labour here have proved how little promises matter and Labour in Australia are there by a whisker so will not want to upset the voters over there . If they go soft on 501s and 1 does a serious crime it will be all on a again.

      • oz has far bigger problems than 501s to deal with, we like to think it’s a big issue on the top of the agenda, it isn’t it’s a footnote on page 12.

  13. Nationals 501 policy has exacerbated our gang problems and now they want to fix it by destroying our human rights all to fix something of there own doing. Nationals punitive solutions wont work we will see one big shoot up. Many of our socio economic problems stem from National doing more with less for 9 years. Its far better to see the gangs than for them to go underground like the mafia. Will we ban tattoos next, the colour red, black and blue and what about free speech (hate and racist speech) where does it end.

    • National had nothing to do with the 501 policy .It was a plan by the Aussie government to panda to the many racists in Australia.

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