GANG WARS: Why heavy handed Australian tactics won’t work plus latest NZ Police failure


More drive by shootings over the weekend as the Killer Beez backed by unpatched 501 syndicates move on the Tribesmen, King Cobras and Headhunters in the latest turf war over the ports, air port and Northland coastline for South American Cartel Meth supply chains.

Minister Poto Williams and the Police have responded to this unique gang war dynamic by raiding every sergeant at arms and gang enforcer in a warehouse bargain basement policing fishing expedition tactic – which will most likely fail.

The meth trade is worth over half a billion each year, the 501’s are prepared to use a level of violence well beyond the domestic gangs and have introduced intense stand over tactics to seize market dominance of the meth trade.

South American cartels are incredibly sophisticated and corrosive to an economy and political system – Drive by shootings are one thing, uber violent Drug Cartels bribing officials and using counter intel tactics are quite another.

Is the Government taking this Gang war seriously enough?

Not according to their own internal reports…

Gang Intelligence Centre leadership concerns revealed in document release

New Zealand’s Gang Intelligence Centre has been blighted by poor leadership and has been struggling to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

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Multiple sources RNZ has talked to said the leadership of the Gang Intelligence Centre was “clueless”, and one person said it was run by a bunch of buffoons.

Leadership were said to have no understanding of the gang environment, which in turn meant the centre was failing to have an impact on the harm being caused by gangs.

…rather than understand this as a unique event in the NZ underworld with the importation of a professional criminal 501 class capable of vast violence, the dumb cops want to arrest everyone with a patch and call that strategic.

The issue with the heavy handed anti-consorting laws in Australia that are being proposed here, is that it ends up corrupting the Police.

Australia has had its highest levels of complaints regarding corruption in the Police force for nearly 2 decades – the blowback of forcing the criminal fraternity underground is that they corrupt the police force  – are our Police sophisticated enough to not get corrupted?

Of course they aren’t!

Mark my words, heavy handed non-consorting laws will drive a direct corruption of NZ police.

The obviousness of what needs to happen now is embarrassing because no one else has picked it up.

Why did the Killer Beez go down in the first place? They were originally a feeder gang to the Tribesmen in the late 1990s and early 2000s but they fell out with the other gangs when they started selling large amount of domestically cooked meth which stepped on the toys of the older more established gangs.

What happened was that all the other gangs turned secret state evidence over to the Police to arrange a mass take down of the Killer Beez leadership model stunting the entire gang.

The same tactic needs to be worked out now.

The Police need to meet with the presidents of the domestic gangs, get them all to agree to turn evidence against the 501s and take them all down in one hit using seperate Prisons to house them in so that there is at least 3 years without them on the streets.

The danger for us now is that South American Drug cartels are seeing NZ as a legitimate market, we need to urgently change that.

The Killer Bees are being supported by unpatched 501 syndicates to wage a war against the Tribesmen to take over Northland coastlines so that the meth can be imported directly by smuggling it over the beaches. The King Cobras run the airport while the Headhunters run the Port. The 501 syndicates are trying to succour safe supply chains for South American Cartel Meth but haven’t been able to beat back turf wars with the KC and Headhunters, so they are supporting the Killer Bees to take out dominance of the roads and coastline so they can import their meth directly that way.

This is all about market dynamics and raw power over a meth trade run by cartels who are using counter-intelligence and extreme violence to get what they want.

The point isn’t to go after every patched gang member, the point is to surgically strike the 501s who are generating the turf war.

I don’t think we have the capacity to intelligently counter this.

Sacking Poto Williams isn’t going to fix this.


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  1. Wouldn’t have happened if the crooks in National had shown some spine in the first place, and simply sent Australians who grew up in Australia but had nominal New Zealand citizenship back to Australia when they tried to deport them. Of course, the National/Labour uniparty will always prioritize good relations with their fellow American puppets in Australia over defending New Zealand.

    If we ban ‘gang insignia’, lets go after the stuff the Aussie fake bikers rock first. Minimum 5 year prison sentence for anyone caught with a Louis Vuiton man bag.

    • You may not like the law but if you not a citizen of a country you cannot stay there if that country does not want you and the country you are a citizen of has to take you back . This has been the practice by all countries and no government t can stop it .

        • We can? We could put people on a plane and send them to some other country saying, ” Here, you have to take them?”

          Or when a plane arrives here we can say to some passengers you’re not getting off?”

        • I am certainly not a legal person but if you look under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights you will see it says “it is the sovereign perogative of a country to regulate the presence of foreigners on their territory. ” It seems it is hard for some NZ people to realize they are a foreigner in Australia and definately not wanted if not providing for that country.Many have been there years and not bothered to get citizenship

    • NZ is in the ideal position to be able to isolate ourselves from meth supply because of our unique geography but weakness at the border (for example when I was last informed, there was no container X-ray machine in the South Island) and weakness in judicial punishment means the place is infested with drugs.
      If we’re to be serious about this business we need to: scan far more imported goods, use planes, drones and boats to cover the coastline and copy Singapore’s punishment system for drug offences.
      But we won’t because we’re a soft, unserious people.

      • indeed don’t secure your borders and shit of all kinds flows in but it costs money and cycleways are more important.

        I have nothing against cycleways per se, just find them a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘need to have’ whereas secure borders and as other posters have noted our borders make it a doddle, is a ‘need to have’.

  2. In other news:
    And we get talk of “lax” gun laws from Coster and the minister, perhaps the laws were ok but incompetently administered? As per licensing a foreign terrorist.
    Or giving gangs a shopping list of guns.

    Firearms administration was promised to be separated from Police so as to be done properly, Labour lied and reneged, incompetence continues.

    This is one of the big concerns for a full gun register, – aside from not preventing crime, they compile shopping lists for crims.
    All while police and minister blame the gun owners for “supplying guns”.

    If we want de escalate gun violence maybe consider not showing the gangs where all the guns are.
    Is this rocket science?

  3. I haven’t seen a lot of evidence of the “dumb cops” arresting or doing much with gangs except “monitor” them. Especially under this government.

    And Aussie police have been corrupt since time in memorial so that they’re still being corrupted is hardly newsworthy. Par for the course more like it!

    Police conspiring with some organised criminals to shit on other organised criminals to deal with crime didn’t really work out with the Mafia or Whitey Bulger or Terry Clark or countless crime families/syndicates the world round, etc, etc, etc, now did it? Its that little thing with criminals, they just can’t be trusted.

    Sometimes police just have to arrest and charge criminals and they go to jail. Otherwise you get the dangerous clusterfuck we have nowadays!

    Labour are making it very very easy for National to propose any crazy shit they want but at least National have a plan. We have Poto telling us to call 111 or more laughably 105 if we hear gun shots. I for one do not feel reassured by our police ministers vision and grip on reality!

    • Your comments are spot on XRAY. I worked in Kings Cross in the 1970’s. The police corruption was unbelievable especially in the area of no harm crimes like gambling and prostitution.
      Labour came in on promise of lower prisoner numbers to back their claim a new prison was not needed. To achieve less prisoners they have arrested less criminals and gang activit has gone unchecked .

        • They had a commission of enquiry that cleaned out the bad wood which went right to the top in the mid 90s .Cannot speak for now but I know the gangs are tough and protect their patch .

  4. When just this week we have yet another story of police tampering with evidence, resulting in a wrongful conviction which will no doubt cost us millions in compensation, and that happening while a climate of suspicion hangs over the conviction of Scott Watson, not forgetting the notorious police planting of a shell case that twice convicted Arthur Thomas, the latter finding being spat on by police when the commissioner saw fit to read the eulogy at the funeral of Bruce Hutton, the officer in charge of that inquiry, what chance is there that our Police won’t be corrupted by a drug cartel?

  5. Maybe we need a new law that outlaws unlicenced shooters using illegal firearms with illegal high-capacity magazines to shoot at houses & other people from vehicles. That would work wouldn’t it? Oh wait…

  6. The sad thing if we don’t to something about this industry, things will only get worse and with the amount of money floating around, we be seeing levels of Police corruption increasing, if this isn’t happening already.

    Unfortunately, the drivers for the drug industry are poverty, misery & hopelessness and until these are seriously addressed, nothing will change, plus there is an awful lot of money to be made by a lot of people who have few other prospects to be successful in New Zealand. Neo-liberalism has boosted the demand side, so criminals are there on the supply side, this is the equation we need to change.

    What we actually need is more health orientated drug law like the Portuguese have, that keeps supply illegal, but treats addictions as a health concern so addicts can safely access the care they need, instead of committing petty crime to fuel their habits (drug addiction is one of the major drivers of burglaries, thefts from vehicles etc).

    Harsher sentences & locking people up just creates tougher criminals, more heavily armed Police just turns out more bullet-riddled corpses (sometimes those of innocent civilians), while treating criminals with kid-gloves creates complacent criminals who feel free to act with impunity. It is a tricky situation, we need to address the cause of the problem, not merely try to stick Band-Aids on the symptoms. The War on Drugs has failed, it’s time for a new plan.

    • This, despite the reality that heavy handed policing and prisons have never been effective in the past. Does the saying ‘violence begets violence’ and the term ‘recidivist offenders’ not ring a bell?
      It is strange that a number of European jurisdictions have different ways of operating which are successful while the US, which follows the sort of doctrine you espouse has astronomic imprisonment rates.

  7. National’s gang plan will likely spark a race war if they get into power and try to implement it. Which of course they won’t because we have heard it all before; Collins crushing the boy racers, or not, being a typical example. What we should accept is that gangs have been created and tolerated for decades now, and we should just learn to live with them, thereby paying the price for our collective failure to combat the reasons for their existence and any real policing based effort to stop them. A kind of reap what you sow reward for collective inertia. At least it gives Simple Simeon Brown something to scream about from his ivory tower background of private education and investment banking. Yeah, he’d be well on to the solutions to the problem with that background. No, let them fight it out and hope they become better shots in due course.

  8. I ask myself; What creates criminals and what’s at the nuclei at the dawn of gangster crime?
    The only answer I can believe is poverty.
    So while we’re encouraged to believe that gangsters and their gangster life styles are something to fret about we turn a blind eye to the four foreign owned banksters who literally steal billions of dollars out of our economy in net profits every single year, year in year out. We also have a haughty wanky-banky bank called The Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Doesn’t it sound noble, grand and respectable. Well, it fucking isn’t. The reserve bankster is dodgy as fuck. roger douglas’s little pink trotters would have been paddling into and out of The Reserve Banskter since the 1980’s as would his mates have done. Aye Boys. Yes, you would have, you naughty, naughty, little old boys.
    If dodgy little Nu Zillind doesn’t want the beastly, hoi polloi street level crim then Nu Zillind should start by not manufacturing them. A basic income, a capped cost of living and promote art, beauty and style where there is only poverty and bleak, urban, ground-zero social survivalism would be great, wouldn’t it?
    The problem with those ideas though, is there’d no longer be multiples of billions of our dollars going off-shore to them. And no fear, hate, sickness, crime, hunger, hardship, domestic violence, gun play and random bashings to force your money out of your pocket and into theirs via instant gratification to sate the fucking nightmares we must live within either.
    If you don’t want gangs, then give those who will likely become gangsters some money and a quarter acre of land to stand on. Job done!

  9. Its time we start locking people up and throwing away the key.
    The likes of William Bell are beyond redemption, cannot be re-integrated safely into society and should be treated as such.
    Any talk of these people having rough child hoods or fetal alcohol syndrome is pointless.
    How they ending up like this are irrelevant, they are like this and need to be excised from society permanently.

    • Jawohl! Mein Furher! We are getting the cattle cars ready to send them to ze camps.

      And you claim to be a centrist?

    • Okay. Just one small part of that solution: When they advertise the jobs, “Staff needed to look after prisoners who are in jail for the rest of their lives, with no chance of release,” will you be rushing down to sign up? Or sending your spouse or kids or grandkids to sign up?”

    • “Any talk of these people having rough child hoods or fetal alcohol syndrome is pointless.”

      What an idiot thing to say. So you believe in an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. you clearly no nothing.

    • good plan jays except the revelation of 2 more innocent men fitted up by corrupt cops in NZ in the last weeks…if I thought NZ cops were in anyway competent maybe….but the evidence says corrupt fit up merchants….so no I don’t trust them to implement any policies.

    • wellll jays, 3 strikes and mandatory life has worked SSSSOOOOOO well in the states hasn’t it? highest per capita incarceration rate on the planet….and it’s still a 3rd world poverty stricken shithole,,,so yeah
      now if it fixed their problem it might have merit but it clearly hasn’t so why import more failed policy?

  10. Luxon’s call to sack Poto is just smart politics and empty because she, like her equally light weight police commissioner were appointed by Jacinda.

    Poto is an asset to National and the longer she is there the more the rot sets in one the architect of Labours current operational law and order policy, namely Jacinda Ardern!

  11. ” I don’t think we have the capacity to intelligently counter this ”

    LOL never a truer word spoken.

    Just add this horror show to the utter failure of any political leadership we are faced with every day.

    This has all the makings of another royal commision of enquiry when families and innocent people are being wiped out in big numbers and the police subvert the law to engage in corruption and obstruction of justice.

    • Don’t you get tired of being that guy, who stands on his lawn, shaking his fist, and screaming at clouds?

    • You are not legally allowed to own a firearm for this purpose in NZ.
      So don’t ask.
      On the other hand if you are a gang and tell the government the above as was done after Chch in conjunction with a refusal to give back semi auto illegal guns, the Labour government will leave you alone but attack law abiding gun owners.
      How much safer did that idiocy make us?

  12. as usual rather than deal with an issue we ignore it for years until it reaches a crisis point and can’t be ignored then we knee jerk into moral panic mode.

    I don’t know the solution maybe there isn’t a complete one I do know it should have been addressed yonks ago…as it stands the gangs are ‘good capitalists’ who conform to neo-lib ideology.


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