That’s Dr Cindy to you Keyboard Warrior scumbags (imagine if we’d let that movie we cancelled get produced?)


That’s Dr Cindy to you scumbags!

I’m honestly loving how much right wing trolls are losing their shit at our Prime Minister’s inspirational Harvard Speech.

She has stunned on the International stage once again and she has shown what leadership looks like when another gun atrocity strikes.

Her ‘keyboard warrior’ burn towards the right wing hate trolls was sublime trolling…

There’s a term that gets thrown around a lot – keyboard warrior. It’s used to refer to someone who makes aggressive or abusive posts online, often anonymously. I like the name. In my mind, when I read something especially horrific on my feed, I imagine it’s written by a lone person unacquainted with personal hygiene practices, dressed in a poorly fitted super hero costume – one that is baggy in all the wrong places.

…my super hero costume as you will all note fits wrong in all the right places…

…imagine if that film about Jacinda had gone ahead instead of the woke cancelling it  because Paddy Gower is our new chief Censor?

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Remember that?

Remember how that film ‘They Are Us’ could have been a catalyst for a Country desperate to see leadership on gun laws?

Consider the impact of ‘They Are Us’ on America. The script alone of a young white female leader passing gun laws in the wake of a tragedy would get an Academy Award nomination.

‘They Are Us’, could speak to Americans in a way argument and debate doesn’t.

What if a movie about a young white female Prime Minister is the catalyst for Americans to propel some culture change on guns?

What if this art inspires something momentous in America?

We won’t ever know of course because the Wellington Identity Politics crew called the Writer and director Andrew Niccol a white supremacist for placing Jacinda at the centre of a story about her and Paddy Gower felt guilty fucking up the Southern & Molyneux he turned into our chief censor and led a social media Lynch mob and the movie was cancelled because that’s what we do in NZ now, cancel art for woke dogma.

Meanwhile the mountain of dead in America eclipses the sun as the Home of the Brave continue to butcher each other.

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  1. There is no denying Ardern is a great speaker and on the World stage is a great ambassador for NZ. Her and her government t have done a good job facing crisis like covid the Chch shooting but to me reading that Kids Can has grown since their start in 2005 from supporting 40 schools to now supporting 1000 I feel this government t has failed many of it people

    • Their government has failed anyone who does not work for government, roading, construction, or banks.
      But they got her reward, she is now a ‘honorary’ doctor, as they did notthing to earn that title.

  2. NZ gun control = we must protect the Police from the consequences of their incompetence & corruption at all costs.

    Nothing else matters.

  3. Comparing David Lange Oxford Union Nuclear speech, against Jacinda from announcements Harvard Uni speech, you realise how far Labour has fallen…sad

    • Never in the history of being told to calm down has anyone actually calmed down. I can’t help but hear the words “calm down” being said in a Scouse accent and if I close my eyes an image of a man with a mop of outrageously curly hair dressed in a shell suit oops into my head. Sad, I admit.

        • Very naïve, you missed Seymours speech, so before they became illegal you were happy for 100000 semi automatic riffles on the street? What was the purpose of those guns?

        • “Pretty sure it was Nash & Ardern who put over 100000 illegal semi-autos on the street”.. That pile of codswallop doesn’t even qualify as trolling.. It’s just brainless… Totally, and utterly brainless… Just like the vast majority of the “comment” that is stinking up this thread… It’s exactly this sort of rank stupidity, and bigotry that is chasing the very people this country needs if it is ever going to function properly again after having been left in a state of neglect and showing all the signs of repeated abuse by a government that cared nothing for the people it was supposed to govern for.. NZ is now, thanks to the Key gang, the most ridiculously expensive place in the world to live, and has absolutely no fallback position once the property market goes belly up.. No manufacturing base to speak of, and a dependence on imports that was unnecessary before 2009… And all we get is snide drivel masquerading as “erudite comment”.. What a joke …

      • Yes Bert Trump has said this before. Look how that worked in Texas this week. All those regular cops standing outside the school basically saying “ f*cked if I am going to risk my life going in there”. That’s people who are actually paid to put themselves in harms way. The NRA have made it so that there is a very good chance the psycho or disgruntled ex employee may be packing way more fire power than the average cop that turns up to help.

        • Yes Wheel from Trumps mouth…

          “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,”

          Trump saw Pence as a bad guy.

    • Maybe if you are house Bob. I am not sure how the statistics stack up for actual people. Is your point that the gun by back made things worse? Nothing to do with a shit load of 501s arriving? Or is it just the usual Labour aren’t tough enough on crime and National would have it sorted routine? I think you will find it doesn’t matter who is in power.

      It seems in Invercargill and CHCH in the 1990s gang tensions and clashes made the current house shootings look like handbags at 12 paces

  4. The labourandnationalandactandthegreenpartyandthemaoriparty are the same unrepentant, unchanged, uninvestigated, neoliberal con job so everything that comes out of the gaping maws of the seedy little greedy people or their MSM minions in waiting within the labourandnationalandactandthegreenpartyandthemaoriparty means nothing to me so I don’t give a fuck what vaudevillian act’s been put on to fluff up aderns persona. Therefore meh.
    For all you simplistic, dull minded nuts who, like little lap dogs, keep snarling at the ankles of this Labor, I think you mean that old Labour, before neoliberal labor, AKA New Labor or ” March! Left-Right ! ” now Sieg Heil to the capitalist New World Order who are just that. An unholy amalgam of fascist narcissistic sociopaths enabled by capitalist monetarists who must keep the logical fallacy of the carcass of what was our democracy alive while feeding their greed.
    We AO/NZ’ers must re boot the entire political mechanism that adds functionality to our democracy. We must wrest capitalist neoliberalism from our politics. Neoliberalism’s exactly like a greedy Tick dug into our necks.
    We need a political democracy that’s about people first and billionaires last, if at all.
    Adern, is paid by us, about $488,000 to do a job and that job’s imperative is to start with the most at-risk of us and move up. Does that ‘wonderful’ image above tell me that she’s done her job? That there are no longer hungry and wretchedly poor people living in the streets? That our housing is no longer a foreign bankers plaything? The answer, of course, is no. So then what the fuck?
    The neoliberal ‘Labourandnationalandactandthegreenpartyandthemaoriparty’s tactic has always been the same since about 1984. When we ask them uncomfortable questions, they will rouse we, the rabble, against one another other. You wait and see?

  5. Martyn Splutter splutter
    Yes it’s good Jacinda being recognised for expressing good sentiments and making some really helpful gestures. It’s an encouraging sign, a bit of positivity. May it start a snowball that will roll down dispensing goodness and practical improvements as it goes, especially in New Zealand. We need some new zeal for sure. Appropriate quote!

    How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
    William Shakespeare

  6. This could be a good move to get us off the pot. It is using PM Jacinda’s previous renown for a cause that James Shaw wouldn’t have been able to achieve and he is happy to see NZ advancing towards further action. It may be worthwhile but so far we seem hooked on the wonder of EV cars, the thinking of businessmen which is very narrow and truncated indeed.
    The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed in San Francisco during a meeting between Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and California governor Gavin Newsom during Ardern’s official visit to the United States.
    It formalises cooperation in efforts to reduce emissions by sharing information, experiences and research, and paves the way for New Zealand and California to work together on projects that could benefit the environment.

    “As the fifth largest economy in the world, California will be a significant player in the global low-emissions transition and an important partner in our efforts,” Ardern said.
    “We each have comparable broad-based plans to emissions reduction, and know it will take every sectors of our economies playing their part. We both aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century.

  7. There is no need to be afraid of guns.
    There is a big need to be afraid of the attitude of some holding them though.

    The base cause behind both of NZ’s mass shooting is failures by the Government. If the NZ Government had not failed in their duty to observe their own bloody laws and had used basic simple common sense the Christchurch shooting would not have been able to happen. The blame for Christchurch resides 100% squarely on their shoulders.

    Ignore the gun buy back blaa blaa blaa, that was only a political stunt and it did not achieve what it needed to, it did not even come close. The attitudes you need to be afraid of still have all the weapons they need, as is clearly evident.

    • Well lets swap the guns with candyfloss and I’d agree, but anyone holding a gun is a danger, end of story.
      People like you and your attitude are a danger to society, blaming a Government you detest is an abhorrent reason.

    • See the thing is in America its not the nasty violent gangs mass killing and maiming children in school and people in church , its not serial killers mass shooting the innocents it’s usually the ordinary person with a gun who decides one day for whatever reason to commit mass murder. These people have the right to have a gun no matter what, if it’s not their gun its their parents easily accessible firearm. The gun lobby will argue its not the gun thats kills people its the person firing the gun. So the argument could be if these guns weren’t so easily accessible for the misfit it would be almost impossible for them to commit mass murder.

  8. Here’s a Russell Brand comment re politics and liars.
    While this might seem off-topic I don’t think it is. It’s only 12 minutes. Give it a go.
    “Joe Biden promised to halt federal contracts to union busters — but $10 billion federal contract was just re-awarded to Amazon while the company was crushing a union drive.”

      • Plenty. Bertie previous political leaders to the States – Key, Peters and Clark were careful to deal with both sides. Ardern has gone all fan girl democratic left. This will bite her in the backside in due course.

        Foreign leaders should never involve themselves in other countries’ domestic politics.

        • Okay Frankie , you know what’s coming…

          Name the plenty of leaders of the countries whom spoke on Campus that were mentioned on Fox or CNN etc.

          This is about being recognized by these media sites for having spoken on campus.
          Hardly worldwide news Frankie.

    • I’m sure the President heard her, that’s why she has been invited to the WH so as he can bathe in her reflected glory.

  9. A few smelly anti-Ardern posters here today, been allowed to use the home computer by their mums,wash your armpits and dont abuse our PM, she has long beautiful hair and a great smile

  10. The hatred towards Jacinda Ardern is pulsating today on this blog,baths will be needed tonight for the unwashed trolls

  11. Sad grumpy old right wing hate Jacinda men. Yesterday was the most proud one could be since David Lange stood at the same podium. John Key had pay for an appearance on the same show. Jacinda also has an invite from the leader of the most powerful and richest country in the world. this is primarily Business trip with the corporates getting an introduction a world leader that is Jacinda. Sorry but the NATZ dirty politics team are losers on this one. They seem to have a big influence in the tory times herald especially on Saturdays. What is their next nasty right wing promotion.

    • We don’t need a ‘next nasty right wing promotion’. We just look at the headlines: “Auckland shooting – At least 20 bullet holes in house – believed to be gang-linked.” Then we look at the Commissioner SoftKost, and Minister Potato, and Dr Cindy…..and suddenly you are the loser on this one.

  12. A handful of gang related drive by bravado shootings in Auckland where no one is hit cannot be compared to American mass shootings for those of you quick to call hypocrisy on Aderns advice to the Yanks on gun control.

  13. Wow, this comment section has been over run with sad, nasty, feeble minded, vindictive little right wing scum bags, exactly the sort of losers she was talking about … well done for proving her point princes of douchedom, what super heros you are indeed, sniping away from behind your keyboards….
    The same lot who probably thought john keys snivelling, smug and nationally embarrassing paid for slot on letterman was brilliant, or his hypocritical, slippery BS on hard talk.
    Well done.


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