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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. What is the point of having a new updated vaccine pass when many selfish inconsiderate people have stopped wearing masks.

    • It’s easy to lambast others for not wearing masks. I would too if I didn’t catch myself doing it. Many reasons, but you feel well and this vrus is sooo sneaky. (Anyone got tip on suitable stuff to keep glasses with tints demisted?) Apart from getting fogged up, people are getting sores on their noses etc etc. So it’s be kind and I need to be firm with myself and remember to wear it.

  2. Everyine should be able to do anything they want as long as it doesn’t involve stealing?
    People don’t matter – when it comes to running their lives, or what passes for life these days. But stealing, that’s the worst, but no, also it’s talking about a subject that now is considered sacred. If you can claim to be under stress about the latest fashionable matter then you can request a special pleading.

  3. So what’s new?

    Brings to mind a saying from past century.
    What did turn on tune in and drop out stand for?
    ‘Turn on’ meant become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. ‘
    Tune in’ meant interact harmoniously with the world around you.
    ‘Drop out’ suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments

    People are in to ‘tune in’ like insects stuck in jam, and can’t work their way out to more peaceful ‘drop out’ time when they do their own thinking, relaxing, contemplating and sleeping. Try classical instrumental music – it’s beautifully crafted, the musicians are dedicated to their profession and the composers are dead – so not involved in love triangles, fashion expose’s or lawsuits.


    Teens can’t get enough sleep.
    Couples too busy, distracted to have sex. A fine world we have got into. And no-one intelligent at the helm to get us out of it. Not following the present pakeha system – they’re all spaced out. Can Maori give us a Sir Peter Buck or Dame Whina to lead us out, old people who have got wiser and not just to become residents of a retirement home chain?

  5. Here’s another $500k+ legal bill Auckland ratepayers are in the hole for, Panuku reneging on a Social Housing Contract.

    ” Whānau Waipareira & Ngai Tai Take on Auckland City Council’s Property Arm, Panuku in the Human Rights Tribunal Next Week.
    “The council has capped social engineering numbers on publically owned Auckland land and in doing so knowingly discriminate against our communities in desperate need of housing and accommodation. Local Body beaurocracy and their social engineering of our communities must stop”.
    It costs nothing to say when you are wrong, unless you are a bureaucrat with the taxpayers credit card.
    Over the coming weeks you are going to hear about the exorbitant legal fees that have been mounting up over years at the Auckland City Council’s development agency, Eke Panuku Development, and us at Te Whānau o Waipareira. This is a legal stoush that could have been avoided had we been allowed to do what is so desperately needed right now, put whānau into safe, affordable new homes.
    Rewinding back to 2017, Panuku Development agreed to sell the 9583 square metres of land at Old Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe to Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki Whenua Limited. Ngāi Tai and Te Whānau o Waipareira entered into a joint venture to develop predominantly social housing.
    We had a set plan which included a minimum of 67 per cent of social housing with the remaining 33 per cent deemed as open market housing which would be affordable. At that time no home on this section would have been sold for more than $650,000, that’s $200,000 less than what the market rate is now. This is where we collided with Panuku who stipulated that only 30 per cent would be deemed social housing with the remaining properties designated as affordable homes and market homes, so a three way split. This is social engineering.
    Naturally I asked Panuku the obvious questions which was, how and why does Eke Panuku Development have a social housing quota? I was baffled that this could be legal let alone feasible. It was also an alleged breach of the Human Rights Act as it discriminates against superannuitants, welfare beneficiaries and Aucklanders earning under $80,000 a year.
    This question saw the Council terminate our contract for Old Tavern Lane. Firstly we still had a binding contract and secondly they were denying housing to those who needed it and, more importantly, were entitled to it. So we booked our seat at the Human Rights Tribunal which is now set for May 16, 2022, to represent everyone eligible for social and affordable housing.
    The Panuku social engineering quota system, one third each to social, market and open market housing, is a farce. The latter two groups often go to speculators who then place social housing renters in their private home but receive state paid subsidies. Subsequently developers turn that property into at least 60 per cent social housing anyway.
    The rise of superannuitants who have worked all of their lives on low wages yet remain unsuccessful at securing their own home because of that, should not be prejudiced by ignorant social engineering policies applied by highly paid, non elected and non performing beaurecrats.
    On July 6, 2020, Panuku Chief Executive David Rankin wrote to me personally stating Auckland Council had dropped their 30 per cent cap on social housing, therefore in his opinion, the Human Right Tribunal was no longer necessary. We disagreed because Mr Rankin and his board could easily reinstate their quota.
    They also offered an out-of Panuku Development went on to sell the Old Tavern property to another iwi. They also offered an out-of court settlement including part payment of our court costs plus three different pieces of land they basically couldn’t get rid of themselves. It was a Clayton’s offer badly disguised as an act of good faith.
    Aucklands lack social housing is a fact, it is a problem, and it’s only getting worse. To the killjoys, this is not us playing the “Māori” card, because social housing does not discriminate, it includes all races, our middle class and the elderly who are all desperate for homes.
    Had that 30 per cent social housing cap not existed, right now families would be tending to their gardens, preparing kai and discussing their day over a cuppa in their own homes down Old Tavern Lane, Papatoetoe.
    Instead, years down the line with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees mounting, we have litigation with one party representing those needing social housing, and the other group refusing to admit they simply got it wrong.
    John Tamihere is a former Labour Cabinet Minister and Chief Executive of Whānau Ora and West Auckland Urban Māori organisation Te Whānau o Waipareira.”

  6. Gotta Milk that $14b Cash Cow While You Can!

    Seven years for a business case!

    Today the Auckland Light Rail Establishment Unit quietly dropped a press release to say the business case for light rail wouldn’t be delivered until mid-2024 – a further delay for this project which was meant to be completed to Mt Roskill by 2021!

    Who says labour are suckers for a middle-class vanity-regentrification project!

  7. I don’t know if I have already put this up and its pending or whether I lost it. I put it again, and have split the extract up to two paragraphs.
    This is an example of a decision made by Runanga. From a Te Ara file on a man called William Francis MacWilliams.

    That night he was rescued and taken to Thames hospital. He was ill for many months until a visiting doctor extracted a piece of shirt from his wound, whereupon he made a rapid recovery. He is said to have petitioned Parliament on several occasions for compensation but was unsuccessful.

    Two Ngāti Hako, Pakara and Epiha, were accused of the shooting and found guilty by a Māori rūnanga. The rūnanga, however, upheld the claim of Ngāti Hako to the surveyed land. It appears that Pakara and Epiha were later convicted in a Pākehā court but served only a short part of their sentence; they were released when Te Kooti received his pardon in 1883.

  8. It’s really important we keep looking for factual news and information wiwe keep track of NZ’s modern high standards of engineering.
    May13 2022
    An industry disciplinary committee says Prajna Singh’s deceit was “alarming”.
    Her deceit included using a chartered professional engineer’s registration number without their knowledge.
    Read the full Disciplinary Committee decision on Prajna Singh (PDF).
    The two unidentified firms she worked for since 2015 in Auckland believed she was qualified.
    She was exposed by an anonymous tip-off in 2019.

    Engineer behind faulty Christchurch office building found to be … › national › engineer-behind-fault…
    29/04/2022 — An “incompetent” engineer whose poor design of a new central Christchurch office block failed to comply with the Building Code has been …
    Christchurch engineer found ‘incompetent’ in design of central … › nz › christchurch-engineer-f…
    28/04/2022 — Engineering New Zealand’s investigation found peer reviewers raised issues with Cho during the design phase but these were not addressed and …
    Inquiry finds structural engineer negligent but not incompetent › news › national › inquiry-finds…
    13/12/2021 — A major Masterton building owner is furious at the outcome of a five-year-long inquiry into a structural engineer signing off on flawed …
    Why is no-one being prosecuted for the CTV building collapse … › national › why-is-noone-being-…
    30/11/2017 — Police will not prosecute the engineers over the collapse of Christchurch’s CTV building, which killed 115 people in the February 2011
    28/01/2015 — performing engineering services in a negligent or incompetent manner … in Christchurch, so that if they wished, they could address us …

    Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002 › file PDF

      • Thank you savenz. YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A DEDICATED CARER FOR THE POLITICAL BODY OF nz AND WE NEED TO BE LOOKING AT THE FACTS WE’RE GIVEN AND YOU ARE A CHIEF PROVIDER. (Capitals are free extras and I am sure that Martyn or whoever won’t tell me off for them as might happen on TS.)

  9. I’ve just been watching The Orville and the robot Isak and the human Medical officer have just learned how to relate to each other. On reading this news about a fatal car crash, I wonder if the police are trying to turn into rigid-minded robots from humans.
    He told the court he received a phone call from his granddaughter that his wife’s damaged vehicle was seen at the scene.
    He ran down the road, only to be stopped at a roadblock by police. He responded that they couldn’t stop him, they responded with “she is already dead”.
    Despite pleading with them to let him through so he could hold her hand, he was refused and instead questioned about what she was wearing and her movements that day.
    “I said I needed to be with my wife and that it was her wish, that if she was to die, I was to hold her hand.”

    Itis a sad story but the reporter failed to tell us about the time the crash occurred. This was a big issue as the driver had started work at 5 am after being given 45 minutes notice about the job, and we are told it was about 5.30pm . He was 68, and struck the vehicle of a 70 year old pharmaceutical delivery driver finishing
    for the day. Two hard working older people doing necessary work in the economy. I think they both deserve sympathy and consideration. And the police need to revise their priorities and duties. I would like to see them able to work to assist citizens rather than punish and deprive them and government could help by acting towards the same end.


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