Lighting up the Michael Fowler Centre with the colours of the Palestinian flag


Following up on our earlier media release on the outrageous advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Wellington City Council not to light up the Fowler Centre in the colours of the Palestinian flag…

Today the New Plymouth City Council flew the Palestinian flag at the request of the local Palestine solidarity group – and the sky did not fall in!


        • Pah!
          I posit that Euclid would be turning aghast in his grave if he thought for a moment someone considered the equilateral red triangle on the Jordanian flag to be the same as the red isosceles triangle on the Palestinian one. It’s really all in the detail, or, are you not concerned about the detail?

          Wikipedia – ‘The flag is almost identical to that of the Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz, which is the western portion of the Arabian peninsula, and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party (both use a 2:3 ratio as opposed to the Palestine’s 1:2) as well as the short-lived Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan (which had an equilateral triangle at the hoist). It is also very similar to the Flag of Jordan and Flag of Western Sahara, all of which draw their inspiration from the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule (1916–1918). The flag of the Arab Revolt had the same graphic form, but the colours were arranged differently (white on the bottom, rather than in the middle).’

  1. Little most western societies aware about the long list of zionist terrorist groups which systematically attacked Palestinians (also attacked British forced and Jewish migrants who made a stand with the Palestinians) for almost 70 years. These Israeli terrorist groups were known as: Brit HaKanaim, The Kingdom of Israel group, Gush Emunim Underground, Neged Terror group AKA “TNT”, Irgun, Lehi, Hagana, Keshet (Kvutza Shelo Titpasher), Sicarii, The “Bat Ayin Underground” AKA Bat Ayin group, LehavaK, Kach and Kahane Chai. Some of these groups were even terrorising Israelis because they weren’t aggressive enough to eliminate the Palestinians. Little most western societies aware about the fundamental inspired justification for the zionist crimes against Palestinians. The IDF are trained and base their apartheid actions on these fundamental extreme concepts, systematically educated and trained to justify the hijacking of the old Jewish texts (old testament), to moderise them and to proceed to punish and kiII Palestinians:
    “kiII innocent women and children”: 1 Samuel 15:1-9, 27:9 and 11.
    Numbers 25:17, 31:1-2, 7, 15-18 and 11 Esther 8:11 and 9:1-19.
    Joshua 6:21, 8:24-27, 10, 11:11, 14 and 21-22 – kill everyone left none breathing.
    Instructions to slaughter 24,000 people in Numbers 25.
    Ezek 9:6 “SIay utterly old & young, maids & little children”. IDF justify these twisted verse to kiII innocent Palestinians. Zionists and the IDF believe the Palestinian people are a cursed people according to their twisted scripts. But most people don’t know, and don’t check, because all the attention is on Islam, the perfect distractor.
    And that is how and why the zionist IDF can use extreme force on Palestinians, while the world standing, watching and remains silent, while zionists and their extremist evanglican influencers uses anti-semitism and the holocaust as a protective shield if anyone dares to criticise the false nationality of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. More Jews are becoming aware on how the zionists and education system hijacked Jewish texts to produce this twisted justification for violence and terror, more Jews are making a stand against the zionist apartheid regime and making a stand with the Palestinians.

    • The holocaust is very specific. The only ones responsible for the holocaust is Nazi Germany. No one else.

      • And the West who ignored it for so long. Definitely not the Palestinians who have been abused by the Zionists

      • oh I dunno collaborators (including ukrainian nationalists) all over europe were prepared to pitch in and do their bit.

        • Indeed. In many cases, such as that of the OUN butchers who are venerated by the current Ukranian regime, German soldiers provided refuge to Jews and Poles being butchered by the Banderists.

      • I disagree. If you relearn about pre-WW2 in Europe, other countries and entities financed or supported the persecution of the Jewish people, i.e. IBM. The final solution was agreed by a few European countries, but changed stances in the midst of the holocaust, or more like at the end. There was no one that hated the Jews as much as the Christians, who persecuted the Jews many times in history. So now, this guilt by Christians is reciprocated through supporting zionism’s causes to make up for the Europen crimes against the Jews.

        • the state of isreal does not get a free pass because of the holocaust it quite rightly did in the past but the constant devaluing of the martyred by using them as banner in the critisise isreal=anti semitism line has sadly reduced the effectiveness of the Shoah as a political football

  2. John,
    We need to challenge every newspaper, TV and radio station to fly a Palestinian flag, out of solidarity with the family and supporters of Shireen Abu Akleh , a very brave journalist so cruelly silenced by a very vicious regime.

  3. HAS our Government made any statement at all on the killing and subsequent attack on pall bearers? I haven’t seen or heard anything.

      • Thanks for the info John.

        wow what a weak statement from mahuta. Doesn’t even mention “murder” just “death” nor does she talk about how Israeli forces attacked the pall bearers.

        what the hece os going on here? Is mahuta stupid or following orders?

        I see zionist stooge Rob Berg pops up in the comments, he’s a nasty piece of work

  4. “Kindness” applies to quite a list of people with this Govt. but never to Palestinians.

    It could not be more obvious with this outrageous direct intervention from MoFA where the Govt. stands–they stand with 5 Eyes, with US Imperialism, with the Israeli Military and Apartheid state and with British Labour who drove out Jeremy Corbyn and others with a modern day witch hunt for demonstrating internationalist solidarity with Palestine.

    • Indeed. At this point I’m looking back to the relatively less subservient policy of Helen Clark- at least she kicked out the zionist terrorists who were stealing our passports (although, she also let them back in) and didn’t back every single American war wholesale (though she shouldn’t have sent even a single troop to help them butcher the people of Iraq or Afghanistan).

  5. NEWSFLASH,the Jewish people have more rights and are “special”ie can have hurt feelings than the rest of us in Wellington…our useless mayor says so

    • @ lurcher1948 Wind it back lurcher, this has nothing to do with Jewish people and everything to do with the Isreali government and supporters.

  6. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore this should not be an issue. You either let all or let none.

  7. In 1982, Senator Joe Biden threatened Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin to cut American aid. This was Begin’s answer:
    “Never frighten us with no help. It’s not going to work. I am not the Jew whose knees are shaking. I am a Jew who is proud of the history of my people, which dates back 3,700 years. When we were dying in gas chambers and ovens, no one came to our rescue. And also no one helped us in our quest to build our state. We did it ourselves and paid in full. We fought for our ideals We were dying for them. And we still hold on to these principles. We will protect them. And, if need be, we will die again for our principles. With or without your help”
    · ·

  8. ” and the sky did not fall in ”

    Its hard to believe that the anti nuclear , springbok protests to name a few ever happened at all in this country John.

    We were an independent proud country with a conscience once. I guess the drive to make money and support the American evil empire has overtaken our once proud fighting spirit.

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