Political Caption Competition





  1. And in Particle Physics news, the discovery of a heavy boson paired with a strange quark proves that rather than abhore it, Nature will in fact tolerate a complete fucking vacuum.

  2. Boo hoo, the woke are only qualified for whining and cancelling everyone and can’t cope with normal skills of helping others like nursing and being a doctor coming to NZ.

    We need more identity whiners coming to NZ, if you are self obsessed, like to victimise others, or have major problems you want others to pay for, please come to NZ!

    Spot the white person who thinks he’s black and marginalised, telling the black person how racist he is.

    Yes, overseas whiner turned NZ privileged woke, are truely fucked up.

  3. Menéndez telling the Pacific Island community why they can’t afford to live in South Auckland anymore because the world’s woke are going to be living there in the Labour/Green led capitalists apartments instead.

  4. they’ll import who ever is cheap, if that’s indians or albanians matters not, the aim of all postwar NZgovts has been holding down wages by immigration….

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