Shireen Abu Akleh, 51-year old American-Palestinian correspondent for  Al Jazeera has just been assassinated by skilled  IDF snipers stationed on rooftops, in Jenin , Occupied West Bank. 

She and a group of other journalists,  wearing blue flak jackets and helmets marked as ‘PRESS’, were stationed near an entrance to Jenin refugee camp when they came under fire. 

Shireen Abu Akleh was shot in the head, in an exposed area below her ear, killing her instantly. Another Palestinian journalist, Ali Samoudi, was shot in the back. He was treated at a local hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

Israeli officials  claim to have a video showing that Shireen Abu Akleh  was killed by Palestinian gunfire. But the Jenin field officer for the Israeli human  rights NGO B’tselem, by comparing  the location depicted in the IDF video with the location where the journalist was shot, was able to say that the IDF was lying.

There has been an outpouring of grief by Palestinians  for the loss of this so very highly respected journlist. For over 3 decades she  reported from nearly every flashpoint in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem , telling the stories of both   Palestinians and Israelis. 

Palestinian lawmaker and former prisoner Khalida Jarrar told Al Jazeera, : “Shireen was always my voice from the prison cells…Shireen was our voice. It is unbelievable. It is a crime, it is all clear – intentional and direct targeting. She was targeted. It’s clear.” 

Another Palestinian journalist deliberately targeted. Not the first and not the last as long as the Israelis know they have impunity. The Israelis do not want Palestinians to have a voice. 

Is there going to be any reaction from American officials or American media or theAmerican public. Shereen was an Anerican citizen.

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Any reaction here in New Zealand? 


Israel is a rogue violent State. 

What does it take for people to get ANGRY?  

Lois Griffiths is a Human Rights Activist.


  1. Absolutely shocking.

    Nations should not be allowed to assassinate anybody (clearly!) and there should be even heavier international penalties for journalists who are targeted.

    Reminds me of Jamal Khashoggi, another assassinated journalist. No justice there, either.

    The killings will continue while international law and governments allow it.

  2. The usual disgusting moral selectivity. Not a jot of compassion for the 19 Israelis butchered by Palestinians over the recent weeks. If this woman was assassinated it was by Palestinians hungry to malign Israel.

  3. I find it hard to believe the Israeli claims that she was actually shot by Palestinians. Cui bono? The Palestinians knew she was exposing violence.
    Which side had the motive to eliminate her?

  4. Highly unlikely

    From Sky: “Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett disputed those accusations, saying the shot could have been fired by a Palestinian and that “there must be a real investigation” into the death. He accuses the Palestinians of “preventing that”.

  5. “When will the world and those who stand by Apartheid Israel that continues to murder, torture and commit war crimes finally say: “Enough”?” Tlaib wrote on Twitter. “Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered by a government that receives unconditional funding by our country with zero accountability.”

    “POTUS, an American journalist clearly marked with press credentials was murdered. Doing and saying nothing just enables more killings. Whether you’re Palestinian, American, or not, being killed with US funding must stop,” she added.

    Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog

    “One would expect a member of Congress to support our call for an impartial joint Israeli-Palestinian investigation of this tragic event, rather than rushing to a biased conclusion. Acting as the judge, jury and executioner undermines the causes of justice and peace.”

    “Let’s put things context: in the past few weeks, three major deadly terror attacks in the heart of Israel were planned, orchestrated and carried out from Jenin. The IDF went there to thwart another act of terror and was attacked by heavily armed ‘Islamic Jihad’ terrorists,” added Herzog in a second tweet.

    Earlier on Wednesday, US State Department Spokesman Ned Price condemned the killing of Abu Aqleh, but without assigning blame.

    • Unlike Israels bombings where they can plausibly deny targeted killing when they wipe out innocents ,,, a bullet goes exactly where it is AIMED ,,, as the israel sniper who bragged of shooting the knees of 42 Palastinians in one day proves ,,, and as the IDF said themselves in relation to one days shootings out many ,,, which by 31 March 2018 were 215 demonstrators shot dead , while 7,996 were wounded….

      ……………….IDF -“and we know where every bullet landed.”

      “The Israeli military’s use of 100 snipers against unarmed Palestinian civilian protesters in the Gaza Strip is illegal,”

      Imagine the uproar if a Russian sniper did a head shot on a Usa citizen/journalist ,,,,

        • Yes ,,,, Israel has a long and documented history of murdering journalists,,, in some past years being world beaters for this activity.

          Recently in just 1 day israel killed 15 and wounded over one thousand ,,,, showing past form and character.
          “In addition to the slayings, at least 1,400 Palestinians were injured as Israeli forces used live ammunition, drones firing tear gas and even artillery along the Gaza-Israel boundary where Palestinians had gathered Friday to commemorate Land Day and protest Israel’s refusal to allow them to return to lands from which Palestinians were ethnically cleansed.”

          You can transfer my statement demonstrating hypocrisy and double standards regarding russia onto the murder of Razan al-Najjar if you like ,,,

          “Israel’s army released a deceptively edited video, hoping to tarnish the image of Razan al-Najjar, a Palestinian paramedic killed by Israeli fire in Gaza.”

          The point remains the same no matter who Israel is killing ,,, and lets be honest, the odds of friendly fire killing Israels enemy is low in the context of Israels consistent behavior.

          However the usa trusts them to investigate themselves ,,, like Jacinda Ardernsky trusts what comes out of Ukraine as ‘evidence’. Snake tongues alright ….

          Israel Just Killed Another Journalist | Shireen Abu Akle h


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