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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Australia can turn on sixpence. They took away our opportunity to become naturalised
    Australians and also fairness to resident NZs there working and paying tax.  

    They changed arrangements for education at tertiary level for Norfolk Islanders and their sense of being self-governing. Now they are exerting authority again over the lesser countries in their opinion.

  2. Interesting and troubling (more) situation developed about the Whakaari Island deaths.
    ,.,The volcano erupted in December 2019 while tourist groups were visiting it, killing 22 people and leaving others with serious burns.
    Winkleman [Florida attorney] says tourists received a brochure informing them it was one of the world’s most active volcanos.
    However he said it didn’t mention a recent change in the volcanic alert level – from a one to a two.
    “What they left out was the alarming number of things that had happened in the weeks leading up to the actual eruption, most notibly lifting the volcano scale from a one to a two.”

    “There was so much chatter that was out there that went to showing that there was a far increased likelihood of there being an eruption, and none of that was passed on to the Royal Caribbean passengers. So they weren’t given that opportunity to make a fully informed decision about whether they wanted to park themselves on that island for that day.”
    Winkleman said a recent change now allows Australian residents to have their case heard in US courts.

    The USA and OZ in step with this claim. How convenient – seeing that the USA knows how to make high claims and courtroom drama. Please Peter Jackson or Jane Campion or Taika Waititi will you make a movie from this and see if we can earn some money to pay the likely high demands. And they will win their case I bet two chocolate fish. It wasn’t a good set-up at all; too relaxed and ‘we know all about this’ complacency.

    I see Minister Mahuta has shown some firm resolve to tie down these slippery fish. Get the kete under them – late but something done.

    • Was nothing said to Royal Carribean themselves. They would have been the head or the agent for the passengers? Could they sue if some authority for okaying the cruise was put on them and financial liability or part?

  3. Bloody greywarbler again! Hello folks what do you think about the latest on Omicron verision 5+ give or take an oz.

    I think that we have to stop world tourism being an everyday thing. Try limiting to twice a year for business people when necessary rest over zoom, (and more local production and consumption), families once a year with possibly longer visas than before,
    no short-term day trippers …,
    She only played one night stand
    Tried to please her
    She only played one night stand, now
    She was a day tripper
    One way ticket, yeah
    It took me so long to find out
    And I found out
    Day tripper, day tripper, yeah
    Songwriters: Paul Mccartney / John Lennon

    Rest of previous travel in own country?, or joining special ‘real country scub’ visiting regularly three to five years bearing gifts for the poorer people of things they want, otherwise visiting over electronics .Perhaps every five years to visit some funded sanctuary or place of forest habilitation with aid money and physical assistance to work on some useful scheme. End of planes as presently proliferating peace slower, much slower, and war stopped.

    End of most war back to David and Goliath spectacles over disputes. David had a sling, make it television sspecial with Borat in place of David (note content may offend:

    • ‘scub’ should be club – I thought what about this whole country being a special country club but for rare visits by anybody. The rich can stay in one of their other countries or picnic spots. And we won’t sell any more land to anyone from overseas, Short – term leases instead..

      And sales to NZs go to housing trusts, run as assets in superannuation pension funds that we all benefit from. And housing prices can be something that people can afford in time, but they have to sell back to the housing bank. Wouldn’t solve all the problems but take the heat out of the market because rents would only go up according to movements on the CPI and also after necessary work done, and a rent change negotiation. Let’s have lots of woolly wrapping around precious housing to keep it in good nick and price.

    Could we do one of our famous heart-rending caring saves and do a deal with the USA and UK and get to hold Julian Assange here and we could satisfy everybody by giving him sanctuary closer to his home in Australia but under house arrest or something. We can be so nice to foreign nationals who want to come here, this is one way we could really help someone who is just a bit naughty but not as much nasty as old USA makes out.

    We have the money and facilities to look after the little shithead from Australia and other ones being sent that have connections here. What’s another one to the list! Let’s make a full circle of being kind to Australians and get Julian here. Can we grow a pair of something no matter what gender our PM is?

    Have we any appendages at either end of our bodies? Why don’t we keep our trained people here? For at least enough time to use them as workers getting job experience and then builders guaranteed employment and paid wages with some reliable firm. for say five years. Bugger the pathetic rites of free marketing, we need to manage our country better and have some responsibility and loyalty to it and to each other.

    Why do we put up with these dozy privateers who’ve got hold of this once-proud country. Life isn’t even fun like pirate Jack Sparrow’s pics.. He made Dead Men Tell no Tales(2017) and we are dragging up our own version along with an extra heavy anchor and no guarantee of crowd roles for us.

    Well get BRANZ to put their expertise together and design a better home with safety features for the builders and carpenters and a special incentive to build this type of accommodation,and it could be multile-type – duplex mews etc. They could find ready designed plans and buy the rights.

    All these smart speculators around – haven’t the politicians got the strength of will and knowledge to rout the speculators and businesspeople who still manage to get things wrong and go bust. If they concentrated on building just a couple at a time and worked between them they would be ok you’d think.


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