Dishonest, deceitful and misleading: Nasty smears from our security services


It hasn’t taken long for our security services to revert to type and shift their focus from white supremacists back to identifying security threats from progressive organisations challenging human rights abuses by US allies.

This time Aotearoa New Zealand’s Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG) in consultation with police, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the National Assessments Bureau (NAB) have identified “pro-Palestinian” protestors as part of the Covid 19-related occupation at parliament earlier this year.

The security assessments have been obtained by Newshub through the Official Information Act and looked at how “politically-motivated violent extremists” (PMVEs) could react as a result of the protest clearance at parliament.

This “five eyes” assessment has a long, narrow gaze which is seeing potential PMVEs in the Palestine solidarity movement.

It’s a nasty, repugnant smear.

There was a Palestinian flag being held at one point during the occupation but the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has no idea who that person was. We tried to identify them from the livestream but couldn’t – if we had we would have told them to put the flag away. For all we know it could have been a deliberate plant.

What we do know is there was an Israeli flag carried at the protest during the clearance of the occupation but somehow it escaped the attention of the myopic racists in our security services.

There is no mention in their report of the pro-Israel lobby being part of the Wellington protest. The SIS and Police don’t make any association of potential PMVEs from supporters of Israel’s racist, apartheid regime. It doesn’t fit their blinkered narrative – their essentially US-driven, racist view of the world.

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Much easier to pick on the Palestinian victims of racism and apartheid – just as former governments here and in the US were happy to label the national liberation struggle in South Africa as “communist” and “terrorist” when all it wanted was basic human rights.

To rub buckets of salt in the wound, six Palestinians were amongst the 51 murdered worshippers in the mosque attacks in Christchurch and our security services were clueless. They failed to protect the Muslim community and the Palestinians who are part of the Muslim community. They were looking the other way.

And now here they are making repulsive smears – guilt by association – against Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists in their assessment of the Wellington occupation.

Dishonest, deceitful and misleading.

By all accounts our security services have regular meetings and a cosy relationship with the pro-Israel lobby. Nothing surprising there and no wonder they never gave a second thought to that Israeli flag.

The Israeli flag has become a symbol of racism and oppression across the world while the Palestinian flag is a symbol of hope and freedom.

I know which flag I stand with – our security services stand with the other one.


    • XstraightXedgeX Jews aren’t a racist they’re an ethno-religious group made up from a variety of races, The fact that you mentioned Jews & Palestinians as a separate entity when their are Palestinian Jews, Muslims, Christians just goes to show the brainwashing that imbedded in your vernacular is troublesome to say the least don’t you think?

      • Well Stephen that depends on who you talk to when it comes to deciding who is jewish and who isn’t.

        Ethiopian jews (for example) have a hard time being accepted as jews in israel.

        But anyhow my post was deliberately provocative because palestinians and (true) jews come from the same land and are the same race they just differ by their religion

        • Maybe. Many Palestinians are Christian, (though fewer than there were 20 years ago), and some are Jews!

        • “But anyhow my post was deliberately provocative because palestinians and (true) jews come from the same land and are the same race they just differ by their religion”

          WTF! So who are the true Jews XstraightXedgeX the white ones? The Black ones? the tinge brownness ones? Maybe read a book or do some proper fucken research before having a conniption. Illan Pappe Books come to mind he’s one of the best Israelis ex-Zionist to give quality of whom are the real indigenous people of Palestine.

        • It might be old-fashioned but I take the view that the Jews descended from Abraham. You don’t need to read many chapters to see that there was a lot of mixing in the bloodline which explains the variety in them. It is also well known that Jews can have different political & religious views so it is definitely unfair to say they are all the same. The nation-state of Israel has virtually no redeeming features & has become progressively worse in its treatment of the Palestinians over the years.

          • Yeah ‘Bonnie’ heard that baloney may times and guess what? Its just hogwash, and wasn’t Abram born in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and he immigrated to Palestine? And this different bloods mixing is what the human race has been doing since it ‘Mai ra no’ You really believe that Jews are this special superior race? that your right but don’t come on here and talk shit then claim mixing of bloods is your proof that Jews are an actual race akin to other human species. Free Palestine.

  1. “To rub buckets of salt in the wound, six Palestinians were amongst the 51 murdered worshippers in the mosque attacks in Christchurch and our security services were clueless. They failed to protect the Muslim community and the Palestinians who are part of the Muslim community. They were looking the other way”

    I dislike Israels behaviour as much as you John but come on there was no way of knowing or preventing Tarrant’s terror attack: he was your stereotypical lone wolf.

    As an aside the mosque he attacked actually did have a history of having Islamic extremists attending it curiously enough

    Nothing is black and white

    • Sadly the information the security services has will not become public for another 30 years, outrageous, no one will care then.

      So who would really know.

      • do your own research buddy. All the proof of what I say is out there on the internet. The Chch mosque has a history of being frequented by certain islamic extremist individuals. Does that mean the mosque is complicit in islamic extremism? No. Does it mean security agencies should keep an eye out? Yes.They would be foolish not to

        • You’re making the allegations so please provide? Also did those extremist Muslims you claim visited the Mosque in Christchurch preform any terrorist attacks in Aotearoa? I say NO what say you?

          • They took their aspiration for violent jihad off to Yemen Stephen. Who knows if they would have committed a domestic attack if prevented from going.

    • lone wolf my arse ‘x’ just because we failed to investigate how an unemployed aussie survived here, who was actually supporting him, then there’s the outrageous ineptitude by which he got his licence(some may say collusion/incompetence) who sold him the weapon as gunowners bleat ‘they’re not cheap’

  2. Abhorrent double standards are not even the worst of it – the clearly deep-seated Islamophobia of both our security services and this Labour government demand immediate and REAL action, not more token placations and hijab-donning – especially when the reality is that many Muslim women in NZ do not wear a hijab for fear of verbal and physical assault.

    • Yes, kindness is not extended to Palestinians that’s for sure. In Northland the Whangārei Labour MP Emily Henderson accepted a petition last year from a delegation and a march for Palestinian rights, Roger Fowler was there and other long time supporters, but I suspect she got reprimanded for it as she has been quiet ever since.

  3. At least you have put this out in public John. Fighting back against Israeli apartheid state oppression is not extremism, nor is international solidarity support for Palestinians in NZ.

    The Wellington occupation was chock full of contradictory symbolism and rhetoric–i.e. middle aged Pākehā women carrying 1814 United Tribes flags!–what the?

    So who knows what to read into the various flags and signs, except having been a political activist since the 70s I know what should be read into the state security forces bollocks. SIS, cops and others have had a deep presence in virtually any protest activity or solidarity movement for decades so it is quite credible that the Palestine flag holder was a plant.

  4. David Cumin and his cronies are good at pushing one narrative. They seize on anything, of course they are not going to say anything about the Israeli flag also being present doesn’t fit the narrative.
    Did they lose people in the mosque shooting, NO.
    Did Palestinians die in the mosque shooting, YES.

    And today the Human Rights Commission continues building its “hierarchy of racism” with anti-semitism at the top.

    Surely racism – such as the endless attacks on Maori for wearing moko was much more important and frankly dangerous.

  5. Man these acronyms are confusing, just trying to get my head around what ISIS initially meant which I thought was, Israeli Secret Intelligences Services? I thought we were against Apartheid remember the 1981 SA tour? John Minto does because he was a frontline activist fighting for the rights of oppressed peoples in another country which our govt supported and guess who was victorious? These heroic acts resonate through history that has a legacy which has become an iconic part of what it is to be a New Zealander.

    It’s no surprise that our govts will target descending voices to push these colonial aggressive acts against it’s subjects remembering that the ‘Five Eyes’ are colonized countries except Britain that have a proven recorded history of stepping ova weaker oppositions, and they’ll use whatever means it takes to be victorious.

    I say fuck you ‘Apartheid Israel’ and its client states that it manipulates at will using the genocide of Jewish victims in Europe and anti-Semitic canards as a moral grounds to push it’s zionist asperations. Funny enough after the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergey Lavrov mentions Hitler had Jewish roots, and then Hamas Visit to Moscow the other day might suggest IMO that the old alliance between these two states which shares a demographic roots, might finally have done it’s course? Only time will tell, and if so, we could be witnessing a change in world powers realigning themselves and when we hear of Iranians flying it’s drones ova the levant with the name ‘GAZA’ spelled out for all to see would be a defining moment in history for sure.

    I am definitely a target for the security apparatus and wear it with a badge of honor,
    Free Palestine!

    • That rogue Lavrov went off script and got a dressing down for Putin.

      I must admit I chuckled at the Hitler is jewish comment, Not that long ago it was a claim used by many people to discredit Hitler and plenty of folk happily rolled with it as they liked discrediting Der Fuehrer, However now it’s an inconvenient claim given the current situation

    • “I am definitely a target for the security apparatus and wear it with a badge of honor,
      Free Palestine!”

      Sorry to dent your generous sense of self-importance Stephen but I am sure NZ’s security services better things to do.

      • For sure they have ‘James Brown’ which is ironic that the bill proposed includes electronic monitoring of political activist in support of Palestine. You really are in lala land if you think that they’re not monitoring blogsites like this that have descending voices against govt activities ‘James Brown’?

  6. Well done our security services for identifying the real troublemakers and violence-embracing, terrorist supporting nasties. While they’re at it, they should ban the odious chant the terrorist supporters love to intone, ‘From the river to the sea’ swill, which is a shameless demand for another genocide of the Jewish people. Nice to see the Israeli flag there…of course, it couldn’t possibly be a ‘plant’…symbolising as it does the power and pride of democratic Israel.

      • But Iran, the world’s most dangerous sponsor of terrorism, is allowed to be a theocracy, as are Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the Vatican etc? A theocracy is run by a designated holy personage/priest, so Israel doesn’t qualify. Try and use the correct terms, spaced out one.

        • yea and I rip the shit out of them too…your point is?
          ohhh if there are nazis in existance we should be nazis too cuzz they exist.

          gaby you know full well the religious extremists who live on state handouts but won’t let their precious offspring in the fundamentalist jewish version of ‘madrasas, serve with the IDF to defend a state they themselves despise…are the ones who are the ‘kingmakers’ in isreal and the mainstream pollies cower in fear before them…

          spaced enough for you dear?

          • You could say the same about Bedouin living in manly polygamous bliss whilst the same cupidity is denied other Israeli citizens.

        • Israel is not a reliable friend, partner or Ally in the war on terror. Any soldier knows that decipline isn’t just about tidying you’re room. Discipline is also about being objective because soldiers are trained to kill and commanders want soldiers to follow orders because sometimes solders start seeing civilians as enemies.

      • With Islamic terror attacks. Although Brussels is doing its utmost to force Poland into that wonderful diversity showcasing itself in Paris, Malmo, Rotherham and Cologne so it may not be long before Poland joins the party. May need to keep Putin on speed dial.

  7. To paraphrase Mark Twain; “if discussing injustice with the establishment made a difference, they wouldn’t let you do it!” so too, when it comes to Palestinians rights, will be the outcome of any meeting with those in control, be they government or media. Just as Zionists have illegally seized and established settlements in the land of Palestine, so too has its propaganda seized and established territory in the minds of men. And it’s nonsense to say that fighting for social justice “has become an iconic part of what it is to be a New Zealander.” when in truth the experience of the 1981 Springbok protest proved that it was an heroic minority who made us face the truth. Beneath the genial facade we are an ugly reactionary rabble easily swayed by whatever racist crap serves the establishment’s purpose, and nothing short of another 1981 will change that.

    • Oh indeed Malcolm and Lynne, the genial facade is absolutely shameful. For all the angst over Black Lives Matter in the past two years not one word has been mentioned by our caring left and human rights activists about the ongoing massacre by jihadists of thousands of Black Christians in Nigeria, let alone any effort made by our kind Labour govt to rescue victims in the accelerated manner Afghans were accorded last year.

      • We cannot do everything. Why don’t you organise something, a march a petition. All human rights issues matter to me and others, and we will be there. It is always amazes me that we get these little gibes from the sideline from people who appear not to do anything.

        • But that would never do when I’m centre right Michal and the progressive/marxist left have appropriated oppression of minorities as their exclusive domain. Tell you what, if you want to take up the cause here’s a worthy case to start with.

          24 years eh. No wonder our caring left stick to mocking Christianity. And of course “you” can do everything. It’s called diversity. Only some causes are just not fashionable anymore. Sad.

        • How Washington led the purge of Christians from its ‘New Middle East’- Part 2
          “In 2014, Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists (called ‘moderate rebels’ by the NATO media) from Turkey attacked the mainly Armenian-Christian town of Kesab, in NW Syria, kidnapping, murdering, and desecrating churches, with graffiti which reminded the Armenian residents of the Ottoman massacres a century earlier. All 14 churches were burned and vandalized.”

          “ISIS, ported in from Iraq, also terrorized Syria’s communities, until Iraqi and Syrian forces backed by Iran and at great cost in lives, drove them out. ”

          “Behind the shallow declarations of Christian values and the cynical use of ‘humanitarian intervention’ claims as pretexts for wars of aggression, Washington has been the central engine behind the purging of the world’s oldest Christian communities in Palestine, Syria, and Iraq. Let’s not remain naïve.”

          … and Israel destroyed how many christian villages during their land stealing invasion of Syria?? ‘The Truth about Syria’s Golan Heights’

  8. The NZ security services are clearly operating within the framework set and given to them by the US empire and, since the Ukraine war, by the more and more bellicose attitude of the UK. Given that NZ is part of the Five Eyes and bound within the Anglosphere’s other “defense” organisations, only a major shift away from these alliances can liberate NZ’s foreign policy and achieve NZ full potential as an independent actor on world stage.
    As it is, NZ is being used to give credo to the indefensible actions of the altanticist global empire.

  9. Pity the world cant supply Weapons to the Palestinians so they can fight back against the brutal Israeli military occupation.

  10. ok here’s how it goes with words


    one of these is different, can you spot which one gaby?


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