Oh look at that, exactly as TDB predicted, here comes the crypto-Police State & the defaming of pro-Palestine activists


THE VERY THING TDB WARNED when the adults refused to de-escalate this Dumb Lives Matter Parliamentary Lawn fiasco was that it would radicalise NZers!

All we succeeded in doing was recruit for the far right! That’s why we had to de-escalate this and not use State violence and let it explode into a riot at the end!

BECAUSE there were so many bad faith actors wishing to gain propaganda from a violent state over reaction, we had to de-escalate!

Do you understand the point I was making?

Well we didn’t de-escalate and here’s the fucking radicalisation…

Parliament protest: Intelligence reports reveal assessments of possible violent extremism in aftermath

New documents reveal New Zealand intelligence agencies’ assessments of possible violent extremism related to the parliamentary protest and the Government’s COVID-19 response. 

The most recent of the documents, dated March 4, said it was “likely” a small minority of individuals in New Zealand “have or will develop the intent to carry out an act of extremist violence” in either reprisal to the protest clearance or to “compensate for a perceived lack of ‘success’”.  

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…Yes those economically and socially damaged by Covid restrictions were led astray by Far Right Propagandists, but this doesn’t happen in a vacuum! The crippling cost of living crisis, the total lack of traction on housing, welfare, poverty – ALL of them combined here and if the Left had done something meaningful and material about that economic pain (rather than bullshit virtue signalling crap), the underclass wouldn’t have a rage and pain that was so easily manipulated by those far right propagandists!

So what’s next?

Let me tell you what’s next, the following intelligence apparatus…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…all have their hands out demanding more budget and powers to hunt the ‘Nazis’.

‘Nazis’ who wouldn’t have become ‘Nazis’ if we hadn’t gifted this radicalisation coup to the far right in the first fucking place!

The gold medal in Outrage Olympics is the ability to paint your enemy out as the worst monster in civilisation so that their argument can be smothered in damnation all because woke thresholds have been triggered, that’s why it was so important for the Left to denounce everyone at the Dumb Lives Matter protest as a ‘Nazi’.

Hilariously the report specifies that there were no actual Nazis at the protest…

While Nazi symbols were pictured at the site, CTAG wrote that this “is highly likely intended to portray the current Government’s actions as comparable to those of Nazi Germany, and are not indicative of widespread support for Nazi or other fascist ideologies”.

…what is particularly insidious is the enemies list the intelligence apparatus listed and note who has slyly been added to the list of people the Eye of Mordor will now fall upon…

They also assessed there was a “realistic possibility” that the PMVE rhetoric at the protest could “radicalise individuals not already on the violent extremist spectrum”, the document said.

It noted that protesters at Parliament had “a wide variety of agenda”, including some that had “no obvious links to COVID-19”. That includes those supporting the Sovereign Citizen movement, anti-communism, pro-Palestine and anti-Three Waters.

…why the fuck are pro-Palestinian activists on this list? What possible trigger justifies their surveillance? How did they get slotted onto the enemies list?

In the rush to reorientate the intelligence apparatus of NZ to spy domestically on new threats, who is checking these decisions being made at the height of panic?

We chose as a nation not to de-escalate the protest, we chose to escalate and radicalise people.

Frightened middle class Wellington Marxists, the elite press gallery and the MPs all believed they survived a January 6th insurrection, their fear made them blunder.

We now have to manage the legacy of their fear and anger.

The ramping up of surveillance budgets, the moving of the Eye of Mordor, the new crypto-Police State rising – these are all now our responsibility as Citizens to monitor because we allowed it to birth on Parliament’s Lawns with Trev’s temper tantrums.

The woke will cheer the crypto-Police State that’s looming.

There are no adults left in the room.

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  1. LGBT and Maori have never had more power to decieve and build then right now yet feminists and trans rights activists claim that Maori and trans are most repressed.

    Of David Chappells Joke that it’s easier for Katlin Jenner to change its sex than for Cassius Clay is change his name. What did you guys not get about that?

    The easier it is to deplatorm, the further away justice grows. People with justice in there hearts don’t need to ca for it across twitter.

    • ‘LGBT and Maori have never had more power to deceive and build then right now yet feminists and trans rights activists claim that Maori and trans are most repressed.’ Fuck off with your BS Sammy boy you got proof of your ‘pepe the frog’, meme? I’ll just bring you & your ilk up to date, Maori have been facing these intelligence apparatus… since forever and now the rest of humanity in Aotearoa is just getting a taste of what Maori had to content with since 1840.

      • I’m not a mana whenua like you, Stephen. But I am aware that Nga Tuhoe investment committee grew it’s financial portfolio from about $350 million in 2020 to about $400 million now. The operational budget of Te Uru Taumatua is $5 million annually yet they report about $2-$3 million in spending each year. But yeah, that kind of incompetence has something to do with armchair activists Tino rangatiratanga-ness and outrage.

      • I mean that style of Maori Tanga you, Stephen have painted all over your face is about security intelligence eh koro.

  2. Problems are getting worse as the same organisations led by the same sort of management, get the same increased amounts of government funding for increasing insecurity or talk fests about security to other committee members. Meanwhile peoples security and rights seems be worsening.

    Only in woke NZ are self proclaimed non NZ terrorists not allowed to leave NZ, instead NZ woke putting ‘wrap around’ care costing a fortune and 2 armed security guards to shadow them until they start to kill. Apparently they have poured millions into a special prison wing for just 3 most dangerous prisoners – 2 who came to NZ – such as Tarrant. Shouldn’t the point be, to keep out the bad people or deport them at the beginning of their criminal paths and when the public start complaining about their behaviour?

    Similar to housing in terms of creating a system that didn’t use to exist with the ‘business led’ housing solutions that many organisations are making millions off – social bonds are a growth industry in NZ.

    The Te Reo course doesn’t seem to be providing safe housing for the growing amount of people living in emergency housing or motels.

    Rotorua motel tenants claim they were threatened with benefit cuts as Housing Minister investigates serious allegations

    “The tenants said for months they had been told by Visions staff they would get housing help and wraparound services but it was their opinion they hadn’t been offered what was promised, apart from tikanga and te reo classes.

    Raroa said when it came to te reo classes, “they were banging on their door at 8am”.

    “I am fine with my te reo. I just want to know what they are doing about houses. Of course, we have been looking for houses too but we just feel stuck.”

    Darius Fleet said they felt like prisoners with all their rules.

    “They treat us like we are second-class citizens … I was taking my kids to school this morning and they were writing it down in a journal.”

    His partner, who only wanted her first name, Nikki, published, said she worked in a bar and had an arrangement to come back to the motel after the 10pm curfew, but she said she was questioned by staff at the weekend when she got back at midnight.

    “The bar was busier with no mandates now and they were asking why I was so late. I felt like I had to explain that to them.”

    There are 13 Government-contracted motels in Rotorua providing emergency housing that is managed by support organisations such as Visions. There are about 350 households in non-contracted motels scattered throughout Rotorua that are getting emergency housing grants from the Ministry of Social Development.”

    • SaveNZ you truly need help with your ‘White Supremacy’ Maori hating ways!! Why can’t you string a sentence together without making degrading references or targeting Maori with negative messaging regularly? Did a Maori call you names at school, or pinch your lunch? Or was it the ‘Doing the haka thing at school that put you off Maori? Or are you just a racist bigot and just visit these sites to let rip? Either way you might need some psychological help or worse a shrink?

  3. 21 million on consultants for 3 waters in 20 months. No wonder we are in the ‘dumb lives matter’ debacle.

    But still the government allows resource consents for polluters of water such as the Dome Landfill consents that the government allowed.

    • That may have something to do with the terms and conditions of the two trade agreements they signed us up to?

      CETP and the old TPPA whatever its called now. The NZ government has to guarantee the profits of contracts of the investors.

      That’s why we get screwed as taxpayers and foreign companies get to screw us too.

      These globalisational trade deals are debt traps. They’re no different to the t&c’s of one of those gym memberships that you can’t cancel the payments for when you terminate your membership for. Except these contracts have a life span of 30 to 50+!

  4. Big business or billionaire around the world funding their agendas is part of the worlds growing security problems.

    Filipino inquiry finds big polluters ‘morally and legally liable’ for climate damage

    “The world’s most polluting companies have a moral and legal obligation to address the harms of climate change because of their role in spreading misinformation, according to an inquiry brought about by Filipino typhoon survivors.

    Experts say the long-awaited report published on Friday, which concludes that coal, oil, mining and cement firms engaged in “wilful obfuscation” of climate science and obstructed efforts towards a global transition to clean energy, could add fuel to climate lawsuits around the world.”

  5. “…why the fuck are pro-Palestinian activists on this list?”

    There was an assessment into who was in attendance at the protest and for what cause they were there for. If pro-Palestinian activists turn up, then it will be noted. Just as it was noted there were people opposing the Three Waters reforms. Surely a threat assessment of the protest needs to include all groups in attendance. It doesn’t mean they all get classified as high risk.

    • If Palestinian supporters are on the list, why not the Israeli Apartheid supporting people. One of whom was wearing an Israeli flag and watching the attack on the police as well as videoing it. Such Islamaphobia and Racism by the NZ Intelligence services is totally unacceptable.

  6. Who said NZ isn’t heading toward becoming an Authoritarian State?!

    I wonder when the first lot of Hugo Boss Public Service ‘casual’ workwear is arriving from Nazi Germany? Or will it be cheap knock-offs from China?

    Who knows what all of these agencies really do? Really. There’s a fuckn lot of them!

    So, how many Maori, PI and other brown folks will be caught up in the dragnet when all of these agencies are in need of keeping their KPIs up for their next bit of funding?

    Mellinial Policing of people who’ve hurt my feelings Investigators Squads. In other words, the NARK industry.
    This is what happened in Germany 100 years ago, and it happened in America to with ‘Reds under the Bed’ and McCarthyism. Now online censorship and deplatforming.

    Who would have thought lil ole NZ would turn into a retarded nation led by retarded mellinial-GenZ Woke-ology perpetrated by a Government!

    It’s time for an election! Why? Because this is another Crisis in the making that we don’t need!

  7. @ MB. You ask.
    “…why the fuck are pro-Palestinian activists on this list? What possible trigger justifies their surveillance? How did they get slotted onto the enemies list?”
    I think it’s because the Israelis are on their way here. ( They’re almost certainly already here in one guise or another.) Firstly, they’ll use any dirt dug up against the crown to justify some punk like jonky to start lobbying for our AO/NZ to become a republic. Then out goes the treaty, out goes any advantages we had while still being a member of the commonwealth, like the Queens Chain and access to crown lands, i.e. DOC land, national parks, oceans, beaches, lakes, rivers etc, etc. Maori Land? Gone mates.
    There’s only 5 million of us, we live on a paradise of a few islands the size of the UK, the planet is going to fry with the possible exception of here and our lands and oceans are rich, fertile and we have lakes full of fresh, drinkable water which, due to our AO/NZ’s topography and atmospheric weather pattern alignments- rotation of the planet- mountain spine to extract water via the fern effect.
    We’re far too beautiful to be ignored. Sooner or later someone somewhere will notice us and they will come for us and they will try to take our beautiful AO/NZ off us. They will do that by destabilising our societies, they will cripple our economies by artificially inflating our DTI ratio to force us into unpayable debts to the foreign owned banks and then we’ll be fucked. Oh wait? We already are, and no one can explain why.
    Why are 5 million people living on a country that can export 1st-world high quality foods and wool grown by one of the most, if not THE most technologically advanced agricultural infrastructures in the world on the bones of their arses as house prices climb to beyond millions of dollars while many of our farmers suicide because they work to beyond mental and physical exhaustion and as costs escalate while incomes drop.
    Why is that? Why the fuck is that? I know! But you don’t. Clearly, you need to find out what it is, exactly, that you don’t know yet need to know. And you’d better fucking hurry up @ Martyn Bradbury. Remember? “When the belly’s full, all else is poetry.” Frank Mc Court.
    I think we and our AO/NZ is in the most perilous and immediate danger and it’s made all the more perilous and dangerous because most of us have no idea we are.
    Have you seen the look on Grant Robertson’s face of recent? When he’s having an unguarded moment? He looks worried. I mean, really, really worried. And so should we be.

    • They’ve already noticed us bro and I can agree with your sentiment, for instance Zionism as an example is a cancer to anything they touch, they hook on to any govt, country or regime to further their goals just look at all the world powers they’ve amassed on their side.

  8. Spies:
    Interesting NZ Obituary – https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/128491339/obituary-the-spy-who-remained-in-the-shadows May.7/22.
    Vinsen Edward Good d. March 3,2022…Except for a brief moment, when his name was made public after the trial of William Sutch, he spent his entire career lurking in the shadows…
    He helped with surveillance and was involved in the espionage case that led to two Soviet diplomats and KGB officers being expelled from New Zealand in 1962. After a period spent in Auckland, he headed the branch of the service that dealt with protective security from 1974 to 1985. That involved vetting work and the newly emerging threat of terrorism
    Vin was then posted overseas for four years, responsible for liaison with the security services of Europe, in particular MI5. During that time he had to deal with the aftermath of the Rainbow Warrior bombing and also the impact of the Anzus split, which followed New Zealand’s decision to become nuclear-free.
    Returning to New Zealand in August 1989, he became deputy director of the service,

    He helped with surveillance and was involved in the espionage case that led to two Soviet diplomats and KGB officers being expelled from New Zealand in 1962. After a period spent in Auckland, he headed the branch of the service that dealt with protective security from 1974 to 1985. That involved vetting work and the newly emerging threat of terrorism…
    Sons David and Andrew say they did not know what their father did, and that did not really change until after the Sutch affair. In 1974, William Sutch, a senior public servant, was arrested and charged with supplying information to the Russians. [What information? Any information of any sort?]
    The subsequent trial focused public attention on the SIS, especially after Sutch was acquitted.
    His sons say their father was adamant that Sutch was guilty, even if a jury thought otherwise. The verdict raised questions about the efficiency of the SIS, and in those days it was not illegal to name spies…

    The 1972-75 Labour government had ordered a review of the SIS. In 1977, Muldoon used the review to bring in sweeping new rules that gave the SIS much more power.
    Muldoon had already used information from the SIS to target political opponents in the Labour Party, including Colin Moyle and Gerald O’Brien…
    Victoria University professor John Roberts told the Evening Post, in October 1977, that the new powers were a threat to democracy.
    “Unfortunately we know from recent events that information secretly and unlawfully obtained may be employed recklessly to persecute political opponents.”

    Legislation protecting the service from public scrutiny makes it is impossible to know whether Good was involved in any of the scandals, or what he thought of the issues raised by Roberts.
    Former colleagues, past and present, remember Good as an avuncular figure, always approachable for common-sense and practical advice…[He] opted to retire in 1991 at the age of 60.

    Some thoughts. Our simple-minded following of capitalist doctrine meant that we would not have understood Sutch’s efforts to understand what was happening in the world foreign affairs field which would influence our trade and prosperity which was Sutch’s field. And ‘common-sense’ wisdom on such matters would not have provided a holistic view on the matter from our SIS.

    Trade –
    In 1987 – https://www.afr.com/companies/nz-steals-a-march-on-bob-hawke-in-moscow-19871126-k2i2g We traded with Russia.
    New Zealand has stolen a march on Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s high-profile mission to the Soviet Union next week with the announcement of a significant new trade initiative between NZ and the USSR.
    In an aggressive marketing move, the New Zealand Dairy Board has just established a new two-way trading…

    New Zealand and the Soviet Union – Open Journal Systems at …
    https://ojs.victoria.ac.nz › article › download
    by A Little · 2006 — To illustrate, by the 1970’s the trade imbalance between the two countries was 37 to 1 in. New Zealand’s favour. The book focuses on the


    • I managed to repeat myself above but missed out a useful date – 1985 was when the French (part of the western alliance?) bombed a ship or boat in our territorial waters at our docks. Mr Good’s responsibilities at that time: – …he headed the branch of the service that dealt with protective security from 1974 to 1985. That involved vetting work and the newly emerging threat of terrorism… He hadn’t caught up with the true nature of terrorism in the world and that our supposed allies were a threat to our security. I believe it was as much assistance from alert citizens that helped find the French forces in our country before they slipped away. With friends like that, it pays us to look closely at our enemies to see what is happening to them that might surprise us. Be informed, be alert; we need more lerts I think.

  9. So in the opinion of the threat assessors they might commit an act of terrorism in the future.
    Do they realise that’s lifted straight out of 1984: a thought crime?

  10. My understanding is that there was One Palestinian flag that we spotted at the protest. By someone early on in the event and never seen again

    But we did see an Israeli flag worn by an Israeli Aparthied supporter who watched the attack on the Police and was videoing it as well.

    They did Not move away from the attack on the police but stayed in place as if to support it.

    But this wasn’t seen by the NZ Intelligence services as if they decided to give it, and Israeli Apartheid, a free pass.

    The Islamaphobia and anti-Palestinianism couldn’t be more obvious.

  11. The bigger threat was from the crazy lives matter occupation at parliament – a NATZ dirty politics lead right wing anti Labour Hate Jacinda protest attended by all sorts of low life and the right wing political parties – Natz, Act, TPM, Tamaki.destiny, and other irrelevant groups. Jacinda and Coster planned it like a military operation and Mallard managed the parliament side of things. This showed world class leadership by Jacinda rather than listening to the NATZ, ACT their MSM associates and other incompetent do-gooder fools.
    Jacinda/Coster 10 NATZACT 0.

  12. Under this political system that Labour has led us by the hand into they don’t intervene to assist us in our lives as that means that they are interfering in our momentous personal decisions as we thread our way through the maze of life, steer our way between the reefs of gold or dark despair, according to some karma that the Ayn Rand’s of the world have dreamed up for us in their distant and godly, superior way that they have conveyed to the supra-rich as The Way, The Course.

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