Minister Michael Wood is Leadership material


I haven’t been easy on Minister Wood.

I thought his $750million dollar bike bridge was an art installation called ‘How National Got Elected’ and his ‘Rivers of Filth’ comment seemed very ham on the hock moralising, but his championing of the FPAs is real leadership for real progress.

On top of that, is the news that he pushed for a higher minimum wage than his Cabinet colleges, which is the first time we’ve seen any Cabinet Minister stand up to the leadership which marks Wood as courageous and ready to fight for real change.

FPAs are the single most transformative piece of legislation Labour will enact and its ramifications for growing the lives of workers is immense.

If Wood gets this through, it will be an historic achievement.

Just like his mentor Phil Goff before him, Wood is a genuine possibility for Leadership.

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  1. He certainly reminded me more of Phil Twyford to be fair.

    The light rail debacle may happen but more than likely it never will. But if by a biblical miracle it does, it will deliver a complex convoluted single line tiki touring through his and the PM’s electorates eventually to the airport costing ten’s of billions of dollars and yet do very little to assist alternatives to cars.

    He looks like he’s seriously entertaining taking a lane or two off the Harbour Bridge for bicycle hobbyists. He will claim that is Waka Kotahi but really Michael? Aren’t you, the Transport Minister, closely related to a bike lobbyist? If lanes go to bicycles, this alone will sink Labours vote in the affected areas when motorists are stuck in gridlock fuming while Kermit the Frog occasionally pedals by, if the weather is nice!

    Then there was the 3/4 billion dollar bike bridge debacle! That appeared to have no thought or realistic planning. Even as far as announcements go, and Labour do a good announcement, it was poor.

    And I’m not sure of his full involvement but the clean car rebate/penalty scheme seems tremendously poor. Why weren’t motorcycles included? Surely very carbon friendly? The whole thing looks poorly thought out with biases confirmed.

    He’s standard fare in the Ardern cabinet and if he’s their hope, Labour are in very dire straights!

  2. Mr Wood got elected in aspirational, migrant, Mt Roskill for a kick off.

    The NZCTU, dominated by state sector unions as it is, seemed lukewarm on FPAs as did the few
    Labour affiliated private sector unions. So yes he has done well indeed.

  3. No he’s not, he represents absolutely everything wrong with the current approach to politics on both sides of the aisle.

    What actual life experience has he had other than being a professional politician? He essentially went straight from Uni into politics.

    These professional politicians view parliament as a career rather than serving and representing the public’s best interests. They are clueless about real life having never gotten dirt under their fingernails or been under the sort of pressure that comes from being forced to make impossible business decisions with no good option.

    Until we return to the days of politicians being truly representative of the people they represent our government regardless of the professed political ideology will be an insipid, poll led inertia.

    • Yeti. Agree. Further, by and large few politicians of any ilk have the stamina or the self-discipline needed to survive in the modern workplace. They are ignorant and cowardly, live in a moral vacuum, and neither know nor care.

      … Just imagine if Trevor had responded in an intelligent, measured, Ashley Bloomfield sort of way to the Parliamentary protestors, instead of a Johnsonville bovver boy way… the Beehive precinct might not have been left wallowing in faeces.

  4. He’s probably up there as one of the best in the Labour Government but that’s easy given the Labour Government are a bunch of incompetent fools.
    The record speaks for itself.

  5. Well he can’t do any worse than Jacinda. But does he have the qualifications to pronounce jeopardise or been properly? Can he frown and nod? If yes to all, he’s our man! Oops he’s a man….that’s it. It’s all over already.

  6. This government will have to go down as the most incompetent ever. When they came in there seemed to be so much promise and I was interested to see how they went . The first term was shackled by NZ First but more and more now they have lost their momentum. Roll on next election.

    • Trevor I am not clear how the previous mob were much different. Most things Labour have been criticised for are basically for being too much like National anyway. You could say at least National were honest that they didn’t care.

      Let immigration go nuts without any increased investment in the infrastructure that supports an increasing population. 120 mil on a p scam that was seemingly designed to do nothing other than privatise state housing stocks. Gerry B seemed to do a less than acceptable job on the earthquake response if many of those impacted are to be believed. Drug related crime or the P problem didn’t improve it got worse. Ok 501 was less of an issue but they effectively rolled over like Labour anyway. Oh and we had a flag referendum for dessert, while in the background a co governance structure being set up which is now ( according to a lot on this site) a divisive plot.

      Current mob cocking things up yes, last mob a bunch of stars….not so much

      • “Let immigration go nuts without any increased investment in the infrastructure that supports an increasing population. ”

        Nailed it Wheel, the immigration National Government ponzi scheme and why Labour are STILL trying to clean up the resulting mess National created.

  7. Lol. If he is leadership material then Labour’s rooted. His crafted image being a cross between a Hallensteins sales assistant and a ventriloquist dummy would be electoral fodder.

    My understanding is he is lickspittle and a follower. Not a leader.

    In cricketing analogy Labour has a long tail and indeed starts at first drop. Once poor man’s Gordon Brown is done in 2023 then there really isn’t much left. Little – Angry is already a failed candidate. No one in the Maori Squad wouldn’t scare the sheeple which leaves Chipkins. Who then would be the wipping boy? Parker doesn’t want it and the silver fox (Nash) is too busy pumping iron.

    Think post Clark But a thousand times worse.

    Perhaps someone needs to give Sir Ian Taylor a call?

    • Did you check out Question Time in the house today?
      If you had, you would have seen a masterclass on competence demolishing incompetence. Luxon looked for all the world like a Labour back-bencher who had been primed to ask the PM a list of patsy questions in order to sell the successes of Government. Ardern was all over them, making the Leader of the Opposition look like a total idiot. If that is your benchmark, even Poto Williams like like a star.

      • Bhahahahahahaha. The sheeple don’t care about the house only beltway fanatics. I could say the same thing about the performances of Poto Williams, Carmel Sepuloni, Megan Woods, David Clark oh the list goes on. As for Ardern – it’s like watching a 5th former debate – you are seriously deluded or tribal if you think the assortment of bumper sticker slogans and manipulated statistics is a masterclass.

        You think I like Te Reo Uncle Fester. I can’t fucking stand that woke pile of shite. Nor his god awful deputy or the retarded tobacco salesman that wears a skippers hat and hat “boosted” in his twatter hashtag. FMD. I pick the best of a horrible bunch in Act in the hope they get >15% and therefore LabourLite will have some proper right wing policies foisted on them

        That said there is your next PM, Finance Minister and Leader of the house. Depressing isn’t it – like waiting for a root canal.

        The overall standard of our MPs as Whirling Bros Circus material – and that’s a veiled insult to circus performers. It truly is.

      • I agree, the Tories looked like a limp lot of nasties. Woods is one of the top 6 performers in parliament. He makes all the great white hopes of the right wing look like fools. No Tory gets near him – he can talk over all those tory talk ZB and am reporters. He and Jacinda are the best at explaining their subjects/topics and anyone who cant understand their comments are either deaf or dumb.

      • G’day Bertie long time no talk. Nah i’m as confident as ever the next government will be National/Act. Te Reo Luxon is learning his powhiris as we speak. National is going center and feminine and Act right and masculine. That’s a winning strategy.

        If as predicted there is a recession mid year your mob will be flat out having a 3 in front of their poll numbers

        • Next Roy Morgan poll is out Bertie – the slide continues. Not that far to the 20’s now for our beloved leader.

          • Nah Frankie, ACT will continue its slide to National. And racist Seymour will be a one man show again gifted an electorate. In saying that he may get the feral parliament protestor vote and get Brookster over the line but in saying that most at the protest won’t turn up to the booths as that requires work.

  8. Spare us! these tory concern mutleys that seemed to have slipped their collar from mincing Farrar’s Kiwi blog?

    I am a trenchant critic of this Labour Govt. that has squandered its once in a generation majority MMP chance to apologise for Rogernomics and make some significant change–but–the dirty filthy natzos will only ever make things even worse for the NZ working class.

  9. last thing we need is another blair/starmer LINO ‘saviour’ who disappoints, I’d rather have someone who actually delivers 1/2 a cake than all the ‘aspirational’ policies on the planet

  10. ” On top of that, is the news that he pushed for a higher minimum wage than his Cabinet colleges ”

    Well that says it all !!!!

    A real Labour government.


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