We’re dreaming if we think Covid is over


I think we are suffering a collective delusion if we believe Covid is over.

There are a number of issues that are still ticking time bombs waiting to detonate that go beyond the mandates we are all gnawing at like a hungry dog trying to bite through its leash.

The Government today will signal which of the mandates are being relaxed while trying to reassure Covid cultural hypochondria.

On the one side are people struggling with the economic ramifications of the last 2 years while on the other side are people who have had a 24/7 media environment of doom scrolling about a virus that has psychologically terrified them.

Neither side will be happy with Labour’s solutions.

Beyond the immediacy of the mandates, there are so many problems mutating as rapidly as the virus itself – INCLUDING the virus mutating!

CHINA ECONOMIC CRUNCH: China’s continued zero tolerance towards Covid infection continues to shut down Ports and supply chains causing immense bottlenecks which are causing intense economic pain. This is going to be felt by NZ most actually because we are so economically dependent upon China. If China’s economy contracts, so will ours.

COVID MUTATES INTO SOMETHING FAR WORSE: To date the virus has been able to spend all its evolutionary energy on mutating to be as spreadable as possible because we have had no immunity to a novel virus, but as vaccination rates and people catching it grows, the virus starts spending more evolutionary power on bypassing our immunity. This could result in a new pandemic with higher mortality rates. With 80% of the planet not vaccinated, that is an enormous reservoir for Covid to mutate in.

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PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE: We are not even close to understanding the true magnitude of a universal unique event that has caused intense social dislocation. From the Qanon conspiracy radicalisation to basic depression and isolation,  we will see domestic violence soar, violent crime rise and people shut themselves away at home which in turn will impact hospitality and retail. Think of the psychological damage as radioactive fall out that will stain our culture for decades.

FLARE UPS: We are simply assuming that the current rate of Covid will stay static when it can easily flare up and over run our hospital system at any time we let our guard down.

I think masks, social distancing and a culture of social hesitancy will become the norm for the remainder of 2022 combined with the psychological fall out and the economic damage.

And that’s the best case scenario.


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  1. If we drop the worthless Covid restrictions Jacinda won’t get to torture NZ anymore with her drawn out podium theatrics and Michael Baker will lose his status as world’s most important man.

    • I am no fan if Jacinda but only a flat earth Destiny church Christian and complete knob would knock the present restrictions. Not every move was perfect but most were made on the hoof so errors were bound to be made.
      If I could only listen to one person or advise I rather it be Micheal Bakers wise words than the venom and hate that comes out of antivaxers which I am assuming includes our good self

      • Yeah, I don’t get medical or political advice from either of these two. Funny how the vaccination rates stopped being reported once the population stopped getting boosted, once they realised the government was leading them on and breaking promises, once they realised the rules they were following were just virtue performance, once they realised they would have to commit to vaccines and reliance on big pharma forever, and once they realised their freedoms could be taken away on a whim even after reaching the government’s arbitrary goals. Championed by the likes of these two actors.

    • What a hero! You do realise that the most vulnerable in society have just been “mandated” to hibernate with a potential death sentence hanging over their heads if they don’t. Good for you though – nothing like self-entitlement saving a few minutes of scanning each day.

  2. Those worthless covid restrictions have saved thousands of lives. If you want to see theatre Ethan look at what Luxon said about bottom feeders and his recent comment on encouraging investors to build rent to owns when he owns seven homes so he is actually part of the problem.

    • @ PA
      And Helen Clarke owns 6 houses….She has been paid by the tax payer for ALL her working life when in NZ politics, Luxon has at least NOT got his homes via the tax payer.
      Now we have got that owning homes is not a left/right war game….what was your point again?
      (Not forgetting TOP one time leader and founder Gareth Morgan owns at least 6 homes and publicly stated he leaves them empty as he didn’t want any damage to them as they are investments….suppose you kept quiet about that also as he is not National affiliated?)

      • My point is lUXON is a hypocrite and has slipped by showing his true beliefs despite saying he deeply cares about everyone. Did he not pay for his houses using his big fat airy NZ salary and who owned airy nz, us the tax payer. Top aren’t in parliament so what do they have to do with it. And governments are currently trying to deter people from buying up our multiple houses as an investment as it reduces housing stock for those trying to buy a home.

        • I stood up for Jacinda so I feel I need to stand up for Luxon. He earned good money from Air NZ by making them profitable so it was a win win. He like Key has choosen to give up the big paypacket to earn pocket money as a politican. I find it hard to understand why people frown on success

        • How many houses does Willie Jackson own? How many properties does Shane Te Pou own…

          Why is being successful a bad thing?

      • If you are going to make a meal of your prejudices, it would pay to get your facts straight. The taxpayers have poured fortunes into Air NZ who paid Luxon. Helen Clark was paid as a politician in NZ but that ended when she left parliament. Arguably, Luxon has already sucked harder at the teat than she has and is still at it!

        • AOM
          If you are going to make a meal of your prejudices, it would pay to get your facts straight. Auntie Helen (much like Jacinda) was sucking at the teat long long long before Luxon, way back from she studied to become a professional politician – so that’s from 1971 to 2008 – being nothing else since but a teat sucker. How many years is that…37 years on the teat? Howzat! Luxon, after 18 years with private firms, joined Air NZ in 2011, so if that’s counted as being on the teat…I’d say that’s 11 years so far. Not quite 37 years is it? So who sucked harder? Helen (or Jacinda) or Luxon?

  3. Our rights have been trampled on for 180 years off white so what are your complaining about you need to handle the jandal mate.

  4. A re,evant read for now is The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham – read it for the first time or reread it. The journey of someone trying to retain good things from the past in a state of collapse of the old practices of human society on earth. The narrator holds to good human values in the story of a struggle of adjustment, hope and rescue with a pragmatic and moral basis. Hard decisions to make, and sorrow, and abandoning what are unviable measures in an attempt to survive but not at the lowest, meanest level. John Wyndham had his own difficulties in life and managed to retain sensitivity and an agile and practical mind in this story.

  5. So now unvaccinated teachers can pass on covid to their students and our Police can go and make an arrest and give them and their whanau covid who will take responsibility if this occurs, the blame lies with our government. Many teachers and police work with vulnerable populations. Do we not have a responsibility to ensure this does not and should not happen.

    • “unvaccinated teachers can pass on covid to their students”
      So can the vaccinated, there’s no real difference in transmissibility, a little less severity perhaps but that wanes pretty dramatically a few months after the jab.

      • Vaccines absolutely reduced transmission for the initial variants (when we were really pushing getting vaccinated) but seem to have less transmission impact against omicron. But “a little less severity” is certainly understating the impact of vaccination on hospital admission rates

        • The Oxford university did a study way before omicron involving 602 covid cases covering alfa and delta period. Published in the lancet. It found that though vaccinated co habitants to the primary case caught the virus one third more often if they were unvaxed than if they were vaxed; the primary cases passed the virus on just as reliably if they were vaxed as not. This is something that has been comprehensively miss reported.
          Vaccination has reduced the severity of the illness in the vaccinated individual but once that individual is invected he/she can pass the virus on to someone else exactly as effectively as a carrier who has not been vaccinated.This has always been the case.
          D J S

      • could be big difference to those it’s passed onto depending on their vax status…it’s not all about little davy…though why I care about unvaxxed numpties is actually beyond me

    • Covid is passed on by infected people at this stage almost always vaccinated and unvaccinated who have had Covid are the safest people to be around

      • except for the fact anyone who’s had omnicron can be re-infected and pass it on…being vaxxed reduces your personal risk of severe illness.

    • CIP
      Let’s explain it again. Watched Ghostbusters? Imagine covid is like that pink purple slime. Once you touch it or someone throws it at you, it’s on you. It’ll get on your hands or in your airways. The vaccine DOES NOT change the slime to make it less pink purple, so you’ll be passing on good quality pink purple slime to the next person…there you go.

  6. There have only ever been two options with Covid.
    1. Eliminate
    2. Co-exist.
    China, Taiwan and North Korea took the first option.
    Three of New Zealand’s four Five Eyes partners and most of the rest of the world took the second option.
    New Zealand also took the second, then the hastily switched to the first (along with and its Polynesian neighbor states) and lastly returned to the second option.
    Specific vaccine mandates only made sense when Elimination was the chosen strategy. Vaccine passes never made any sense at all, and the other mandates make no sense when borders are open and the virus is endemic in the community.
    “Co-existence” comes down to the state saying to the public. “We are no longer trying to control this pandemic. What you do to protect your own health is now up to you”.
    You are quite right Martyn. The risks have not gone away. The responsibility for managing those risks have just been abdicated by the state and must now be taken up by the public as individuals and communities.
    We now have to take care of ourselves our whanau and our hapori as well as we can by following simple rules of infection control and more generic approaches to physical well-being. At the individual level elimination amounts to a well person, and co-existence amounts to a sick person. We want as many of our people to stay well for as long as they can.
    Meanwhile, all eyes will be on China and Korea. If they can manage to achieve elimination on a scale 2000 times greater than New Zealand, then we might conclude that Jacinda, Chris and Ashley gave in too easily. That is by the way. Now there is no question but that we have to take care of ourselves.

  7. My point is lUXON is a hypocrite and has slipped by showing his true beliefs despite saying he deeply cares about everyone. Did he not pay for his houses using his big fat airy NZ salary and who owned airy nz, us the tax payer. Top aren’t in parliament so what do they have to do with it. And governments are currently trying to deter people from buying up our multiple houses as an investment as it reduces housing stock for those trying to buy a home.

  8. This latest from Russell Brand.
    “After a request from the FDA to suppress vaccine data for the next 75 years, a 55,000-page set of Pfizer documents has recently been released. Vaccine efficiency aside – why has it been so hard to gain access to data about vaccines that we the public paid for?”
    I’m ok. Despite the knowledge that our democracy, now infected by neoliberal capitalism which is staffed by narcissistic psychopaths.
    I’m ok because I have a freehold house in a resource rich part of the country, I’m fit and healthy and I love gardening. I also give much less of a fuck than I did and I feel so much better for that. Arguing with half wits while getting sweary was exhausting.
    Now? I’m about me and mine and those whom I love.
    One might argue that I’m one of the New 1%.
    The other 99% have no idea how life could be so much better for them. They grind away at absurd mortgages and terrifyingly mounting personal debt. They feed into the rapacious greed of the foreign owned banks and adore their abusers like beaten dogs.
    Our politicians exploit us shamelessly, our companies rort the fuck out of us and our unions are ball less embarrassments.
    We’re in this awful, tangled mess because we were encouraged to think positive and ask no questions while barely surviving at the best of times on a paradise akin to heaven by nutters in power and wealth.
    Read/listen to this. Anything sound familiar?
    RNZ ( RNZ. Really Nutty Zealots.)
    ‘Narcissism with Dr Ramani Durvasula’
    I think the best strategy for the well intended now is to offer information. Not arguments.

  9. B4 has arrived!

    “Omicron: BA4—Looks like a new recombination sub-variant/possibly variant has been found: believed to be a recombination of BA1 and BA3 at the moment: sequences found in South Africa, US and Puerto Rico so far…:For reasons that have never been made clear the fact that Sars2 is capable of breeding with any other RNA virus is never talked about: surely the risk is not just recombination of Sars 2 variants, but recombination with other RNA viruses too?”



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