Weep dear kiwis at the death of Fortress NZ


Government increasing number of RSE workers allowed into New Zealand from Pacific Islands

The Government is increasing the number of seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands that are allowed into New Zealand.

It is increasing the quota of Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme (RSE) workers by 1600, bringing it up to 16,000 people a year.

The globalists at Stuff have won with their never ending sob stories to ensure their own global skill set can always travel.

The hyper tourism market that exist to sell red bull to tourists are laughing.

The industries that benefit from migrant worker exploitation skip with joy.

All those kiwis stupid enough to travel during a pandemic are gleeful.

The international student scammers are delighted.

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Welcome back exploited migrant workers and Students and tourists who will block our public transport, who will place rent pressures on domestic renters, who will crowd our groaning infrastructure!

Expect house prices to explode.

Weep dear Kiwi at the plague seeping in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.

Weep of course right up until the next variant gets loose or we lose control of Omicron and then the public will be screaming to shut MIQ.


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  1. Sadly true Martyn. I am reminded of a truth that comes in many guises:
    “Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and, oblivious to what he has discovered, continue on undeterred.”

  2. Martyn you just need to do the maths: we can get it over and done in months, or linger on in pain for years with your Fortress idea. Either way, nobody, not you, or I, or even the devine Saint Jacinda will stop this virus, or many people catching it and even some dying. Live with it, soon you’ll say “what was that all about that flu thing???” The sooner it peaks the better.

      • bert
        yes, the irony. but that’s the whole point of having almost 95% vaccination rate…to keep it at bay. just like having flu shots (you got yours?). we have 100K active cases and 373 in hospital. many of which have other problem alongside. 0.00373% hospital ratio, it’s not a total disaster.

    • TNK, I personally think you have missed the point Martyn is making – this is not about hunkering down away from the virus or future variants, it is about learning the lessons that closed borders have taught us.
      It’s time to acknowledge that hyer-tourism is bad for us and the environment; that industries modeled on cheap (slave) labour are doing a lot of damage to our communities and wage structure; that international students are sometimes being ripped off by unscrupulous providers; etc.

      • You may be right. But those international students are free NOT to come and work here if they feel ripped off…aren’t they? Clearly NZ has a good reputation or they would stayu away and work other places. Besides, as a major money earner (and NZ needs major money to pay for socialism) what’s better: hyper tourism? or drilling for oil and digging up coal and having huge dirty industry?

        • Hyper-tourism means massive quantities of fossil fuels being consumed; doesn’t matter where it is drilled, excess use of it destroys the environment. The virus gave us a chance to rethink what is more important – economy or life – the decision is obviously the economy.

    • NZ Herald ran front page warning from top NZ heart doctor advising everyone to avoid omicron best they can EVEN if vaxxed and boosted – a “tsunami” of heart emergencies and strokes coming.

      Its not merely a “respiratory disease”. It is systematic and causing damage to heart, brain and many organs and messing up the immune system itself. EVEN “mild” cases.

      You dont want to get this virus let alone “learn to live with it” and be constantly reinfected.

      Two phrases I have come across that send shivers down my spine:

      “Airborne Alzheimer’s” and “The Mass Disabling”

      • thanks for that moon_rekt. The Kraut wouldn’t know shit from clay. But an empty vessel rattles the most!so he will have his say over and over and over.

        • No worries, I’m just trying to raise awareness about the devastation being unleashed (20k infections today) on our society thanks to the “its mild, get jabbed, learn to live with it” media narrative blitzkrieg.

          Couldnt believe it when the NZHerald chose to run with the dire warnings of a heart specialist on their Monday morning front page.

          I’m worried his attempt to communicate the true danger we face will come across to the public like a message from Mars and gain no traction.

  3. The govt wants us to go back to the way it was, thats what all those party donations are paying for, to keep it such that those of us already here get screwed and overloaded with student debt and then they lowered the skill level required, immigrants arent doing high skill jobs we arent capable of doing its just they dont have a benefit system to rely on so will accept whatever payrate is on offer and that subsequently drags us all down.
    I dont think Labour is a left wing party at all now, they have done nothing for the working class, the poor or the disabled, just shoved aside and forgotten while rich people got hand outs.
    Housing market was screwed when overseas buyers were allowed to purchase houses here using cheaper money that we had access to, on top of screwing the average joe on the job front the side effect is nobody can afford houses here except those bringing new money into the country, politicians made the mistake of cutting us off at both ends, no wonder there are so many disgruntled people out there

  4. Kia ora Martyn
    Your concept (you call it “fortress New Zealand” though I prefer mana motuhake which strikes a less martial note) can never come to pass under colonialist rule.
    No need to weep.
    Just face the reality that the colonial regime is bound hand and foot to Anglo-American imperialism which means that the colonialists (a particularly lazy, greedy, and I regret to say it stupid class of petty bourgeois) will always be looking for cheap labour and easy pickings.
    Give up your allegiance to the British monarchy, the colonialist parliament, the arch-colonialist Labour Party and its leader Jacinda Ardern.
    Stand for te rangatiratanga and te whakaminenga.
    Nga mihi

  5. The flu does not spread like Omicron at least not at the same rate. We were told to live with the virus when we had more deadly variants floating around like Alpha, Beta and Delta now if we had done what many said and that was to learn to live with it, how many thousands of NZers would have died unnecessary all to open up businesses. And who would have been at the most risks? Maori, PI, our elderly and other NZers with other illnesses. Covid is not the Flu and people need to stop making comparisons.

  6. The World has changed with the experience of covid so it is unlikely things will rapidly revert to the life we had before covid. A relatively high level of temp immigrant labour is needed to get through the sheer amount of seasonal work. We will have to attract many skilled workers and professionals because we will be losing many to Australia now that the gates are open. The Tourism industry is another matter. We can’t and won’t let it go back to the mass bums on seats laissez faire approach.
    Now that omicron is running amuck there is little point in all our restrictions ( which are getting to be nonsensical if you know that you are going to get it soon anyway).We are over 95%vaccinated now and the govt has done a great job getting us thus far having saved so many lives. This is as good a time as any for the govt to loosen the reins and start doing something good for the people of NZ (as well as being kind). Time is running out for Jacinda to make good on her election promises. Being kind is not enough to win the next election.

    • A good summing up of the situation as a realist sees it . Many jobs do not attract NZ workers no matter what the pay many do not like hard work . I do not understand why some are against foreign students . They make money for the schools which is spent on NZ students and local businesses and households clip the ticket for extras.

  7. A sit in at parliament that protests against a return to hyper tourism, exploititive intenational students, migrant labour and foreign land sales, now that is a protest for collective societal good.
    Sign me up.

  8. See? That’s the problem. When you have a neoliberal-capitalist democracy you’ll get greedy morons forcing everyone else to put their lives, family, hearth and home at risk just to make sure the foreign owned banks here keep getting their kg of diseased flesh. Unrepentant neoliberal Labour ARE to blame for the virus becoming ever more entrenched in our lives while that needn’t have happened. Labour DID NOT act with due diligence. In my opinion the governor general should dissolve parliament and order a general election. Oh, you think I’m joking? People are dying and are soon to be dying in increasing numbers and Labour could have stopped that and stopped it easily and they didn’t. So fuck them!
    I said ( as did many others. ) “CLOSE THE BORDERS”. But oh no. The Natzo money fetishists and Labour to bullied us into opening up to disease and death for a dollar.
    national and their freakish money fetishist ACT hanger on party will make billions out of subcontracting out mass grave excavations. Think taking a quick dip in any river in South America only to discover you had a leech on your ball bag that’s been there for years and it’s called david seymour?
    david seymour’s a loathsome little lizard isn’t he? ( No disrespect to actual lizards. ) How is it able to collect six figures plus entitlements while we have to walk past homeless people and families living in cars and now they’ll be diseased and dying? How is that OK? What, miasma of mental ruination’s has hypnotised us into even beginning to think that, that’s ok? It’s NOT RIGHT! Fuck! What more is it going to take for us to sit bolt upright and shout ” Hey! Wait a fucking minute!? This is NOT RIGHT! ”
    Imagine if we got invaded by a foreign army? Cock-Head luxon and Lizard-Face seymour would be down at the wharfs and airports selling them bullets. Adern would be hiding in the bushes with her signature lost-cow look on while telling us that the invaders aren’t really invading, they’re merely in cos play mode, now just be quiet and go along with it.
    We’re fucked and those losers fucked us.

  9. Forget about fortress NZ. It seems that measures everywhere, bar Canada and Oz, are disappearing at an alarming rate. It seems that the system – of control – is now sufficiently developed to ease off the throttle, somewhat, for time being.

  10. Sime regular work for PI is helpful, they like it. We used to have something called the Colombo Plan where we thought about other developing countries. However we have forgotten that we have developed into something a bit uglier, so we need to keep doing a bit for Pacific solidarity such as it is.


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