New Poll: Support for Luxon hardens – Left plus vs Right plus plus plus in 2023 showdown


The Taxpayer’s Union has dropped another poll and it shows support for Luxon hardening.

Labour – 42.3%

National – 38.4%

Green – 6.3%

ACT – 6.6%

The Christian Dad Lex Luthor has calmed the angry urban right wing male vote and convinced the kids to stop joy riding in the ACT protest vote.

‘Don’t be so reckless’ is Luxon’s karaoke anthem of choice.

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The attempts to paint Labour as out of touch is rejected by this Poll as it shows Labour picking up support, not losing it.

Despite the worst month of media ever, Jacinda and Labour are still soaring.

This suggests 2023 will be a Left wing plus vs Right wing plus plus plus ideological battle.

Centrist Labour plus middle class aesthetic Leftish greenish vs Conservative Casual National plus hard right privatise everything not nailed down at the dinner party ACT.

For renters, beneficiaries and environmentalists, it means this…

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  1. We should know…
    When four foreign owned banksters own our souls via fake mortgage debt, when Auckland is our primary industry when, of course, it isn’t, when american hyper riche can walk right in and buy citizenships…When these things are our reality, which the inarguably are, we should know that our AO/NZ is no longer ours. We’re merely a portfolio in a filing cabinet in a billionaires accountants office. Cock-head, Gnasher and their idiocratic followers are now as irrelevant as the rest of us.

  2. I voted TOP last election as a bit of a protest vote (I assumed Jacinda would win easily due to the “thanks for saving our lives” sentiment, so no harm in registering disappointment about everything else).. next time, probably gonna do the same.

    Sure they’re egg-head technocratic policy wonks, but hey why not give the technocrats a try?

  3. You can call him any silly name you like Bummer Bradwurst, but I bet that your ‘Lex Luther Luxon’ will beat ‘Didn’t Do Shit Ardern’ for exactly that reason. She didn’t do anything that matters to the average kiwi human. Covid won’t count anymore because the nation will have had a gutsful of it, and we will all have been totally confused into oblivion by the most muddled, most messy, most obscure communications delivered by the most untransparent, most arrogant and most overpromising and underperforming govt in history.
    None of us will care for her phoney Harvard speech come election time.

    • Oh but she will, in mandate free US where she hopes to join Helen Clark in a nice office to be never seen again.

    • Greatest transfer of wealth in the history of New Zealand is the only thing this Jacinda Ardern Labour Government can claim to have achieved.
      A National government would be the best option for the poor of this country.
      They cannot and in fact no one can be so ruthlessly cruel as the Jacinda Ardern labour led Government.

      • Sounds like your talking about John who is now interested in housing development with the Chows yet when he was in power he denied housing was an issue for 9 years yet the problem was right under his nose.

      • John Keys legacy was the years of a rock star economy generated by property speculation – no houses built, homelessness ramped up and living in cars.

    • Yes Kraut,

      The country will have had a gutsful of Covid. How do we know this? Because they already have had enough of Covid.

      Snookerballhead is doing a good job at the moment. He’s not barking at every passing car like Chucky, Toddless and Bwidges did so brownie points there. He’s even agreed with Ardern several times but the fact is, he can’t hide what he is. As Churchill famously said to Bessie Braddock after she commented about him being intoxicated. “Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly”

      Snookerballhead is in campaign mode. No question about that. Part of that involves hiding his truth self. He’s even now refusing to state if he’s in favour or against the increase in the minimum wage. …..despite the fact he’d previous expressed strong disapproval at minimum wage increases. Remember who his mentor is. For their plan to work efficiently, we must have a low wage economy. Snookerballhead even hiding from that at the moment but how long can he keep up that charade? Nek minute he will be telling you he’s a supporter of Maori getting a better deal. Haha. We know he’s anti cannabis, anti abortion which is telling. He’s anti euthanasia. He’s an epic God botherer but is even trying to hide that. When it suits he plays it up as being at the core of who he is and then also when it suits, his strong religious beliefs are totally minimized. The only thing missing is the vacuum cleaner under his arm when he knocks on your door. There are about 20 months for Snookerballhead to be exposed. For now he is best viewed like a profile on a dating website. ……. which changes soon after reality arrives on scene.

      I believe the biggest election issue in 2023 will be housing.

      How can National sell themselves as the party with the answer there? They stood by while things got worse and did what exactly? They denied there even was a housing crisis. So this is a party that can now magically resolve the housing crisis? haha yea right. The other one plays jingle bells.

      It should also be remembered that National MP’s own proportionately a lot more investment proprieties than Labour so there is a strong vested interest in retaining the status quo. Same applies with National Party supporters. Try asking what most kiwis think of property investors these days. Then we have Snookerballhead himself. We know he was asked about just one of his numerous investment properties that had increased in value by forty two thousand dollars a week for the previous 52 weeks in a row. Snookerballhead stated he wasn’t aware of that situation. So this is a man who can relate to the issues kiwis are having with housing? haha yea right. He’s part of the illness, not the cure. We are in a new chapter of politics regardless if you like it or not. The majority will not want to go backwards to another National Government that do very little apart from putting $ before people, looking after themselves and looking after those doing well. Everyone else can whistle. They are the feral enemy. The only way National can win as by getting enough of those doing it hard to think National give a flying toss about them. Good luck with that.

      Ardern just a bit busy for campaign mode at this time.

      PM knows she has 20 months to put serious priority on housing. We know the experts are saying they expect house prices to drop by 7% over the next year. Supply will start to outstrip demand so that 7% may end up an understatement.

      Ardern has stated she wants housing to be more affordable but doesn’t actually want house prices to drop. What does that point toward? We know kiwibuild is an epic fail. We also know the best way to make an epic fail go away is to replace it with an epic success. Is Ardern capable of that? Absolutely yes despite National Party MP’s and supporters praying the answer THERE is no.

      The support packages available for housing are woeful and inadequate. In order to qualify a person has to earn an income that would not service a “normal” mortgage in Auckland and Wellington etc. Then you look at the house prices they are putting forward in those areas. They are totally unrealistic for almost everyone except a very small minority equivalent to a small splash in the ocean. There is a 0% chance of those policies making any meaningful inroads.

      I believe the answer on a much bigger scale is Government support with house deposits similar to what they do in the UK. The Government will match your deposit dollar for dollar, pound for pound up to a limit. If you have a 60 to 120k deposit you pull up short of buying a home in Auckland or Wellington but with Government help your deposit can become 120 to 240k. A meaningful change would occur redressing the diabolical inequity we have in our current housing market. That is without doubt the biggest fail.

      To get this ball rolling they need “another” fresh start. Phil Twyford was tits on a bull. Megan Woods is the quintessential chocolate fireguard. They need an energetic, non morbidly obese Minister to take over the housing portfolio. Sadly, the Government has multiple ministers not earning their keep. Every Government carry that sort of baggage. Someone like Chris Hipkins could get the job done.

      Even if I’m light years away from what the Government will do we should always factor in the power and motivation of political self preservation in the second half of the electoral cycle.

      The Government don’t need to resolve the housing crisis. They just need to make solid inroads and convince enough people they are on the right track. If they can achieve that, voters will not want to change.

        • Jeremy,

          I post because I enjoy the site and most people on it. How a mind numbingly boring one trick pony views my input is about as important to me as an early morning fart I let go of on the 18th of September 1971.

          I hope that answers your question about Snookerballhead Jeremy.

          • I obviously do not agree but enjoy your posts along with Snow White and Bert. I think we could have a beer and agree to disagree and have a good go at solving a problem from opposing ends

            • Cheers Trevor. I do enjoy your input along with Bert and numerous others including Bomber. We won’t always agree with each other but we’d have adult dialog while enjoying a beer and understanding each others perspective and the conclusions we arrive at.


          • Yes it sums it up perfectly.
            Particularly when you couldn’t resist the personal insults.
            So thankyou for confirming my thoughts.
            Have a nice day anyway.

      • The property speculators aren’t the mum/dad investors (like me) they talk about who own one or two rental properties with no or small mortgages. The property speculators (2012 – 2017) and (2021) have multiple houses and million dollar mortgages, tax relief on interest subsidised by taxpayers, They also relied on flipping house off overnight after a coat of paint and making a big profit, Winners – Banks and speculator, losers – first home buyers and kiwi tax payers.

    • The Kraut, the most dumbest comments on this site ever to be seen, alongside Off white(Fox News presenter) and Jeremy( broken record) of course.

    • Yeah… like all those people out there whose homes have gone up in value are going to not vote and the poor and the homeless are suddenly swing into action and take power from the Labour party and deliver victory to a jubilant Nat/ACT coalition who will turn NZ into a utopia for the poor and marginalised.

      Housing isn’t what is going to sink Labour. Hell, it isn’t the issue that sank Bill English. So stop harping on about it. Do you think that anyone that reads your posts on the dailyblog even believes you, when you go on about homelessness and or housing? No one here is that stupid. We are all well aware of your political leanings. Make no mistake… WE KNOW. But by using disingenuous arguments about subjects that you obviously have absolutely no empathy for, you only ever succeed in looking like a dickhead. Try actual genuine engagement, rather than endlessly trolling about subjects you don’t give a shit about, to make your point.

      • How about interest goes up, pay can’t keep up with inflation, and unemployment numbers that can’t be massaged anymore. We only have 3. something % unemployment, never mind the 277000 people that are on the unemployment benefit for ‘under utilisation’, they are only a itty bitty unemployed. So many things that will still happen and non of them is good for labour.
        But rejoice, if you are a male you can now self ID as a women and hang your willie out in the ladies changing rooms. 🙂 There you go, they did get something done.

        • well ‘tube of mystery meat’ if employers in this country weren’t addicted to rock bottom pay for McJobs maybe the taxpayer wouldn’t have to provide wage subsidies for a failed capitalist market…whatcha think?

          let’s try a decent wage and a 40hour week just for a change and see how that goes…..
          and don’t even try to say decent pay loses jobs, there is no evidence I know of bar a specific case in seattle (but I do stand to be corrected)…economists, commentators and ‘business leaders’ opinions aren’t worth the bog roll they’re scrawled on.

    • The reason why Labour might not win, is because of your Dirty Politics 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Mr/Ms/Mrs/ Miss Kraut….and it’s 7 days to Judith Collins’ Birthday, Neue Ukraut. Hope you have a bouquet of nettles, dandelions and deadly nightshade to send her?

      1985 “Perhaps the most famous phony political call came from former National MP-turned-Far-North-mayor John Carter. He rang then-Radio Pacific host John Banks in 1995 pretending to be a “work-shy Māori” named Hone.”
      2014, “How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment. Nicky Hager”
      2020 “[Racist}Senior National Party figure accused of using secret alter ego ‘Merv’ to derail Auckland Central candidate….”According to political editor Tova O’Brien, Merv was thought in fact to be party board member Roger Bridge putting on a silly voice and mispronouncing te reo Māori. ”

      “Ms Collins said in emails to Mr Slater, “if you can’t be loved then best to be feared”.

      You and your prostitute National Party 2.0 schills just keep chipping way, drip, drip, drip like a leaky tap, spreading like weed, like weeds, or Unkraut Jeremy, Andy and the female Karens taking over every bit of media territory. Now your Dirty Politics Convoy 3.0, sponsored by Trump and Counterspin and Action Zelandia are threatening to execute like the feral mongrels that lies at your heartless dirty politics souls (sic.).

      You lot even offered up Dancing with the Stars and the sacrificial patsy Lee Harvey Oswald lookalike – David Seymour, the right of the right, to walk past nooses, tiptoe through unvaccinated excrement; with cotton buds, bought at an unnamed Epsom Chemist Warehouse, stuffed up his nose to distance National from the stench their Dirty Politics 3.0 Convoy of Groundswell et al rabble.

      And now, whaddya know Dirty Politics 4.0 is alive and well and has “a dynasty”

      John Key sets up John Key 2.0 for New PM, selling Luxon as Sino-Friendly

      John Key’s 435 lies

      John Key’s philanthropy to rehouse the people of McGeehan Close with 500 new state house. WOW!!,owners%2C%20John%20and%20Michael%20Chow.&text=The%20Keys%2C%20through%20their%20property,Group%20to%20form%20StonewoodKey%20Capital.

      Animal Farm – George Orwell

      The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously.

      Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

      November 1943-February 1944

      ..and I didn’t even know that dynasty, was Dirty Politics 4.0, until a realised that National’s Dirty Politics 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 had “nasty” as its Key element!

      • Nah the reason they have a chance of losing is because they did fuck all and then some.
        John Key left the building a long time ago.

        • The excrement of Key still lingers. Siding with the Chow Brothers and previously Whaleoil tells us the years of the National party were slimy.

        • But Key’s back building with the Chow Brothers. He’s like one of those turds that keep floating in the toilet.

          500 hundred houses to re-house the people of McGeehan Close. He’ll get a sainthood next.

          • EAB,

            Beautifully put and exactly how I view the man. 🙂 a floater bobbing up and down we just can’t seem to flush.

            Yes, Saint John or Pope John surely on the way. Mind you, he may have to mud wrestle (or similar coloured substance) with Brian who is eying up being the next Pope.

            • @Bert You are having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent engaging with Jeremy. He and the others here like him, are the National Party schills, everywhere, popping up like annoying sh!t on your shoes.

              They are sitting in their mums’ basements reading from a Dirty Politics 2.0 scripts.

              Just like “Hone” Carter dissing Maori. Like Roger “Merv” Bridge dissing Nuwanthie ‘Nuwi’ Samarakone. Like Judith Collins dissing and threatening everyone and anyone with the assistance of Cam Slater.

    • In hindsight they were going in a little undercooked policy-wise in 2017.. sure “Brand Jacinda” was bold, fresh & exciting – and the country had serious Key/English fatigue, BUT it was shaky ground handing the reins of power to a party that had spent more time ripping itself in leadership struggles than actually developing policy.

      No, actually a LOT undercooked policy-wise.

      That’s what’s pulling me more and more towards TOP.. hell, at least they have a clear (and seemingly logical) plan – even though they may have a hard time finding any other party willing to swallow it.

  4. JEEZZZ another day another poll, can we please have the football results, more interesting and just as relevant

  5. It is too early to make predictions but it should stop Labour sleep walking and do something to adress them many issues still there other than covid. Naturally I would like National to win but to me it is more important that people are given some hope.

  6. iam gen x luxion wants to strip us of our pension rights i work as a carpenter we cant work to 67 luxion and national can go get stuffed

  7. Preferred PM

    Ardern …………. 38.9% (up 1.4)

    Luxon ………….. 28.5% (up 10.1)

    Luxon is starting to look competitive in the way Brash was over the months immediately following his Orewa speech … although I’d want to see it confirmed by mainstream Public Polls before making too much of it.

  8. These polls are meaningless and just show that while most kiwi’s express support for all the parties in parliament none of them can offer anything but the status quo that for a growing number of kiwi’s who are in many cases working but not able to get ahead ( which as a country we used to take pride in the fact most kiwis worked and actually prospered ) show’s how the current parties simply don’t manage the economy in a way that all levels of society progress not just the top and paper money middle class millionaires.

    Pandemic aside the problems relating to the way successive LINO and National governments have legitimised the serious imbalances in the economy has not gone away it’s just been ignored.

    Left or right ! I don’t think that really applies anymore its one and the same with some slight differences but not any of them have any credibility at all just like these endless polls show who is ahead and who is not as if that really matters at all.

    For the first time since I cast my first vote thirty five years ago I will not support any of the current parliamentary parties at the next general election.

  9. Two political parties who represent the same voter interests, the same philosophy, the same myopic vision.

    What NZ really has is an unofficial grand coalition only kept apart by Jacindas increasingly unonvincing PR that its her National Party that care!

  10. Some notes:

    1). Act has lost support due to their support of mandates. As the Wokebola strain is demonstrated as a mild virus many who supported the party have left. Seymour has had a major strategic fail by not reading the room of his voting pool.
    2). Left vs right is 49 vs 45 – a 2% swing and likely within the margin of error. This is a bad poll from the left’s perspective given life is going to get more difficult from now on economically.

    Any commentator that believes that the PM and Labour are going to sleep walk to a third term betting start adding sauce to their hats.

  11. That photo should win a photography award, a graphic visual award and top marks for it’s application on this blog on several occasions.
    A picture is worth a thousand words.
    You are an excitable lot and I enjoy your comments but the silly bickering gets tiresome.

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