Political Caption Competition

A collection of antivaxxers is called a 'Location of Ignorance'. 


A collection of antivaxxers is called a ‘Location of Ignorance’.


  1. We have lied and distorted facts, blocked traffic, stopped people from going about their daily business, vandalised property, frightened children.

  2. Just normal people exercising their NZ Bill of Right(s) to Protest. It’s called Democracy, like it or not.

      • The NZ BoR. Section 14 to 20.

        14 Freedom of expression

        15 Manifestation of religion and belief

        16 Freedom of peaceful assembly

        17 Freedom of association

        18 Freedom of movement

        Non-discrimination and minority rights

        19 Freedom from discrimination

        20 Rights of minorities

        • The BoR gives the ability to peacefully protest – blocking roads and attempting to storm parliament buildings are not peaceful protest, so the BoR does not apply.
          I have no problem with peaceful protest, but breaking the law is not authorised by the BoR.

          • A member of the public, you, do not determine what law is breached by a protester. The popo is, and are the agents used to consider what law(s) have potentially been breached. And if that is needing to be determined, that’s where the Court(s) kick in.

            • So you are ok with a 17 year old being pelted with eggs, and businesses having to close for their safety, and see it as a crime only when the perpetrators are arrested and a court finds them guilty? Surely Civil Society relies on people abiding by the spirit of the law; the alternatives are either a police state or a complete break-down of law and order.

            • Don’t like that spontaneous violent language emerging in an involuntary way Denny P. Kick in! Now be nice and aim for fast on-site judgments in a friendly manner! You know our Courts are overloaded, having had resources cut to save money for the government. That’s why we have to have soaring house prices. The gummint gets crumbs, and that is just enough for a veneer of capability and expertise. Just thinking, it would be great to have racehorses named with noble political adjectives and be able to cheer them. Come on Welfare, Tradie, Nursie, Norty Horty, Brown-dyed Girl (for Jersey cows, Research or Development etc. Wonderful to see them streaking ahead on the course leading to the beltway.

  3. the TPU and the Nats dirty politics machine are getting desperate… but Luxon and Seymour do not have the balls to face up to the consequences of their sly winking at this disreputable rabble

  4. Protesters showing that democracy when put to the test only works if everyone is included in education on how democracy works. As in all scientific experiments, a small percentage of extraneous dross can spoil the outcome.

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