Helicopter cannabis raid for 3 plants highlights all that is wrong with Labour’s cannabis laws

It is outrageous that after nearly 50% of the country called for Cannabis to be legal that the cops and their Government handlers are still persecuting stoners.


Police fly helicopter over couple’s home to spray three cannabis plants

A Coromandel couple were having dinner when police flew a helicopter over their property to spray three cannabis plants.

It comes as several police districts resume aerial search operations, a year after top brass scrapped the annual eradication operation at a national level.

The couple, who Stuff has agreed not to name, were having dinner about 6pm on Wednesday when they spotted a helicopter they had noticed flying down a nearby valley coming towards their home.

“It got closer and closer and then just zoomed in on this little hill about 80 metres from our house and sprayed three small cannabis plants that were in pots up on the hills,” the man said.

“We could see the pilot, he could see us, we waved to them, and he was just sitting there above the hills spraying the plants and then just buggered off.”

The man underwent an operation to remove cancer a few months ago. Following the operation, he was given tramadol and codeine, but did not like the drugs and stopped using them after he got home. He purchased some cannabidiol oil for about $150 a bottle and found it worked better for him.

3 Plants?

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That’s what this expensive prohibition bullshit was targeting?

3 plants for a cancer survivor?

That’s what you are all willing to see your taxpayer dollars spent on?

Helicopter fly by’s?

For 3 plants?

Why is it that after almost 50% of this country voted for a legal market in cannabis that things have actually gone backwards under Labour?

The bullshit police intimidation is the same and the medicinal cannabis industry is even worse! Labour have capitulated to the pharmaceutical industry interests and have set up the medicinal cannabis market in the exact same way the Supermarket duopoly has been set yup, not for the consumers but for the rich prick interests.

Sure there is pill testing for the children of the middle classes with names like Apple and Bruschetta,  and yay Apple and Bruschetta get to party safely at their expensive Eco summer festivals, but working class stoners keep getting fucked by this Government.

It is outrageous that after nearly 50% of the country called for Cannabis to be legal that the cops and their Government handlers are still persecuting stoners.

This is money that could be spent on actual criminals, like Meth dealers.

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  1. Has anyone seen Andrew Little Lately? what about the Labour MP who is responsible for the Police, what was her name again? Has anyone asked Jacinda Ardern if she now has an opinion on decriminalizing, legalizing, regulating the growing of cannabis? NO? Then this too is the failure of our current Labour Government, who btw, has a majority and could have done something.
    As for the coppers, why would they do the hard work of stopping crime, death, murder, daylight robberies, when they can have a fun flight over the Coromandles and spray some dudes three (major growing operation here) weed plants.
    Personally i can’t wait for Act to come along with a well thought out plan how to do what Labour refuses to do. Stop our useless war on Drug by reforming our outdated and downright cruel drug laws. I have the popcorn ready for the day that happens because the howls of outrage in the Labour camps and from the Labour doodahs will be something to behold.
    Labour – we won’t do what needs to be done. 2023

    • Not disagreeing with ya Sabine but shouldn’t that be
      Labour- we haven’t got a fucking clue of how to do ANYTHING….but we’re working on it.

      • Government and NZ Police displaying their powers over Joe Average, creating a Climate of Fear for small time pot growers, meanwhile the Big Fish get away scot free = too hard basket ?

    • Sabine and Trevor you make a lovely couple. Inbetween munching on pop corn, do try and find the time to write to your local MP’s and suggest that they suggest to the various ministers that they stop suggesting to the police how to do their job. Apparently the commissioner is quite a pleasant sort of copper, so you could, time permitting, suggest to him that he suggests to you why the police have not stopped people murdering each other and letting them get away with it when they do. Give him some details of the daylight robberies which the police turn a blind eye to, toss in that it’s racism as well, and then he won’t have a leg to stand on let alone two.

      While you’re at it, you could mention that a couple of pollies have criminal-looking craniums, and ask why they keep spending money on new hats, don’t ride horses, and have been seen without masks in certain places.
      You could mention that Judith might have swiped Lorde’s yellow shoes, and that Nat who wears red trousers.
      (Shame about your pot – grow it indoors.)

    • Appears the Local Coppers had a bone to pick with these people growing 3 x cannabis plants, asserting their authority. Definitely haven’t broken the back of the Coromandel Dope Growing Industry killing 3 x plants ?

  2. Another lie coming to light and showing the large divide between the promises made and the end results of this Labour government

  3. Aw, don’t blame poor old meth dealers.
    ‘Meth’, like all drugs, should be freely available on prescription and that’s because all drugs should be reclassified as medical health issues rather than criminal justice issues and that’d mean they’d ( Drugs ) soon become cheap-as so the criminal element would wither and get a proper job. ( What ever the fuck that is ? )
    The reason recreational drugs, including cannabis, are ‘illegal’ is because their illegality is a huge money spinner for a moray corrupt capitalist system of public funds rorting and the profiteering from social decay not to mention vital income streams for poor people, who are most people on benefits, to survive.
    Can I draw the attention of you, dear reader, to Portugal?
    The Guardian.
    The Guardian.
    Portugal general election: Socialists win surprise outright majority
    See? Our society could be more than merely a plaything to manipulative U$A capitalist exploitation for a dollar.
    The great and enduring myth is that the curdled, corrupt, dangerous, logical fallacy that is AO/NZ is the only reality available to us. And is that because we’re not really, actually, in fact, in control of our own country and in truth and actually money is and those who have it are?
    Imagine, if you will, a psychopathic multi billionaire american is in control et al of our AO/NZ and it is they who insist a helicopter flies over our people having lunch to spray three dope plants? ( Why would they, you ask? Because it’s a show of farce.)
    Elon musk? *larry page? jeff bezos? *peter theil? Take your pick?
    * All bought and paid for AO/NZ citizens.
    The Guardian.
    “Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand”
    “Also in on the deal was one Roger Douglas, the former Labour finance minister who had presided over a radical restructuring of New Zealand economy along neoliberal lines in the 1980s. (This period of so-called “Rogernomics”, Byrt told me – the selling off of state assets, slashing of welfare, deregulation of financial markets – created the political conditions that had made the country such an attractive prospect for wealthy Americans.)”
    How does that feel you poor people barely surviving on benefits while Elon Musk just made $9.3 Billion U$A in one day?

    • Neoliberalism was a disaster for NZ and transferred NZ’s wealth to a number of people who are now firmly on NZ’s Rich List, they didn’t get there through hard work or creating businesses for the good of the Country.

  4. Why don’t the NZ Police concentrate on the big fish ie Gangs and Organised Crime easier to chase non compliant WOF’s and Registrations and small time cannabis growers meanwhile the Gangs and White Collar Criminals have a Field Day exempt from Police or Government Surveillance. Big Fish too difficult for the Police and this Government, Crime Pays especially the big stuff hence the growth of the Gangs in NZ over the past 30-40 years.

  5. We need a Government with some Balls to address the Gangs and Organised Crime, the Gangs have infiltrated all sectors of NZ Society and are making life a misery for many. In NZ we idolise Gangsters and White Collar Criminals IMHO.

  6. 90% of medicine was plant based in the 1920’s until the US Pharmaceutical Industry got many products outlawed, now synthetic materials are produced and regulated by the Authorities. This behaviour by the NZ Police is bordering on mindless and shows how immature we are as a Country ?

    Most mature countries world wide have legalised cannabis, meanwhile the Gangs in NZ run rampant dealing Methamphetamine like it is Lollies ?

  7. Clearly the message is ‘don’t park your dope where they can be seen from the air’. Or work on breeding varieties that don’t look like dope without careful examination.

    Another thought: given the draconian laws about flying toy drones, you’d think there would be severe restrictions on flying full sized helicopters at low levels and spraying weed killer indiscriminately without permission. If the stash was near a vineyard it could cause huge reactions.

  8. If police can afford to run a military helicopter armed with chemical weapons to chase down a few medicinal herb plants then perhaps there’s room to slash their funding.

  9. Grant Robbo and his Merry Men – a main man being Little Andrew are doing a fine job spreading confusion and toxic chemicals in the countryside. Maid Marion tries to get them organised but they won’t come down from the trees.

  10. I wonder about a client’s pot of ‘pot’ up among shrubs here in gisbo. I think now if they sent helicopters up here for that, that’d be the end of the anti-grass bullsh in NZ. Though they did it to a client dealing with pain a few years ago. Spotted his one pot. He went back to nettle tea.

    So much crap. Completely, utterly laughable. Political parties realise they only have so much dry powder, hence the Nats ignoring Geoff Palmer’s recommendations about alcohol in 09. Labour is all about ‘political science’ since Helen, with that degree, took power. Heart and the means to push it doesn’t come into it anymore.

  11. Need to legalize all drugs then you eliminate the Cash Flow for the Gangs and White Collar Criminals, can then slash the NZ Police Force in 1/2, illicit drugs benefit no one except the Gangs and Organized Crime.


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