1 million starving to death Afghan Children vs our myopic view to save traitors


It’s crazy how in NZ all our media focus on is how we betrayed Afghan traitors who helped us during the occupation yet NO focus on the sanctions that now see 23million Afghans starving to death!

In NZ we go on and on and on about how we didn’t help Afghan traitors to live in NZ. I say traitors because they are traitors. We invaded Afganistan, they helped us as occupiers, they are traitors to their people.

But what we did or didn’t do for Afghan traitors isn’t really the issue – the issue is how we have allowed crippling sanctions to replace our occupation that now see 23 million Afghans starving to death.

The expectation is a million Afghan children will die.

Our obligations as an occupying force should be to the damaged country we occupied, not the traitors who helped us!

Our obligations as an occupying force is to end those punitive sanctions.

Our obligations as an occupying force is to not have millions starve to death!

Fuck our obligations to traitors! Why aren’t we being confronted with the spectre of mass death from starvation in a country we previously occupied?

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We are a tiny people, a little people, a petty people with a low horizon imagination with all the culture of a can of day old Coke-cola.

If you can’t fix the country you invade, maybe you shouldn’t have invaded in the first place?

These 23million we are allowing to starve to death is the story, not our petty mainstream media focus on helping traitors.

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  1. I believe that at this stage of Aotearoa New Zealand’s development that we elect People who are open, honest, but most importantly, sincere.

    It was a grave mistake believing that a bunch of elite veterans of war could have built a democracy, but the moment they, the Afghan people believe that they can prosper, we will be much more safer.

    • “I believe that at this stage of Aotearoa New Zealand’s development that we elect People who are open, honest, but most importantly, sincere.” That’s John Key Judith Collins John Banks, Paula Bennett, Murray McCully, Bill English and Christopher Luxon to a “T”… NZ was just incredibly lucky to have Adern as leader when the virus hit, or the country would have become a huge mausoleum… But on any other front besides that one, they are nothing but national lite… The truth is that NZ “occasionally” gets it right, by accident, and even then the machine grinds them up until they can be removed, and replaced with yet another vassal of colonial privilege coupled with uber wealthy foreign interests… Sincere?. Sincerely disloyal to their own people, yes..

      • More importantly is “development.”

        The Right Brothers invented the most wonderful, fun, amazing flying machine. The politicians decided to throw bombs out of them.

        Now after 40 years of developing the internet in of things we are trying to blow up nuclear power plants and so on.

        So first of all we assume that technical development is different from military development. There are a number of differences that make civilians different from soldiers but something happens to technology that makes it less applicable to civilian life.

  2. This must be an act of genocide by the World Bank; if Afghanistan owns the money and the World Bank won’t release it that’s pretty plain logic.

  3. To be fair Bomber, NZ was recognised by the Taliban as quick off the mark with a $3 million aid donation which was, of course, more symbolic than effective. However, it didn’t take too long for the US and its hangers-on to rein in our Government. As usual, they intend to annihilate any country that has failed to conform to their ‘might is right’ doctrine. So much for Mahuta’s short-lived and empty shows of political independence.

    What is extremely disturbing is that the likes of the UK and the US have effectively stolen the considerable gold reserves of countries they deliberately want to starve to death.

  4. Bradbury goes too far when he describes as traitors the Afghans who helped New Zealand forces. They did what they thought was the right thing, to assist successive Afghan regimes that though inept and corrupt seemed preferable to the Taliban.
    Okay, now the Taliban has won, and in turn is preferable to ISIS-K, which seeks to overthrow it. Yes, we must demand the end of the spiteful US blockade of Afghanistan that is killing the Afghan people.
    But lay off the ‘traitor’ talk: it is uhelpful.

    • To be fair John, Bomber got your attention.
      In any war, there are those who for whatever reason, end up on the wrong side and may pay a heavy, if not the ultimate price. Should their needs be more important than those of a million starving children who have never had any choice in the means and nature of their survival?
      In a fair world, war mongers who use ‘democracy’ as an excuse for their lies and atrocities need to be consigned to the rubbish bin of history. Unfortunately, they just move elsewhere to sell their seeds of destruction while people of principle are powerless to stop them.

    • I care. Just couldn’t do anything about it even though I did the first 40hr famine plus more. Starved myself for weeks, raised millions of dollars. So I care, my generation just wasn’t strong enough to do anything about it.

    • Blazer – Well, in Aotearoa New Zealand, government agencies care : they tell the poor and hungry to go to the food banks provided by the goodies. In Africa and elsewhere, China cares, and is buying its way in very effectively indeed.

      • All very well,but supposedly 20% of the food produced in the world is…wasted.
        We are concerned about deaths from covid and getting vaccinated….easy cure for preventing 7plus million deaths a year=food.

    • ” 25,000 people die of starvation around the world…EVERY DAY…..
      Who…cares ”

      If you had children and genuinely cared for them and had any humanity you would know that any threat to starve innocent kids is an outrage and when we let that stand we are no longer human but just greedy evil monsters.

    • Blazer used the euphemism “who cares” ,,,, to misdirect from what he was actually saying,,,, which is “I/Blazer do not care about children and familys starving to death”.

      it’s a good thing being thought of as sick and depraved does concern Blazer ,,, which is why he did not own his opinion ,,,,,

      If Blazer was clear on the fact he does not care about child torture ,,,, the damage to his reputation may stop him from trying to normalize it.

  5. Yet again the situation is a direct result of the actions of the United bloody States. Time for the World to hold the fucking Yanks to account, instead of fawning to their inhumane practices imposed out of sheer spite.

  6. I think we should help starving Afghan children as well as the people who acted as translators for New Zealand. However, isn’t the root cause of this problem (or at least a big part of it) religion? In this case Muslim fundamentalism? It’s time The Bible and Koran were both recognised as being tools of racism, sexism, slavery, genocide etc.

    • The religion that caused the war in Afghanistan is the one that worships the money gods. or the money demons. And so far, that religion rules much of the world, and is destroying it at great speed – no end in sight. Most politicians worship/ obey/ derive their values from that same god/ demon.

      • and would that ‘god’ be the islamic one or the christian one? both are abrahamic religions that like the jews worship the same god….or are we thinking mammon?

    • Maybe it’s time you tried to prove your point of view with evidence, while I can agree that the various religions misinterpret what scripture says that is not a reason to reject the scripture.

      • so I should misinterpret it my way..
        or just adhere to your way, which is what most of the devout actually really believe

          • how so OW please do elucidate..as far as I know excepting the jews ALL abrahamic religions are proselytising religions..

            ‘have you let jesus into your life’ etc etc et-bloody-cetra

            • Proselytising religions yes but with very different rules in relation to apostasy, choosing a partner outside the religion and consanguinity. And these rules lead to very different value systems within counties and much conflict when those systems intereact.

      • Now now brown cow @ CB, calm down!. We’re all God’s children (in this space, going forward).
        You concentrate on dosing the populace with a few decent unpolluted legitimate drugs – they may well be what saves us all, There are not too many of them about thought these days
        Others have a different approach. In the fullness of time in this space going forward, we’ll see what has worked. No doubt when it’s too late. BUT at least you’ll be able to claim the award for “I told youse I sed so”.

      • but bro it is the circle of life. We live on a brutal planet. In the time it took me to type this how many innocent animals have been brutally slaughtered for your meat consumption?
        love you bros

  7. Sometimes you’ve got to fight for your freedom and the Afghanis didn’t. Hence their current predicament.

    Ben Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    • Andrew, what did you mean by, “Sometimes you’ve got to fight for your freedom and the Afghanis didn’t. Hence their current predicament.”
      The Taliban (Afghans) did fight for the freedom of the country and won against all odds. The outcome was that the US refused to lose and are prepared to sacrifice a million defenseless children as revenge, while sitting on billions of dollars they had syphoned out of the Afghan economy.

      • “billions of dollars they had syphoned out of the Afghan economy”

        What planet are you on? Afghanistan is a largely worthless crap hole into which Americans poured billions in aid (not just military). They built hospitals. They built schools. They provided teachers and doctors. They sent food, a large proportion of which was sold in the local markets by corrupt officials. This month they donated an *additional* 300 million dollars in food which no doubt will also be sold elsewhere.

        Afghanis are a people that prefer to grow poppies rather than food…

        • The War Lords have the bulk of the trillions of dollars the US poured into the country that won’t go to avert starvation.
          Nevertheless we have an obligation to starving people in Afghanistan as we do to starving,hungry people everywhere.

          • So the usa empowered militant religious extremists to help them fight for their freedoms Andrew ???

            “Your cause is right and god is on your side” — said the usa to Osama Binladen and the birth of Al-Quada/Al-Nusra/Daesh/Isis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiJg3-_uOyA

            “Ex-Security Chief Brzezinski’s Interview with Le Nouvel Observateur makes clear:
            “The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon” http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/brz.htm

            The usa around 1978-79 began to flood the country with weapons and Islamic fanatics ,,, … They did this knowing full well it would destroy and ruin Afghanistan ,,, and training / arming up to 100,000 Islamic extremists in Pakistan has rooted them too.

            The Usa has spent far far far more money destroying Afghanistan than rebuilding anything ,,,,

            Their concern for Afghanistan people is shown by their stealing of Afghani funds which has lead to teachers, nurses, civil servants not being paid ,,,, https://youtu.be/oFGTa6rKKQM?t=98

            ,,,, and the usa will deliberatly starve a million Afghani kids to death in the near future ,,,

            Just like their mass slaughter of Iraq children,,, Yemen children ,,, Cambodian children etc etc ,,, The sick yanks will always think “It’s worth it” — aka Madeline ‘disgusting serbs’ Albrite.

            So instead of bullshitting like Wayne Mapp on Afghanistan Andrew ,,,, why don’t you give us your opinion if Israel thinks the extremist Muslim terrorists it supports ‘have a just cause and god on their side’ too ???,,,, https://youtu.be/yiVb7_CVD9o?t=333

            Its a good job Hezbollah are protecting Lebanon and Syrian christian s from the fanatical terrorists ,,,, that Israel acts as a air-force, medics and sometimes paymasters for ..

            “never in the American media is Hezbollah’s commitment to protecting Christians ever mentioned, and it doesn’t stop just inside Lebanon..

            …”When Hezbollah sent forces into Syria to take the fight to ISIS and the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda) Jihadists or the so called “moderate rebels” inside Syria. They were there to protect the Syrian Christians too.”

            “Hezbollah was on the side of secularism and freedom of religion, and the United States and its media were on the side of destroying it” https://medium.com/@JRGhaddar/the-truth-about-hezbollah-what-the-main-stream-media-doesnt-want-u-s-36596c947b50


            • That is, as Andrew McCarthy, US prosecutor for the Holy Foundation trial has written, because American leaders are ignorant about jihad and the aims and strategies of the fascist religious extremists inclusive of Salafists, Deobandists, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Hizb ut tahrir.
              The Syrian Christians were only protected under their dhimmi status which is not exactly religious tolerance as the West understands it is it now.

        • FFS do a bit of research before you give brainfart responses: https://qz.com/2049375/taliban-cant-touch-afghanistans-gold-stored-away-in-the-us/
          Perhaps you would like to prove your other dubious assertions are accurate.
          As for your statement, “Afghanis are a people that prefer to grow poppies rather than food…” did you forget that when the Taliban was previously in power, they dried up the opium supply overnight, much to the angst of the US consumers. After the illegal war instigated by the US, opium was basically to only income source.
          As for all the other ‘gifts’ you outline, they were worth bugger all compared to the cost of the 20 years of war inflicted on the Afghanis.
          Finally, don’t forget that the US failed to come anywhere near the results achieved by Russia when it was invited to support the country. The US and its lackies sure fucked that up per courtesy of the terrorists they armed and assisted.
          By the way, are you getting a hard-on over the US shitfest over Ukraine. There is another where they supported neo-Nazis to undo a poorly performing ‘democracy’, which unlike their own worked on the basis of one person one equal vote.

  8. It is a shocking indictment on the US and all the other countries that went in. Helen Clark should be fronting an action to feed the children and to get rid of the appalling sanctions. It was her and her government that dragged us into this on the coat tales of the US.

  9. afganistan is a tribal society family comes before clan, clan comes before tribe and everything comes before nation, they hate each other as much as the enemy and will go to war over a sheep, welcome to NZs ‘tribal’ future

    • Bingo!

      To those that believe that they can “fix Afghanistan” have rocks in their head.

      Ok send aid, but who are you sending it to? There’s no administrative body to distribute aid to! 100% of the aid will end up in the hands of the warlords, or the Kabul elite. The “country” (and I use that term very loosely) is simply a location on earth with a miss mash pocket of warlords…it would be foolish to even describe it as a country.

      Some of these black and white solutions are ludicrous because the country is a complete grey area. How many people who are so willing to help the Afghanis would ever step inside the country? I would imagine they’d be none. Oh so brave behind their keyboards in leafy Khandallah, but not so brave in downtown Kabul, or Mogadishu for that matter.

      They don’t call Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires” for nothing…the greatest empires have all fallen there, however some honkies in New Zealand know exactly what Afghanistan needs…please!

      • Who has informed you that there is no administration in Afghanistan, or is that you own unqualified opinion?
        Do you need to step into a river to see if it is wet? So why go to Afghanistan so save the lives of starving kids?
        Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires because …. Could it possibly be because they have no desire to be colonized?

        • The same reason that no one goes to Somalia, these are failed states.

          So please tell me who are you sending aid to? The Taliban? Actually they would probably need the best option, as long as you’re willing to overlook the beheadings and honor killings hey?

          • Of course, in your view, the US didn’t turn Afghanistan into a failed state and is not depriving it of all its billions in gold reserves so that it could transition into a successful Government.

            • Is the evidence for reprisals against mujahideen and Northern Alliance members, random Afghan citizens, those who assisted occupying powers, Christians and other religious minorities, Hazara, members of the previous administration, ISIS-K, Taliban members turned traitor and victims of Taliban spite available do you think aom?

  10. Well it is expected. Wherever America goes it leaves a path of destruction turmoil and upheaval of the populace. It just leaves death and destruction in its wake everytime it decides a country needs a regime change.

    The US alone should be footing the bill and the costs associated with reconstruction of the country. Just like Germany had to after WWI. Reparations.

    • The country was hugely reconstructed after 2001, or rather more accurately built up where little existed before. Bamyan province got a hospital, a polytechnic, electric power, paved roads of hundreds of kilometres, heath clinics in the villages, a whole new government centre, courts and administrative buildings in the main towns and many forms of agricultural support. None of these things existed before 2001. The same story can be repeated over much of the country. This time the Taliban have got a much more developed country in terms of infrastructure, education and health facilities.
      Unfortunately this expanded infrastructure and the civil servants who run it can only be supported with massive infusions of cash, since it was way beyond what the internal Afghan economy could sustain. The government needs about $10 billion per year more than it gets in taxes. Up till now this has all come from international monetary transfers, from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and from western governments.
      In my view we have to do enough to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. Probably through the Red Crescent and the UN. That will be mostly from the west, but given we built up this whole elaborate (but unsustainable) infrastructure in Afghanistan we have to keep it going, at least to avert the worst effects.

  11. You think the Taliban could do their bit by selling some of that war booty they inherited Martyn?

      • Oh well let’s see aom. 1) Because the Taliban are ruling the country now and (supposedly) care for their citizens. 2) Because they also need to be held accountable if they want recognition from the international community. 3) Because they can’t handle the damned machinery anyway. 4) Because it’s getting a bit tiring listening to people like you using the soft bigotry of low expectations mitigation. 5) Because they could sell it back to the US which would surely please the grousers here.

  12. Well done @ MB.
    I read, and saw the pictures, in this mornings The Guardian.
    Wee girls being sold as future wives, people having to sell their kidneys or starve to death.
    Forty years ago I had a close friend who used to visit Afghanistan regularly because she loved the place.
    Here’s one of the sadistic perpetrators of the shambles that’s now Afghanistan.
    donald rumsfeld. Psychopathic narcissist. We must all be ever vigilant for this kind of creature.
    Here’s another one.
    dick chaney.
    The Guardian.
    “A new film takes a look at the power behind George W Bush’s throne – a man who brought war, torture and moral rot.”
    We have them here…
    roger douglas, david seymour, richard prebble, derek quigley, christopher luxton and many more.
    The easiest way to identify one of them as being one of Them, ask yourself? Do they put money ahead of humanness* ? If a politician puts OUR money before we, the people? They’re one of the dreaded ‘Them’ and must never be allowed anywhere near our politics.
    * “…showing the better qualities of humankind, such as kindness: the human side of politics is getting stronger.”

    • I had a friend who worked there too – He chose to leave his Paris hairdressing salon to do same in Kabul. He was good at what he did and he enjoyed that time. It sounds incredible now. (Noel, … you out there anywhere?)

    • Cherry-picking a bit there aren’t we CB? Forgotten the sadistic perpetrator Clinton’s interference in the Balkans and the ruination of Libya by psychopathic narcissists’ Obama and Clinton 2.0? All accomplished with the aid of poodles’ Blair and the EU, the lapdog McCain and encouraged by the UN.
      Oh and you might need to add Ms Clark to the “Them” list. Last time I looked she was still defending sending our troops to the ‘war on terror.’

  13. Nothing happens in Afghanistan without Pakistan ISI allowing it…to save those poor devils, pressure needs to be placed on Pakistan’s ISI

    • indeed pakistan has been the only beneficiary of the ongoing afgan debacle, as the US proxy in the area they’ve milked it to the max.

      • Bullshit. Pakistan has already accepted as many Afghan refugees as it can and you Muppets want to idea a lot. Genius y’know? Just wonderful.

        • didn’t say they hadn’t but they gained regional strategic weight by being the yanks proxy and their intelligence service have play both sides for money since the 80s as well as facilitating the opium trade….they accept refugees who are then radicalised in the saudi funded madrasas in pakistan(see…playing both sides)
          so in short..bullshit you muppet.

  14. There were plenty of Germans that helped defeat Hitler and Italians who fought against Mussolini were they traitors ?

    • naw trev but a lot of them were committed socialists and communists….the rightists supported adolf…soooo probably not the best example.

      to avoid the inevitable, take france as an example the UK backed resistants largely helped evaders (mostly aircrew) and collected intelligence..the socialist/communist resistance killed actual germans…(often at grave cost to the population via german retaliation)

  15. ‘These 23million we are allowing to starve to death is the story’…
    Who is this ‘we’? This sounds like the climate change nutters laying on the guilt trips – we (NZ) are solely and entire responsible for all the world’s evils and thus we (NZ) have to fix all the world’s evils. Never mind the rest of the world, they are all good. NZ bad, rest of world good. Fuck that!

  16. Too bloody late. The war mongers, the elite, the corporations thank you for doing their COVID bidding, by selling out your countrymen while they laugh all the way to the bank. There’s always been a hell of a lot more going on in the world. You point out the fake news headlines while using the fake news to bash a minority who just want the right to choose.

        • OW I never had any ‘decency’ to start with and my prize is probably living, the medal for participation(or lack of) goes to the unvaxxed

          as for pfizer and big pharma, you’ve never ever in your life have ever taken medication for anything I take it…? YEAH RIGHT.

          • Never forced, never under threat of loss of livelihood. Never dehumanised for making a choice. Never called a conspiracy theorist for asking questions. Never been second classed for researching a subject.
            Well at least you admit you were never decent. It figures.

            • yup all those things but my ‘resistance’ didn’t include putting others in literally mortal danger….you don’t look too steady perched on that moral high horse mate.

  17. ” However, it didn’t take too long for the US and its hangers-on to rein in our Government ”

    Yeah and that is the result of being TOLD what to do because it suits other countries agenda’s and that somehow we have to be in the ” club ” so we allow ourselves to be blackmailed and SILENCED !

    Lange said in parliament in 1989 when he resigned as PM that after the war of attrition with the wester allies when we became a nuclear free zone that quote ” he was proud that as a government they never went to Washington to grovel , never went to Washington to grovel and our independence to decide was sacrosanct and that our independent foreign policy must remain ”

    I hope one day we will recover our fighting spirit , our real sense of what it is to be a proud country that never buckles to economic sabotage by the plutocracy and has the right to act and articulate a firm independent voice of where we stand and is not coerced by those who seek to take a course of action for their own interests when it is beyond a doubt the carnage it will cause.

  18. There is not one person with power anywhere on this planet that actually gives a fuck about women and their children.
    Be that in Afghanistan were selling kids and kidneys is the same thing, or in NZ where men can identify as women and then be women in the place of women, or in the US were FGM can no longer be named FGM because some adults actually want to mutilate their own genitals or those of their children, so as to be the other sex, and minor attracted people is a new word for pedophile.
    The reason this happens is because a. its happening over there, and b. its just women and their children – poor people all of them and who cares.
    No one cares. Never did care. Never will care. It is just women and their children, and the world over women and children only have value when they are needed for votes or vote getting after that, into the dustbin of history.

    • bbbutttttt cultural sensitivity, age old customs, folk cure..

      yup it’s 1000percent wrong and needs stamping on, it goes on in african communities in europe…who knows if it does here and if so, would it be reported and acted on?

  19. We helped other countries mess up their land, and are showing the same loss of humanity to them as we show to NZrs on the low income end so in a way that’s fair. But I thought we were better – looking at all the stuffed shirts with much to say you wonder are they stuffed with crumpled newspaper?

    Then we have been helpful in our kindly way to people who can give us leverage in some way, usually money.

  20. No they are not necessarily traitors because they genuinely believed they would get democracy and an end to an oppressive fundamentalist regime. Some did, others were in it for power , position and wealth. Typical motives of western values.

    HOWEVER ! The fact we have not aided and assisted in the rebuild, the fact we arrogantly imposed trade sanctions after the fact ,… how wanky is that? And what impression does that give to the Afghan people. That the west , is still the obnoxious west. You do not win friends by continually shitting on them. You do it by letting bygones be bygones and doing what and for Vietnam and Japan and Germany. You win allies by that measure, not by being bastards.

    Why cannot humanity learn its simple lessons? That we are ALL family.

    • Glad to hear this from someone. The idea that we should walk out thumbing our nose at people we encouraged to help our forces in Afghanistan and say they were collaborators and have to take their medicine is a puerile argument. The people have to think about their situation knowing that suffering will occur, and do they hope they will end up with better. We are helpless in the forceful currents of power that wash around the world. What wk says must be borne in mind – we are all family. Do we like all of our own family? Possibly no, but we have to think how we treat them, and see things from their point of view, as well as our own.

  21. Well, the meltdown of the fake global financial markets is underway, and soon no one in NZ will care what happens in Afghanistan (or any other nation attacked by the empire to achieve ‘regime change’ and steal resources).

    ‘Wall Street has started its week with a severe case of the jitters. The S&P500 is down -3.6% in late afternoon trade and falling. That means for 2022 it is down -11.6% and in almost exclusively one-way traffic and you may recall it started the year at an all-time high. The NASDAQ is down -4.5% so far today, and the Dow down -3.0%, so it is a broad-based retreat, led by tech stocks.’

    Kiwi dollar down too, so expect another rise in fuel prices.


    On the other hand, the central banks may well have a plan to print money at an even faster rate and devalue the money in people’s bank accounts at an even faster rate, in order to prop up the markets for a few more months.

    However you look at it, most people in NZ will have far more to worry about than what happens overseas. In fact they already do. And it will all be made worse faster by the neofascists in power, both in NZ and throughout the rest of the western world.

  22. Afghans that helped the invaders were no more or less than collaborators–they will rightly not be popular with many wherever they go for various reasons.

    The NZ Alliance Party was totally right 20 years ago that NZ should not have touched the US invasion of Afghanistan with a forty foot proverbial.

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