Cops hunting weed in choppers: things for cannabis are worse now than when Labour started!


I thought we were beyond this bullshit war on drugs when it comes to cannabis?

Police to resume aerial cannabis operations a year after national operation was canned

Several police districts are planning to resume aerial search operations for cannabis, a year after top brass scrapped the annual eradication operation at a national level.

Stuff revealed last year that top brass at Police National Headquarters, which provides more than $700,000 a year to fund hundreds of hours of flight time for helicopters and planes used as part of the operation, decided to scrap it.

We are spending money on helicopter reconnaissance for a plant that almost 50% of the population called on to be a legal market???

How outrageous is this?

What makes it even more offensive is that because Labour have screwed up the medicinal cannabis market so badly, sick people are still turning to the illegal market for product!

We have the worst of all outcomes, a pious Government who tells us the dark days of prohibition are over when in fact it’s continuing while the medicinal cannabis market is dominated by corporate pharmaceutical interests!

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And let’s not forget the class issue!

The real issue here is that middle class children named Apple and Bruschetta can party safely at their expensive summer festivals while working class stoners have their rights going backwards!

Look, I’m pro pro pro pro pro Drugs!  I’m all for Apple and Bruschetta getting their kicks safely at their expensive middle class summer festivals but the long suffering working class stoners are getting sweet fuck all.

The obscene farce Labour have allowed with medicinal cannabis to become dominated by corporate pharmaceuticals and Billionaires is the antithesis of what we should be building and things are worse now than when Labour started!


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    • Like the Nats or ACT would ever legalise weed … hilarious.

      The government have indicated that there won’t be any more lockdowns. They know all too well that this would be politically damaging.

      The irony in a time of efficiency is the squandering on lots of money given that YES only just missed the last time … watch this space if Labour need the Greens at the next election.

      • Hi Bob, and Labour has….? Also, the fact that Labour has stated no more lockdowns does not mean no more Lockdown, they (Labour) might call it safe zones, or something

  1. Perhaps the ending of the ‘hell’acopters was a scam so everyone went hard with their outdoor grows. Now they simply use tax dollars to fly by and collect everyone’s weed. They,ll be well stocked for a while.

    What an absolutely disgusting waste of Police funding and resources, not to mention reckless endangerment of officers lives. Forcing growers back inside just creates more hydroponic frankinweed, a shorter, more paranoid prone high that needs re-charged every half hour, people stealing and wasting power, not good for the climate.

    They should at least have to donate half their yield to medicinal users.

  2. You were and are right @ MB.
    The creeping christ cultists aka the far right American christians are here and now throwing their bibles about.
    The Devils Weed ( Must be exploited to make millions for the lawyer, punishment and incarceration industries )
    meddling yanks like theil, larry page and musk-rat with their multiples of billions are here and now AS AO/NZ CITIZENS FOR FUCKS SAKE! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! so our AO/NZ’s no longer ours then.
    Who’s idea was that? To enable meddling yanks to be able to so easily become AO/NZ citizens? Musk has a wealth of $295 BILLION U$ and all he has to pay is a shitty $10 million if he wants to become an AO/NZ’er? ( If he’s not already done so. It’s not that we AO/NZ’ers would fucking know.)
    Isn’t that treason?
    musk and rogan. Aw Bless the wee man suckin on that little thing. A wee moke toker.
    The tobacco will give him cancer, heart disease and COPD PLUS, you get an addiction to nicotine then a smelly, early death.
    I say fuck the MANGL party! Because they’re all one and the same thing.

  3. The other thing to consider is the economics of illegal weed. You can’t tax legal weed because you can grow your own and if you can grow your own there would be almost no traceable financial exchanges involved.
    When you buy illegal weed significantly more money’s involved and that money’s effectively laundered for and via the IRD when it’s spent. The grower, the dealers and those who buy weed are taxed when they spend, or receive, that money i.e. GST at the very least. That, is the very definition of a cash economy and that’s why the banksters don’t like a cash money society. They can’t tap into folding money exchanging hands.
    Under the MANGLE regime there’s nowhere for poor people to earn a little scratch on the side. The digital economy is an entirely traceable, trackable economy. Cash, however, allows for anonymity. Cash enables people to sidle past the death stares of that neoliberal-capitalist fascist hit squad AKA dreaded WINZ for example. WINZ should be re titled ; Despite My Two Shit Paying Jobs I’m Still Living In Poverty While American Billionaires Help Themselves To My AO/NZ. Or D.M.T.S.P.J.I.S.L.I.P.W.A.B.H.T.T.M.A.N.Z. for short.
    You got to admit, it’s clever. The criminals are making we victims look like the criminals so the real criminals can reach into our dusty, moth eaten pockets and steal what little money we have and none of the laws they write are thus broken but God help us if we poor motherfuckers find a stray cash dollar we don’t declare.
    When I started school I was a funny looking wee kid and my parents were, shall we say, not conventional farming people. I was an only country kid. I had no fucking idea about social nuances so I got strapped for taking a liking to a kids pen. Six of the best. Three on each wee hand. ( I was six years old. )
    Then, I got bullied by older kids who’d listened the gossip about my family going around the dinner table.
    It wasn’t until my father advised me when I tearfully explained my predicaments “ Well, just put the boot in then.”
    So I did. I kicked another kid so directly up his wee arsehole I felt the toe of my boot enter his sphincter. I credit myself with having sent in on a path of higher learning because that kid went on to become a heart surgeon.
    I punched and kicked my way into achieving a kind of untouchable status so while I was at that hideous little rural primary school I was marked as an outcast which suited me fine.
    My point is, if we’re to stop being bullied by political fools and banksters for our money and our liberty we must stand together and stand up and put the boot in.

  4. Vote ’em out (Vote ’em out)
    Vote ’em out (Vote ’em out)
    And when they’re gone, we’ll sing and dance and shout
    Bring some new ones in
    And we’ll start that show again
    And if you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out.


  5. ” What makes it even more offensive is that because Labour have screwed up the medicinal cannabis market so badly, sick people are still turning to the illegal market for product! ”

    Helen Kelly who was terminally ill was made to be a criminal over this and I would have expected some compassion from those who pretend to be her compatriots to have acted humanly and with courage for not just Helen but so many who are suffering and are not asking for very much except intelligent compassion.

    These LINO people are cruel and sadistic and lack any real sense of what it means to suffer….medically and economically.

  6. Just take it off the drug schedule already – as if helicopters can see into wardrobes and spare rooms – fricken numpties.

  7. One wonders, are the elite helicopter crews who got their jollies murdering civilians and journalists in Afghanistan now deployed at weed-central for shits and giggles? That would be a lux-flakes initiative.

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