Will Labour’s appalling handling of the housing crisis spark a Rent Strike in 2022?


National average house price went up nearly 30% in 2021

The national average house price rose nearly 30 per cent last year. Figures from QV show the average house price went up 28.2 per cent in 2021, with the new national average hitting $1,053,315.

Last month Matthew Hooton tweeted a graph showing NZ with the highest level of house price inflation with the following message, ‘why I’m voting Labour’…

…last week Damien Grant did the same…

…when the Darth Vader Twins of the NZ right are cheering your housing policy, something has gone horribly wrong.

Grant Robertson should get a knighthood for services to property speculators.

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To stave off an economic stampede as Covid broke out, the Government pumped billions into the banks who in turn used that to spark a speculative gold rush that will crucify renters once Adrian Orr has to raise mortgage rates.

Mortgage rates that the Megalandlord scum class will push straight onto their tenants!

The landlord class have a vast power over the renter class who have bugger all!

Surely an explosion of food inflation and oppressive rent hikes must be met with militancy!

A nationwide rent strike with clear instructions to the landlords to get the rent paid by Labour would terrify this nation of property speculators and their political handlers.

Burning down ghost houses should be next.

Previously renter militancy couldn’t be collectively harvested to be effective but social media can do that and so much more!

The politicians, landlords and banks have rigged the game for themselves – if we enter a winter of discontent from greedy landlords raising rents, we should strike back on the place that hurts them most, their wallets and their precious assets!

The truth (like everything else in fucking NZ), is that the under regulated free market has been warped by the wealthy for their interests and all Labour attempt is bullshit tinkering on the sides rather than challenge the dominance of neoliberal theology.

We have allowed the commodification of houses to be a means to make wealth and people are chasing that with all the nuance of meth addicts in a P lab.

If Labour wanted actual solutions, these 3 would do it.

1 – FLOOD MARKET WITH MASS STATE HOUSING REBUILD: End the scum landlord subsidy of housing allowances end putting money into the pockets of unscrupulous motel owners by rapidly building 50 000 new state homes. Scum Landlords can do as they please because the level of desperation amongst renters gives them total power. Flooding the market with 50 000 new state houses would rob scum landlords of that desperation.

2 – STATE HOUSE FOR LIFE: Allow beneficiaries to stay in their state home for life so that they can create stable communities and that their desperation is never transported back to Landlords.

3 – DEPOSIT RESTRICTIONS: I have no issue with people who own their own home, or have a batch or even a 3rd property to provide income into your retirement. What I have no time for is people who own 4 properties, 5 properties, 10 properties, 20 properties, 80 properties.

Fuck them.

First time home buys should be required to have 10% deposit, but the more properties you own, the higher the deposit. The reason the speculators can out buy any first time home owner is because they can use their multiple properties to leverage more debt.

If you are a property speculator, you need to turn up with a 70% deposit to counter the leverage multiple properties allows them.

If Labour want to actually solve the problem they have to regulate the market and re-set it so that speculation is punished while first home ownership and housing of the poor is championed.

For too long we have allowed the the rich to dictate the rules, if Labour’s kindness is to be meaningful, it needs to challenge that dynamic.

Unfortunately Labour are not looking for solutions, they are looking for the pretence of a solution to ease criticism from their Left.

That’s ‘neokindness’.

A rent strike would force Labour to do something more meaningful than tilting their head to one side and nodding sadly!

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  1. Yes!! a Rent strike to get the Labour Caucus’ attention, AND organised occupations of empty residential and commercial properties to get the rentiers and bankers attention. The aim should indeed be a state house & apartment mega build, including immediate Rent Freeze and Rent Control.

    “Generation student loan”, and “generation rent overpriced dumps for life”, need to take political action along with all who can be united to restore the status of housing to accomodation rather than parasitic investment opportunities.

    Dog eat dog Chicago School economics has fucked this country’s working class for almost 40 years now and it is only direct action that will turn that around, and start a political movement to roll back Rogernomics and the neo liberal state for good.

    New political leadership is required to push for Eco Socialism and shock the Parliamentary Parties.

    • @ Tiger Mountain.
      You’re absolutely correct.
      Unfortunately preaching common sense to the hypnotised masses is a bit like pissing into the wind.
      The challenges AO/NZ’s faced with at this point is quite novel in my opinion.
      It’s weird isn’t it? We live in beautiful, plentiful, safe and secure AO/NZ and our primary industry is producing foods and wool etc with the highest degree of expertise found anywhere on earth while feeding 40 million people and yet [it] appears, to the minds eye as a harsh, difficult, poor, impoverished and desolate little few islands suffering the consequences of an urban property market logical fallacy bordering on what I’d describe as brain washing. Our AO/NZ clearly isn’t destitute or difficult, in any way and yet it must obviously be. Why is that?
      Why are we seemingly so powerless, so unaware, so msm fumigated of common sense?
      What’s going on?
      If looked at dispassionately then surely poverty and homelessness and hungry kids, as an example, is a laughable absurdity in AO/NZ? Isn’t it? But why can’t people see that, that is what it is. As absurd. It’s absurd that urban housing has an average ‘value’ of one million dollars. That, is absurd, and yet it is our reality. Our realities are absurdist.
      I know that U$A Consulate staff in Cuba, is it, are getting mysteriously sick.
      I know that 5 million AO/NZ’ers are mysteriously blind to an absurd conflagration of a mass ” I see it, and yet I don’t see it!” type of psychosis.
      There are 5 million of us on a highly, and I mean very highly, agriculturally productive land mass comprising two main islands and two other smaller islands surrounded by some of the most fish rich clean ocean water left in the world.
      AO/NZ is larger than the UK by about 26 thousand sq km but only has 5 million people whereas the UK has about 75 million people.
      What’s going on here? We should be rioting. We should be pounding on the doors of our parliament as I write.
      Our farmers should be demanding a royal commission of inquiry as to where their money’s gone. And I mean billions and billions of dollars. Gone! Our farmers work their arses off while taking huge financial and physical risks providing our AO/NZ with its food and money and our farmers live in socially isolated conditions and buried in debt to foreign owned banks. Mainly Australian banks and it should be understood that Australia is no friend of ours. Australia competes for the same export markets we do.
      If one starts to spell it out, it starts to look fucking scary actually.
      So why are we so compliant? So blinded to our reality? Who’s done this to us?
      We pay our politicians huge money to protect and best serve us. To properly and solemnly manage the democratic mechanism we vote to utilise to best serve us and this is what we get? Fear and confusion? Anger and rage? Poverty and desperation? And all that ugly, nasty shit’s on-going and there’s no sign of the end of it
      What the fuck is wrong with us, and I mean that literally. What have they ( ? ) done to us psychologically?
      If Professor Stanley Milgram was alive today I wonder what he’d observe in us.
      I dated a beautiful Dr of Psychiatry for about a year, until I nearly drove her nuts. Poor kid.
      She and I would sometimes talk about her profession as the senior Dr in her unit.
      She explained to me the behaviour of the amygdala and the way it interacts with the hippocampus.
      The amygdala doesn’t have the filters that the hippocampus does ( Or is it the other way round? ) so the amygdala feeds everything, good, bad or indifferent, into the hippocampus then the hippocampus reacts accordingly. That’s what advertisers take advantage of to sell you shit you never knew you needed. They brain wash you into buying stuff ( And ideas.) without you’re ever being aware of the influence they have on your subconscious mind. It could be weeks of months before your suddenly compelled to buy that packet of sugar and fat in the fancy box at the supermarket.
      Every city and town in AONZ is wallpapered with ads. Everywhere you look 24 / 7 there they are.
      I’m not suggesting retail advertising hides covert messages telling us to not give a fuck about the steerage of our country. I’m simply suggesting that our minds are not exclusively our own.
      Confused? What do the facts show you? What does your common sense tell you?
      That’s what you do. Add the facts to common sense. And there’s your answer.
      Bank customers complain about new anti-money laundering laws
      Bernard Hickey: The smiling assassin returns for his biggest hit

  2. The State is such a great landlord you can sit in your front room behind a locked door and watch fellow tenants get murdered or bashed up take and sell drugs be abused secure in the knowledge if you complain you will be asked to move . If any of the private landlords that you sling off at had tenants like these they would be taken to the tribunal.
    To my mind the majority of private landlords are just people with the balls to take a risk and commit money and time to improving their lot and realize this is a long term investment and so need good longstanding tenants . The best way to do this is to look after the property and the tenants will do the same win win . Not everyone wants to own a property .
    Why should benefituries other than those on the sickness benefit get a house for life as a reward for not getting into the workforce?

    • just keep taking the tablets trev…

      a bad policy by a particular current woke state landlord does not invalidate the concept of state housing itself

    • The Valocity data destroyed the myth of mum and dad investors making up the majority of landlords.

      Why should investors leave 40,000 homes empty in Auckland ,and make annual capital gains which exceed the earnings of the working stiff?

  3. The evidence against this government can no longer be ignored. Labour and National are just the same. Labour are Omicron, National Delta, and although one is slightly milder, both are a nasty political disease ​to those who don’t have wealth.

    So servile are they to the the well off, Labour gifts them nearly $9000 plus no road user taxes, no at the pump ACC levy, plus free recharge stations to go out and buy a new Tesla just for jolly, something to accompany the E bike, iPhone 13 and the matching coloured Bichen Frise handbag puppy. That 9 grand was not needed but fuck it, they suck that benefit up, thank you very much. But meanwhile on dead end street the riff raff renting can get stuffed, pay off a $9000 used petrol car (if they can get a loan nowadays that is), pay eye watering prices for fuel and road user charges plus ACC levies and go to work in it under lockdown to serve their masters, paying for the very roads the E car beneficiary drives on.

    What is wrong with this picture? .

    I assume the fools that make up this rich man serving government/party think the trickledown theory will apply when these bloated priced vehicles age, the servants can buy the overpriced cast off’s but that is when the ruin kicks in. E cars are uneconomic to repair because their very finite life precious materials batteries are so expensive to replace.

    Jacinda is a great foil to make voters think Labour care. They don’t. They are wedded to an unwritten old boys agreement with National over a glass of finest malt whiskey.

    They are here for the elite and for themselves. No one else.

  4. It’s pretty tragic when all policies around housing have the datum of how it will affect Te Atatu man with his late model black twin cab Ford Ranger ute with fishing boat parked up on the front lawn and their 2- 3 over indulged kids wandering around with their latest smart phones.
    All their luxury aquisitions ,are of course, on ‘tick’, as their rapidly inflating house price lock- stepped with record low interest rates have allowed them to reap the benefits of windfall paper gains, and so borrowing more and more to give them a feeling of wealth beyond their wildest dreams is the irresistible drug that keeps on giving them the euphoric dopamine hit highs that must be repeated to retain their newfound status and meaning in life.
    And it’s a dream that they don’t want wake up from. It’s all a bit tragic really. Such a superficial world.
    Of course it’s all going to end in tears.
    Their over indulged kids will never attain the dizzying heights that they are experiencing right now, and so soon, it will be all be down hill for them as they will more than likely need a mortgage the size of Africa to own a dog kennel ,(if they’re lucky ), and end up leading a life of drudgery as ‘the bank of Mum and Dad’ can only be stretched so far. Bearing in mind that the ‘toys’, that their parents have got so used to, will need upgrading on a regular basis.
    If house prices double every 10 years, then 2031 will see the average house price at $2.1 million.
    How stupid is that .How stupid are the prices that people are paying today ,or last year, or even 10 years ago. And apparently ,the stupid prices that have been for paid by what amounts to a handful of people,(relatively speaking) are locked in on all house, forever . Must never be allowed to decline. Must never ever get down to their true value. Never. Ever.
    Nope .The giant pyramid scheme . The Ponzi of all Ponzies must rein supreme. Ah-men.
    Good luck with that, whoever is in power, but that it is simply unsustainable.!!

    • The debt party is over, its late and the FED gang have just turned up with knives. Blood is about to be spilt.

    • Well, we will probably see a lot less Ford Rangers on the road as a result of these new lending laws coming. No more topping up the mortgage to buy your new toys. Just have to stick with the ’04 Courier.

  5. 4. An end to mass immigration. NZ has had an economy based on an expanding population. This puts downward pressure on wages and upward pressure on rents and house prices.
    Mass immigration and the resulting increase in our population seems to be politely ignored by anyone discussing the housing problem, and indeed our ever increasing environmental problems.

    • …because it’s racist to mention the fact that “we” have imported a fuck tonne of foreign right-wing racist neo-colonials, apparently…

      • Is it racist to mention we also imported a fuck tonne of dole bloggers who are sucking the system dry?

        • yes it is kraut the neo-libs on both sides did it to keep wages down, in this respect nats and LINOs are co-conspiritors.

          ps it’s ‘bludgers’ unless you’re making a cryptic reference to the employment status of posters here at TDB

    • That will have to be put through …Labours WellBeing policy – making Grinder. It may take a while.
      The 12 ‘Pou’
      1. Housing
      2. The labour market
      3. Community
      4. Edewkayshon
      5. Civic Engagement
      6. Health
      7. Life Satisfaction
      8. Safety
      9. Terrorism
      10. Work-life Balance
      11. Treaty of Waitangi
      12. Wokery

  6. “I have no issue with people who own their own home, or have a batch or even a 3rd property to provide income into your retirement.”
    This is not the first time you have made this comment. What you are saying that we need three houses for every person in NZ so we can all have a batch and a rental.
    Isn’t that what we have now or aspire to, and that’s not going so well.

  7. Land price should go down.

    Govt should provide land to the developers and no developers should be allowed to sell above a price decided By federal govt

    No local authorities should get any single dollar from the land sale.

    But push local authorities to help provide more land to claim their gst.

    Developers should be made to release the land within a year of hold, with or without development, make them pay if they don’t develop, give to other companies who can develop

    Monitor each builder carefully in their pricing, cancel their license if found guilty

    • 1. Very good solution focussed ideas ppl first.
      2. We leave the growth of our cities and towns to retired 90 year old lady market gardeners that own bare land on the edge of town. Classic kiwi.
      3. Same as immigration (not planned) same as healthcare (not planned) same as infrastructure (not planned) Classic Kiwi.
      4. I think infrastructure development needs to be government funded. Wait what-3 waters could do that!
      5. Every town needs land for a tiny home community. Classic Kiwi.
      7. I bloody reckon I could rip a hole for a kilometre of water pipe a day in a greenfield subdivision if the going was good. That includes smoko and a jimmy’s mutton pie for lunch.

      • No home loan should be allowed for those who own more 2 residential property , till the crisis ends.

        No new residential purchases should be allowed to rent for 5 years.

        Ppl with more than 3 properties should be taxed huge if they are not a tax resident(184 days continuously in nz) of New Zealand, even if the property belongs to a trust which is owned by foreign investor.

        Google falcon landing and look on google map in satellite view and look for the new development theres

        100s or more of properties are titled in falcon but not a single one is available for purchase. Why is it not developed? Who holds it why is it not in market yet ?

        Developers and builders controlling release to create demand so that the price don’t crash.

        Find each buyer and question them why is it not getting developed.

        It is not just falcon , but Farington , oaksbridge , prebleton, halswell, Woodend, darfield , Ackland park, Belfast and many more

        High penaltiyon should be imposed on developers and builders who control release or are not developing

    • What utopia are you living in? But maybe you should start with demanding an end to excessive compliance red tape and over governance at all levels of the process. Clipboards in Wellington are simply killing this country. Have you seen the size if this govt since Labour got in? It’s like old Moscow down there. Layer after layer of faceless clipboard warriors taken over half the city. Buck passing and are covering on a grand scale. No-one is responsible or accountable for anything. And no desire by ‘Good News’ Jacinda or ‘Who ate the pies’ Robertson to streamline the whole thing and demand more effective governance. Efficiency is simply not in their DNA.

  8. How anyone could vote labour after 4 years of attacking the poor is beyond me.It’s cruel.
    Extravagant wedding plans trump hungry children.
    The rich getting richer trumps homelessness.

    • Posturing.. You think we should vote National/Act instead when they have always done far more to disadvantage the poor?

  9. Ok. Could this go, in some way, to explaining my fears and answering my questions above?
    If you haven’t started watching Russell Brand on YouTube, give him a go. He’s fucking great.
    This is U$A centric but money IS money no matter where or what you are.
    “So… If This Isn’t A Massive CON Then WHAT IS?!!
    Recent scandals regarding the huge stock profits that politicians are making has prompted a call to ban trading in congress. So how likely is this to actually happen? ”

  10. first thing we need to do is take inspection and certification out of private hands..it’s just led to new build slums in the UK and oz, light touch regulation is no regulation, self regulation is no regulation, it’s not evil at work here it’s inevitable, if I’m a contracted private inspector and I want that next job I’d better pass this shithole or the phone won’t ring, the system is designed with that goal in mind….it’s pointless to build new slums…but that’s what will happen unless we sort out inspection and certification.

  11. Unfortunately APATHY will ensure there are no rent strikes.

    National Lite can address the housing issue if they really wanted to.

    -variable stamp duties-exempting first home buyers
    -levy on homes empty for more than 6 months
    -soft 10 yr loans for first home buyers.
    Crisis sorted by …lunchtime.
    NZ=highest house prices in the… world
    NZ=highest rents in the…world.
    NZ=highest cost of living in the 1st world.

    • In just 4 years Labour Government have created the widest gulf between the rich and the poor in the history of New Zealand which is something they should be ashamed of.

    • yup there’s always a horror story to hand

      ..cowardice on the part of KO just calls for changes there, it’s not an indictment of public housing as a system…life tenancies not a bad idea, within certain income parameters, what needs to be emphasised is that a state house is a national NZ asset, if you fuck it up or make a dick of yourself it’s back to the ‘free market’ for you buddy….and see how you like them apples….

      in short rights AND responsibilities are the key, people with past dickhead form should be excluded ”oh what about their kids’ I hear you cry..the ability to drop sprogs at will doesn’t absolve you from being a decent citizen.

  12. In the 1990’s when National decided to move rents to market rents, there was a rent strike attempted, but it fell flat when HNZ had the tenants evicted and then hit them for the overdue rents.

    I would imagine the same thing to happen now.

  13. I am voting Luxon because he will do more for the needy and poor than Labour have under Jacinda. YIt’s not hard since she’s done….zero, so a nice low base to start from. You think I’m kidding? Wait for his policies before you judge him…

    • Policies!!!…surely you jest.
      He will follow the Scomo rulebook…vague ‘feelgood’ platitudes,a shallow charm offensive and beat the usual drums.

      Look at the last Natz admin….all hat…no cattle.

    • Ya … The one with 7 properties will correct property market and create affordability or control housing price hike.

      His economics doesnot match with the economics of average nzer

    • He thinks property can be a savings and he bought multiple.

      Which means he want his property price to not go down

      Will he do anything against himself ?

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