America’s Foreign Policy Death Spiral


In trying to predict what the New Year holds for us it might be worth remembering the old adage; do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got.  And so, with no sign that the US has the slightest intention of doing other than it has always done, it seems we’re doomed, or, to put it more succinctly, substitute that word for one Bomber frequently uses. 

That’s the drift of an opinion piece by Professor Walter Hixson in the latest collection of articles from Information Clearing House. 

And the dwindling band of apologists for the US can point the finger wherever they like, Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine, Palestine, Hong Kong, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, the Yughurs, climate change, world poverty, human rights, the global refugee crises – not one of those issues would remotely approach the levels of concern they now attract, but for the dead hand of US foreign policy.

As professor Hixson writes;

American foreign policy today is in a reactionary death spiral. Never has a new “national security” policy paradigm been more desperately needed, yet there is not even a glimpse of salvation on the horizon—wherever you look you will find policies that speak to the past and offer little hope for a viable global future.” 

Epitomised by…

“an endless series of forever wars, an utterly inept response to the existential threat of climate change, rampant destruction of animal and plant species, ongoing militarization of the planet amid poverty, epidemic disease, and little prospect of genuine national, much less international, security”,

…the US is not the answer to our problems – it is the problem, alludes Hixson.

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Built on a many decades-long programme of national indoctrination, every bit as sinister as that which underpinned Nazi Germany’s belief in its “Aryan destiny” the US, now run by the targets of all that flannel, has become a victim of its own propaganda. 

How else could, supposedly educated adults holding down positions of power and influence in the US political system, unabashedly actually use the phrase “US exceptionalism” in justification of the global hegemony it imposes?

The sheer hubris at the core of American national identity is staggering, a fact perhaps only eclipsed by the staggering number of so-called independent nation states that bow down to it. 

Like passengers packed in a bus driven down a mountain track at breakneck speed, we’ve been conditioned to suppress our natural survival instincts for fear of upsetting the maniac at the wheel. 

Like the Emperor and his new clothes, when will it be time for us to cry out; “The Emperor has no clothes on!”?

“US policy on Russia has been irrational since 1945,” says Hixson

“At that time a truly “realistic” foreign policy would have recognized and settled for trying to ameliorate an inevitable expansion of Soviet influence owing to the sacrifices of the USSR in the war. Well more than 50 Soviets died for every dead American in the conflict as the USSR deserved the lion’s share of the credit—which of course it never received from either Washington or Hollywood—for defeating the Nazis.”

“Instead of addressing Soviet power realistically the United States declared and waged an ideological holy war, which produced militarized nightmares all over the world and notably in Indochina. After childishly trumpeting “victory” in the Cold War in 1991, the United States did the one thing that Russian experts, notably George F. Kennan, warned would ensure that the Cold War continued—it expanded NATO, a hostile anti-Russian military alliance, into Eastern Europe and then into the former Soviet republics.”

“Today, Vladimir Putin has drawn the line in eastern Ukraine, a place in which millions of Russians live (they comprise nearly a two-thirds majority in the Crimea, which Putin has already secured) and where the Russian language is widely spoken. Rather than having the realism to recognize Russian national interests along its western border–and pursue common ground on climate change and perhaps non-intervention in each other’s domestic politics–the United States is choosing confrontation at the risk of an escalating military conflict.”


“Israel, now widely and accurately recognized as an apartheid state, has, with the assistance of the AIPAC-led lobby—which controls the US Congress as fully as Putin controls the Russian duma—every intention of provoking a war with Iran.”

“The aforementioned George Kennan once compared US foreign policy to a brontosaurus, a large prehistoric beast that wreaked havoc with its powerful tail, which went unrestrained by its very small brain. The image has never been more appropriate than today.”

“A new foreign policy paradigm is desperately needed but, as with World War II, it will probably require a cataclysm to inspire the required tectonic shift tectonic. In the meantime, there will be a premium on survival.”

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  1. Did the USA expand NATO or did countries like Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. ask to join as a means to stop Russian imperialism as shown in the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and Belarus?

    Chicken and egg?

    Yes. the USA is gearing up for a European war. You only have to see the many military transport trains on Virtual Railfan to see the repainted tanks, APC, trucks, etc with the new drab dark green paint schemes instead of the desert beige colour so predominant over the last 20 years.

    You only have to see the disgusting wilful use of Syrian, Afghani, African,etc. refugees at the Poland – Belarus border how Nato is being subversively prodded.

    How did those refugees suddenly appear at this most Northern border?

    “Poland and the EU accuse the government of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of “weaponizing” migrants, largely from Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan, by inviting them to enter Belarus and shepherding them to the Polish border, sometimes by force. Belarus denies the claim. ”

    This is not just a USA operation, the EU is heavily involved and concerned.

    • Gerrit: “Did the USA expand NATO….”

      Yes. Those of us who were adults and paying attention to politics at the time know this. Under the influence of the US, NATO has subsumed former Soviet satellite republics. The CIA has used the “colour” revolution technique to help bring this about. Note the putsch in the Ukraine, some years ago. They’ve been trying the same thing recently in Belarus and Hong Kong, and some years ago in China. It failed there too.

      “….Russian imperialism as shown in the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and Belarus?”

      That’s US propaganda. Following the US-sponsored putsch in Kiev, the Crimea made good its escape from the Ukraine. It had had two previous attempts to decamp: in 2014, it succeeded. If you aren’t aware of how the Crimea got to be part of the Ukraine, a commenter on this thread gives that story.

      The Crimean referendum on rejoining Russia, along with the formal return of that territory, happened virtually without a shot being fired. Note the terms of the Black Sea Fleet Treaty: “The treaty also allowed Russia to maintain up to 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems, 132 armored vehicles, and 22 military planes on the Crimean Peninsula.”

      Hence the armaments and military on the peninsula at the time of the referendum. The US took this fact and misrepresented it as an “invasion”. It was not. Various news media – most surprisingly the BBC, given its pre-existing bias – reported at the time on what was actually happening.

      Russia isn’t interested in conflict over the Ukraine. The population of the Donbass is largely Russian in any event (we have extended family in that part of the world). But it is determined to defend its borders against NATO, along with any other chance-your-arm-ers.

      And of course it was as keen for the return of the Crimea as were the majority of Crimeans themselves. Sevastopol is, after all, its only warm-water naval port. The US wanted it as well, so as to establish its own naval facility; that was the expected outcome of the violent neo-Nazi putsch in Kiev. Anent the Crimea, the US was discombobulated by how things turned out. But it’s instructive to note that it didn’t attempt to take the Crimea by force.

      Little-known fact: when NATO was established in 1949, the USSR applied to join, but was rejected by the US. So it set up the Warsaw Pact in 1955.

      If you would know the background to how things turned out in post-war Europe and the USSR, here’s the book you need to read:

      “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government. Book by David Talbot”

      It’ll be available online or in hard copy from your local library.

      • The child in me sees your conspiracy theory. The adult sees former Warsaw pact nations looking to prevent Russian Imperialism. The obivious answer to stop becoming a Belarus was to join NATO. Now was that forced by the USA or simple self preservation by the former Warsaw Pact countries. You all it your way, I all it my way. Like you I have relatives there as well and their interpretation follows my thoughts. You are right that Russia won’t invade Ukraine. Except for some elite units ,the Russian army is a conscript one and as the Russian Afghanistan involvement showed, once the body bags started to come home, the public quickly became non supportive of the war. Same will happen in the Ukraine (it will be another Vietnam/Afghanistan like conflict). I will read your book reference. Thank you.

  2. The Crimean “annexation” was a case of Russia simply reclaiming its own, with the overwhelming consent of the Crimean people. They should now reclaim the Ukraine.

    • Ukraine was never a “Russian”. Worth a read in regards the history of the West and East banks of the Dnieper River.

      Ukrainians have little love for the Russians after the deliberate starvation killing of 8 million Ukrainians from 1930 to 1933. That population was replaced by forced resettlement of Russian peasantry to bring in the harvests so needed in Russians bread basket.

      “The ensuing starvation grew to a massive scale by the spring of 1933, but Moscow refused to provide relief. In fact, the Soviet Union exported more than a million tons of grain to the West during this period.”

      However if Russia does decide to invade the Ukraine it will be another Afganistan for them. Have seen first hand the hatred for Russians by Ukrainians. Remember the Ukrainians are the sons and daughters of Viking and Cossack stock.

      • ahhhh gerrit, now we have it, I just knew you’d get viking stock in there, say vot you mean..aryans against the slav untermenschen….heard that before somewhere….oh well never mind….incidentally the ukraine like most of europe is a hodge podge of mixed races…hate to disappoint you….show me a ‘pure englishman’ russian, german or other and I’ll show you a liar.

        • I don’t know what you are smoking but you seem too narrow minded on history.

          What is with the Godwin law reference the “untermenshen”? Never was the case

          “The Rus’ people were an ethnos in early medieval eastern Europe. The scholarly consensus holds that they were originally Norse people (Varangian”, mainly originating from Sweden, settling and ruling along the river-routes between the Baltic and the Black Seas from around the 8th to 11th centuries AD. They formed a state known in modern historiography as Kievan Rus’, which was initially a multiethnic society where the ruling Norsemen merged and assimilated with Slavic, Baltic and Finnic tribes, ending up with Old East Slavic as their common language. The elite of Kievan Rus’ was still familiar with Old Norse until their assimilation by the second half of the 11th century,[1] and in rural areas vestiges of Norse culture lingered as long as the 14th and early 15th centuries.”

          • you use wikipedia and make my point for’s about race for you….and yes I godwinned you because your position was transparent…godwin only applies when the comparison is invalid

      • Gerrit: “Ukraine was never a “Russian”.”

        Huh? That’ll come as news to the members of my extended family, who were born in the Donbass (the older ones long before the revolution). The Ukraine is mostly Russian-speaking; in the West, there was more Western European influence, especially in Galicia, which since WW2 has been divided between Poland and the Ukraine. Part of it that was Polish before the war is now in the Ukraine.

        “Ukrainians have little love for the Russians…”

        Well of course not. But that history is complicated, and goes a long way further back than the interwar period. Best not to adduce UK sources as evidence, by the way. They’re notoriously biased (hence the surprise at BBC reportage during the putsch in the Ukraine).

        ““The ensuing starvation grew to a massive scale by the spring of 1933, but Moscow refused to provide relief. In fact, the Soviet Union exported more than a million tons of grain to the West during this period.””

        Sounds just like Mao Zedong in China; or, come to that, the British in Ireland at the time of the potato famine. Nothing new under the sun, is there?

        “However if Russia does decide to invade the Ukraine…”

        It would have no reason to do that. NATO – its tail tweaked by the US – is attempting to foment trouble on the Ukraine’s eastern borders. Russia guards its borders, and rightly. Russians and Ukrainians haven’t forgotten the Nazi invasion: they have good reason to be wary of western Europe.

        “Remember the Ukrainians are the sons and daughters of Viking and Cossack stock.”

        That’s truer of western Ukraine than the east. You’ll doubtless be aware of the pogroms against the Jews of Galicia in the past: there’s reference to it in Edmund de Waal’s book “The Hare with Amber Eyes”. It’s also important to remember that many Western Ukrainians were Nazis, or Nazi sympathisers during WW2, and collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews. No surprises, therefore, that it was a violent neo-Nazi putsch which toppled Yanukovych. No wonder the Crimea escaped. The Donbass has attempted to do the same thing, but has been attacked by Kiev for its pains.

    • 95% of Ukrainians do not feel Russian because they are NOT Russian. Russia needs to stay away. Russia has an economy smaller than California. It is a blip. If they don’t wind their necks in its time we reclaimed Russia.

    • The Crimea was indeed Russian, and has been since the time of Peter the Great. It was given to the Ukraine by Krushchev – a Ukrainian – when the Soviets thought their Union would last forever. It is strategically vital to Russia and Putin was not out of line to recover it.
      The Ukraine itself is a different matter. Ukrainians have no reason to love the Russians after the Holodomor, the induced, calculated famine that killed 7 million of them during Stalin’s push for collectivisation. The Ukraine was never part of Russia and cannot be “reclaimed”.
      The safest way to peace in Europe is to leave Russia’s borders demilitarised. But I don’t think the US has ever forgiven Putin for not allowing American business to ravish the Motherland’s resources.

      • Crimea not Russian only a Russian colony just like the Plantation in Northern Ireland, before Russian conquest it was independent Tatar Ruled Khanate but with multicultural pop. Occupying a country, killing pop, driving people out, forcibly exiling/relocating pop to wastes of Russia, colonizing heavily since WWII does not make Crimea Russian any more than Taiwan belongs to China or northern Ireland belongs to Britain.

    • Bullshit. Crimea and eastern Ukraine only heavily colonised by Russians after WWII. Tatars, Greeks, Jews & Turks etc of Crimea were forcibly relocated/dispersed by Stalin. Only some allowed to resettle/reclaim confiscated land/property there. The referendum was rigged/controlled by Russia with Ukrainians & other groups shut out with no vote allowed for Tatar etc diaspora.

  3. So true and exceptionally well expressed Malcolm. I have been waiting to see such a good response to the wall to wall propaganda we are fed in the West. The whole World needs to hold the USA to account instead of continuously falling in behind their military/industrial folly.

  4. indeed mike ‘administrative’ control of the crimea was given to the ‘ukrainian soviet socialist republic’ by kruschev…are we now saying that soviet edicts should be honoured and set in stone? or only when it’s rhetorically convenient to a USA desperate to distract it’s populous from it’s 3rd world status at home.

  5. I find it hugely comforting that I can come here, to The Daily Blog, and read superb analysis like the above.
    In AO/NZ, there’s literally no where else to go. RNZ is laughable and unlistenable, the Newz Papers are barely useful enough to line the bins, television is unwatchable unless you’re already mad and don’t need information, just something to drool at and life/joy/love/hate are all merch ready to be rejigged into nano second bites to sell shit to us poor bastards who don’t know we need it until it’s beamed into our exhausted, unprotected subconscious.
    The insatiable and rapacious greed driving the desperate, almost frenzied need to have far, far more money than is needed by anyone anywhere else while ignoring, at best, those most priceless gifts freely given by each of us to each other and by nature is a psychiatric illness. That realisation, by itself, should surely see us all frantically digging bomb shelters where there are now bus stops.
    capitalist-democracy is a deadly thing. C-D has all the charm of a serial killer that can’t be caught and prosecuted. C-D has global immunity to all and every criticism because it wears the rotting, weeping, fetid skin of ‘freedom’, a political logical fallacy that implies that all we must have more money then we need.
    Add that mentality, that madness, to incalculably massive piles of money and you’ll get the end of all life on earth.
    And what’s the axis in that terrible evil?
    The banks.
    AO/NZ could be the first country in the world to decriminalise all recreational drugs then asset strip and ban all foreign owned banks from operating here, on the same day.
    Here’s something I found both fascinating and chilling.
    Check out the high rise mentioned in down town NYC that’s thousands of feet tall ,is only 18 meters wide and mostly unoccupied.
    “The strange reality of billionaire’s row”

    • Has anyone else watched ‘ Don’t Look Up’ ? A FICTIONAL film about the politics and the media’s behaviour pertaining to that of a meteor being discovered which will hit the Earth and kill all life on it in six months and 14 days?
      Scratch out the word ‘meteor’ and replace it with ‘climate’ and you’ll get the picture.
      If I could say just one thing to all people everywhere; The single greatest threat to all life on earth is capitalism enabled banking-banking enabled capitalism.
      This fresh from The Guardian.
      George Monbiot.
      “Watching Don’t Look Up made me see my whole life of campaigning flash before me”
      He goes on to write:
      “…Our central, civilisational question, I believe, is this: why do nations scramble to rescue the banks but not the planet?”
      Yeah AO/NZ? Why is that?
      Why’s your average Hut on Hut Row along Ponsonby Road ‘worth’ literal millions? I mean? It’s only ‘worth’ that if you sell it…But then what? You going to move to Tuatapere with your whanau and your millions?
      The real value in the hut is in the level of control foreign banksters gain over you and me when we borrow to buy that Big Black Fancy 4×4 double cab with the pipes and tubes. The one that could be out performed by a 30 year old Suzuki Swift because most of those Big Black Shiny 4×4’s never go off road unless driving over the front lawn is considered ‘off-road’.
      We’re being punked by our politicians who’re not really OUR politicians in a capitalist-democracy though, are they? They’re bankster bitches and they’ll do what banksters tell them and neither our politicians nor the banks need to give a fuck what we think.
      And that has to change. Now. Today.
      There’s that bull on Wall Street with big brass balls. One of our politicians needs to go over there, saw them off then pop them on because our current crop of pink fingered gas bags need to start doing their fucking jobs.
      Job #1
      Is there an Act that can be used to shut down foreign bankster trading here effective immediately? I’m asking ? Is there?
      There’s only 5 million of us and our economy is soly agrarian so why would that be so difficult and why is it that foreign banksters are making more from us per capita than anywhere else in the fucking world?
      Here’s some guff and blather from Alan ‘Bullshit’ Bollard.
      Supervising overseas-owned banks: New Zealand’s experience
      Firstly Al, I never knew we’d become a state of Australia.
      Secondly, Al, isn’t Australia a stiff competitor for the same export markets that we got to first back in the day with our refrigerated shipping an’ that?
      Who the fuck let the Aussie banksters have their way with OUR agrarian economy? We don’t fucking need Aussie banksters. They can fuck right off, Al.
      Trust me. There’s some deep and dark woods to travel through when it comes to banking and AU/NZ relationships. Aye boys
      Farmers? It’s your money, it’s your lives, it’s your blood sweat and tears. I know. I’m a bloody farmer too.
      Here’s what you do? Read this advice slowly and carefully.
      Strike. Strike while being mindful of the fact that city people are not the enemy but your allies.

  6. That irrational US foreign policy never understood jihad, the lessor. The USSR thought they did but required the Afghanistan debacle, suitably assisted by the Americans to sheet it home. Still Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania, the beneficiaries of US and NATO aggression, are happy handclappers for old Uncle Sam and al-Sauds play him like the sweetest of fiddles.
    Hixon’s revisionist definition of apartheid has naturally been adopted by the US cheerleaders for terror. Strange that so many are women. Did they not notice how close Hamas was to mandating Sharia a few years ago?

  7. Unfortunately although the article cited identifies the obvious, it doesn’t attempt to identify who and what dictated US foreign policy in the 20th Century: the capitalist and industrial special interests.

    • Richard Christie: “… doesn’t attempt to identify who and what dictated US foreign policy in the 20th Century….”

      Here’s a very good account of what drove it:

      “The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government
      Book by David Talbot”

      Walter Hixson doesn’t mention this stuff in the excerpts above, but Talbot’s book sets it out in all of its ugliness.

  8. /Three decades after the Cold War officially ended, the U.S. is setting a new record high for annual expenditure on its armed forces.

    As this year ends, U.S. President Joe Biden signed into law military spending of $770 billion. That’s just for the next year alone. The scale of wastefulness and bloated corruption is eye-watering. It eclipses what the United States is willing to invest for overhauling its badly neglected civilian infrastructure and for combating the coronavirus pandemic that has killed far more people in the U.S. than in any other nation.

    If there is one thing that portends a historic collapse of U.S. global power it is its pathological addiction to militarism that is hemorrhaging vital resources.

    What is also amazing is how this gargantuan deformity in economic planning is presented as somehow rational and normal by the Western media.

    Three decades after the Cold War officially ended, the U.S. is setting a new record high for annual expenditure on its armed forces.

    Biden’s budget – his first as president – exceeds the record set by the previous Trump administration for military largesse of $740 billion.

    So much for wishing humanity peace and prosperity – as is the international tradition at this time of year – when the U.S. allocates such a grotesque amount of resources to the means of war and annihilation.

    This obscene expenditure is not in any way conceivably a “defense budget” as it is termed in Orwellian newspeak. It is a dreadful and despicable war budget.

    The United States spends more on its military than the next 11 top nations combined. Compared with China ($250bn) the U.S. budget is nearly three times bigger. The U.S. spends over 12 times more than Russia ($60bn) on its armed forces.

    Those figures alone tell beyond any doubt which nation is the ultimate aggressor. Yet, farcically, the Western corporate media in Orwellian fashion portray China and Russia as the aggressors against whom the United States is “defending’ the rest of the world.

    Biden’s 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as it is formally titled, devotes billions more to devising new nuclear weapons and to provoke China and Russia. Camouflaged with Orwellian rhetoric, there is some $7 billion for the “Pacific Deterrence Initiative” and $4 billion for the “European Defense Initiative”.

    The Biden administration has committed a further $300 million in military support for Ukraine over the next year. This is on top of the $2.5 billion in arms that Washington has plowed into Ukraine since the CIA-backed coup d’état in Kiev in 2014 which brought to power a Russophobic regime.

    Next week, U.S. and Russian officials are to hold negotiations in Geneva to deescalate tensions over Ukraine and Europe generally. It is blindingly obvious that the crisis over security has been created by the United States pushing a policy of militarizing Europe against Russia in the form of expanding the NATO alliance all the way to Russia’s borders.

    With twisted logic, Moscow is accused of “threatening” Ukraine and European security even though its troops are on Russian soil and it is American weapons that are encroaching on Russia’s territory.

    The inordinate military spending by the United States year after year is proof of the source of international tensions.

    When the Cold War supposedly ended in 1991 following the demise of the Soviet Union, there was a reasonable expectation around the world for a “peace dividend” to ensue. That is, whereby Cold War militarism would at last give way to peaceful economic development and cooperation. How lamentable the disappointment!

    The inescapable fact is that the U.S. economy is a war-driven system. The military-industrial complex at the heart of American capitalism is dependent on massive taxpayer-funded financial subvention. If an economy is driven for war, then it follows that conflicts and wars are inevitable. This is why, 30 years after the supposed end of the Cold War, the United States is closer to starting a war with Russia and China than ever before.

    In an insightful interview this week, former United Nations diplomat Alfred Maurice de Zayas condemned what he called the “universal provocation” of the US “war budget”. De Zayas points out that the United States is preeminently guilty of undermining global peace and security. Its relentless militarism compels other nations to spend excessively on defense in order to counter the threat posed by the United States. Both China and Russia have long-proposed multilateralism and “win-win” cooperation. Neither of these nations has threatened the United States. It is always the U.S. with its mixture of paranoia and hubris that constantly portrays others as enemies and existential dangers. Again, that is due to the need for justifying the abomination of American military orgy year after year.

    The truth is the United States has been at war against the rest of the world since at least the end of the Second World War. For most of that period, the Cold War, Washington cited the threat of Soviet and Chinese communism. It waged wars in dozens of countries on every continent killing tens of millions of people purportedly in the “defense of democracy and the free world”. How godawful ridiculous is that?

    The Cold War was supposed to have ended, yet the U.S. continues its remorseless warmongering. It retreated from Afghanistan this year after two decades of futile war, only to now wind up tensions with Russia and China. The pretexts and excuses change over the decades, but the fundamental story remains the same: the United States is at war with the rest of the world in the vain ambition of exerting hegemonic domination. Arguably, that’s an essential definition of fascism.

    But it’s not just against the rest of the world that the U.S. rulers are waging war. They are waging war against their own American citizens. The Washington elite of both parties (comprising the de facto War Party) whistle through a military budget funded by taxpayers that dwarves anything the federal government is prepared to spend on societal infrastructure and decent human development.

    Far above any other nation, the U.S. has a pandemic killing nearly 850,000 people so far and there is no end in sight. U.S. rulers refuse to allocate more financial help to the population to defeat the pandemic yet they are planning to spend billions on offensive weapons systems to threaten Russia and China.

    The hideously perverse priorities of the United States as demonstrated by its wanton militarism are a portent and ultimate cause of its historic failure. It is a vile disgrace that the apparent solution to its inherent contradictions is to start a catastrophic war. Fortunately, Russia and China are strong enough militarily to not let that happen. And so the outcome we will witness more of over the coming year will be the United States cratering from its own internal corruption.’

    • AFKTT, what a awesome summary of what I was thinking, but which you have articulated superbly, thank you for your comments & all so true. America needs enemies to justify its enormous & ridiculous, War profiteering agenda, hence the demonisation of China & Russia? However, the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle was pivotal as it really exposed the futility of this MIC agenda because for all the Trillions that were wasted on this futile 20 yr disaster, America got nothing out of it being booted out, humbled by the raggedy Taliban & run out of the Country in utter humiliation, a laughing stock for all the World to see! And what they saw was that the US Empire was a Emperor without clothes, a toothless paper tiger in terminal decline? The Afghanistan failure will go down in History as a major turning point that signals the end of American Imperialism & Hegemony & the US Empire! What’s very evident is that America is delusional & living in a fantasy World which it doesn’t want to acknowledge that a multipolar World is emerging & that scares the hell out of them? No longer top dog, no longer able to dominate other stronger Nations but more importantly, the end of the US dollar dominated system will completely bankrupt this bankrupt Nation!

  9. as the yanks are shit at asymmetric warfare maybe they’re thinking a nice ww2 styleee tankie land war in europe might be less humiliating than continued defeats at the hands of ill armed peasants….it’s a thought, lots of shiny new tanks and planes all dressed up with nowhere to go.

  10. I suspect the US will be occupied with its own domestic mess for the foreseeable future, their polity is very fractured and serious strife lies down the road. Their may be meddling by the US elite and the military-industrial complex and the time honoured “create an external war as a diversion” tactic may be tried but I think this will get rapidly overtaken by the forces of fascism brewing in their own backyard.

    It will be interesting to see what NZ and Australia do if this comes about. My suspicion is that if the US implodes in civil war and the protection from the US nuclear umbrella disintegrates Australia will withdraw from the NPT and go nuclear to protect itself from China. NZ will end up getting firmly in bed with Australia and depending how gluttonous China becomes could end up applying for statehood.

    The next 20 years will be very interesting.

    • upside..a very credible scenario..
      as far as auz goes nuclear subs without actual nukes on board is laughable concept…they’re firmly on the road to nuke weapons…
      but as for protecting auz from china do the chinese want it?
      a large patch of desert with a habitable coastal strip that will sell china anything it wants a a cheap rate anyway….
      why would the chinese bother.. why go to war when you can buy auz politicians 10 a penny, and auz is for sale at bargain prices…after all that’s the actual basis of their real economy.

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