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  1. Being got at from all parts of the environment.
    Space Exploration and U,S. COMPETITIVENESS
    (Council on Foreign Relations)
    2018 The United States of Sol: Privatization as a Tool ofAmerican Hegemony in the Solar System – Who gets to make money on the moon?
    New York Times – – Can Anyone Own the Moon? (Royal Museums Greenwich) (Another investment opportunity!)

  2. Is this a political blogger’s concern?
    The report comes just months after British MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death while meeting with constituents.  (This paragraph does not seem to be  in the stuff Dec.9/21 newspaper report.   It seems to me that we are suffering a flow of policies and interventions that have arisen from USA & UK government maladroitness in their own countries.)

    Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury will notice this.   … Two-thirds of those referred had some criminal history prior to the referral, and most of those who didn’t had experienced some other interaction with police.
    After referral, the centre typically intervened by referring the person to mental health services or talking to police.,,

    And to my mind this could be expected:
    …The centre found these people generally were “preoccupied with a grievance arising from a perceived injustice and have a feeling of resentment from being unjustly treated.” They targeted politicians and other public figures either because they blamed them or wanted their help…
    The report’s authors wrote that New Zealand’s generally approachable and open political culture increased the chances of this behaviour….
     “A number of cases could be resolved by listening to and understanding a person’s concerns and identifying ways that they can be supported and assisted,” they wrote.
    Statistics show that despite a huge investment in mental health services many people still struggle to access free counselling.

    I suppose Inangahua will want the country to come and help if there is another earthquake? But maybe not. Perhaps they rebuilt in castles there, and have decided to withdraw, lower the portcullis, raise the drawbridge and secede from living in the community. It must seem brave when they take the personal oath ‘”To no-one will we bend the knee. No vaccination for us.” P.S. If we get sick please leave food and medicine outside and if we die we will run up the death flag to advise.”

    I guess there is an intrepid reporter staying near this, from a safe distance. It’s part of our history, and Inangahua are making sure they are history.
    Song of positivity from Bette Midler – ‘From a Distance’ with lyrics.

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