Shock Last Roy Morgan Poll for 2021 – Labour in danger


The last Roy Morgan Poll is out for 2021 and it shows National, ACT & Maori Party ahead of Labour/Green coalition for the first time.

Labour – 36%

National- 26.5%

ACT – 17.5%

Greens – 10.5%

Maori Party – 3%

NZ First – 2.5%

The question as Auckland finally gets out of lockdown is if voter grumpiness will dissipate and what impact Luxon will have at taking voters off ACT.

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The insane support ACT has with men is a backlash response to wokeness so I’d suggest Seymour has that vote tied up leaving Luxon to chase centrist female voters.

The Maori Party’s genocide hyperbole is working for them while burning bridges with the Labour Party Maori caucus.

This Christmas will be the most politically important one of Jacinda’s career.

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    • Yes. But they should have panicked a long time ago as each new brain fart policy, that was bound to be unpopular was unveiled.

      Covid kept them safe, now that they are not following elimination strategy they are vulnerable with everything else.

        • The polls confirm to me how god damn awful Collins was. They also confirm that polls aren’t conducted on policy because Luxon hasn’t said anything yet.

          • I agree with you on the voting public are not driven by policy as there was little between the policies of Little and Jacinda yet the Labour party doubled their popularity over night. Would most have even heard the new leader of National
            speak when his vote was taken .

  1. Well the dilemma for NZ Labour is can they deliver for the working class and newly precarious middle class and romp home in 2023 and 2026, or are they forever welded to the rotten legacy of Roger’n’Ruth? If it is the latter they will only scrape in after their glory days 2020 result that they have shamefully squandered.

    The demographic change that will soon see boomers relinquish numerical superiority at the polls may be enough to see Labour/Green back in, but if they are still going to be dreaming of Roger at bed time what is the point? A new political movement will be needed.

    What should they deliver for the working class and alienated…State house and apartment mega build in every city and town from imported flatpacks, tiny house precincts for homeless, emergency housing in every town, free public transport and Wi-fi for low income people–the digital divide is just further cruelty–push fair pay agreements and keep boosting minimum wage to the Living Wage, for a start…

    • ”Or are they forever welded to the rotten legacy of Roger’n’Ruth – but if they are still going to be dreaming of Roger at bed time what is the point? A new political movement will be needed”…


      And that’s probably what it needs. A new political movement.

      • Unfortunately things would have to be pretty dire (sure they are working on achieving that) for a new movement to capture enough of the vote to form a government or enact any significant change.

        It’s always been easier to grab the steering wheel of an existing political vehicle, and wrench it in an entirely new direction like Roger & Co did with Labour.

        Lies & empty promises might get you elected, but you need actual performance to stay in power long term.

  2. Auckland voters have spoken I’m guessing.

    Locked down in some respect for nearly 4 bloody months and we still can’t leave these fucking artificial borders until the start of month 5! Anyone trying to plan anything whatsoever has been out of luck and for all our 90 plus % vax rate, we’re stuck in the restrictive red light zone, whatever that means. I ceased listening to announcements weeks ago.

    Yes, this country is now one the most highly vaccinated in the world and yes we sidestepped plenty of mines but the horrendous lack of planning all round absolutely fucked Aucklanders over this time around, yet again. It all felt so unnecessary if only this lot had sorted their act out beforehand and during the worst of it key Wellington based ministers were indifferent bordering on contemptuous at Aucklands plight. And our PM avoiding the place like the plague was very poor form!

    And then when you search for achievements in key areas like housing, forget it, less than nothing to see there.

    They are reaping what they sowed.

  3. Labour will not win the 2023 election if they do not wake up, shake up and take up the mantle to which they were elected, in the 2017 election and in the 2020 election. Aside from the increase in the minimum wage, which I was very happy with personally, they have achieved very little over the past four years. One can argue that they’ve been preoccupied with the covid-19 pandemic, but they still had the time to pass through new controversial abortion laws through Parliament. One could also argue that John Key did not achieve much during his nine years in power, although that would be displaying somewhat of a short memory. In areas such as the Ministry of Justice, National invested a lot of time, energy and resources, and that was needed, particularly during their first term.

    • Sure, John Key achieved things. Like slashing the Department of Conservation’s funding. “They’ll have to do partnerships” said Mr. Key, for whom conservation was apparently a luxury, a nice-to-have. Or like wasting $13 million on a rigged flag referendum process. Or like selling off more assets that formerly belonged to NZ taxpayers.

    • My understanding is that raising the minimum wage was a NZ First policy and one that they had to work hard to get the Labour government to agree to. In fact, there are a number of NZ First economic policies that put them way out to the left of Labour – including re-nationalizing the power companies. I think this was masked by the social conservatism the party focused on as it’s core strategy. Which is why so many NZ First voters were surprised by the NZ First alignment with Labour and the Greens.
      But as someone else has already commented – policy doesn’t interest voters or the media in most democracies.

  4. Bring it on.
    I’m not voting for Luxons party but I watched him speak.
    Other than fundamentally saying “fundamental” too many times, he was relaxed and comfortable and on message giving his parties’ take on encouraging business and productivity.

    Labour should be worried -this guy has the Key smoothness, the team of $55 million media blitz against Luxon suggests the left are scared.

    Now we’ve got deeply unpopular 3 waters and hate speech to be forced on us, carnage in hospitality as the traffic light system and vax mandates unleash havoc and people are ostracized from society, sponsored gangs, rampant gang numbers and gang gun crime, racial division in health, water and DOC estate, – it’s going to be an interesting run to the election for the government who knows better than everyone else.

    • I’ve a similar thoughts.

      The problem is not where to hit Labour – the problem is too many targets. Luxon has to hit a couple – 3 Waters, Gangs, and opening up/recovery maybe.

      As much as I hate woke culture, I sadly don’t think its much a voter turner, especially amongst Jacinda’s brain-woked female base under 35.

    • I believe that the last time NZ was so divided was in 1981 and Jacinda has to wear that. Also look at the division between male and female voters, the contrast is stark. The people I talk to either deeply adore Jacinda or despise her with a passion, there appears to be no in between. But what’s interesting is those that do not like her are starting to find their voice. Only last year if you said something untoward about the Prime Minister you were shot down and heckled, nearly deemed as unpatriotic. Now those who used to defend her are far more silent, perhaps realising that the list of screw ups and non delivery is getting longer, and she is getting harder to defend.

      2023 is now game on…I never thought that to be true but the trend is looking very bad for Labour.

      • You can hardly called the country divided . On one side to have 90 percent of the population who have nenough sense to get vaccinated and keep their jobs and families save and on the other you have a group of people drawn from a variety of differing views that as a group do not give a flying
        f—k about anyone but themselves. Unfortunately like most empty vessels they make a lot of noise but not much sense.
        I think it is wrong that these drop kicks get 4 weeks wages when their stand makes them unable to work if they believe in their stand so much they should just spray and walk,away.

        • The division has nothing to do with vaxed and unvaxed. IMO the division is to do with the scared and the pragmatic. Many I talk to (ok not a quantitative survey) are vaxed so they’re “well I’ve done what I’ve been told, I realise that Covid is not a death sentence, so let’s get on with life, let me visit my friends and family and travel freely in a free country”.

          Others are so terrified of Covid that they believe that the second they get it, they will die. They’ll be happy with lockdowns forever, even if it means failing businesses, increased suicides, even more borrowing and an authoritative regime. They also tend to tune in to the 1pm briefings while the former gave up on those ages ago.

          So no, nothing to do with the vaccinated or unvaccinated.

        • A lot of those 90% were forced to get vaccinated against their will in order to keep their job pay their mortgage and keep their children fed and housed. They will be among the most bitter when it becomes generally understood that the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus.
          D J S

    • So you know the 3 Waters proposal is deeply unpopular? I’d surmise that it’s the narrative promulgated by Farrar and the right wing propaganda cabal that control of “our” water will be given to them Mowrees that is unpopular. What’s not to like when the Government is offering to assume responsibility for the rebuilding of NZ’s decrepit infrastructure and taking over the waste water problem from the hopelessly incompetent Regional Councils

  5. Hello Folks
    The Kraut here blogging from exile in Nazi Germany – as instructed by Bert. Don’t panic Lefties. Nothing can go wrong.

  6. The crocodile’s jaws are closing – once they close it’s all over – just ask Brandon.

    Seriously the majority of people are just over it in Auckland. Woke Coster being a soft cock with Hone’s roadblocks is going to be another powder keg especially if it takes >3hrs to get through Puhoi.

    Tribal left don’t get it. They thought people would be bowing at the feet of Jacinda that she saved their granny. They pushed too far and now they have to do actual political work like build houses, roads and hospitals. And just wait till hate speech legislation funnels its way through.

    The feckless will have their work cut out over the holiday

    • Please don’t insult ‘tribal left’. I am tribal left, but the Labour party hasn’t be on the left as most of us know for ever and ever and personally I can’t see myself ever voting for them again.

      • Yup, and the silver lining of all this is that it exposes the neo liberals ( inc National) for just what they are about. Doing nothing, zilch, nada. And as social and economic conditions deteriorate and the politicians pontificate and blame each other, the public are watching. And all they are seeing is the same old cock and bull story from all of them as to why we have slipped into being a second world country.

  7. It’s over – Labour are bereft of ideas and leadership. It’s increasingly obvious that Jacinda is being protected by being kept away from interviews that challenge her. Grant has stepped into this space to cover but he lacks the star power and charisma to excite the NZ electorate. It’s a shame really as I think he’s actually a pretty decent politician and could well have been a good PM.

    Another poll or two like this and the infighting, factional warfare and rank desperation amongst the lower ranked will spill over into the media and then it’s all over.

    As good as communicating as she may be, Jacinda by being hidden away as well as overwhelmed by Covid has lost Auckland and I don’t see that she has the strength of will like Helen Clark or Julia Gillard to do what’s necessary to maintain control.

    I really think the games up. Time to pack up and head to the pub (which thank God we can now do).

    • Well Labour had ideas but they never enacted most of them, partly because the middle class wouldn’t have coped.

      • Michal
        Are you in that middle class that wouldn’t have coped or are you way above? Sounds like it. I’m sure they (includes me) would have coped just fine. It’s all about “if we do that, we will lose votes”. And that is bad governance. If it’s good for the country then do it. CGT is a good example. I would have no problem with it and I would certainly cope. I’d have to wouldn’t I? So would everyone else…in the middle class.

      • I’m middle class, and I would have coped – cheered, in fact. I think your diagnosis is off, Michal. The problem is that they aren’t “Labour” anymore, they’re LINO. They’re progressive neoliberals, far more interested in gender and ethnicity than in rolling back neoliberalism.

    • Yeti
      Congratulations You’ve nailed it. If I had posted that summation, this forum would tar and feather me. So I am glad you did. Because you are so on the money.

    • I need to learn how to change my name… The German is stalking me and Roy Morgan and The German are mass debating.,

      • Bert – Change your gender at the same time -easy as. Join the you-know-what party and everyone will avoid you like the virus. Good luck and Kia kaha.

      • Don’t let them throw you off course, Bert. Yours is often the clearest, most effective voice in challenging their desperate false narratives.
        I hope you and your family have a really great holiday break up ahead. Stay safe. Stay strong.

        • Thank you for your kind words Kheala and Pip.

          I have a genuine question…
          What are Luxon’s policies on?

          Home ownership/ affordability
          Low wage economy
          High petrol prices
          High electricity prices
          Maori rights
          Water quality
          Landlord/ tenant quality

          • Policies?
            Who needs them.
            He’s the Image man, the projection of something called “suck cess”.
            He’s there to feed the greed machine.

  8. “Shock Last Roy Morgan Poll for 2021 – Labour in danger”
    I don’t trust the MSM. I don’t trust the polls. I don’t trust roy fucking morgan. I don’t trust national. I don’t trust ACT, I don’t trust the Maori party and I don’t trust labour. I don’t trust one single political mother, or father fucker. Unless I can see it and can hear it and can feel it to make my own mind up about it, particularly in regard to dirty kiwi politics, I won’t fucking trust it.

  9. Grant Robertson was blowing his own trumpet today saying “it’s not often you get 90% of the population to agree to anything”, supposedly referencing his gang’s successful forced vaccination/censorship/fear campaign. Judging by the poll, not everyone agrees.

    • He is right 90% is a lot of people to agree to get vaccinated ethan woke no matter how it upsets you. Can you not find it in yourself to give the majority of NZers some credit for thinking of us all not themselves like the minority of unvaccinated. You right lot are quick to put the boot in when you win referendums like the cannabis and euthanasia referendums. What happened to majority wins or is this just when it suits you bunch of wankers.

      • Covid is pa, what you are advocating for is tyranny of the majority. It’s an old worn out colonial attitude.

        • Is that any different to the tyranny of the minority? And is tyranny of the minority a post colonisation concept that “works” in a democratic system where one person – one equal vote? Or are we heading for a four legs good – two legs better, post colonial system?

          • Gerrit, the minority isn’t stopping you from doing anything. Post colonisation is about diversity and inclusion, ya know, those values the left keeps banging on about.

        • It is tyranny of the righteous so bring it on . I loath this Labour government but on the vaccination front I would be surprised if any party in power did it much different except for the Loony ultra right and Social Credit

  10. What a load of crap Frank tribal left is there tribal right to or are there no tribes on the right just left. We have two years to go before the next election a very long time in politics and a lot can happen hell national could have another leader who knows. And as for Martyn putting the Maori Party with National and Act what a joke it will never happen they have been burnt before and have learnt there lesson. Yes people are over Covid they are over lock downs and what do you expect people are mentally exhausted. Our high vaccinations have enabled us to turn the corner and the last thing we need is more divide and conquer shit. We already have a very nasty underbelly in our country. 9

    • Indeed 2 years is a long time in politics hence why if Uncle Fester and his enablers are smart they’ll slow burn their run and target the middle. Dissect the poll – its under 50 females that are the Blairite’s saving grace. Pick them off one subgroup at a time and leave angry white males like me in Act.

      • ‘ angry white males ‘

        L0L ! – Yes we are all just so hopping mad ! But at least we are getting some rain today,…used to hate it as a kid, now I love a good downpour! Lets count our many blessings – other country’s get zilch.

  11. In times to come, this era will be an interesting study in sociology and politics. Like the black death which saw govts and Kings fall in some places and laws changed,… the difference was there wasn’t the mass death which pushed up the prices of labour. Instead we have a looming period of inflation and a global slump of sorts. And I have to admit Labour have been poor deliverers of the goods. Those goods being in much part housing and widespread and relative poverty. I do not think National will be any different. And the root cause is failed neo liberalism.

    Covid has only exacerbated and magnified the disparity.

    • Yes WK, The root cause is failed neoliberalism ie Capitalism. Both Labour and National are devout neolib Partys , wishy washy polls between tweedle dee and tweedle dum like this one are the least of our problems.
      Bear in mind that the end game of Capitalism is barbarism, something to which USA looks like it is heading, eg a Mad Max world.
      Climate Change is basically ignored by Capitalism because it upsets the modus operandi of the system of greed ie Capitalism. The only viable solution we have to date to stop Climate Change destroying the human species is…. cooperation ie Socialism. However the Capitalist Western Empire will never adopt Socialism. Socialism is an anathema to the West/USA. They will blindly put all their faith in last minute technology solutions instead.
      Unfortunately the elephant in the room is the very likely nuclear war scenario, something to which the USA is taking us with their stupid antics against Russia and/or China.

  12. By rights both National and Labour should have their support collapsing and going to ACT as it seems that ACT is the only truly liberal party in New Zealand by bucking against the vaccine mandates and these grossly undemocratic parliamentary “urgencies”.
    It would be wonderful if the left had a party that actually believed in liberalism.

  13. As far as I can tell Labour still has an overwhelming majority in Parliament & the election is 2 years away… the sky may be grey but it aint falling… the Anointed Egg is a cliché machine and he’s close to running out already… lets just see what transpires 🙂

  14. Bert says the poll showed how bad Collins was. Trouble is it was conducted under Collins’ watch.
    The Nats will do even better under Luxton.

  15. How hard is it for Aucklanders to realise that there is more to NZ then them? Maybe when you get out of your bubble go out and meat some people who don’t live in your political bubble and ask them what they think are the issues. You might end up surprised.

  16. Labour is now the party of fickle middle aged middle class women. No one else likes them.
    They’re #3 for men.

    Young Maori? Just got fired and made second class citizens. Those chickens are going to come home to roost, btw, no one talks about it but it will.

    They’re weak on every single area outside of COVID and even there they are no longer untouchable.

  17. This poll proves the ignoratti have no clue as to how Labour and Jacinda have ensured their health and longterm wellbeing. The ineffectual opposition, rightwing media, Tamakis and pretentious little antivaxxers persist in undermining the government at every turn. I am so angry with my countrymen and women that I could slap you all! From one stuck in a COVID saturated US state, I am shocked and saddened at the hideous attitude towards the government.

    In the words of the inimitable John Clarke – ‘you don’t know how lucky you are’.

    I shall not quote the horrendous case/death numbers where I am, as I had done previously but COVID19 has barely skimmed the surface in NZ, even now with the entre of new variants. The entitled and pretentious will always feel its ‘all about’ them. The media has always favoured National and allowed a vitriolic little girl to spew her bile all over the place and undermine government efforts to keep the populace safe. So, suddenly, Jacinda Ardern is ‘Hitler’ but then, because they are Economic illiterates, she is also a ‘Communist’ and the media feeds their ravenous appetites for anti government rhetoric! The Labour government has done far more than almost any other government in the world to quell COVID. A National or National/ACT coalition, especially helmed by the dashing Eggshell Blonde Luxe, wouldn’t know where to begin to deal with what is yet to come, let alone what has already been. COVID19 would finally be unleashed in all its glory if there were to be a change of government.

    Frankly, New Zealanders simply do not deserve such a caring and competent government. Too many fail to understand the interdependent nature of society. From an offshore Kiwi – too many Kiwis are nothing more than self serving ingrates!!!! The propensity for the myopic to focus on the number of deaths in NZ illustrates the fact Kiwis just don’t even consider the horrendous impact of LONG COVID. it is a fact. It is the reality. Those who die from COVID19 while in ICU are the lucky ones. Those who survive are not. There are thousands upon thousands of survivors. I would like to quote an American friend of mine who has been suffering LONG COVID

    “Everyone looks at death and recovery. But recovery just means someone didn’t die. So many of us have lost our livelihoods, quality of life, etc, because we’re plagued with a ridiculous stream of symptoms, and the medical community doesn’t know what to do with us.
    I can’t even get a part-time job because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand that day. Or if my brain fog will lift enough to concentrate for more than 5 minutes on a task. Or if I’ll be able to breathe without hitting the inhaler every 20 minutes. Or any number of other things that are wrong with my body now.
    I used to be extremely active, self-sufficient, and healthy. I’m a shell of my former self now. And I know thousands in my same predicament. We’ve been left out of the Covid conversation. We’re lost with no hope in sight.”

    New Zealand – be a little grateful and stop whining like spoilt children!!!

        • Join the queue of people wanting to escape to NZ’s free health system once they are sick. (Mentally, physically). Problem is, our health, education and social systems are so run down by over use and so few professionals who know what they are doing, working in NZ full time.

          Obviously not too much thought when our governments give citizenship and residency and free services to those who don’t actually normally live here and just come here when sick, to get free education or retire here.

          I don’t blame those who come back to NZ under those circumstances, I blame the government who encourages it to happen by making things hard to work honestly wth a real skill in NZ and encouraging more high needs, low skills individuals to settle in NZ and partake in our free social welfare.

          • The government also likes to encourage another group that doesn’t seem to help NZ’s equality and democracy- high wealth, low tax, big subsidy, individuals in NZ.

            With carbon credits for large pine forests in NZ, there won’t be much land left for Kiwis, no taxes collected (probably the opposite, tax claims), and little jobs. Already happening with Forestry.

            It’s a merry-go-round first NZ turns pines to Dairy at great cost and expense to the environment, then the latest crazes are the opposite, farm land to forestry or farm land to housing. So that more people can partake in NZ’s circular social bond economy, from low wages, to poverty, to crime, to jail, to more victims, to more circular jobs like translators and social housing needed to service the poverty they just created where jobs are self serving and poorly paid in NZ.

        • I wish you well, Prunella, and hope things get better for you. I am however interested in your ‘long COVID’ so I hope you don’t mind me asking your age, BMI and if there were any pre existing conditions?

    • The media has always favoured National? Eh? Apart from ZB, all media adore Jacinda and give her a absolute free ride. So Labour doesn’t play “dirty politics” eh? I call BS on that too, $55 million to the media has insured that Luxon feet are held to fire over his religion, financial success, his choice of cabinet. Labour are effectively paying NZs MSM to do their dirty work for them. Contrast that to when Jacinda was made the opposition leader, and they couldn’t get out of their way fast enough to praise her, creating (their term) Jacinda-mania. Never once questioning her deep socialist past, her lack of any world experience and her years of the list MP doing nothing?

      I have no idea where you’d believe that our media support anyone but Labour.

    • Thank you so very much for this comment!
      I’d like to see it in every media outlet in AO/ NZ.
      Stay well, Prunella, keep safe, and “Thank you!!!!”

  18. Like all communities around the world the swing voters are the difference between winning and losing.
    After the display on Friday night from drunken revellers who generally gave the middle finger to science, a wave of virus is inevitable.
    When omicron does arrive transmission will soar and the health system that has been struggling for years will struggle to cope.
    Ironically that could be Labour’s saviour but only if they hold firm and back the science and without hesitation put the community first.
    When the community sees and hears clear leadership the inevitable should follow.
    The latest on omicron from South Africa shows both post covid natural immunity and double vax immunity is not holding and this variant is breaking through.
    Polling, especially now is a wake up call at best for the Labour government but at worst tabloidish, feeding an ungrateful community who seem unable to recognise the success of our government’s covid plan.
    Of course there have been missteps but compare us to Norway (5.4 million pop.) who currently have 1094 deaths with over 4000 cases per day and now the omicron variant has arrived there.
    We have comparable double dose vaccination rate at 71%.
    Luxon visited the Viaduct businesses and claimed Auckland should be in traffic light green not red because our public health system is not under stress and that Auckland is 90%.
    Unfortunately when has he ever talked to a frontline health or hospital worker who are mentally and physically exhausted now without further pressure from an inevitable wave of covid?
    Norway’s numbers would submerge our health system and currently they are by far not the worst in Europe.
    This is a prime example of the type of shortsighted politics that sadly is never questioned by a subservient mainstream media. We saw the media at its worst during Key’s first term and they cannot be relied upon to report responsibly instead resorting in some cases to Soperist journalism.
    Without covid19 obviously Labour’s time would have been easier but that is the reality and the right are going to use every trick in the book to regain the treasury benches.
    This is a turbulent time in history both globally and domestically which is a ripe environment for political manipulation of the crucial swing voter.
    Under extreme pressure we can only hope the government follows the science and not the money.

    • Thoughtful comment with which I can concur. One of the best ‘takes’ on the situation, I have seen. (Once upon a time, I lived on a Pukahu Rd I wonder how many there are in New Zealand.)

  19. Fraudsters of the world, come to London. And bring your dirty money

    NZ seems to be emulating the UK in becoming a safe place for criminals and Kiwi’s are sporting grounds for their victims.

    In NZ between the gangs and the white collar frauds, both from all sides of the social class divide – individuals and businesses, coming or operating in NZ and like Britain, using companies and our lack of fraud laws plus our lack of enforcement.

    Gangs using a franchise cleaning business to launder drug money,

    Willian Yan and hundreds of millions being gambled at SkyCity.

    Mainzeal and loans that put the company into liquidation.,

    Tax frauds by individuals that our Mainstream media glorify,
    Cullen Group abandons tax fight, Bendon sale queried

    Foreign loopholes in the UK mean that the richest don’t have to pay taxes that the middle British class pay for.

    Pandora Papers: Blairs saved £312,000 stamp duty in property deal

    No wonder, globalism is so popular with the politicians and ruling class!

    Not just criminals in NZ, plenty of nice people can easily get NZ citizenship and residency, seldom live here, but pop to NZ and buy a nice condo for 8 million (just in case they decide to come back to NZ). Was talking-to someone’s cousin who did that the other day. Nice person, but part of the problem.

    All well and good if you get overseas wages to have purchasing power in NZ, the problem is, those that live in NZ, in honest professions (aka paying taxes not the cash industries that are blooming here) can’t really muster up the 8 million on NZ wages and there is big interest in ex pats owning a luxurious or even simple bolt hole here.

    Labour’s answer, tax the honest people more and get another 165,000 people residency here, ignore what is going on criminal activity here, allow more and more property being owned by people who don’t live in NZ and seldom or never pay tax here!

  20. If you think this is bad, wait till the Covid government narrative and/or the response to it collapses in the face of scientific facts and data (which are relentlessly coming out as I type this). I, for one, will be surprised if Labour wins the next election.

  21. David Stone December 5, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    As a retd NZRN, Dip. SANZ, D. Stone’s comment (refd. above) is “spot on”.

    • Isabel, I went a scrolling and found David’s comment. Smiley face. Peace, Love and Understanding, Aotearoa.

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