Luxon’s first move was to defend the landed gentry and all those others with 7 houses


Just so that there are no illusions here, Christian Lex Luthor’s first definitive move is to immediately unpick urban intensification to defend the interests of the landed gentry, and everyone else who owns 7 houses (like he does).

Behold the rise of the Mega Landlord and their political power. NZ property went up $800Billion in just the last 2 years and that kind of money buys political influence.

Chris Luxon flies first class everywhere, hiring a Mercedes to cross the road speaks of old boy privilege and exclusive bubble worlds inoculated from the realities of the neoliberal policies he benefits from.

He is a steaming ham of pretension with the curated list of geeky things CEOs group focus to portray an everydad goofiness to mask the sociopathy most CEOs need to succeed.

He keeps complaining his hard core anti abortion evangelical faith keeps getting used to criticize him with, over and over and over.

You can’t shut him up about his God!

Look, you can believe in whatever you like, but if you take up Public Office with Executive Power, the voting public has every right to know if your brand of faith is the happy clappy speaking in tongues rapture kind!

Because you’ll be implementing Science as social policy and it would be a tad concerning if your magical invisible flying wizard mate was making the decisions.

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Some will say this is unfair because previous National leaders have been staunch Christians too, but the difference is the evangelical nature of Luxon’s faith and that’s open to challenge.

Despite his connection to his faith, his first move was to protect the rich.

How many houses would Jesus own?


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  1. 7 properties. Stock standard true blue Nat. Greed is so good.

    Nat supporters in the Herald call him:
    Variations of successful
    A provider to those who need to rent.
    They are very aroused! Very!

    Humans would call him a blood sucking leach.

    And with all this money he is a taxpayer beneficiary by having us foot the bill for his rent on HIS property doubling as his electorate office. Greedy little fucker, isn’t he?

    I’m sorry to say it but parasites like this are so 2000’s!

    Chris, we are searching for a leader will takes the housing catastrophe seriously. Not you!

  2. Luxon stated he doesn’t want house prices to drop by too much, because he owns seven of them! And two of them are subsidised by the taxpayer! Greed, power and profit, so how can someone like him, govern for the ordinary Kiwi, many doing the hard yards on struggle street?

    This is absolutely obscene.

    • Thats no different to what Jacinda said and to be fair he is saying exactly what you expect a National leader to say.

      A Labour party overseeing and enabling that 800 billion dollar rise on the otherhand could be fairly accused of class traitory.

      • “A Labour party overseeing and enabling that 800 billion dollar rise on the otherhand could be fairly accused of class traitory”.. So… Yet again we watch kiwis display the attention span of a goldfish.. So who wa it the set that particular train running? And how easy was it going to be to even slow it down, considering that, apart from milk powder, what else is there left to invest in now? I’m not going to defend the labour party, as we let them become what they are now, which is a group of senior management types, who would have few, if any clues as to how life is for the “proles”, but people need to get a grip on the reality of just how precarious the NZ economy had become under the Key/Biden/Xi Jinping government, and how many of our “eggs” were all in one basket… A bit of perspective please…

        • Thats bullshit, if the Nats policy settings set the train in motion this govt has well and truly filled the boiler with indonesion coal.

          This govt is to blame for whats happened with house prices in the last 2 years and they promised different regarding housing affordability.

          • Take a deep breath…….How did the housing crisis start? When did it start? Under whose watch did it start and develop? I agree, Labour has done bugger all to curtail it and for that they have a big black mark next to their names. But that other crowd set the wheels in motion and solidified the FIRE economy (with the assistance of their cheerleaders, the mainstream media, which is sponsored by FIRE).
            PS. FIRE – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

            • Fuckin amen to that Brian people forget you need a spark to create a fire. As the Boss said “ya can’t start a fire without a spark” THANK’S NATIONAL.

    • You are right he absolutely can’t ..anyone in the national party or a supporter will have this Me me attitude..and fk the ordinary man and family …he’s a clone of J keys..whose leadership screwed NZ to death for 9 years
      If you want more of the same vote for more evil …

    • Mary. Mmmm how can someone like him whose that wealthy govern us. Luxon has earned his wealth in the real world. Now our Jacinda has pocketed a couple of Million dollars as her salary since being in office. This of course is tax payer earnings. Our money. But that’s ok I’m sure she donates most of that to the poor or the Auckland city mission.

      • Earned it, don’t be ridiculous. Just like people talk about self made millionaires. You mean they had staff working for them at $20 an hour and all that. In his case, he was on a big fat salary and his housing stock helps him to make more wealth.

        I am not an Ardern fan so I wont comment on her.

        They should all have to live in Otara or another poor area in Auckland if that is where they live.

        • Sorry Michal. So all the working staff can make the right board level decisions that ultimately grow the company and keep those workers you’re concerned about in a job. If you think the workers can make informed decisions about any large company they happen to work for you’re deluded. It’s all relative Michal. Does Jacinda earn her Half mil a year or do the back room leaches deserve more.

          • Back in the 1930’s many of Labours senior politicians were trade unionists , teachers and farmers. Not academics or ‘CEO’s’. And they solved the housing crisis back then by commanding the Reserve Bank to release funds for a nation wide state housing build. What’s more they didn’t set about awarding themselves ever increasing salary’s like todays politicians and CEO’s do.

      • “Luzon has earned his wealth in the real world”. What, at a state-owned monopoly airline? At an Anglo-Dutch multinational food conglomerate? Real world? C’mon

    • Ohhh mary-a stop clutching at your pearls, Helen Clarke owned 5 or 6 houses also, and saw the biggest rise in house prices when she was the PM, only to be surpassed by this Govt. (Yes house prices went up under Key, but not as rapidly as Clarke’s Govt.)
      TBH the biggest fools are someone earning a good 6 figure salary and DOESN’T own a house!
      Marama Davidson and Jimmy (2 mums)….forgetting the sharp rise over last 3yrs, they have both been earning 6 figures for over a decade.

      • “TBH the biggest fools are someone earning a good 6 figure salary and DOESN’T own a house!”

        And that right there is why Seymour is a moron and should be nowhere near the baubles of office.

        • Davidson dislikes home owners and designates people with a property worth one million as millionaires. Many are far from being millionaires, and they may have lead frugal and highly disciplined lives to achieve a stable home base for their whanau. She just doesn’t seem to get this at all, just as she doesn’t get that the colour white is not an intrinsically bad colour, and that every pale face is not a “colonialist” exploiter, and that many are decent working folk with integrity, which is more than can be said about self-serving political animals. That Green politicians have done so much to divide the social community is almost unbelievable, and very foolish.

          • You did not include her distan for old white men you know the ones that rape women and cause mass shootings

            • But she does like non white foreign teens turned refugees turned religious nut jobs, who knife 7 people in malls.

              And Natz and Labeen likes OZ nationals who can live in NZ and get free everything that Kiwis in OZ don’t get .

              Higher GDP for building more prisons and looking after terrorists and violent criminals for the rest of their lives, yippee!

              Don’t forget more social welfare and justice costs needed for their victims who may never recover from the above terrorists and criminals.

              It’s a circular economy around social bonds and violence!

            • Trevor Maybe not relevant to this issue and in any case I don’t think Davidson’s wanting men to delete themselves was limited specifically to old or older men, and I disagree that she just blamed old white men for the horrific Muslim massacre, it went well beyond any gendering.

              I believe it is Minister of Police, Poto Williams , who wants to abolish the long established legal right of persons accused of sex crimes to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and thus violate the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, Rome Law, Talmudical Law,Islamic Law, the 1900 New Zealand Bill of Rights, and the basis upon which our New Zealand Police and our legal system operate, and I am confused about how many politicians think that all men are rapists.

    • That’s not what he said.

      He stated it wouldn’t be good for the economy if house prices fell dramatically, but that he does expect them to plateau or even fall back slightly next year…

  3. im appalled , how much do these amendments decrease the amount of homes built and price rises for first time buyers , how many thousands of people will go into rent trap because of it .

  4. LOL. Uncle Fester learning very quickly Toxic and her pals in the feckless media will be focusing on gotcha politics.

    That said the comments were hardly offensive and otherwise it wasn’t a banana slip moment.

    He just has to remember to be competent in the eyes of – under 35, white collar female office workers. Unsurprisingly a good portion of those have houses!!

    His comments on the border checkpoints and police were HOWEVER on point compared to the waffle of the PM on the matters. Look competent and those issues are the ones that will matter in 18 months time.

  5. He was earning $4 million a year so why would he not use some of that to buy houses . The state is not building enough state houses and many of those it has have tenants that are less than desirable so it is up to the private individual to buy and rent as this government policy has pushed house prices up . I would be concerned if his homes were slums or were not tenanted and just kept empty for capital gain.

    • Aw c’mon, did he cause new dwellings to be built or did he merely buy his houses from the existing pool of homeowner stock and transfer them into the private rentier sector?
      I’ll put my money on the later, which means that essentially he housed no one that wouldn’t otherwise be housed. The only real thing is that he has inserted his bloodsucking siphon into the process.

      • Richard Christie – Correct. Had this man been acting from altruism, yes, he would have caused more houses to be built. Or he could have provided the money for a much needed children’s hospital to be built as a rich good man in Wellington has done. Or he could have funded cooking classes for indigent mothers as a group of Porirua housewives have done. He could have taken a punt and done something interesting and exciting like buy land and explore growing the arable crops we are very likely to need as global environmental changes impact and influence in ways beyond the scope of his big boring head. Not the most inspiring sort of chappie.

    • The way the market is Trevor he could have allowed “mum and dad investors” or first home buyers a chance if his intentions are pure.

  6. The guy hasn’t been in a church in five years. But keep clutching at straws.

    “NZ property went up $800Billion in just the last 2 years”

    Who is in government again?

    • Correction….’hasn’t been in a ‘regular’ church for 5 years.Upper Room offshoot of The Family is not a …regular …church.

      • More details of the Upper Room crowd must be revealed sooner or later. I’m looking forward to it ‘cos I don’t trust bloody fundamentalists.

        • Garibaldi The discussion of sects and cults in academic literature is vast. Most of the work has been done by sociologists and anthropologists with historians of religion tending to rely on their data or theories.

          A “sect” emerges when a group of people withdraw from an established church, which is what it looks as if Luxon may have done dumping Catholicism. The interesting thing is that he appears to be outside the usual demographic, I think. The other interesting thing is that his political preferences may appear to be at odds with the most common basis for withdrawal from a religious tradition, I think, but am not sufficiently interested to read up on it; somebody like Professor Sir Lloyd Geering could provide fascinating insight here, and a shrink could throw light on that black Mercedes.

  7. The choices are pretty grim right now. A party obsessed with race based ideology and ignores the ever growing equality or a party that governs for the wealthy elite alone. Given the divisiveness of the first the second option looks slightly better…

  8. Some absolute idiot stated Luxon, Key and Ardern as being all of the same. Obviously they never went to school.

      • One physically assaults another, one flipped a house within 24 hours in Sydney for a cool $900,000 whilst the other didn’t and is empathetic toward others. One has increased the minimum wage whilst the other failed to increase teachers and nurses wages to match inflation and so on AND SO FORTH.

        • I will but only out of tribal loyalty and the lack of an alternative, which of course is what LINO relies on..and I’m just one more sucker who’s fear of the nats outweighs my disappointment with jacinda do nowt.

  9. Hey Martyn..

    Any chance of finding out how many of Luxon’s 7 Houses are setting empty?

    You’re good at holding politician’s feet to the fire. Better to expose politicians whom serve the housing Ponzi before they get a foothold.

      • Haha yes let’s get to the nitty gritty. This guy is already failing on his first and second day, let’s hope he doesn’t keep failing upwards… Don’t think he will as he doesn’t have the personality for it – think John Key, a particular NZ type of ‘agreeable’ personality, and in the UK, Boris. He looks like a very Todd M kinda mistake, possibly even worse. He won’t crumble into a heap but he is just not relatable and he looks like a Grey and he says shit that is alien to
        most and doesn’t seem to have the political wit to spin his unpleasant truths.

    • Step one. Go to the Parliamentary MP declarations of ‘Financial Interests’.
      Step 2. Look up the name(s) and businesses on the Companies Office website
      Step 3. Google the businesses and linked associates
      Step 4. You should know what to do from here.

      • I doubt you can find out what you want to know. This is this years one.

        Christopher Luxon (National, Botany)
        Beneficial interests in, and trusteeships of, trusts
        Rae Family Trust (trustee)
        Real property
        Residential properties (x2) – Auckland
        Residential property – Wellington
        Investment properties (x4) – Auckland
        Retirement schemes
        AMP KiwiSaver
        Sunsuper Super Savings
        Unicare Savings Plan
        Debts owed to you
        ANZ Bank – bank deposits

  10. Captain Underpants makes my blood run cold.

    Every time I hear him speak its like John key all over again but without any charisma. And anyone who stands up and says “I’m strategic”, in my experience is almost always saying I want to be seen as elite and I’m ambitious. IRL, they are often not that strategic at all.

    Someone has already described him as ‘style’ above substance and I think that’s what we will see. And the cringeworthy Basin reserve? shot isnt helping. Chris Luxon, effervescent man of the people – yeah right.

    • Binky. Interest comment about style over substance. This could be part of the reason why women find Luxon repulsive, famine intuition. We never hear much about men’s intuition, although I ‘m sure that men like cops and judges have or develop it, but women, and mothers especially, can have pretty good bullshit detectors. I just think that he looks horrible and presents rather oddly.

  11. Actually I think the. Urban planning changes are lazy and haphazard and likely to lead to some poor outcomes.

  12. Apparently Luxon’s inspiration, Jesus, is quoted as mentioning that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter the kingdom of god. In this respect Luxon would be Christian in name only.

  13. WOW this old religious baldy has lost the 20 to 50 yo FEMALE voter,good luck chrome dome old white stale male baldies,they hated you even before you had been selected,YOU are the boss they hate

  14. ” Despite his connection to his faith, his first move was to protect the rich ”

    I don’t care if he is religious or the fact the same old tired clichés like ambitious for NZ and observing how hard New Zealanders work. I no longer listen to what people like Luxon say but i will watch what he will do.

    Behaviour never lies.

    Winston Churchill.

    • Mosa. The most logical comment here. It is typical of many commenters here to want to draw and quarter Luxon on his first day on the job. He may be useless or be inspirational. We wouldn’t know yet. I don’t know Luxon except to know he can get large groups of people working together in a constructive and progressive way. Quite good credentials I would have thought. Those who think Luxon is John Keys puppet may have it the wrong way round. Luxon is nobody’s puppet.

  15. It’s easy to see how scared many are about things by the shit they talk.
    It appears Martyn and many of his posse are absolutely terrified.

    How can the leader of the opposition do the stuff claimed in less than 20hrs of getting the job?

    • Eye roll. Are you fucking joking??? Use your god-damned brain. Pretty easy to see what Luxx is all about. Himself… and his cronies.

    • No. Labour is centre-right. But yeah. A buncha of hypocrites considering they, labour MPs collectively own more private properties and rental properties between them.

  16. I am hard core National voter 1 tick National MP, 1 tick National party vote. My parents famers, served 27 years in the military then my own business. They didnt even have to try to get my vote its always theirs except one time when I voted drunk and I think I voted McCillicuddy Serious party.
    However after reading Mr Bomber’s article they just lost me to Act. No way am I am going to vote for a rich, pretentious bible basher. I voted for Key sure he was rich but he did have a common touch and he even helped me out and got me compensation and an apology when I went to his electorate office when VTNZ stiffed me on COF inspection.
    I seen it before fuckers saying I have voted for bla bla all my life but will change now, never believed them though now I am one of them.

        • OH BUT WAS, money for certificates is an established fact…but hey no regulation is a good thing if your speeding down a country road with a faulty trailer.

          …yeah go nats go..

    • Who you vote for is obviously your own free choice…but.. I would urge you to read and understand ALL of ACT’s policies and vision before doing so.

    • The old Tory stuck in the mud bullshit just doesn’t wash anymore. There are plenty of progressive people in farming. Went to a McGillicuddy Serious Party party once – lol – salts of the earth. Maybe they should rebrand as militant eco-cons although the flower rings and hair might gum up the bolt.

    • Vote Green then!!! Not Act!!! You complete self-admitted non-thinking puppet of the entrenched NZ middle class!!! Go left, you outraged fool – not mad right, which is Act…. Just take my advice, I did ponder this for a while, I assure you!! You can trust me, take my advice and you don’t have to think a jot!! Or worry a dot!!!

  17. Well, he may be divorced from reality and goodness knows I don’t particularly like him, but how is Adern any better or even as good?
    She has never held a real job in her life and is surrounded by sycophants like you.
    Life politicians like her, Winston Peters etc should be banned.

    • Jays I don’t greatly like Ardern either, but she worked her teenage years in a fish and chip shop, I think she worked in New York, and her years as advisor to the UK govt in London would have involved some fairly exacting research work and certainly constituted a real job, unlike the dubious shenanigans of the slimey bunch employed by John Key and documented by Nicky Hager in “ Dirty Politics “. Very different dynamics.

      • I’m sorry, but working in government is not a real job, where your performance actually determines whether you stay in employment or not.
        She has precisely zero idea as to how hard life can be. What it is to be made redundant because of stupid government policies that destroy businesses nor what it feels like to fear for how to feed her family.

        At least AOC (as much of a moron she is) held a real job before being elected.

  18. WE all expect luxton to be the way he is, so it’s no surprise, I’d like to see similar stats on all MPs and specifically the labour cabinet….and should they recuse themselves from any discussions. policy decisions that could profit themselves as landlords.

    What we need is not shovelling money at private developers to churn out more ‘leaky buildings’ but a properly regulated dept of works that would treat tradies as workers rather than medieval serfs (which I’m guessing would attract tradies to long term stable jobs), bulk state purchases of materials can bring costs down (think pharmac for building) training apprentices to an appropriate standard would improve the industry no end.

    None of this will happen and we’ll get haphazard construction of shoddy investment properties
    cuz…..neo lib.

  19. The problem Christopher Luxon has around him is the fecal stench of John Key. Like attracts like even when it comes to those with links to Air NZ. Air NZ has become the political divide even since Erebus. Air NZ become the birthplace of political ambitions and wanting to hold onto power sort of politics and policies.
    Without a National MP or politician to influence or control it I am sorry to say Air NZ has become the pawn in political ambitions of its CEOs and those with mostly National Party appendages.
    I wouldn’t vote for Luxon because of his closeness to the one I call Sir Lies-alot. Key was just one opportunistic and self-serving, when all things considered even down to his ability to lie without qualm and pull ponytails of females when it suited him, the daily events in politics was probably another ‘business transaction’ for the one many called The Smiling Assassin.
    For Key being honest with NZers was an alien concept and something he couldn’t adapt to outside of his Merrill Lynch days in America. But then we all know John Key loves America more than he hates NZ.
    NZ was just that ‘great useable usefulness’ he wanted to achieve the ego-obsessed wants. And I am sure Luxon being like Key i.e birds of a feather flock together, will do a Copy and Paste Of John Key and of course Key’s Beloved America.
    So all in all I don’t trust Luxon let alone Willis with her Pan Am smile at the photo opportunities seeking event yesterday.
    My only question is how many minutes travel will they resort to next time to appear in style when they could have damn well walked the same distance in another’s moccasins to get to their destination i.e the Beehive and Parliament? And all for the sake of vanity. Something National seems to love more than any sense of humanity.


    So National have elected “The Puppet” to lead them forward, with John Key’s hand up one orifice

    and evangelical Christianity down the other…..we are about to experience the birth of their bastard

    child. It will be born while the parents are fully immersed in whale oil chanting neo-liberalism and

    ayn rand epithets to their succubus and incubus, as they arouse their acolytes through a Trumpian

    style mass media blitz full of nothing but inuendo and dog whistles bought and paid for by their

    legion of offshore cohorts.

    A ripple of concern oozes through Echo and the Chamber Party. “Does this mean the end of our

    free ride, we have suckled at the nipple of the National Party and managed to catch a lot of their

    drips…..but what now for us with not one, but two ‘smiling assassins’ to contend with?” Echo

    ponders his options: “can you get me the figures based on my rebirth as a lefty”?

    Meanwhile as Dystopia and Desperation jockey for positions amongst the lesser crumbs excreted

    from the Puppet Master’s table, a shell shocked but against all odds still mostly stable populace now

    have a new fear for the future………THE PAST.

  21. We all moan about these characters doing this or doing that, owning this or owning that, – and far easier to snipe and name call online and get personal than to call these politicians out and shame them publicly. Why are we not holding nationwide protests about the housing crisis?


    Too many cameras on Queen St, Auckland?

    Too many vested interests with Australian banks and property portfolio holders who give generously to party coffers to keep the whole rotten edifice chugging on? Not enough willing economists and historians to present the argument of how we overcame these issues historically and to act as spokespersons?

    And while we are at it , – What about our ridiculously low wages in a land of plenty? Unions? Hello?

    In a shamefaced lie we are touted as a first world nation while we STILL have family’s working two jobs and them and their family’s sleeping in cars and vans. Isn’t this crap something to protest about instead of land rights for gay whales? FFS !!! We pontificate about this politician or that politicians hairstyle or weight or whatever,- yet we never protest about the fundamental issues of the U.N’s ‘right to a warm dry home’ even though we are signatories ,…we ignore or are blissfully and willfully ignorant of the IMF’s decision that neo liberalism is a failed ideology. And yet we tolerate it and mumble into our beers or coffees because it all seems too much…

    We are a lazy, indolent people who rather than face the real issues invent issues of no consequence , – all the while pretending they do and ‘virtue signaling’ along the way to make us feel better while ignoring the fundamental basics of a modern and first world nation. And the reason we are a lazy, indolent people is because we are too cowed and gutless because of the mere crumbs of economic security in our menial low waged jobs we perceive we have. Those Queen St camera’s, those media shots…

    The truth is, we are a politically gutless, lazy, naïve and indolent people precisely because for so long, – nearly 60 years- we took it for granted that ‘ it’ll never happen to us’ Well it has. Talking online will NEVER change anything. Politicians are shamed and prompted to move by media coverage of mass demonstrations. But not just one or two. Try more like a year, two years, three years. Let underground publications post online, post opinion pieces. Let various groups solely dedicated to the overthrow of neo liberalism find common ground. Let them feel the heat.

    Think TTP protests but ongoing. On and on and on.

    All we have had is the smug self satisfaction that ‘the peasants are easily diverted, lack stamina, – and given time, – are easily shamed and dispersed’ from these neo liberal politicians for the last 36 years. And by that I include both Labour and National. Let alone ACT.

    David Lange once famously said ”That you cant run a country like a Polish shipyard”. Yet this is exactly how this country has now been run for 36 years. This country is now like a glorious open cast Polish or Albanian ‘shipyard’. Without the democracy or the financial rewards.

    Nothing less than this prescription will ever change these shitty elitists attitudes that New Zealanders actually have some spine.

    Yet that is what needs to be done.

    Constant rolling nationwide strikes that keep these issues and these issues alone to the fore until we force change on these worms.

  22. WK I’m a right voter but it doesn’t matter. I agree with you that if this country wants real social change because the majority are disadvantaged, those affected may have to let those in power know in a more, in your face way. I believe Luxon will do a better job of neoliberalism than Ardern but I can see it won’t be enough. I like what you say because I believe we are lazy and self absorbed in identity politics, not looking in depth at policy but happy to draw conclusions about our MP’s based on superficial likes or dislikes. I’m a wait and see on Luxon simply because he deserves a chance, like the second term this country has given Jacinda.

    • Disagree . Luxon has done NOTHING to deserve a chance. Hasn’t represented an electorate for a number of years hasn’t held portfolios, shadow or in government, hasn’t done any real time in parliament and has the air of a slimy arrogant entitled aristocrat or crime boss.He has LESS parliamentary experience than Ardern had when thrust into the top job. Homo phobic, unattractive , and thoroughly unappealing both in dress and speaking style. A lot like John Key . He is most definitely Key’s glove puppet. And I reckon his timing is off. White guys with bald heads look like giant thumbs! Bloody awful!

    • the media reporting politics as sport reporting rather than digging deep on policy, policy alternatives and historical precindents doesn’t help…..

      meanwhile in tonights news another innaccurate, laughably small sample focus group..shit my bad POLL

  23. I heard Luxon squirm, obfuscate, dodge, duck, dive like the characters from Dodgeball. ‘If you can dodge a question about believing in “speaking in tongues”, you can dodge a wrench FFS’.

    Endorsed by John Key, purveyor of 435 lies –
    Luxon – same old John Key National Party lying bullshit, but without the hair.

    And why no hair? We do know that John Key has a penchant to be drawn to a man’s hair, so it is no surprise that Luxon would shave his head.

    If you can dodge a hair-fondle by John Key, you can dodge a wrench.

    There will be a lot more dodging of spanners, wrenches, truth, hair-fondles, speaking in tongues, but, a plus for National, absolutely more affinity with fellow Kiwis, who just happen to have 7 houses in their extensive portfolios.

    Look forward to the next two years, where Luxon tries to dodge Dirty Politics’ leaks. Collins will “give back double”.

    • And if you can dodge a “Dirty Politics” double-fault serve from Crusher, you can dodge a wrench.
      Get double-vaxxed, get the popcorn in, a few beersies, some pink chardonnay, because the next few days, months, and years there will be lots more dodging the past, the present and future personal, political, social, religious and economic wrenches.

  24. For better or worse he believes christianity. So, dim. But we all have those areas of our minds — the fallibility that defines us humans. If he ever puts it first, as is unlikely, unlike foul plutocratic America, we will destroy him. Children of Maori, Ballance and Savage as we are.

    Does say a lot about him. The dimness. He’ll need to make up for it in a major way. As per Doug Graham accounting for his mispronounciations of Maori names by giving Iwi some justice.

    Just very strange and dubious for an intelligent adult to believe this world-view as reality. Since it is not.

  25. Just like Scotty-from-marketing Morrison’s Hillsong brand of Happy clappers. No doubt a pal of the Bishop Brian Tmmaki

  26. Jeez,
    Good thing Cindy’s hate speech law has not been passed yet otherwise many of the people slating Luxton here would be finding themselves in court.
    Why pick on the man’s looks ?
    Jacinda’s no model either but imagine the uproar if she was described as ugly.

    • Between a religious, predatory capitalist with the Natz and a woke, red guards mob, fuelling the uneducated and high needs with Labeen.

      Neither are particularly inspiring.

  27. You gain FOURTY FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS of new additional wealth every week for 52 consecutive weeks.

    How would you feel about the TWO MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS of wealth you’ve just acquired?

    How would you celebrate this lotto victory type result? How would it change your life? How would you help others?

    What hope would there be of that happening to you and you being blissfully unaware it had even occurred?

  28. He doesn’t keep talking about his God. He keeps getting asked questions about his God and he answers them.

  29. Openly declared Christian with a number of Kiwis favourite investments that endless NZ Govts have by default encouraged who has clearly stated his intention to box his believes and his politics separate or a failed Mormon now declared a nice agnostic with no real world business experience.Are these how we categorize suitable PMs in this country now ? Or do we want them to simply bloody good at their job of listening to ALL their people and doing their job well

    • All these people of religion, past and present, in political service,…be it Christians or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist,…what is that telling you when so many profess ( albeit weakly) a faith over the silliness of an unproved ‘theory of evolution’ which remains JUST a theory.

      Whole lucrative academic careers have been foundered upon it. University’s have made millions on pushing its lies.

      A ridiculous 19th century theory that humanists have clung to using false carbon tests, false geological timelines, while conveniently negating the atomic weight of composition , ie : gold sinks to the bottom as do bones of greater weight,… that those biologically of greater weight lived in the swamps and the lowlands- (not in the mountains for obvious reasons) ,… ie ; the ponderous dinosaurs were the first to die and be ‘fossilized’. Voila! Reptilians in the lowland warmer climes. Hello?

      Small wonder the biggest were found in the lower sedimentary rocks and the more agile higher dwelling among the higher strata’s of sedimentary layers… see a pattern here with slow moving reptilian form? They need warmth. And that aint found in the mountains and higher plateaus and continents.

      Ahh,… That was the bastion of the ‘mammals’,… those weird fur covered things that avoided the slow moving reptilians. It is no small coincidence that the crossover between ‘mammalians’ and ‘reptilians’ was found more than once in paleontology. Its just that it doesn’t fit the Darwinian narrative. The dinosaurs patrolled the swamps, the mammals patrolled the dryer high levels and the savannah.

      Petrified trees through many layers!

      We have seen that dinosaurs walked with man through fossil excavation ,…. man following a herd of dinosaurs in many accounts, famously preserved in stone. But the dinosaurs were not what the early hunter gatherer humans were after, they were after the watering holes, the congregation of mammalian herbivores that sustained them. And so it has been evermore, that mankind shall not live by ‘chicken’ alone,… but by every word that procedeth from the mouth of God”… and these reptilians were but chicken. Cheap protein. Deficient in the long term. Good for filling the belly but not in delivering the full pack of Vit B and Vit D.

      Old wisdom?

      Don’t take much for those wise old women who looked after their extended family’s health to observe consequences. Ie: Don’t subsist on seagulls cos their high mercury acid content will ferk your immune and digestive tracts,- go for herbivores instead.


      So again, I leave you with this: A herald to the amazing capacity of man and woman kind to look out for their progeny with care and wisdom. And think again of what Darwinism would want us to believe, – a 19th century theory that would have us all believe we all descended from some sort of primitive primeval soup on the whim of a notion. Like a virus. Whose notion, I’ll leave you to guess.

      Petrified trees through many layers!

  30. My Uncle Barry Fleet has passed away. The oldest of 6 siblings. Of Nga Puhi decent. He was a truck driver of special interest to me as a 12 year old. He, and my father ( of clan Gunn Scots decent) worked together to put on large extended family hungi’s at Christmas. I was so proud of my Dad and Uncle Barry. Uncle Barry showed us the best rocks to get for the hungi,… he also showed us how to use ti tree branches to catch koura as kids.

    Uncle Barry would travel down from Kaitaia and arrive early with his young family to Huia, Auckland. Such was his sense of family responsibility. A big man, he was most like a kind of kaumatua. He had no truck with gangs in that era, he was of the old school.

    My Auntie Joyce looked after Uncle Warren as well as her 3 sons, , my mother ( 95 and still here) looked after Barry and Geoffrey, Barry’s younger brother. My mother and her sister had a lot to do with helping to bring up Auntie Zola’s and Uncle Lens kids until they found a place to live in Mangakino. And it was all in the family no holds barred. It was all for one and one for all.

    I’d like to give a shout out to Geoffrey, Wendy( who never gave any quarter, long may you be as tough as nails), Kim and Steven and your offspring. You are loved. And Stephen?,… I cannot count how many times you made me piss myself laughing at your dry wit as a young un! I have a fantastic extended NZ family.

    My Uncle Barry carried my grandmother out to the ambulance when he lived in Auckland, she was in her 90’s- a Hildreth of Yorkshire descent. He also was pallbearer. When I as a smart arsed 18 year old shot a quick quip as pallbearer,… I will never forget his steely eyed glare. I learnt a thing or two about respect as a young man from Uncle Barry.

    And this is what is precious and what is valuable. Love. Love for family , for those you know and are yet to meet. Love. We are all worth more than we think we are. We are not here forever. We have infinite purpose despite what occupation we have. And this is why, I believe so strongly in overturning neo liberalism,… because it dehumanizes the human condition.

    It seeks to dehumanize my family.

    RIP, Uncle Barry.

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