7.30pm tonight – The Working Group with Simon Bridges, David Seymour & Damien Grant


7.30pm tonight is the start of The Working Group – the Newest & Greatest weekly political podcast not funded by NZ on Air!

Live from the Auckland MediaWorks Studio and hosted by beloved left wing broadcaster Comrade ‘Bomber’ Bradbury with the best political panel in New Zealand media!

This week libertarian liquidator and Ctullah of capitalism, Damien Grant, De facto leader of the opposition David Seymour and Yak whisperer Simon Bridges.

Providing insight and oversight to the 3 big issues of the political week.


Issue 1 – What the hell just happened inside National?

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Issue 2 – Why in all that is holy is ACT on 16%?

Issue 3 – 3 cheers for Jacinda’s handling of Delta? A chance for our guests to thank Labour.

Plus everyone will have a final word 90 second rant.

The podcast broadcasts live at 7.30pm Mondays on Facebook, YouTube & The Daily Blog and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & Youtube.

We we’re going to call it the ‘heteronormative white cis male hour of power’ but apparently Mike Hosking already has the rights to that name so we considered ‘They can’t cancel us all’ but feared giving the woke a goal.

We settled on ‘The Working Group’ which is the name of our weekly MagicTalk Friday night end of political week wrap up because we are basically very lazy and have short attention spans. We decided that everyone else’s Political Podcasts were awful so why shouldn’t we produce the greatest and funniest podcast not funded by NZ on Air.

It will be politics like you aren’t allowed to listen to.


  1. Pls add trigger warnings and snowflake alerts because you have a free speech libertarian on the show, which (to a certain corner of the left) is basically the same as Hitler

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