Political Caption Competition


Long strokes


  1. I stroke it to the east
    And I stroke it to the west
    And I stroke it to the woman that I love the best, huh
    I be strokin’
    I be strokin’ Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    I be strokin’, Yeah!
    I be strokin’.

  2. Gimme a head with hair
    Long, beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming
    Streaming, flaxen, waxen
    Give me down to there (Hair!)
    Shoulder length or longer hair (Hair!)
    Here baby, there mama
    Everywhere daddy daddy
    Hair (Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair! Hair!)

  3. And he realised he’d never drive in Paris in a sportscar, with the warm wind in his hair.
    (adapted from Marianne Faithfull’s “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”)


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