How Simon Bridges beats globalist Jacinda in 2023


That gagging sound you hear is Jacinda reading the neoliberal Mfat wishlist she was forced to regurgitate at the end of APEC.

The last unchallenged bastion of NZ neoliberalism is the free trade zeal that stops nationalization of economic sovereignty. Jacinda is a globalist who supports transnational labour chains which exploit workers and locks us into corporate subservience.

This pandemic has shocked neoliberal supply chains and is a precursor to the constant state of external shocks that the climate crisis will generate.

Now is a time for economic self sufficiency NOT corporate globalism!

Judith is so focused on stopping David Seymour from becoming the Leader of the Opposition that she can’t be the Leader of the Opposition.

National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity.

Let’s say Simon takes over as leader, then what?

Replacing leaders won’t restore National’s mana and with ACT so hard right, the center voters Labour picked up in 2020 will cling to them in 2023!

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Simon must hit the ground running with a radical agenda on the only political rail he could dominate – isolationism.

What if Simon announces another Orewa Speech but this time gives the speech of his career?

What if he starts talking about re-reading some of Robert Muldoon’s books and speeches? What if Simon points out the reality of Covid isolationism and argues the case for Fortress NZ, spurning free market trade for a hyper vigilant border and self sufficient industry.

What if Simon proposed isolationism and self reliance? Imagine the titanic shift in the political tectonic plates as National went back to its Muldoon isolationism and nationalism.

A make NZ great again campaign without ever having to say those words.

Radical nationalism that seeks to protect all bypasses race and class lines.

Such isolationism would squeeze ACT out while pulling the center out of Labour.

It’s a mad tactic that could ignite a deep sense of insecurity in a Covid plagued world with increasing climate crisis events.

The psyche of a people locked down is exploding with a surge in violence and abuse as frightened people grappling with uncertainty vent at each other.

A state that shuts the borders and promises the hope of self reliance and protection will be greedily rewarded.

Is Simon willing to slaughter that many current National Party sacred cows to reanimate Muldoon’s Think Big?

Could National win using Fortress NZ?

If National doesn’t think big soon, voters will be remembering little.

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  1. “Simon must hit the ground running with a radical agenda on the only political rail he could dominate – isolationism.”

    Wrong. Bridges can redeem himself if he offers (1) a nation-building project (which this government doesn’t); (2) sober, uncompromising opposition to wokeism; (3) centrist economics, staying well away from privatization and tax cuts.

    • I know for a fact that Simon is aware of the need to do something uber centrist that cuts across party lines and I am thinking it will be an old Labour style policy on state housing. I agree sober and considered pushback on wokeism but every time I think he may have a shot (and there is no doubt he’s learnt his lessons), I see the old neo liberal right wing doctrine peep out.

      He is both urbane and intelligent enough to pull off a coup and will know how to hit it just right. The problem I see is how many people will actually believe that the leopard has changed it spots and more to the point, how much is he prepared to change in his internal politics for a shot at PM. Or will we be voting in another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  2. What if Simon proposes a “Green Think Big”?

    Imagine the speech…”Nearly 50 years ago, we embarked on a series of huge projects.. many were anchored in the fossil-fuel mindset of that era, but some -like electrifying the main trunk railway line & major hydro generation plants – looked towards a radically different future.
    We could ‘think big then’, so let’s again ‘think big’, but in ways that honor our commitment to fighting climate change.. a Green Think Big for the 21st Century”

  3. Imagine if we had a Leader who would put people before ideology. Oh my. What a concept. Sadly, neither L nor the G will ever do that. They are so woke they think ideology is people, and that ideology needs protection from people.

    • Ideology is the people. Without the people there is no ideology. People are the economy. The economy is the people.

      • “Ideology is the people. Without the people there is no ideology”

        Gotta be a logical fallacy there. I don’t know the name of it. This is something someone on the far left/right might believe

        • Once you have a Judas sheep & a couple of dogs, you can lead the people anywhere. This ideology in practice.

      • Nope honey, i don’t see red. I see washed out green and beige. Sort of a muddy brown, and it ain’t inspiring. But you keep on repeating the same comment over and over again, cause heck, you are a green bus?

  4. Simon would end up like John Snow or Caesar with his so called friends stabbing him one after the other whispering “for meo-liberalism” as they plunge in the Knife.

    • Perhaps forming a break away party,… or is that too Winston for you? Personally I’m happy that National is sinking. However, if they were to put as leader a Holyoake or even a Muldoon that practiced Keynesianism rather than neo liberalism, – I would vote for them in a heartbeat.

  5. If Simon supports REAL Cannabis Law Reform = 48% of Kiwis support, plus another 20% of voters who will never vote Labour and/or the Greens…

  6. NZ is far too small for isolationism. Outside of dairy, mutton and beef we simply don’t have the critical mass to ensure competitiveness.

    All protective trade barriers achieve is prop up inefficient local businesses and the local elite who own them.

    • Hmmm, we seem to have more black outs, water shortages , govt inefficiency’s , hand wringing over basic infrastructure (classic being the housing crisis) and excuses of ‘there’s no money’ than ever before under neo liberalism and its free market thinking, small govt, ‘TINA’ dogmas.

      Why is that?

      Could it be that the money was redistributed ‘upwards’?. I seem to remember the catch phrase of the day was ‘trickle down’. Admit it, neo liberalism was nothing more than a power grab by the banking financial elites to sequester the wealth of the commons for themselves.

      Legislated theft.


    • andy every day your taxes prop up inefficient, badly run, NZ busines staffed by indentured labour, so some strategic self reliance is no big burden….oh y’know like keeping an oil refinery til we eventually don’t need one,, getting rid of our faux electricity market that profits from scarcity so has no incentive to modernise or increase capacity— EVs need charging.

  7. Simon could attempt REAL Cannabis Law Reform = 48% of Kiwis who support that, plus 20% of Kiwis who will never vote for Labour and/or the Greens…

    • Trade can still commence, if that is all you are concerned about as long as borders are monitored correctly. And North Korea is a poor example as there is nothing in common with communism and a social democracy. Of which the Scandinavian states, by and large, still are, social democracy’s,- which operate again by and large on a Keynesian economic base. I take it you have not many issues with the Scandinavians enjoying the highest standards of living globally?

      If so , – that is what was practiced in NZ before the destructive neo liberal ideology was introduced by the 4th Labour govt with their finance minister, Roger Douglas. Before that? – NZ was a social democracy based on the economic plan of John Maynard Keynes. And it was the most prosperous time in NZ’s history.

      • Finland has no minimum wage and Norway is only rich because they sold all their oil. Oh and those who are so keen on the UBI, that was tried in Finland and failed because people worked put rather quickly, why work if the govt is just going to give you money. Oh and let’s not forget how homogeneous these countries are.

        Let’s face it, the Scandinavian countries so many people lament as being the bastion of social democracy are just as capitalist as any other but with really high taxes.

        • …”Finland has no minimum wage and Norway is only rich because they sold all their oil. Let’s face it, the Scandinavian countries so many people lament as being the bastion of social democracy are just as capitalist as any other but with really high taxes”…

          And the point?

          1/ Finland has no minimum wage
          So obviously if their standard of living is good, and there are scruples generally accepted in not underpaying people, … the minimum wage is not an issue.

          2/ Norway is only rich because they sold all their oil

          So what? Did Finland , Sweden , Denmark ? Surely you don’t mean to tell us that everyone in Norway is an oil punter,… they must be doing a few other things besides just ‘oil’.

          3/ ‘are just as capitalist as any other but with really high taxes’

          Of course they are capitalist, no one says they aren’t. These days even China can be accused of that. Yet along with high taxes comes high wages and an excellent standard of living. It is a circular argument to state otherwise if ones motive is to try and uphold an ideology that even the IMF has said has failed. That ideology being that of neo liberalism.

          • Google the address to the IRD and feel free to post them a cheque then, no ones stopping you paying more.

            Or do you just want everyone else to pay more.

            • You should realize that tax returns are more than outweighed by earnings- IF you are running your business correctly. And your tax dollars go towards such things as roading and infrastructure to enable yours and others businesses to thrive and be efficient.

              What do you want?,… to live in the third world like Somalia or something? ,… or in New Zealand?

          • norway is rich because it made the oil companies pay throgh the arse and used the profits and accumilated funds to help the people….. something that would/could never happen with NZs ‘grab a buck and screw tomorrow’ mindset

  8. Perhaps a less radical approach would be simply to build redundancy and diversity into our economic approach.
    To rely on a single source of supply for any item you may require is always a risk as you have a single point of failure.
    In IT it is common to consider and provide more than one instance of any required service so that there is another option if something fails. Food supply must operate in a similar fashion and any sane agricultural policy would mandate diversity in crop types and sources of supply as a matter of national security.

    However, when it comes to government macro economic policy there is a complete lack of imagination or vision – constrained by the risk of breaching a trade agreement or scaring off external capital investment. It’s a kind of pathetic way to manage an economy.

    Western governments of the 30’s through to the 70’s thought (much like the Chinese government now) across generations and built infrastructure and public services that stepped into and created whole sectors of the economy that didn’t previously exist. Creating multi-generational economic benefit by raising productivity, business capability and living standards.

    Think hydro electorate power generation, the public health service, state housing (every city in NZ has suburbs of them). What would the country look like if all of those things hadn’t happened?
    The great economic truth, that no one wants to admit, is that high tax, high borrowing and high spending governments have created and then sustained modern capitalism.

    A dose of Muldoon like economic policy would be a huge breath of fresh air in the current arid, “short-term investor” centric, economic landscape.

  9. For those who disliked Muldoon, try and see past the man. The economic, ideological and political setting which he, Kirk, Holyoake, Fraser, Holland and Savage all operated under was Keynesianism.

    Introduced by John Maynard Keynes from Cambridge University from England. It was an economic system that rapidly took most of the western world out of the Great Depression, on average, for any country that adopted it, around 6 months. It was the most prosperous time for the west in history, including New Zealand. And yes it included such protective measures as tariffs to ensure NZ businesses were not forced out by larger overseas competition, as a result NZ workers jobs were protected, – which helped the domestic money go round and ensured relative affluence in our community’s. And it was in this era of Keynesian economics that many of our roads, schools, hospitals, dams etc were constructed.

    (In 1969 we the 6th most wealthy per capita globally, just behind Denmark)

    Contrast that with the introduction of neo liberalism that was forced onto an unsuspecting public under the 4th Labour govt by the Machiavellian Roger Douglas, – who then passed the baton onto Jim Bolgers National party under Ruth Richardson. The contrast is stark. Homelessness, inability to procure a first home for young family’s, inertia regards the building of schools, hospitals, (basic infrastructure in a so called first world country ) widespread poverty and poverty wages (Employment Contracts Act 1991) juxtaposed by high costs of living.

    It is interesting that many iconic NZ company’s actually got a leg up with govt help during the Keynesian era, – yet under Douglas’s neo liberalism and privatization, they were the first to ‘downsize’, move their branches to poorer country’s to garner the benefits of low wages, whilst embracing the full benefits for themselves of the Employment Contracts Act 1991 ( which detoothed NZ trade unions) , sacking many of their NZ workers while the remaining were put on individual contracts which left workers with no option but to accept vastly lower wages, flat rates and stripping many of the conditions formerly agreed upon. Of course, much more could be added to this list.

    Much of this neo liberal ideology sprang from the Mont Pelerin society, – a London based ‘think tank’, of which both Roger Douglas and later on , – Ruth Richardson, – were sitting board members, using our local Mont Pelerin branch, the Business Roundtable to conduct reports and to advise politicians of ‘what needed to be done’ ( for their benefit).

    The same thing happened in England and was called Thatcherism, in the USA Reaganomics. The difference was that in NZ, (being a smaller and more easily manipulated populace which was subject to being the test case),… this country went further than England and the USA and lacked the checks and balances they have giving these rogue politicians who adopted neo liberalism a free hand under a supposed ‘mandate’. Never mind that there was mass protest and widespread discontent over their policy’s. Essentially the NZ publics wishes were ‘run roughshod’ over.

    And thus it was that NZ slipped from being the 6th most wealthiest nation per head of population in 1969 to – not so many years ago – the 32nd in the world,… behind Mexico. We have been in recent years compared to Albania. And we will continue to lag behind until we as a nation refute neo liberalism and return to a modernized Keynesian economic and political base.

    • I’m all for neo-Keynesian policy.. especially if it’s a GREEN neo-Keynesian angle – we have some great ideas for public transport, sustainable farming & power generation that could fit in perfectly with the “big public works” part of Keynesian policy.. and it could really make us a country that others look to for examples of environmental-minded public works.

      Simon could outdo Labour (“lots of jobs!”) and the Greens (“Better for the planet!”) if he goes down that path.

      • Some excellent ideas, there, Glenn . I’d be on for that and whatever it takes to get this country up and running again! I think we’ve all had a gutsful of the poverty and the excuses why not to fix it. And if it means stepping on some ‘precious’ toes and slaughtering a few of the sacred cows so be it !

  10. National is in the pockets of farmers and big business. Big business wants a mega immigration explosion for infinite economic growth. Farmers want China and any other despotic regime to buy heaps of meat and milk solids.

    Without their backers, the (Trans)-National Oravida Party Inc. would have to rely on honest politics. It would be a huge shift to switch to Fortress NZ/Think Big II. Stranger things have happened, I suppose anything is possible in a crisis. I would guess Luxon/Bridges could lead the purge that would be necessary to allow such a platform to succeed.

  11. Bit hard to imagine Bridges as an isolationist. About a year out from the 2020 election, he tried to demonstrate his international statesman credentials by visiting countries and meeting with government officials. China, India and the Philippines. This came a couple of years after we heard him on tape considering rewarding ethnic donors with positions in the party as MPs. Poor Bridges was undecided on the relative value of Chinese, Indians and Filipinos.

  12. @ WK
    “For those who disliked Muldoon, try and see past the man. ”
    You probably should read this?
    NZ Herald.
    Brian Gaynor:
    * Disclosure of interest: Brian Gaynor is an investment strategist and analyst at Milford Asset Management.
    How Muldoon threw away NZ’s wealth
    Muldoon was a nasty little bullying arse hole. And a greedy wee piggy to boot. When AO/NZ started to prosper he stalked, then stabbed, Jack Marshall in the back, fucked our state owned infrastructure after throwing our farmers into the caverns of the demons within NZ’s chamber of commerce then the drunk little crook dropped dead with piles of our money likely hidden away. There’s not much past the pig to see mate. Unless it’s into his very own numbered Swiss bank account? Yeah, that’s right. He had one.
    As for soimin bridges an’ that?
    @ MB? You’re kidding right? That fucking imbecile couldn’t walk out an imaginative solution to AO/NZ’s problems if he had a map, a torch and single syllable instructions written in crayon.
    What the fuck’s going on???
    Did I die in my sleep and this is some kind of weird, fruity, twisted, Black-Mirror Hell?
    This is how simple it is:
    Farmers earn our money. They do that by farming. Then? The stuff and things that farmers produce are sequestered off them by scum in suits and ties who live in Remuera and drive new BMW’s etc.
    Once the scum have our farmers goods they then sell those goods and everything to foreign consumers for many thousands of % mark-ups. Understandably, the riche scum of Remuera are very, very happy with that arrangement and desperately want that kind of situation to remain enduring.
    Can I just write?
    Farmers? You’re being exploited and manipulated. You’re being set up to be demonised and ridiculed by the media your abusers own. You have NO friends in politics. None. Not one. Everyone is after your literally free money. They, all of them, know they have you over a barrel and they’ve convinced you that there’s no escape for you. All they tell you is that you must work harder while expecting less.
    If you want to flush the riche Remuera rats out? Starve them of your money.
    STRIKE ! No explanations are required. No reasons need to be given. And for God’s sake? Please? Stop driving about in convoy in your tractors sporting stupid slogans or blaming Maori or Labour or aliens or drugs or all of the above. The responsibilities for your safety and enduring financial security lies with you lot. NOT with the crooks who’ve been bleeding you out for generations. This shit’s on you guys! Grow up and own it?
    Now, fucking do something proud and noble?
    Do nothing. Yep. That’s right. Do absolutely fucking nothing. And as Faro Fresh, New World, Countdown and other food pimps run out of product? Keep striking! Strike until the crown undertakes a royal commission of inquiry into AO/NZ’s agricultural infrastructure and all permutations of that endeavour spanning the last 100 years.
    One more thing. A very important thing.
    Be very, very wary of the Machiavellian confederate at any/all meetings, etc. They’re about like fleas in your socks. Nipping away…
    The Confederate. ( Political )
    noun: confederate; plural noun: confederates; noun: Confederate; plural noun: Confederates
    a person one works with, especially in something secret or illegal; an accomplice.
    “where was his confederate, the girl who had stolen Richard’s wallet?”

    • Yep, no doubt you are quite right about Muldoon, that’s why I typed ‘if you can see past the man’, speaking as it were in a more generic sense regarding and alluding to Keynesianism as opposed to neo liberalism,… yet there were other agents at work to dismantle Keynesianism,- and to do that, they had to topple Muldoon.

      Bob Jones was one such agent declaring his New Zealand party was only created to get rid of Muldoon by splitting the National vote and enable an incoming Labour govt with Douglas as Finance Minister. That he did and promptly disbanded his New Zealand party following the ousting of Muldoon’s National. It was an orchestrated and successful bid to destroy and dismantle our nearly 60 year old Keynesian prosperous economy and transfer the wealth upwards to their already wealthy colleagues both here and overseas.

      Sadly , whether we like it or not, Muldoon was the last of our Keynesian PM’s.

  13. We are becoming a dependent, slave-nation with overlords owning all our productive land or it being built on so old people can have nice retirement homes, many of them from overseas retiring here. Blah to that.
    We are importing so much basic stuff. We could do it here and be practical and sensible, dropping this chant about ‘cheaper overseas’ but at the cost of no useful local work. Also importing is bad from climate change viewpoiints and from the point of bringing in pests and spores and diseases.

    Paper – Kawerau
    The closure of the Kawerau pulp and paper mill is underway with the last paper machine due to be shut off for good on Tuesday. Norwegian company Norske Skog, which owns the Tasman Mill, announced it is closing it down for good,
    Speculation over what will become of the paper mill or potential buyers points to the existing companies that also operate on the same site – Asaleo and Oji Fibre Solutions.

    Mill’s closure leaves publishers searching for newsprint supplies › business › mills-closure-leaves-p…
    11/06/2021 — Norske Skog’s Tasman paper mill at Kawerau was New Zealand’s last domestic newsprint manufacturer. Newspapers and other users of newsprint

    Luxury toilet paper brand Quilton will no longer be available to New Zealanders after the manufacturer closed its local plant. ABC Tissue, who supplies supermarkets with Quilton and Savers toilet paper brands, ceased operations in Auckland in October.12/11/2021
    Quilton toilet paper no longer available in New Zealand after … › business › quilton-toilet-paper-n.

    Ecosore soap seems to be made in nz But we are becoming less self-sufficient. The ruling strata in NZ are so deep into trading overseas that they expect us to buy our necessities imported, while they export what we make if they can get a better price on the overseas market. This while our wages and working conditions fall, we have to pay up for the leftovers.
    Seen the price of meat lately?

  14. I’d imagine Nationalist “Think Big V2” policies would be somewhat different today from the 50s & 60s and would require appropriateness adjustment for the modern globally connected world of trade and treaties. Just like socialism isn’t the same as it was back then. Especially when you imbue it with “Chinese Characteristics”

    Nations pursuing their own agenda economically often lead to disputes and disputes to wars, hence forming global ties with organisations like UN to interconnect nations for the good of the world. What’s clear is the powerful member states still stack the deck in their favour anyway rendering it a moot point.

    An South Pacific nation could pursue national interests on top of already strong primary industries like water… which I’m sure will become valuable, along with oil and gas if we decided to have a good look around Zealandia. It’s baffling that the worlds best sailors and AmCup winners can’t parlay those skills into a thriving maritime industry for rugged southern ocean vessels, research, military, icebreakers etc. We can’t even build our own frigates?

  15. Simon could retake the middle ground by being sensible. Fortress NZ repeat is not ideal. We do need trade but we also need internal supply chain to help protect against the coming supply chain issues that will accompany a war against china. And the coming housing crash might cause a few people to consider voting for Simon in 2023. But a national government must also be fiscally responsible, because in the current environment it appears people have become uneducated and hugely overexposed to risk. We need to stop trading with the left of the left aka CCP. .

    • Perhaps a less alarmist pathway would be to diversify our markets. That old adage of ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ applies here. Doing such would also mean a much better bargaining position if geopolitical circumstances shift and change. Particularly with the worlds superpowers.

  16. I would say that while Muldoon was Keynesian, he was also the ugliest possible face of it. I voted him out back then, but like so many others I had no idea of the utter treachery that the Labour Party under Lange was about to perpetrate on us.

    • Good points, as there were many who definitely did not like Muldoon and fair enough. I find many younger people have no idea whatsoever was before neo liberalism. These being in their mid 20’s and even older. They also have very little interest by and large,… and a glazed look comes over their eyes if you try to explain it. Boredom. However to have a reference point and to understand why things are today as they are,… you need a little history , a history which is vital if one wants to be proactive.

      And Rob Muldoon is a vital piece of NZ’s history if we are to understand the massive changes that happened under the 4th Labour govt. As like him or lump him, he was in fact , NZ’s last truly Keynesian PM.

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