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  1. Covid has been described by many as a war where we are fighting an enemy we can’t see and in times of war we require our government to pass difficult laws and implement policy and measures in the best interest of us all. This may include overriding citizens privacy these are tough decision but they have to be made. So on that note Ashley Bloomfield needs to release the data Whanau Ora have requested for unvaccinated Maori with a proviso it is only used for the purpose it is intended.

  2. It’s time for the Health Ministry to hand over non Maori personal health records

    80% of the total eligible population is double vaccinated.
    59.3% of eligible Maori are double vaccinated.
    16.5% of the total population is Maori.
    So 0.593*16.5%=9.8% of the eligible double vaccinated total population is Maori.
    Now 80%-9.8% = 70.2% of total population double vaccinated are non Maori.

    This means that of the 20% total population who are not double vaccinated, 6.7% are Maori (16.5-9.8) and 13.3% are non Maori.
    Twice as many non Maori than Maori are not fully vaccinated.

    With the help of the courts and tribal pakeha hopefully this issue can be resolved and confidential non Maori health records can be released to the public.

    • Your thinking seems to make sense Ethan W. You bureaucrats need to come out of your drawers and carry out some useful innovative work. You have been mistaken in your personal descriptions, it is not being a bureaucrap.

  3. re : Rittenhouse effect

    groundswell 2moro im sure will go without incident / weapons involved

    even stupid here arent that stupid

    surely . .

    every nutbar and their dog will be on the streets of America gunned up to the teeth

    why ? – because cause they can ?

    lol with disbelief / smh

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