Labour’s conference – Winners & Losers


Labour’s anemic Conference limped home with the usual disappointment. When Covid overshadows what is even the point right?

Anyway, winners + losers = Labour conference.


Jacinda – what possible other option is there? She towers over all her Caucus and has more control over the Party than Helen Clark ever did. Simon Bridges claimed last week that Jacinda was here for a good time not a long time, the truth is Jacinda is hyper aware of how long it takes to change things and her focus is 4 terms. She ain’t off to the UN for another 8 years.

Party Mandarins – By changing the leadership voting system the Party kill off any possible left populist candidate who might be very popular amongst Labour members but who threatens higher taxes or challenges free market capitalism. It’s the same leash the Democrats use to stop anyone becoming Leader of Labour who will actually threaten the status quo. Rob Salmon finally gets to strangle off democracy!


Beneficiaries and the poor – Labour could pump tens of billions into the speculative property market that spiked house prices but they can do sweet fuck all for the poorest amongst us! A $5 per week lift in some benefits NEXT YEAR is a bitter slap in the face from a political party that sells its compassion as cheaply as a drug addict in debt.

Party members – removing their ability to elect the leader is an act of extreme arrogance that could only be perpetrated on Labour members because only Labour members will put up with this bullshit.



Comrade Jacinda & the Marxist Red Brigade

None of this will matter because right now Jacinda is being judged on this Christmas.

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This Christmas will be an incredibly political one.

We will all universally canvas our experience of this year’s Christmas  and judge Jacinda’s Delta strategy according to that experience and because Christmas is such a uniquely fixed feature of our lives in NZ, that expression of experience will be emotionally supercharged like a cocaine dealer on meth.

This Christmas we will face a cacophony of social wounds screaming for social media hierarchy as the Season of Good Will mutates into a political Season of Fuck, Marry, Kill.

For the double Vaxxed Aucklanders desperate to get out of 16 weeks of de facto house arrest, nothing short of a smooth ride to the bach will be a success.

For Maori setting up road blocks to stop those Aucklanders, every one through is a loss.

The unvaccinated who can’t travel will see a very Nazi Christmas.

The woke will see a ‘modern genocide’ that equates to the Squid Games.

For the Government, they pray to the little baby Jesus in the manger that their 90% vaccination strategy doesn’t overwhelm the hospital system.

Retailers close to financial collapse will only celebrate if a weary and Covid nervous consumer braves the malls.

Food shortages from panic buying will leave many hungry and mass Christmas events for the poor will be cancelled for fear of super spreader events.

If Christmas this year falls short of expectations, Jacinda will be blamed regardless and no one will care what she did at conference.


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  1. “the truth is Jacinda is hyper aware of how long it takes to change things and her focus is 4 terms”

    The problem being the kind of change that Ardern and friends are intent on, and the much-needed changes that they won’t make. Who the hell is going to roll back neoliberalism if LINO won’t?

    But never mind. There will be gender pronouns galore, wokeplod will be down on you if you offend anyone on social media, the science curriculum will be stuffed with matauranga, the burden of proof will be shifted onto the defendant in sexual assault cases … Who knows what other “social justice” goodies LINO and the so-called Greens have in store for us.

  2. Well its all good then. The losers are the poor and hey here little orphan and foster kid, have 5 bucks, next year in April.
    But i am happy that she is a winner in a world full of losers. And besides, now matter how much they fuck it up, and how much they aren’t going to help anyone but themselves, she and all the other clowns of the big L will be fine and dandy, just like hard christmas candy. Overly sweet, no flavor but hard enough to break your teeth on. Labour. We will look after our poor, Next year in April. Take that suckers 2023.

  3. Hope Jacinda and the Greens realise that if they don’t pull their socks up on climate change and biodiversity, then NZ’s horrible performance showcased in our statistics will be a bit of a red flag to their career paths. Already NZ has declining educational results, declining open transparent government, more terror attacks, more homelessness & people in emergency housing, wages lower than China, division of identity & rampant individualism. If this keeps up, then they might not be invited to the UN for a plumb role.

    I mean John Key never did, and John’s 0% foreign tax havens and Predatory Capitalism and Helen Clarks love of China and Blairs third way, is out of favour.

  4. The funniest moment was the breaking news headline on the FEARald’s website. Jacinda Ardern to make a major announcement – A 6 six pack of chicken nuggets with your Big Mac Combo ain’t breaking news.

    Frank’s winners and losers:


    – Grunter – The Gordon Brown of NZ politics won’t be denied his moment in the sunlight with the PM bugs out.
    – Judith Collins – If a six pack of chicken nuggets is the best policy you can doll out during the conference then the cupboard is complete empty. No lavish media reporting also helps her cause.


    -Little – Quite clearly they don’t won’t a repeat episode of Angry and his union mates.
    -MSM – The wedding better be happening. What will Tova and Jessica do if that is cancelled as well…
    -Beneficiaries – dogs getting scraps from the table is a good analogy
    – Jacinda Ardern – Given the shit week she has had a little press good press would have been handy. Alas she had to settle for Stuff’s kid reporters asking her the pressing questions like what she does to relax.

  5. It’s a weird time for Labour because of Covid.

    With Covid taking a lot of attention they’ve managed to create two distinct New Zealand’s, One that is in a state of semi house arrest and the other who are quite happy to have the former locked up and the key thrown away. This set of affairs is one awful ugly partisan mess Labour have created mostly through their penchant for burying their heads in the sand and deferring decision making. One can see the internal divisions in the party right now playing out with no firm plan out of this mess apart from throwing Aucklanders a bone every now and then.. And public disobedience is on the rise, especially in Auckland.

    The other is pure BAU. A woefully underfunded health system, playing into the aboves complications and a woeful lack of achievement after 4 years in areas like housing, child poverty and their key infrastructure promises. Throw in the added complexity of climate change policies that will hit the poor and the economy worse if something is ever done.

    The leadership selection aspect had to change. They threw up 3 duds in a row under the previous far more “democratic” process, it couldn’t go on.

    One thing is for sure for the next conference, they must have runs on the board BAU , because the Covid vote is going to vanish, especially in Auckland! Otherwise they are toast. Because were there such a thing as an Auckland Party today, right now, it would suck the life out of the major party’s, this government included.

    • i don’t think anyone is happy for people in NZ to be ‘locked up in house arrest’ considering that these people in many cases are family members and friends. Its not as if Auckland were not full of New Zealanders.
      Seriously, can we stop helping those that want to divide he tangata?

  6. Also expect a bloodbath of predatory capitalists buying up NZ forests. (More than what we already have)

    The income from carbon credits if you own over 100 Ha of forest in pines in NZ is eyewatering, aka can be a million dollars in income apparently after a few years, whereas traditional farming that produces a social good like food is often a low return.

    Next step of world stupidity is to put productive land outside of food production and plant pines (pines are a monoculture than do not help biodiversity and will not be harvested for wood or jobs) while enabling the 100 companies that are producing the pollution (their backers are probably first in the queue buying up the forests!) and then surprise, surprise we will have world food and wood shortages and government wringing their hands, just like with housing.

  7. What a bloody joke. An extra $20 for the beneficiaries is an insult and will make SFA difference. Labour/Jacinda are full of shit. House/Rent prices thru the roof, need to add another zero to that figure just to pull even.
    Thing is Natz/ACT are worse so no change to the neo liberal shitstorm. Vote small party/ good policies and lets get rid of that big majority useless Govt. And keep Nattz/ACT out of it.

    • Honestly, Natz/Act are simply the other side of the NZ Coin, and currently it is L/G fucking it up. $ 5 for fosterkids or orphans. That is labour my dear, not Natz Act. But a nice increase for working people via working for families……cause L/G knows where the votes are. With the nice polite middle and upper class such as they are or want to be. L/G as useless as N/A when it comes to working for the precariat and the proletariat.

      • LINO are still a lot kinder than Judith’s mob. Get them in and you will have plenty more to criticise Sabine. We are getting to the same situation as USA – Democrat or Republican, both a pack of bastards.

        • seriously, no. there is no kindness in a big fancy announcement in $ 5 for orphans and foster kids IN APRIL!
          That is shit i expect National to do, and then in April deduct that same amount frome somewhere else – deduct from another benefit as it is always done under L and N, because non of the Labour is less worse crowd will have already forgotten that the NZD 5 increase so proudly proclaimed by this PM.
          The NZD 5 are needed now and make that times ten and not for the working from home with full pay mostly white well to do corps but the for the working poor and poor.
          This government has not been nice or kind since it refused to increase the benefits in 2019 as demanded by the governments own welfare group. That amount will be finally have been paid out also in April 22. Kindness, next year in April. So long suckers, and please be kind, suffer in silence. Labour 2023

      • Yes indeed. At least Natz/ACT promise to make your life more shit if your poor. They give you no hope at all. Which is only slightly better than promises of transformation and not delivering.

    • Def not keeping up with the supermarket gouged, heavily inflation nibbled spend next few years. A squeezed $20 on milk bread eggs and it’s gone the poor buggers!
      Add that to the tepid COP(OUT) climate announcements delivered while we are under a “climate emergency” which don’t seem very urgent at all….
      Makes you think they are having a fucken laugh, or they don’t know how ineffectual and shit they are being. I can’t decide which is worse tbh.
      Not much of a kindness legacy coming through here

  8. One of the great flaws of democracy – the majority get to lord it over the minority. We train thousands of middle class kiwis to work in social welfare to ensure that those living in poverty know there place and understand that the generosity of middle class tax payers is not for the ‘undeserving’.
    If you follow UK politics you’ll understand exactly why NZ Labour are closing off membership selection of leadership candidates – the terrifying Jeremy Corbyn, the very close 2017 election and the threat of genuine socialist economic policy.

  9. You fullas arent being kind! Poor widdle princess Jacinda. She’s not feeling the wuv anymore.

    Well, that’s what happens when you don’t deliver anything of substance!

    4 years of wishy-washy smiles and waves and slogans isn’t a way to run a country of 5 mil. Well maybe in a fisher-price world toy game it is but in the real world it only gets you this far, 4 years.

    So, batter up! Who’s up next? Robbo? Andrew? Willie or Nanaia? Or some else?

    ACT and Labour or National and Labour in the next coalition government?

    • Denny, I doubt Nat and Labour could ever coalesce or co ally or whatever. However, me thinks it may be the only way to actually deliver something for NZ. If they pulled their heads out and worked together we might get one or two things solved, like housing and health or maybe education.

  10. Tiger Mountains comments on the Standard 7/11/2021

    ” Labour’s move will be counterproductive in the long run, people have seen them squander a once in a generation majority MMP position of unprecedented power to act. I even know a few Tories that were quietly egging them on too to make some radical moves ”

    ” People need to be directly involved in political struggle and organisation again in Aotearoa NZ or those state houses are never going to built, and the bottom 50% of New Zealanders that own just 2% of the wealth is likely to become 60% and 70% owning zilch, renting and battling in a land of plenty ”

    I don’t believe that the Social Democrats will ever be purged from the current LINO party as like everything else in this country they have sold out to free market forces and behave as a corporate entity is expected to behave.

    Corbyn tried in the U.K and look what happened there. That was a perfect example of the left trying to take back their house while the squatters stayed firmly put.

    With MMP and a well organised , funded , principled approach with a non negotiable list of policy positions would form the basis of a new party of the left.

    Sooner or later LINO will need the numbers to form a governing arrangement and the best possible outcome would be to let the Green party wither and die and adopt the majority of their current policies of which there are many sensible ones into a new movement that is also puts the environment along with poverty as its main focus.

  11. Jacinda will be hoping that the vaccine gambit was the right one (so far so good, I guess). If it turns out that it wasn’t (e.g if the vaccine gives you cancer – yes I’m being super hyperbolic so don’t @me on this, but given how short these vaccines spent in clinical trails everything remains on the cards as a non-zero chance), it’s all going to end really, really badly.

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