COPOUT26: James Shaw took our cow to market & returns with some magic beans


I wanted to at least give James the courtesy of COP26 ending before I start shitting on it but if Greta won’t wait why should I?

It’s not James Shaws’s fault that the rest of the planet is still only paying lip service to the adaptation required to mitigate against the enormous threat global warming poses, so it would be unfair to blame him but the sophistry of NZs position to do the least possible while pretending we are manifesting something meaningful feels like James taking our cow to market and returning with 3 magic beans.

We are all like, ‘James, where’s the cow’, and James excitedly tells us he’s got these 3 magic beans and we all punch James.

COP26 has been a failure, if this was our last chance, then we have failed. The political spectrum can’t operate when the wealthy polluters own the capitalist system exacerbating the problem.

Radical isolationism & extreme nationalism will be the only responses left.


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  1. Spot 100% on! Especially consumers have to recycle, compost, go vegan, but crickets on 71% of global emissions are just from 100 companies!

    Lets spend 20 years worrying and researching cow farts and billions on recycling (which somehow only manages 5% recycling from private firms in NZ at great costs to the public), while the 100 biggest polluters keep accelerating their behaviour and making more money, buying up and influencing the green industries with all their dirty profits, have zero accountability, don’t have to pay for their own carbon credits due to the government (taxpayers) volunteering to pay for their carbon pollution and spin.

    Much of NZ’s carbon emission came from 2 foreign owned companies. Rio Tinto and Methanex.

    As for the idea of green hydrogen for vehicles, it shows the gross lack of scientific information and analysis in NZ – and I guess the millennial generation aka James and Jacinda, haven’t a clue and it’s getting worse with NZ’s alarming decline in our children’s PISA scores especially science.

    Kids are expected to delete themselves as they are not the right identity to have the right to protest here

  2. Labour will be behind this pathetic response, nothing the Greens can do about it, up against the juggernauts of the main parties. Both Labour and the possible next Govt-Natz/ACT are hardcore neo liberals that means nothing will change. All main parties the world over while in power will allow more looting and polluting by business interests. Only glimmer of hope is the small climate friendly parties gaining more, lots more, support from the voters and knocking down the majority influence held by the main parties. This is in the voters hands.

  3. Did you expect COP26 to be anything different. Putin and Xi told them to fuck off. The super rich saw it as an open invitation to virtue signal and otherwise every OECD country tried to manipulate the agreements to suit their own economies.

    Can’t believe i’m saying this BUT Greta was spot on with her criticism.

  4. Ok. Lets try this?
    “100 Corporations produce 71% of emissions responsible for Global heating.”
    Well, we buy their shit so it comes back on us so lets not buy their shit then.
    But here’s the kicker, what ever that means?
    We have to buy their shit because if we don’t the banksters start to stir. Mortgage anyone? Have that fancy car leveraged against your mortgage do ya? The boat too? That other house. The one you can’t travel to now because of covid?
    Imagine what might happen if we, in the interests of bare arsed survival as a society, went on strike against buying corporate shit? And then we went on strike against the influences and overtures of foreign banksters, the ones dug into our wondrously lucky lives yet we have homeless people and kids going to shit decile schools hungry.
    And it can certainly be a difficult thing, to recognise the abusers in our midst.
    The banks have managed to secret themselves into our societal framework in such a way that they’re so visible that we can’t see them.
    I retch up a little bit of sick then do a little bit of poo, sometimes with a fart, when I read the solemn and respectable opinions of (foreign) banker scum making comments about their views of our economy while they take billions of dollars out of our economy every fucking year.
    And you do know, right? Where that money ultimately comes from? In the end? It comes from our over consumption of the garbage the 100 corporations make available for we Slack Jaws t’ buy an’ that, aye.
    Of course, in AO/NZ that money which is spent on SIR steven tindals tides, tsunami’s of plasti-shit that floods into our country, as an example, comes from our agrarian primary industry which I liken ( Metaphor alert.) to a grumpy old guy hobbling about on a walking stick shouting at a dog in a paddock chasing sheep. The grumpy old bugger might get .000001% return for the product he manufactures but he knows nothing else so he keeps on doing the same thing while expecting a different result and we all know what Einstein said about that?
    The rest is ka ching for the banks. In the end. Everything financial eventually finds it’s way to the banks and the banks won’t want to climb down off that particular gravy train.
    We don’t want global heating, right? Only the fruitiest of us would like to see our only biosphere go up like a spark from a bonfire.
    The Bankster Mantra “Greed is good and growth is essential. ”
    Well, no it’s not, and no it isn’t.
    But don’t take my word for it. ( You should. ) Watch a film titled ‘Bruno’ with Sasha Baron Cohen’s narration turned on? Go on? It won’t kill you.
    Sasha Baron Cohen talks about how studying Prof Stanley Milgram’s work enable him to manipulate people in the ways he did to get the film in the can so to speak. It’s bloody fascinating.
    Cohen’s brother also happens to be a psychologist, I think.
    The ding a lings out there protesting against getting vaccinated have no fucking idea what’s really going on.

  5. Are most people aware that the vast majority of exported oil is sold in US dollars? The US has an extremely vested interest in oil sales. The petrodollar is the heart of the US financial system, and enables trillions of USD to be created out of nothing. Without it, they have no fall back system to support the USD’s value. About 79.5% of global payments involve the USD

  6. Great to wax on about, “isn’t it sad isn’t it bad that no one is doing anything of note to actually change anything”. On that point Greta is right, “lots of huey no doey”
    NZ Govts of all hues talk lots and do little. WHY?

    Quite simply there is in fact little that they can do that the population as a whole will buy into.

    OK so we are going to stop burning coal by 2030. Right that decision made, Huntly closes by 2030, where is the electricity to run Auckland going to come from?
    Renewables they all scream, but renewables wind and solar while useful are not reliable and when peak consumer demand is on for heating, mid winter they fail. Look at Europe right now begging Putin for more gas because their wind and solar can’t meet the demand so the thermals have be fully cranked up again. For Europe Nuclear is now back to the top of the agenda. NZ with it’s “4 seasons in one day” can’t depend on renewables to meet the base electricity load for Auckland.
    The reality must be keep burning coal at Huntly and start the conversation on Nuclear plant near Auckland to replace it by 2030.

    Now on the cows, James wants to kill half the cows and plant trees. Fine, but given that right now the cows are they only sector of the export earning economy that is “firing” and paying our bills in world. Kill the cows where is the replacement income going to come from?
    Right now there is no answer to that question, as a country we are committed to keeping the cows because we are dependent on them to maintain our standard of living. Full Stop!!!

    So don’t hold your breath, nothing will happen, because the real hard decision, nuclear on not will not even be put on the table for discussion.
    And the pertinent question becomes “will Auckland be happy with brown outs and even black outs in the winter when we stop burning coal?” we all know the answer is no – so we will keep burning coal at Huntly. again Full Stop!!

    • “Wind and solar while useful are not reliable”

      – haven’t you heard of batteries?

      They have been around for a while but climate deniers deny they exist.

      Also you made your own point, aka when you look at the UK, fuel shortages looks like relying of foreign coal and oil isn’t a good idea, maybe the UK should have invested in their renewables sooner. They have enough rigs and expertise.

      Like NZ, the UK is obsessed with Thatcherism, globalism and predatory neoliberalism,

      • Sorry Save NZ you miss my point.
        Which is if we are to stop burning coal / shut down Huntly by 2030, something serious and real needs to start happening next week to enable that to happen.
        Now if you believe that we can build a battery sufficient to power Auckland on a cold windless August night then fine, then get on and build the battery!!
        But like nuclear that won’t happen either!!

        I am not suggesting that burning coal is good, but right now until we have actually built something to replace the electricity generated by coal at Huntly we are “stuck with burning coal at Huntly”
        That was my point

        And by the way we don’t need to import coal we have plenty here

        My comment was about Europe not the UK which has a different set of issues to Europe. Europe, Germany in particular has invested in renewables and in last few weeks they have been found wanting for base electricity load.

        And further I am not sure on your statement
        ” Like NZ, the UK is obsessed with Thatcherism, globalism and predatory neoliberalism”

        How is that relevant to burning coal at Huntly?

        • hydro….right now, stop pissing about, cement is a 1time input…let’s just extract the digit…

          cos if we don’t when the lights start going out that nice Mr GE or his cousin Mr Westinghouse will pop up with an off the shelf nuclear option and the govt of the day will snatch it with both hands.

          yes hydro mens flooding valleys and damage to habitats but it’s that or, nuclear..take yer pick
          no we can’t have everthing we want,what are we? 12 yr olds, choices need to be made…now.

  7. Big business own politicians, thats how capitalism works. They get whatever they want and the rest of us pay for it. Dont expect politicians to do anything other than lip service.

  8. Not really impressed with the push to electric vehicles either, Lithium ore is one energy heavy process just to product a battery thats going to last about 10 years……… but lets call it green.

    • How long does oil and coal last when you use them, minutes, they are not renewable at all? 10 years of use, is a better start.

  9. What a load of Green Wash’n bs!
    Nothing is going to change! Why? Because the very same ‘funders’ of COP26 pledges for Green Wash’n are the same funders of the fossil fuel industry.

    They own the ‘Game!’

  10. 1.5degrees warming is already giving us significant shift in weather patterns and a noticeable increase in extreme weather events.
    We are already locked in for a minimum of 4 degrees at least due to inertia.
    The last lifeboat has left the Titanic.

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