MEDIAWATCH: Q+A review – Jacinda vs Jack smackdown


I think that Jack Tame is actually one of our best political interviewers.

He’s very fair and never pulls a punch, I genuinely enjoy his intelligence and I always watch Q&A.

He earned his pay today.

He grilled Jacinda in a way that only the sudden appearance of competition in the form of Ryan Bridge could provoke.

He comes out swinging with an insinuation of genocide that feels more like a Maori Party press release than the top table political show from the State Broadcaster.

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Jack was like a Marxist Mike Hosking!

His ramming the Maori casualty rate in her face for giving Auckland stress relieving picnics sparks an anger from Jacinda that overshadows the rest of the interview.

They snipe at each other in a way that hints at a deep fury within Jacinda that she is getting criticised rather than thanked.

Jack tops it off by kicking her in the guts by reminding her she’s done sweet bugger all on the housing crisis.

She softens her voice and nods sympathetically as she sweetly explains that home ownership is now just a dream for the children of the middle classes.

They end the interview by squabbling over economic definitions of blah blah blah.

Meanwhile entire generations are locked out of home ownership.

During the advert a promo for Clarke’s new TV show plays, and it manages to sum up Labour perfectly – they are great at moving houses, but shit at building them.

Hone is on righteously defending the need to keep covid out of the North.

Points out that working class Maori have to work to survive. Jack doubles down on Jacinda killing Maori and Hone responds with a simple vaccination as the solution rather than blame game.

He acknowledges that the Government made a decision that was good for the wider community.

Hone also damns the miscommunication from the AntiVaxxers. He links American funded provocateurs in the community spreading disinformation campaigns including death threats against him.

He responds to the question ‘what do you say to those double vaxxed who say you’ve had enough time to get vaccinated it’s your problem now’ with an eloquently beautiful response that we simply can’t be that way because the unvaccinated are Whānau.

He kindly welcomes Aucklanders and respectfully acknowledges their sense of connection to the North and says once they hit 90% we are all welcome but asks for patience until they are.

His interview is funny, kind, empathetic and full of mana. The guy is a legend.

Great piece on climate change and the Marshal Islands. The trauma of extreme weather events and sea rise are locked in and COP26 offers nothing meaningful in countering that.

Mass evacuation from the Islands is taken off the table but that only works if the table isn’t under water.

Adaptation is the only game in town when it comes to extreme global warming. It’s outrageous the poorest with the least responsibility for the pollution causing global warming suffer most.

Good show.

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  1. What if wasn’t the picnics, but the ‘Freedom’ rallies that erupted around the same time? Why aren’t those being questioned as causal?

  2. Hone Harawira is always worth listening to, even if he does annoy some of us.
    He had a brilliant interview with Karyn Hay on late night RNZ last week on keeping pestllence infected Jafas away from his whanau.
    Everything he said was completely correct.

  3. I have been a critic of the shortcomings of our PM regarding Covid 2. But Tame blaming her for Maori infection rates and not waiting for Maori vaccination rates to lift was simply smart arsed no win questioningly.

    As Jack well knows, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Ardern has in my opinion moved heaven and earth to get this country vaccinated ONCE she’s realized, but not admitted, that elimination was history. She clearly cannot do the impossible and has a lot of other things to take account of, any fool but Tame can see that.

    If we followed Jacks line of questioning, Auckland would still be in level 4 now and until the end of time. Then he would bag her with that.

    That interview was nothing to write home about, just standard free to air gotcha moments.

  4. Tame’s interview was over the top and did him no favours at all.
    He has now placed himself in the ‘ just like all the others’ category . ie ;no real interest in the answers to the question posed, but a single boringly relentless dogmatic adherence to a flawed bulling line of questioning.
    You have to wonder who is training or advising Tame , Tova O’brien, Ryan Bridge and Hosking because none of them are anywhere near as good as they think they are. In fact a lot of the questioning is child like.

    Simon Shepherd on TV’s ‘The Nation’ is streets ahead of all of them. His questions are far more intelligently thought out and he actually listens, adjusts and adapts during the interview to get the best possible insights out of the person he’s interviewing. That is a real skill and it makes for a far more engaging interview.

    Tame had a one track mindset from the get go and so it didn’t matter what answers were coming his way. He was the one who actually wanted to make a point.
    He should have just interviewed himself and be done with!!

    • Don’t worry tomorrow 1pm she’ll be to the pasty Jessica and Tova questions and you can rest easy. Can’t have anyone hold her to account can we, not with the $55 million invested?

      • What exactly is that $55 million being used for? I heard the reports in our local paper, “Local Democracy Reporting,” which reports of District Council and Regional Council matters, comes from that.

        Since that wouldn’t seem to be direct corruption is it merely ‘quid pro quo?’

    • Yeah, sadly I agree. Tame, you were lame. Also a lot of people don’t believe the science as it is not being clearly and honestly reported and that is why people don’t want the pzifer vaccine, which is not performing in the usual way a vaccine does, as we know it. And side effects are serious and much more frequent than reported in media if anecdotal experience is anything to go by, which, people, it is. Not everybody wants to be part of the rush to for this vaccine as the be all and end all, and I am opting to continue to help ‘science’, that probably more than likely got us in this place with game of function experiments that slipped out of the lab….with finding a better performing vaccine with less serious…or lethal for some, side effects.

        • Sorry John but consistency in the current environment is a sign of a closed mind. Like is said ‘if you’re opinion hasn’t changed in the past year, check your pulse.”

        • A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds… Emerson
          With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern himself with his shadow on the wall

          Sounds like you John. And what’s worse: you’re proud of it!!!

            • John is a top concern troll. He will always thank you for criticism, and eventually tell you that your advice has made him a better person. (Idiot, in other words.) Aim at undermining his ‘nice-guy’ image, and feed him as little as possible otherwise. Do not feed the troll.

              • In Vino. True. John is a wonderful example of the classic little whinging Pom who comes to New Zealand and never buttons up. Her/his purpose in life
                is baiting Bert while proclaiming his/her own non-existent humility and demonstrating that there are no parameters to his room for improvement.

                Thank goodness that we live in an ever-expanding universe, designed by our great redeemer to accommodate politicians, estate agents – and John.
                He/she needs attention, and he/he was clearly weaned far too early.

                If she /he brings forth darling words like “ hobgoblin”, then even I will concede that to be more aesthetically
                pleasurable than being a Greenie chanting the C word, or a John-person responding,” Gosh” whenever the traffic lights change because they see her/him coming. His/her greatest offence is best not mentioned. Shh.

    • Don’t joke @ Greywarbler!. They could, and probably will be the demographic that delivers the least worst option come ’23.
      And when they do, I hope like hell they’ll be better at holding their elected representatives and “officials” to account than our generation has been – but somehow I doubt it unless they can change the cistern. They my have to be really really revolting though for that to happen

  5. Mr Tame is another gotcha clone imo, yes the PM can be tediously questioned as long as she holds the office, but nothing revelatory here.

    Hone would make a great first Māori Mayor of the Far North, but he is probably be wise enough not to go there! The amount of stuff he is always working on would amaze those that just know of him through headlines.

    Lets not forget that NZ Labour put significant resources into the West Auckland end of Tai Tokerau electorate in the infamous “FJK” Election to stop Internet Mana. Political history is not built on what ifs, but Hone and Laila in Parliament would have lit a fire under neo liberalism. That is still the primary political task in Aotearoa NZ.

  6. I think the PM is actually quite scared of and triggered by Jack Take. I watched an interview between them years ago where she almost had a panic attack on camera.

    This wasn’t a good interview. She was tense and relying on repeating great swathes of policy. His questions were a repeat of what Tova asked the day before. Why? And trying to hold the pm over a barrel about Choosing between Maori vax rates and Auckland as a whole is just pointless interviewer posturing.

    • The trouble with these interviewers is that all they are after is the “gotcha” moment, just to make them famous for 5 minutes. Who trains these muppets? Even Lisa Owen on RNZ is at it constantly.

  7. The NZ media and politicians seem obsessed with sex and race.

    They cannot write an article or govern on a single issue without bringing their fetishes in to it.

    The MSM have fallen, it’s very sad for me watching older, less tech-savvy Kiwis served only narrow, basic-b**** information.

    It brings great sadness to me.

    • Zack. “ It brings great sadness to me.” Me too. It’s global. The USA, the Uk, and probably Australia are worse.
      New Zealand politicians buying into it are a disgrace, and they are messing up our beautiful children’s minds.

  8. “He comes out swinging with an insinuation of genocide that feels more like a Maori Party press release than the top table political show from the State Broadcaster.”

    In other words, he behaved like an activist – not a journalist.

    If Jack Tame is “one of our best political interviewers”, we’re in serious trouble.

  9. Martyn. Are you hinting at a big comeback for Mana? Hone takes the Te Tai Tokerau/Northland seat from Kelvin?

    A 14,000 party vote gap and a candidate gap of much the same.

  10. I agree with other commenters here who criticise Jacks interview with JA. I didn’t watch it all as when he started playing the Maori genocide card with bodies pilling up I switch off. Ryan Bridge tried the same boring mindless tactic during the week. The politicians are their own worst enemies though. They can’t say the word death. It’s pathetic. They’re like a boxer bouncing off the ropes to avoid being cornered. The background tutors have told them the public aren’t grown up enough to cope with the word death so never say it and never give numbers of estimated dead. You’ll lose votes. If one politician had the balls to talk honestly and openly about Covid death rates they would get my respect. I believe the standard of interviewing is pretty low when the gold standard is catching a politician out as against hearing something interesting he or she may have to say. Not Jacks best day.

    • New view – An interesting and valid point about the word, “ death”. This may be a cultural thing. I use words like “death” and “dying” rather than, “ passing” and similar euphemisms, because death is the only other certainty we face, and word avoidance ain’t gonna stop it coming. One retired politician had whanau who she seemed to think would have lived forever had they not smoked tobacco. Not so. The word itself frightens people, but you are probably right in suggesting political leaders should face the facts and say it – it could be what we need to hear.

      Jack Tame sounds as if he was just showing off – those rude Northland demos were pretty whacko too.

  11. Jacinda from announcements sure isn’t David Lange, Helen Clarke, Robert Muldoon is terms of working with ordinary Kiwis — that for sure, and soon as the difficult questions from the media/ordinary Kiwis start, her mask slips

  12. Many commentators suggested Jacinda was carrying the party and this load is starting to make its presence felt . She looks tired and it is a worry when two of her top men argue in public.She is human and has little time to herself now she has to face the Auckland erst many of whom feel abandoned by her . Last week she faced the vitriol from rabid anti vaxers which would not be easy.

    • Trevor, I thought she looked pretty strained too.

      The filmaker Brian Bruce did a thoughtful post on Facebook a few days back…about how journalists and the public need to take a breath and actually see the real and sustained stress writ across the faces of Bloomfield, Arden etc.

    • ” She is human and has little time to herself ”

      She took the job knowing that despite nearly zero possibility of other than the same old problems she would be in for a comfy ride and guarantee her ” legacy ” of saying and promising a lot with no intention of dealing with the evils of the ” market ” and then Covid happened and then she really had to work for her exorbitant salary and perks i have no sympathy for her and when the dust settles she will be doing very nicely unlike the many who voted for her and her colleagues in the vain hope that the neo liberal workers party were ever going to do anything meaningful to address the economic system Jacinda and Grant still believe is going to provide them with the tools to fix neo liberal collateral damage.

      • I would imagine that having a terrorist shoot 51 people from the Muslim community and maim many others. Then having to manage the fallout of the white Island eruption and for the past 20 months have to wrangle with a deadly pandemic and try your level best to protect the most people from its ravages could be a bit of an unexpected challenge for a PM.

        Your comment suggests you have little empathy – I hope none of your nearest and dearest ever fall on tough times – they’d likely get little sympathy from you, I suspect.

  13. The whole world is suffering Covid.
    If we are lucky we have a leader who is interested in the people. I think NZ is one of the lucky ones. When whole populations were getting sick and dying, we had our 18 months of level 1 freedom. Our government worked hard and with passion to get us there.
    Then Delta turns up on our doorstep and brings a slightly different story. Again our government responds as well and better than many governments in the world.
    Jacinda gives it her all and more. But as the volume of complaining turns up, I realise that we turn on our leader. At a time like this! Unbelievable! Who would you rather has our backs!?
    Tame wanting us to know something about himself rather than pursuing questions that actually have constructive meaning, puts Jacinda in the Incompetent Seat (putting it mildly). Shame on him!
    I wouldn’t swap our PM for any other leader that I know of at this time of covid. We need her. She needs us. We need each other.

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